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    set database: LEGO 21017 imperial hotel

    image courtesy of Grogall
    set number: 21017
    set name: imperial hotel
    theme: architecture
    year: 2012
    pieces: 1188
    prices: us$130
    minifig: none
    nice big set.
    this is series of LEGO architecture landmark series of real world construction model.
    the famous building is imperial hotel in tokyo, japan.
    this building was designed in 1916 by Frank Lloyd Wright.
    come with a booklet with details on design and history.
    for display purpose only.
    measures 4 inches (100 mm) tall, 11 inches (280 mm) wide and 9 inches (240 mm) deep.
    overall design is great.
    collector item.
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    Now, normally, it would not be a big deal – that these arrived at Walmart about 7-10 days and now are available at Target. But it’s been a while since a particular CASE (whether singles or 2-packs) of CARS has arrived at BOTH the Big two retailers at about the same time. Even CASES of [...]

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  • 03/02/13--06:35: Momo Velia Deviluke Figure

  • Momo Velia Deviluke [モモ・ベリア・デビルーク] is one of the main female characters in the original animated video (OAV) series To Love-Ru -Trouble- Darkness. She has short pink hair, purple eyes, and a devilish tail that are faithfully re-created into a scaled figure by Alphamax - was at their offices recently to take some photos of the decoration master.

    • Product Name: Momo Velia Deviluke Swimsuit version
    • Series: To Love-Ru -Trouble- Darkness
    • Scale: 1/7
    • Material: PVC
    • Height: Around 230mm
    • Spec: Painted
    • Sculptor: 2%
    • Release Date: June 2013
    • Retail Price: 7,400 yen

    Head along to Alphamax for more info about Momo.

    If you are interested in pre-ordering this figure then check out the following trusted online retailers.

    And for those who are not familiar with Momo or To Love-Ru -Trouble- Darkness then check her out in action in the video below. If the video has been eaten then check out this search query on YouTube.

    Before I discovered Otaku culture, I would have thought that a girl with a tail was odd - but now I find it perfectly acceptable ^^;
    There is a poll embedded in this article.

    And this is what she would look like on yer desk. Very cute figure and very cute botty ^o^

    Read more about Mirai Suenaga >>>

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    Thanks to YouTube member optibotimus who has posted a video review for the the Toyworld: TW-T02 Aurora. This figure is a third party project that is a homage to the classic Throttlebots Searchlight character. Check out the video review on this toy to get the full details on the Toyworld: TW-T02 Aurora below.

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    Thanks to voice actor David Sobolov who has updated his Facebook page with the invite to The Hub's special world-premiere screening for the first episode of Transformers Prime Season 3 - Beast Hunters. Attendees at the Globe Theater in Universal Studios Hollywood will get to see the cartoon on March 14, 2012 as a celebration for the The Hub premier on March 22nd. Check out the invitation image below for the full reveal.

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    Thanks to YouTube member Benscollectables we have a video review of the Toyworld TW-H01 Hardbone action figure. This toy pays homage to the Generation 1 character Hardhead Headmaster figure with modern day articulation, and many new features such as a place to store weapons and an more fans will appreciate. Watch the video review of Toyworld TW-H01 Hardbone toy below.

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  • 03/02/13--07:30: Funko POP!s the world
  • A slew of Funko POP!s are up for pre-order. Funko's ever-growing vinyl collection will feature even more unexpected properties. Highlights include:

    • Ace Ventura (yes, ACE VENTURA!)
    • Kill Bill figures (including the Bride/Beatrice, O-Ren Ishii, & Gogo Yubari)
    • Pulp Fiction figures 
    • Planet of the Ape figures
    • The Big Lebowski figures
    • Alan from The Hangover
    • A xenomorph from the Alien franchise
    • Hannibal Lecter (Silence of the Lambs, etc)
    • The Godfather figures
    • Grease figures
    • Ferris Bueller
    • Robo Cop
    • Ron Burgundy (Anchorman)

    Not all of the pre-orders have associated images yet, but the selection is absolutely insane. I mean, Ferris Bueller and Ace Ventura? How random is that? I can understand the Tarantino film coverage, though, as the licensing would have been given at the same time. I hope they keep up with Kill Bill since I'd love to have a little Elle Driver for my desk (either a normal outfit or the nurse outfit). Otherwise, one can only wonder what other Tarantino films might receive the POP! treatment. Reservoir DogsInglourious Basterds? Django Unchained? Well, I wouldn't count on that last one unless Funko is looking for a protest from people with waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on their hands (can't imagine how much real good those people could do in the world if they devoted their time to doing things not involving indignation). Otherwise, Funko's continued expansion is quickly consuming everything in our world (unlike, say, GSC who keeps making Miku nendoroids).

    Some of the areas into which Funko could still expand include anime (no Saber yet, Funko?) and... well, I'm sure there are some other areas. They haven't done a collection of Tomopop editors yet, for one thing.

    [ Pre-order at Big Bad Toy Store ]

    Funko POP!s the world screenshot


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    Forums member Tambeyoda Reviews has posted an updated Video Review of Uranos answering some of your questions. Plus a review of the 3rd party TFC Uranos Gun and Eagle TF. Watch the video review below for the full details on the TFC Uranos Update with Review of Eagle TF and TFC Uranos Gun.

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    In the season-three premiere episode, the survival of Optimus Prime is in doubt after Megatrons destruction of the Autobot base on Earth, while the separated members of Team Prime try to reconnect after being scattered to the wind to prevent detection. The final 13 episodes will see Optimus Prime and his team face their greatest challenge yet in a new foe dedicated to the destruction of the Autobots " and potentially, planet Earth.

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    Bandai Japan has released images of their upcoming SH MonsterArts 1964 Godzilla action figure! This figure will stand 6-inches tall and will retail for $59.99. Click the thumbnails above to check him out.

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    Noah shared on his twitter that his newest Vinylmation custom is up for sale, and it happens to be of one of my favorite characters of all time. However, there were only 30 of this 9 inch Vinylmation made, and if you don't happen to have US$750 you will probably be out of luck.

    They've started it out for sale on the Facebook Vinylmation app, but I wouldn't be surprised if it finds its way to the Disney Store as well. I guess it just depends how fast the 30 pieces sell out. If anyone wants to, you know, surprise me with a little something, I wouldn't mind this amazing piece. Ha, kidding, but I do love Figment, and I especially love the acrylic display stand with him on it before.

    Noah returns with an imaginative Figment Vinylmation screenshot


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    Last week we previewed the first three figures in the Botcon 2013 box set Machines of War based on the 1997 Kay-Bee Toys exclusive Transformers toy line Machine Wars. This week we're getting our first look at the final two figures from the initial set.

    After it was revealed that Strika, a character from Beast Machines, was being wedged into the set I made the prediction that her animated partner Obsidian would likely be joining her. Sure enough, the fourth figure revealed for the set is indeed Obsidian. This version of Obsidian borrows its body from Transformers: Hunt for the Decepticons Highbrow and features twin props made to reflect the original figure's twin rotors. Unlike Strika using cartoon colors, Obsidian pulls his colors directly from the original figure making him largely green and orange. The body choice works pretty well and thankfully they went ahead and made a more accurate head sculpt for him like the previous three figures. 

    The fifth and final figure in the set is Megaplex. It's also the weakest of the set, a straight repaint of Transformers Prime Dreadwing. Unlike the rest this figure doesn't have a new head sculpt which is a bit of a sticking point. You see, the story behind Megaplex is that he (or they) is a clone of Megatron created by the evil leader to take command of his forces on the battlefront when he's unavailable. Unlike the original figure which actually did look like Megatron, this one doesn't look like him in the slightest. That also causes a problem in that Botcon also makes several additional figures that are sold only at the convention and this would have been a great opportunity to repaint the figure into Machine Wars Megatron. Unless you really like the mold for the figure there really isn't a lot going for it. Even the colors are way off from the original which is odd considering how close they came with the other figures. 

    So that's it for the Botcon 2013 Machines of War box set. Numbers-wise it's a nice set made up of three deluxe figure and two Voyager figures with four of them getting new head sculpts. But that doesn't make much difference when the character choices are yaw-inducing and the three figure everyone wants to see (Optimus Prime, Starscream, and Soundwave) are nowhere to be seen. It's a pretty lackluster set, especially when the price this year is set at US$365 for club members or US$450 for non-members for attendees (includes registration and a sixth figure) or non-attendees (you only get the five figures). That's up a lot from last year when the set was US$305/US$375 and included three deluxe figures, a Voyager, and an Ultra class figure with three (mostly) new head sculpts. Not really sure what they're thinking there. 

    [additional images via, Teletraan 1 Wiki]

    Final two figures revealed for Botcon exclusive box set screenshot


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    There are a range of sex toys out there to suit all types of pleasure seekers with all levels of bedroom experience – from super sleek and slim vibrators for intense stimulation to whips and restraints for the more adventurous. So we've teamed up with to help you spice up your love making and navigate the increasingly eclectic sex toy market. Take a look at our beginner's guide to ...

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  • 03/02/13--13:43: Seeing Multiples
  • Winged Victory of Samothrace circa 220-185 BCE

    Audrey Hepburn channels The Winged Victory of Samothrace  in the movie Funny Face, 1957.
     Designed by Marirose for the 2008 National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention, Joie de Vivre™ 
    Brunette and African American 
     Madame Alexander 2009 :This Funny Face features Alexandra Fairchild Ford as Jo Stockton in fashions from Paramount Pictures Studios 'Funny Face.' Set includes 16" dressed doll in black turtleneck, pants and ballet flats. Also includes red gown, shawl, matching shoes and panties. 

     Integrity Toys 2013: Funny Face "Take the Picture"

    If you know of any other dolls made from this movie, please let me know.

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    Your favorite sofubi shark figure will be having his very own custom show at the Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco. Cometdebris and PangeaSeed have asked 30 of some of the most talented folks from all around the world to customize the Sametan figure. You can see the list of...

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    50 Years of Avengers Minimal Poster

    To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, The Avengers, artist Michael Mateyko created this minimalistic poster for April’s Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. This poster starts from the original Avengers from 1963 and dates to present day 2013. It can be purchased from Society6.

    Check it: More of The Avengers on Albotas
    Buy it: The Avengers (Blu-ray)

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    Evil Dead 4 Is Happening

    It doesn’t matter what has been said by Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, and Ted Raimi in the last 10 years over the Internet and during countless convention panels — Evil Dead 4 is really happening. Sam Raimi said during a press event for Oz the Great and Powerful that he has interest in returning to the horror series and he and his brother will be writing a script this summer.

    In London, Raimi stated during a Meet the Filmmakers event:

    I would love to make Evil Dead 4. My brother and I plan to work on the script this summer.

    Really this time, guys. He straight up said it. No beating around the bush or sugarcoating anything, I really think Evil Dead 4 is going to happen.

    Check it: More Evil Dead on Albotas
    Buy it:
    The Evil Dead (Blu-ray)

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    FROMBIE updates us with a tri of upcoming releases for Spring, starting with RAVE ZORA and ICE ZORA - both of which are only limited to an edition size of only 25 pieces each, to be made available via As well Frombie has decided to give MECHAY PANG his own figure, with the first colorway to be released the beginning of Summer. Mecha + Panda? I like it already! LOL Stay tuned for more news on Mechy Pang!

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    PRESS: 'It's payday once again, and Hoodley's Stash Spot is releasing new prints along with some other items. Looks like this month's starting out with a college basketball themed print, and we're also being introduced to Hoodley's main lady Emmi. Both prints will be available for the next two weeks via Along with the prints the Stash Spot has also included button packs and smartphone wallpapers.'

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  • 03/02/13--20:50: Mirai Suenaga Birthday

  • Tis March the 3rd which means that its not only a festive day in Japan called Hina Matsuri, but its also the birthday of our Mirai Suenaga! Folks out there who know Mirai well will know how old she is this year - I guess the number of candles give it away ^^;

    Mirai Suenaga started off as being the mascot character for this site back in 2007. She didnt do much back then apart from grace the top header of the site. Since then she went on to work with many companies in the industry like Good Smile Company, Bushiroad, Nitroplus, Kadokawa, King Records, Yuzusoft, JC Staff, Kinokuniya and more. You can read more about Mirai on her profile page.

    Over the past 2 years, many popular illustrators both domestic and international have illustrated Mirai for us. Wallpapers and photoshop files are distributed in these posts.

    Many folks around the world support our Mirai-chan by posting their artwork of her - we post the ones that we can find on Pinterest. If your work is not there then just let us know!

    The amount of Mirai related merchandise has slowly grown which includes Figma, Nendoroid and the Japanese language learning series Moekana. And some time later this year...

    Mirai has gained many supporters worldwide who are always a pleasure to meet! You can meet some of them in my coverage of the Culture Japan booths.

    Every year on her birthday, Mirai gets changed into her B'day suit.
    Anyway, thanks for your continued support for Mirai - it means a lot to her and myself ^o^

    Ah, some Mirai B'day celebrations just in - this one by Chun from Canada^^;

    This B'day Mirai illustration by Kotorikurama from the US.

    Kigurumi Mirai in the US celebrating too ^^

    And this one by Cyu from Indonesia on Facebook.

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