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    And while I have been pretty oblivious to the upcoming March 9th group art show tilted "The Gathering" @ Dragatomi - featuring the Swanicorn from Daniel Fleres as the custom-base of choice - folks reading my humble blog should not miss out on the swell customs seen thus far from participating artists, with headshot and WIPs featured here from (top-L-R) Martin Hsu and Josh (f+) Pierce, and (bottom-L-R) DrilOne and Jay222. Swell works all around, guys!


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    In December 2005, Playlounge co-hosted an exhibition (along with REBELLION and PUMA) named "ZARJAZ!" - featuring artwork from the 2000 A.D. stable of characters from a variety of artists, including folks like BxH / TADO / Pete Fowler / James Jarvis / Jon Burgerman / Rolito / Mr Clement / Will Sweeney / Fos and Super Deux. The exhibition took place from 10th December 2005 until 10th January 2006.

    And while I posted about it before, I have since been bugged in my brains to be able to "see" more about the exhibits. So this Sunday today, I decided to go back in time for another relook, and as well swipe some snaps of the event for re-viewing HERE on my Facebook.

    As well check out event images from Andy Lee (105 in total) and from Michael Pickard viewable in the slideshow below of the exhibition at 11 Shorts Gardens at Seven Dials (gotta luv "Google Search" tho lol):

    (Full-screen viewing of Andy Lee's images)

    (Full-screen viewing of Michael Pickard's images)

    2000 A.D. for me, snuck right into my subconsciousness amidst a generation of exploded awareness in thy humble ignorant youth - nearly 3 decades back - stayed, festered, and blossomed in a wee corner of my mundscape. The early days of my comicbook addiction obsession, beyond the holy shelves of Marvel and DC Comics, and even Chinese Manhua, opening up to the realms of weekly newsstand offerings - which I could not keep up with a student's pocket money, and the missing out on numerous issues left too huge a gap to continue forth … If American comics opened up my mind to the possibilities of the fictional fantastic, 2000AD had gone and screwed up my head LOL

    And I liked that.

    And the notion of a "post-apocalyptical" world remains a running theme of "Likes" in my mind since. I reckon I could not be able to easily grasp the concept of media and movies like "Mad Max" without prior acceptance of "Mega-City One" and it's ilk.

    With recent DREDD movie (which I adored) and toy releases of 2000AD products from Unbox Industries (designs by Pete Fowler and TADO - from this exhibition actually) and A.B.C. Warriors figures from 3A Toys, isn't it high time to see ANOTHER exhibition of 2000 AD-characters? And maybe tis not just for memory-sakes of old fogies like myself (*cough*) but from the perspective of a more "youthful" generation, perhaps?

    Someone make this happen, or send in YOUR work and I'll post it on this humble blog of mine, for all to enjoy :)

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  • 03/02/13--21:34: Hina Matsuri

  • The Hina Matsuri [雛祭り] is a festival that takes place on the 3rd of March to wish the healthy and prosperous growth of young girls. During this time, ornamental dolls called Hina Ningyo [雛人形] are displayed on tiered steps which is covered in red cloth. Video below provides a better view than these photos which I took at Ikaho Hot Springs.

    The 2 dolls on the top tier represent the Emperor and Empress. The second tier displays court ladies and the third tier displays musicians. Not all Hina platforms are displayed like this however and can just be filled with a load of dolls on each tier.

    The Hina Matsuri tradition started during the Heian period in Kyoto where daughters of noble families would play with the dolls. It wasn't until the Edo period however when the tradition really started to take off across Japan with folks displaying the Hina dolls on the steps covered in red cloth.

    Traditionally, Hina dolls are said to absorb evil spirits in place of your real 3D daughter. As the Hina dolls contain evil spirits, they shouldn't be kept around for too long as your real daughter would not be able to get married happily. Thus the Hina dolls should be put away soon after the Hina Matsuri.
    During the Heian period, Hina dolls made out of paper were set afloat on a river which would later be collected and burned.

    Speaking of girls, which would you prefer to have if you had kids?
    There is a poll embedded in this article.
    There is a poll embedded in this article.

    As for me - either but unfortunately the good lord has not blessed us with kids yet. How many folks do you know who have had more than 3 miscarriages? Doctors only say 5% of women have miscarriages but from asking friends it seems much much higher than that.

    Today there are a load of shops doing special Hina Matsuri menu items like Cozy Corner - this cake looks so good!

    "Chirashi Sushi" is a rice dish with various types of seafood sprinkled on top and is a dish that one eats to celebrate the Hina Matsuri festivity.

    And here is the Moe Calendar for March which features Hina Matsuri. The wallpaper lives here. There is actually a lot of meaning behind this illustration. Soon.

    Previous months wallpapers are listed up below.

    And as you may know already, its Mirai-chan's birthday today ^o^

    About Mascots Subscribe by Email Twitter Facebook

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    PangeaSeed ( in collaboration with Cometdebris ( / Koji Harmon) announces: "Sametan – Don’t Tread on Me" = a group art show launching at the Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco (, for a weekend only March 29-30, featuring custom-Sametans from 30 artists, with a preview of Scott Hove's splendid custom 'Mano Aumakua' showcased below (remember his epic "cakes"? You Should).
    "Proceeds raised through the sales of the vinyl figures will help fund PangeaSeed’s 2014 “Year of Living Dangerously” art tour of Asia. Because Asia is ground zero for the trade and consumption of many endangered species, the 2014 Asian event will reach six major Asian cities extending our core message to critical audiences." [Facebook]
    PRESS: 'In addition to the art exhibition, PangeaSeed will host an exclusives creening of Rob Stewart’s (Sharkwater) latest award-winning documentary, “Revolution”. The “Ocean Love Film Festival” will take place at Spoke Art Gallery , March 30, 2013 - 7-9 pm.'

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    What’s this? Andrew Bell recently posted this teaser on the Dyzplastic blog. Looks like Shane Jessup will continue his string of Lucky Cat themed toys with several (four?) Lucky Cat Androids due later this month. Box set? Individual window boxed releases? Or perhaps an individual blind-boxed drop ? Gee.. way...

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    Independent design studio Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons' Kickstarter campaign for DIGITAL 18:05:80 // A Sculptural Tribute to Ian Curtis of Joy Division has a little over a day left for funding. They're making this piece available in cold-cast porcelain and aluminum at the $250.00 and $600.00 funding tiers. Check out the Kickstarter page here.

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  • 03/01/13--13:33: My Little Pony x Mimobot
  • Bronies rejoice! Mimoco has unveiled the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic X Mimobot Series of flash drives, available in up to 128GB as well as USB3.0 speeds. The three piece collection showcases Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, and Rainbow Dash. Each My Little Pony Mimobot comes preloaded with extra digital goodies, including wallpapers, icons, and avatars, [...]

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    In the latest newsletter from VISEone, he showed off a pair of custom commissions from his Comic Stripped series. These, of course, are an Incredible Hulk MAD*L and a Captain America Munny. Unfortunately, also mentioned in the newsletter is that he will no longer be taking commissions...but he'll still be customizing.

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    Episode FIFTY-FOUR of the AFB Podcast is live at iTunes and is now available for direct downloadDownload and subscribe to the podcast at iTunes now! 

    The AFB Podcast is a weekly look at action figures, statues and other collectibles from the worlds of comic books and pop culture.

    This episode John is left to run the fort alone, and he calls in his friends Dave from the Flag Points Podcast and Newton Gimmick from Infinite Hollywood to discuss Vintage Toy Restoration!

    If you can't use iTunes, you can download Episode Fifty-Four here now! Click on the link to listen, or right click to save the file! The podcast will always be available from the “Podcast” tab here - but if you can subscribe and give us positive ratings at iTunes, that will help us greatly! The AFB Podcast is also on Stitcher Radio!

    Have a listen, and please give us some feedback at - we might even read out your feedback on the next show!

    Many thanks to Dave and Newton for giving their time to help us out!

    Happy listening!

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  • 03/03/13--01:04: Jeff Pidgeons New Beavers
  • Jeff Pidgeon recently released two new Beaver vinyl figures. There’s the 5” Afterglow Beaver ($35), which does indeed glow in the dark. This one features a cute cutaway design showing what the lil’ guy had for dinner (an AV homage?). In addition, Jeff has added a green edition ($10) to...

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    While the cardbacks covers most of the scheduled releases (as singles and Movie Moments 2-packs), there are 4 more singles added to the official list … The “Japan TV Show CARS” Plus the third one … They are definitely on a singles list and not a box or multi-pack … hopefully, they’ll realize they are [...]

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    Futurist, purveyor of all variety of skateboarder goods, is getting into the toy business with their LRT action figure of, you guessed it, a skateboarding dude. The toy features a tiny version of one of the brand's LRT skateboards for the figure to ride on. And the skater himself is quite detailed, with felted hair and smaller details like freckles that have been etched in to the plastic. The hat is removable and the head even swivels! When atop the board, the figure is 3 and three-quarters inches tall. It should be noted that he rides securely on the board while it's in motion but he's easy enough to remove.
    Pre-orders started on March 1 (he'll be ready in April) but with a limited edition of 50 pieces the LRT figure won't be around for long. He costs US$59, including shipping.  

    Futurist joins the figure world with LRT skateboarder screenshot


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    set database: LEGO 42000 grand prix racer
    image courtesy of bricker
    image courtesy of amazon,com

    set number: 42000
    set name: grand prix racer
    theme: technic, Power Functions
    year: 2012
    pieces: 1141
    prices: us$130
    minifigs: none
    large technic set.
    main model is a formula one car.
    can be built into a building alternative.
    building alternative included a race truck.
    can be added with 8293 LEGO Power Functions motor set for motorized action.
    the formula car come with an openable engine cover, independent all wheel suspensions, movable pistons, a realistic steering and an adjustable rear spoiler.
    the truck come with front and rear suspensions, movable pistons, an openable hood and an adjustable rear wing.
    overall design is great.
    must have for technic lovers.
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    While we might quibble about the distribution and some glaring sculpt/design FAILS for CARS 2 diecasts, there is hardly anything to complain about the LEMONS of CARS 2. They are works of art for the real life autos that are/were anything but. These are all great photos from “John H,” who not only takes great [...]

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    I have watched REDLINE today, and I have seen my genre-desires made anime. Having been released in late 2010, I reckon I missed out on this as it was around the time of my Stroke, but nevertheless I survived the ordeal, and was clued in most recently from gift of a movie poster from Richard Mijares! Imagine that…

    Written by Katsuhito Ishii (whose "Shark Skin Man and Peach Hip Girl" I remembered well, I still have the VCD haha) and directed by Takeshi Koike (for which if you have seen "World Record" in the animated 'The Animatrix' anthology, you'd recognize this style immediately). The Redline anime is superbly produced by Madhouse, and I can imagine no other folks doing this, IMHO.

    Vibing the eclecticness of Wacky Races (which I love) and the hyper-technologies of a misbegotten far-flung-future at the smoking-hot barrel-end of "Speed Racer" (which I really love) speeding thru missile explosions and landmass-destruction, the film itself was an extreme swell-sci-fi-ride indeed, and is one of the best depictions of the anime genre I've seen for years. But this is not a "movie review" per se (THIS instead, is). This post is about essentially about the toys and figurines which was seen in 2010, but somehow have not seen the light of production day since?


    Here are some snaps of the model vehicles, based on the final line-up of racers in the REDLINE race on Planet Roboworld (via and as well uploaded HERE on my dedicated Facebook album. I don't even know who produces these models actually LOL

    Shown below is the scaled prototype of the Yellow "Transam" (via belonging to the racer - and main protagonist of the anime - "Sweet JP", which undoubtably reminded me of "Bumblebee" in 'The Transformers' … oh how I wish this was a production model car tho! With "breakaway" ability too (ala the anime … oops *SPOILER*).


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    In a recent interview with the LA Times Jeff Kline, the Transformers Prime Producer, says the show will have some new surprises and a good ending fans will appreciate: I believe that at the end of episode 313, you will feel like this particular tale in the Transformers mythology has been told, Kline said. Hopefully there will be some surprises, but you will be satisfied. Kline also lets it lose that he is the one working on the new Transformers cartoon that will follow prime but didn't give any details. We expect to see a first preview in time for BotCon and SDCC this summer.

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    We're back, taking a look at the final four categories in our 2012 Plastic and Plush Awards. Today, I'm taking a look at the best sixth scale (or highly articulated) figures from last year. 5. The Shadow (Go Hero) After being teased for a few years, we saw the pulp character, originally appearing in 1930's, [...]

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