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    Yesterday I posted about the "36 Chambers Street Art Talk" event happening at ARTSPACE@Helutrans (launching March 21) - today we have snaps to share of the wall-space at the event location, courtesy of exhibition curator ZERO (via his instagram @zero_rsls) and ARTSPACE@Helutrans with graffiti-walls in full work-in-progress splendor! Interesting that each wall incorporates a canvas, with which the indoor graffiti goes over…

    [Wall WIPs by RSCLS]

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    It is early but the Christmas singles list for 2013 is out … the Reindeer have disappeared and are NOT on the list for 2013 … it’s old standby’s … This is packaging from their first release but it’s these 5 singles on the list. Yea, no Reindeer diecasts CARS – yea, prototypes were completed [...]

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    (Harlem Shake stop-motion made by aplus-studio using 1/6 figures)


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    A Little Stranger introduces their latest Cavey: "Toyconcaveysaurus"! A ToyConUK-exclusive, two versions of this creature will be made available: The PLUSH and the VINYL. ToyconCaveysaurus will be available first at Toycon UK, with any remaining stock going in the Cavey shop after the event.

    Plush Toyconcaveysaurus is made of bright aqua curly fleece, with a teal blue spine, and baby blue fleece tummy. He is limited to 25 numbered pieces, comes with a rare black enamel Cavey badge and a Cavey Cube and is £25.
    Vinyl Toyconcaveysaurus is a custom painted vinyl Cavey with a handsewn plush fabric spine as a nod to his plush counterpart. He is limited to 10 numbered piece, comes packaged with an exclusive ToyconUK headercard, and is £15.

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    Thanks to the HKTF page we have a lot more new images showing the Beast Hunters Shockwave voyager class action figure In and Out of the Box. Get a look at this figure that fans are uber excited for in his robot mode, alternate mode and with a show of him with those strange Beast parts used as an arm shield, pretty cool! Check out the images now of Beast Hunters Shockwave for more details below now.

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  • 03/17/13--08:37: Oz Doll - meh
  • I purchased Oz, Theodora and China Doll. I will add this to my list of impulsive mistakes.

    While the sculpt is attractive and well executed, the rest of the doll is just like a cheap Mattel product.  The outfit is flimsy and cheap-looking upon close inspection. Of course, the closures are velcro. The vest is not a separate piece but actually part of the front of the shirt! His 'bag of tricks' does not open.

    He is just about the same height as a Silkstone doll but his head is quite large for his body. His movable joints are his neck, shoulders, elbows and legs. Oz can be made to stand unsupported but not easily. If you wanted to pose him as shown on the package front holding his bag and China Girl, you will have to rubber band them to his arms.
    I had to destroy the package to get them out. It was awful.

    I decided not to take Theodora out of her box. The thought of bulldozing through the iron-clad packaging was a turn- off and after getting Oz out of his box, I was pretty turned off.

    The separately available 4" China Girl (who is still in her package) is exactly like the doll Oz carries with him in his package. That would have been good to know in advance because then I would not have purchased another.

    Her joints are the neck, arms and legs. I was hoping that her elbows would bend.
    She's all molded vinyl and the only use for her I can see is as a toy prop for my larger dolls.

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    Mikie Graham has released a new edition of his Mr. Sparkle custom Qee that you might remember from SDCC last year. The Mr. Sparkle Monster Kolor Edition is limited to a run of only 6 custom pieces. It can be purchased via the above link for $250.00. Here's what Mikie has to say about this [...]

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    This is basically a pictorial review of Inro's body and posing ability. 
    I started out by taking pictures of her next to a Gen3 Sybarite body. I was surprised that she is so much smaller. Inro is much lighter than a Sybarite which is no surprise because Sybs are weighty dolls. She has a very warm yellowish skin tone.

    Her body is very angular, her head even more so.

     The hands shown are one of three pair provided with the doll in addition to a pair of paddle-like shipping pieces.

     As you can see, she is incredibly flexible. Her joints move smoothly and hold their position.

     Style is a personal preference. Inro is not a doll for the faint of heart. Her appearance is very far from the standard fashion doll of today's market. That's what I like and dislike at the same time. Her face-up is total runway drama. Eventually I may shorten the lower lashes - or not. I waver back and forth. Part of me wants to make her look more like my other dolls but that's not why I bought her.

    Like the rest of my collection, Inro needs more play time. I enjoyed photographing her and that's essential for a doll to remain in my collection.

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    Things I Bought At MegaCon: Day 2

    Continuing on the track of posting about shit I bought at this year’s MegaCon, here’s my day 2 purchases. Like I said before, I’m really going to spend all my money on Sunday, so I spent a lot of time today going around the artist alley and seeing what I could find. Didn’t spend as much yesterday, but I am happy with the buys.

    First row, left photo: Issac from Dead Space commission photo watercolor: My girlfriend’s been on a huge Dead Space kick for the last two months and while we decided to go up and down the huge artist alley,  she thought it’d be a great idea to find someone to illustrate something for her. She got this awesome Issac Clarke watercolor done by artist Ashley Lannfor a mere $30. Bargain, really, considering most artists in the alley do work for $50+ and have limitations of what to draw. Lanni did a great job drawing Issac after Googling him and working on the picture in under two hours.

    First row, right photo: Brad Goodman Simpsons Figure: I went to the convention with Simpsons merch specifically on my buying list and this was really all I could find action figure wise. Picked it up for $5, which I thought was a huge steal. Figure goes for $3.99 on Amazon, so thankfully I didn’t get ripped off and technically could’ve paid less money on the figure, but it would’ve been more for shipping.

    Second row, Adventure Time #4 variant: I thought about how hard it is to come across some of the variants after picking up issue #1 of the series yesterday at Boom’s booth for $10, so I returned and picked this cover up. Scott C. drew it. Also bought this issue for $10. It’s running for about $16 on Amazon.

    Third row, RAK Graphics trading cards: This guy had a neat booth of his own work to sell off in a damn cool way. The booth was for RAK Graphics and the seller sold trading cards of whatever character he had drawn up in his own style for a buck each. I spent $1 for each of these character cards, so in total I spent $8.

    Forth/Fifth rows, original art prints from artist Peter Nguyen: These prints were from an artist in the Artist Alley named Peter Nguyen. I’m fucking impressed. My dollars were spent wisely here — I got these three original prints for $25. He also signed all three of them. I’m framing them this week.

    Today is the final day of attending the convention. I’ll be buying a lot of comics (I hope!) and picking up a commission piece I asked for yesterday. It’s a surprise. I’ll reveal it tonight…

    Anyway, total I spent today: roughly $78. Total so far: $154.

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    Bomber, a Pro-Starcraft 2 Player, Nukes his Own Army in an Amazing Match That Lasts Over an Hour

    Even if you don’t follow e-sports or Starcraft 2, you should set aside an hour and watch this match. Terran player Bomber faced off against Zerg player Gowser at MLG Dallas in what is probably one of the most entertaining matches in the history of Starcraft 2.

    The match climaxes in a hilarious error that resulted in Bomber nuking half of his own army. Surprisingly, this wasn’t the end of the game. Video below. If you don’t want to watch the whole match, the nuke comes into play at 24:31.

    Check it: More gaming on Albotas
    Buy It: Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm

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    This week on Radio Free Cybertron: We interview Mairghread Scott, writer of IDW's Rage of the Dinobots, the upcoming Beast Hunters comic and a writer of Transformers Prime on the Hub. Also on the show we have the latest episode of Transformers Rewind, which is "The Rebirth" from Generation One. We also have a Transformers Prime retro review as well as a review of ReGeneration One #89 and Monstrosity #1. PLAYMP3iTunes

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    It must be getting closer to ToyCon UK (actually, it is; the show is April 6) because everyone is showing off their exclusives for the event, and Okkle is the latest. Debuting at the show are his new Runts resin figures, with five designs that are apparently a fish, rabbit, frog, chicken and penguin. Okkle is bringing prototypes for display, as well as the Runts Zero series (in a black-and-gray-dominant color palette) to release at the event.

    No word on a price yet, but the ToyCon UK sets will be super-exclusive, with only 6 being made. These are just the starts of the Runts line, though, so expect to see more in the future. Have a favorite from this group, Tomopop readers?

    Okkle reveals Runts Zero for ToyCon UK screenshot


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    You know, we haven't touched on any ThreeA releases in a while, so how about the one that's going on tonight? As of right now, the new AK Ka-Mumbs are in the Bambaland store for US$100 individually or US$320 as a four-pack. These are being sold blind-boxed in four colors, though buying a four-pack gets you all four and an exclusive poster.

    Before you're going to ask: no, they don't unwrap and Ashley Wood has said as much. As usual, once they're gone, they're gone, but these are apparently the last Mumbs going up in the Bambaland store. So if you have passed on Mumbs before, and you still want one, you might not want to wait around this time.


    ThreeA's AK Ka-Mumbs arise for pre-orders screenshot


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