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    Win this poster! (not available anywhere else yet!) ENTRY and RULES in this EARLIER POST – NO HERE! Tweet This Post

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    Pictures from the Paris Fashion Doll Festival are coming out and I'm in the process of getting permission to repost them on this blog. Keep checking back for more as I add them.

    The Sybarite doll, Gateau, from collector Lilianaamigita:

     She is a winner in every way. Gorgeous face, stunning outfit. There's nothing I don't love about her.

    Next from Nina-chan who apologized for the quality. We don't care about quality; just feed us pictures and our imagination will make up for the rest! We appreciate any and all pictures that help us be a little part of the event.

    PFDF Silkstone "Luncheon Ensemble" Barbie Doll is a variation of the one currently available.
    "Eau d'Hong" LE 21

    Here is a link to a  blogger who has posted the Silkstone:

    More lovely photos of Gateau by Gaia:

    From Sandra/NL:
    Gateau's Shoes!
    Charles and Desmond with Gateau

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    Now days, you can see everywhere that the science and technology is going high to higher. The compet

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    Remote control that is RC is very popular things for children you know that no doubt for this. Now a

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    There is always a reason when people buy anything. When people decide to buy anything, they have alr

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    Remote control helicopters are the new types of helicopters that are being used far and large by man

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    RC helicopter is preferred so much by many people and children because of some reasons. If people ha

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    WhiteDove has been busy this time around on the Plush Compilation! In addition to the Dr. Whooves we see up in the header image, there's also Queen Chrysalis, and both Filly Twilight Sparkle and Alicorn Twilight Sparkle that she's created. In addition to her work, there are also some adorable shoulder ponies that were created, one of which was Rarity and I want her badly.

    The telegram Scootaloo is especially cute as well, and I adore the spy mission Fluttershy plush. Flim and Flam even made an appearance this go around! Be sure to head on over to Equestria Daily to learn more about the artists who created these great plushies.

    MLP Plush Compilation 107: Dr. Whooves and Rarity too! screenshot


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    1. Ellowyne Wilde     Friday, April 12, 2013

    Invites IDEX attendees to an Afternoon of Tea and (sigh...) Ennui
    Join Ellowyne Wilde for an afternoon of tea and ennui. A light dessert will be served, along with a hint of boredom and woe. Robert Tonner and Debra DeForte of Wilde Imagination will present a unique program, along with a special Lizette for each attendee.

    Price: $159
    Plus postage. 
    I will ship only the Lizette doll from Florida. Postage is payable in advance and will be estimated according to your address.

    2.Tonner Breakfast Event  
    Sunday, April 14, 2013
    Join Robert Tonner and company for a Breakfast of Champions! See the new line up close over eggs and toast, and rub elbows with fellow doll lovers and Robert Tonner himself. Your event fee will include breakfast, a presentation by Robert Tonner, and for the first time ever, you get YOUR CHOICE of souvenir at the IDEX Breakfast of Champions! You'll use Tonner Bucks that will be provided to you to "shop" for your choice of souvenir at the event. Choose from 5 amazing selections:
    Basic Houston + Cape Town Fashion Pack
    Color Block Astor
    Taxi! Billy
    Golden Swirl Deluxe Astor
    Maudlynne Macabre

    Price: $50 Plus postage.
    You may specify which item you would like. The choices are on my blog in a post made several days ago.

    Only your choice of souvenir will be shipped. Postage is payable in advance and will be estimated according to your address.

    Both my husband and I are available as proxies so if you want two of anything, just ask.

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    I don't believe Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki need any sort of introduction here. There's probably very few of you out there who haven't seen or at the very least heard of one of their many animated masterpieces. As anime studios go they've probably got the highest profile in the world, thanks a lot to Spirited Away winning an Oscar back in 2003. Merchandise sales have always been good for them, though much of it has been sitting in Japan with very little available at retail in the west. Diamond Comics Distributors and Japanese distributor BENELIC are ready to fix that with a new line of Studio Ghibli products.

    Follow me after the jump to see the full selection that blurs the line between whimsical and practical. Many of which will be available as soon as next month! 

    Diamond Select doesn't hold back on new Ghibli merch screenshot


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    Despite the harem filling the cast of To Love-Ru, the order of the day seems to be still more Golden Darkness, this time brought to us by Vertex. I can't say I'm surprised, though. Nanoha's Fate is certainly an appealing character, and it stands to reason her doppelganger here would have the same aesthetic attractiveness.

    I'm still not a big fan of the "lolis in school swimsuits" cliche, but it's hard not to be drawn in all the same. Vertex has crafted an attractive pose, deviating from the norm a bit with top shrugged half off and one foot slightly raised. Naughtier minded viewers will also certainly notice the slight tug at the bottom of her swimsuit, an admittedly nice touch when compared with the many, many designs that lay flush against the character's figure.

    I can't say I'm too familiar with Vertex, but as a fan of Golden Darkness I find her a little difficult to pass up. She certainly may be worth forking over the ¥7,280 when she arrives this May.

    [Pre-order at AmiAmi]

    Pre-order this shiny new Golden Darkness screenshot


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    With the ongoing popularity of the ancient Mazinger series, it should be little surprise to see heroine Sayaka Yumi showing up in PVC form at some point or another. It also shouldn't be too surprising to see her caught up in such a predicament either, given creator Go Nagai's total disregard for modesty in any form.

    Given the full name of Artemis A, I'm assuming she's supposed to be in one of her robots' cockpits, though if this is the kind of thing Mazinger pilots deal with, I might have to say to just leave Earth to the villains! Still, she doesn't exactly seem to mind the situation at all, and amiami Zero's captured the classic feel of Go Nagai's artwork rather nicely.

    While it may be straying a bit too close to tentacle porn for some, I have a feeling any Go Nagai fan isn't going to mind in the least--so you'll want to keep an eye out for her June release and be ready to fork over about ¥9,500.

    [Pre-order at AmiAmi]

    [NSFW] Mazinger's Sayaka is a bit tied up at the moment screenshot


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  • 03/16/13--19:17: March Z0MZ Release: z0m-z0m
  • DynomightNYC has released their March Z0MZ - z0m-z0. Limited to a run of only 35 hand-painted resin pieces, you can currently pick up the 4" tall figure for $35.00. Z0MZ are custom formatted robotic minions out to help and destroy mankind! Be it heroic or villainous in nature, Z0MZ are only as unique and functional as [...]

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    What's sweeter than one cute Touhou girl? Well, if you answered "two" cute Touhou girls you may want to check out Griffin Enterprises latest sculpt of Satori and Koishi Komeiji by Griffon Enterprises.

    These are not as detailed as Griffin’s previous releases of these ladies. Still, there is something very heartwarming about the whole scene and I love the colors that are used. Though cute, these yokai ladies pull off the quirky too with their their "Third eye", they are those red or blue  things you see hanging around their chest. They create a neat effect and I like how they have those strands that wrap about and loop into shapes. In particular Koishi's, pictured right is very cute how it loops into a heart shape.

    Speaking of heart shapes, these two ladies are sculpted standing atop a heart shaped base. I really think this is a cute touch, but kind of wish that since Griffon went so far as to sculpt a combined base, that they had these two sisters holding hands or something, that would have made this figurine super cute to me, but it still is good.

    If you’re interested in these ladies you won't have to wait long. They should be shipping out in late May of this year. However they do come with a steep price tag of about ¥10300.


    [ Pre-order at AmiAmi | ToysLogic ]

    Pre-order these Komeiji sisters by Griffon Enterprises screenshot


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    Here are the current check list of singles, 2-packs and box sets for: CARS 1 & CARS 2 “NEW” diecasts & CARS 2 “re-release” diecasts. This does NOT include everything from the poster as the singles scheduled only goes out so far so it only includes what’s already out and what’s scheduled for the next [...]

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    “GAME ON” is a videogame-themed group customs show launching a 1AM SF on March 22nd (exhibiting thru April 20) - with the show featuring a gamut of disciplines from graffiti art, street art, traditional paintings, drawings, custom vinyl toys. Artists participating include Vogue / Jesse Hernandez / Frank Kozik / Monty Guy / Robert Bowen / Sam Rodriguez / Pemex / Satyr / Nate1 / Christopher De Leon / Mike “BAM” Tyau / Estria / Tim Diet / Goser / Toro / Ardabus Rubber / JC Rivera / Igor Ventura / Carson Catlin / Grimsheep / Mark Troup (Gomi) / Rsinart / Clark R / Chris Moore (We become monsters) / Timbone / Sekure D.

    Today we get to take a closer look at two Artists' work for the show, featuring Carson Catlin ( and Chris Moore (We Become Monsters):

    "I was recently asked if I would participate in the "Game on" group show at 1AM SF. I jumped at the opportunity and whipped up these two guys. Brothers is a reticulated Mario and Luigi. They will retail for US$500 a piece or you can get both for US$900." ~added Carson
    "In a world where flowers can let you spit fireballs, and mushrooms can make you grow instantly or even gain an extra life, eating the wrong mushroom can have terrifying effects."

    The piece is titled "Ate the Wrong Mushroom" and is sized 9 inches tall with base (Removable base, articulated / removable head) and made on a 'We Become Monsters' resin figure "The Hell?" - which is an unreleased, so "this is somewhat of a debut"! - and with acrylic, Epoxy, Wood, on a vinyl Mario 5 inch figure (the Hat), plastic eyes.

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    set database: LEGO 75007 republic assault ship & coruscant
    image courtesy of Grogall
    image courtesy of brickipedia

    image courtesy of ellos

    set number: 75007
    set name: republic assault ship & coruscant
    theme: starwars, planet series, episode 2
    year: 2013
    pieces: 74
    prices: us$10
    minifig: 1
    come with a coruscant planet and a mini republic assault ship.
    the planet has a hanger.
    the planet also can be used as part container.
    also included a display stand with name plate.
    minifig included a clone trooper minifig.
    good playability.
    overall design is good.
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    From Reet Neet comes "LuTEAnant Dan" - his submission for Fans of Tea Series 3 (which will be held at ToyCon UK) made on a 2.5 inch tall Tea figure, and is based on Lieutenant Dan from the movie Forrest Gump. Check out his blog for more pictures, as well as his Facebook page (where he is currently doing a give away on 200 likes).

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    Episode FIFTY-SIX of the AFB Podcast is live at iTunes and is now available for direct downloadDownload and subscribe to the podcast at iTunes now! 

    Join Ben, Justin and Scott for Episode Fifty-Six of the Action Figure Blues Podcast! The AFB Podcast is a weekly look at action figures, statues and other collectibles from the worlds of comic books and pop culture.

    This week Scott takes a look at the Bowen Designs Scarlet Witch Variant Statue as our Toy of the Week, and then we take in-depth look at the Marvel Legends Hit Monkey Wave!

    If you can't use iTunes, you can download Episode Fifty-Six here now! Click on the link to listen, or right click to save the file! The podcast will always be available from the “Podcast” tab here - but if you can subscribe and give us positive ratings at iTunes, that will help us greatly! The AFB Podcast is also on Stitcher Radio!

    Have a listen, and please give us some feedback at - we might even read out your feedback on the next show!

    Happy listening!

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