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    In the spirit of St Patrick's Day, today (March 17th) sees a release by Shawnimals, My Plastic Heart, and Squibbles Ink in the form of a limited pocket pork dumpling. The darling little things are painted in the colors of the Irish flag and feature a shamrock on the back. One in ten lucky buyers will get their dumplings with a four-leaf clover - very lucky indeed.

    Each one of these is US$11.99 and will be for sale at MPH and Shawnimals. Take your pick! These figures are hand painted and just generally make me want to smile. Between this and Super7's Spring Forward Foster, I'd have plenty of happiness to get by. Anyone else as delighted by green things as I am?

    Patty O'Dumpling released today, won't cost you a pot of gold screenshot


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    “ToyFountain” sends along photos of a US Rochelle, the international card Rochelle & “French Rochelle.” They are on the left of a USA Rochelle, the Canadian Rochelle (same as the US diecast) and below, European Rochelle. I found the Canadian Rochelle locally (in Quebec, Canada) near boxing day. It has what looks like a international […]

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    There are shy people and there are really, really, really shy people. Primitive Andy is one of those people. He could very well be the shyest person in the world.

    Well, maybe we should clarify that. He could very well be the shyest "dollie" in the world.

    He just hates to draw attention to himself, hates to be the center of attention, hates talking before an audience, hates to have his picture taken, and hates having things written about him. The latter is why he has gone 10 years without a story.

    Seven years ago a lot of attention was draw to 3 of the "raggedies" who had written notes to me demanding I tell their story.  I posted about the latest "dollie stories" fiasco on "The Dollie Storage Room" blog and my Linda's Blog back in 2011.

    I never disclosed who wrote the letters.  What all the "dollies" don't know is that Primitive Andy asked me not to write a story about him. He told me he was just too shy and would prefer not to have a story written about him. So, I took pity upon him back then and didn't write his story. However, he's not a kid anymore and has grown up a lot in the last three and is just so adorable I decided it was time to tell his story.

    Here's his story:

    "Primitive Andy" has the distinct honor of being the first primitive doll that Linda designed and likes to pride himself on being small, lean, and, well, adorable. Just don't tell anyone he said that and just don't draw any attention to him. "Primitive Andy" is probably the shyest "dollie" in the world. And, he's just fine with that.

    He just hates to draw attention to himself, hates to be the center of attention, hates talking before an audience, hates to have his picture taken, and hates having things written about him. It was tough enough for him to have his picture taken for his pattern. He was on edge for several days before and sick to his stomach. But, Linda assured him there would only be two people in the studio taking pictures. She would be there and "Primitive Andy" would be there. No one else.

    So, "Primitive Andy" agreed.

    "Primitive Andy" has a coffee stained cloth body, embroidered face with two-button eyes, and loads of freckles. He's wearing a coffee stained and fringed shirt with 3/4 length fringed sleeves, buttons and patches. His tattered and fringed pantaloons are gathered at the waist and middle of his calves and have patches. He has a small tattered ribbon tied around his neck, and raggedy red cut hair along the sides and top of his head. Floss is sewn to his feet and legs for his raggedy red stripes.

    If you look closely at "Primitive Andy's" pictures you may see a little trepidation in his face. He could barely muster a smile when Linda said, cheese!" He knows there's only Linda and himself in the studio taking his picture, but he's just so shy. He really would prefer not to be photographed at all.

    He's just unbelievably shy. Probably the shyest "dollie" in the world. But, he's just fine with that! Not everyone needs there 15 minutes of fame! Certainly not "Primitive Andy."

    If you would like to buy his revised instant download e-pattern please CLICK HERE.

    If you would like to buy one of my handmade Primitive Andy dolls please CLICK HERE.

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    And this is the "Retail Version" of Scott Tolleson x De Korner's KOOKIE NO GOOD sofubi, featuring the 3.5" tall vinyl cutie with a cookie color base vinyl with red, black, pink and white sprays (The first released CNY version had a gold-colored bow-tie ;p).

    SRP is US$35, and distributed by DKE Toys, do check in with your fav retailer(s) for availability.

    FYI: There is FREE domestic shipping during pre-order on DeKorner :)

    PRESS: "Normally, Fortune Cookies are a perfect way to finish a good meal at a Chinese Restaurant -- a crunchy treat with a happy and hopeful message. Forget all that. Kookie No Good is a wayward, sad, mischievous fortune cookie or perhaps a 'misfortune' cookie. Whether he is upset at the world or just upset that he's food, he's certainly not looking to bring you good fortune.

    Starting with De Korner owner Kevin Cao's desire to make a 'bad fortune cookie' toy, Kookie No Good was designed by prolific artist Scott Tolleson. The appeal of this adorably upset sofubi toy lies in his priceless expression with furrowed brow, and pursed lips."

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    Looks like fun … there is a upcoming “1957 Edition Fiat 500.”   Luigi & Guido would approve. Tweet This Post

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    First released at the Jakarta Toys & Comics Fair the weekend just, illustrator/artist Ario Anindito will be offering his "Because I'm the Godd*mn Batman! via his online shop soon … meanwhile, you can purchase direct via emailing him at - AND especially as an exclusive bonus offer, just write "TOYSREVIL brought me here" in your email order = and Ario will add a free simple sketch as a bonus for every single print purchase! How Awesome Is That?

    (Additional image of Ario with his print by Denny Novandi).

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  • 03/17/14--04:00: make: painted leaves
  • This is a perfect little art project to do on vacation. In fact, that’s where we made these! Escaping the longest winter known to man (which is more of an emotional statement than a factual one), we recently traveled to the Caribbean. The resort where we stayed had the most beautiful and exotic (and giant) […]

    The post make: painted leaves appeared first on Small for Big.

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    Contest WINNER – Clearysdad! OzzieMum has sent along a brand new on card Frosty with Metallic Finish along with the mini Australian CARS 2013 poster for our latest contest. Thanks all for entering and now we can all name about 100 weird and oddball Australian animals – see, reading T5 will actually make you smarter […]

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    set database: LEGO 3631 the fabuland big band peter pig and gabriel gorilla

     image courtesy of bricklink
      image courtesy of lugnet
     image courtesy of brickset
    set number: 3631
    set name: the fabuland big band peter pig and gabriel gorilla
    theme: fabuland
    year: 1985
    pieces: 30
    price: us$5.25
    minifigs: 2
    nice animal figures theme.
    animal figures included peter pig and gabriel gorilla.
    come with an orchestra.
    overall design is great.
    must have for fabuland lovers.
    Bookmark and Share

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    Scheduled for a pre-order from March 21, 2014 at 9am SGT, is "HERO" from Carlo Cacho AKA "networks". This 5" tall resin robot is priced at US$55 and has a limited run of only 25 pieces. Expected delivery date will be on the 2nd Quarter of 2014.

    The "Pinocchio" story-concept is an interesting angle and adds to the design of this robot-who-wishes-he-was-human = *NICE*
    "Hero is an adorable robo guy who is always searching to find his own identity, he dresses up in his favourite superhero costume ready to fight crime. Just like his cousin Pinojio, he dream of becoming a real boy someday."

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    mr clement releases his latest graphic novel "ji ja café" - featuring 168 pages of "168 stories of love and hatred, kiss and hug…!" Along with the book, comes the original ji ja birds with "a glossy imitate ceramic surface."

    Order by email via, and you will receive an additional pack of 4 x ji ja café postcards for free. Priced at £65 per set (1 book + 2 ji ja birds + free postcard - include worldwide FREE shipping), available at the end of April, 2014.

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    Own a piece of galactic history with a limited edition Blue Clone Trooper Celebration VI 1:6 Scale Statue. This suberb creation is one of just 600 pieces produced worldwide, and it's 35% off today! The lieutenant crouches with his blaster resting on his knee, ready to spring into action at any moment! Follow this link to pick one up for 35% off today only!

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    I actually "LOL'ed" when I saw this. Check out ThreeA's Campbell's Mighty Soup Square by clicking the above thumbnail!

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    March 17th saw the launch of the "Captain America: The Winter Soldier: The Legend Back in Action Exhibition" at Bugis Junction. Arriving a few minutes past 12noon, on show were previously revealed 1/6th-scaled figures from Hot Toys, including Captain America and Red Skull from "The First Avenger", Black Widow (from "The Avengers") and "Nick Fury". Highly anticipated reveals of display prototypes for "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" were disappointedly not on show. I would have loved to see the movie Captain America (which has since been unveiled today), The Winter Soldier, The Falcon, or even the recently online-revealed Black Widow (with a new hairstyle).

    "Word" is, (an undetermined number of) additional prototype figures will be revealed on site "in a few days" (which makes sense if you want to sustain a continued "interest" in the showcase, which lasts thru to March 30th). No doubt displays might/will be in line with online reveals by Hot Toys, and hopefully by the movie's premiere on March 27th, most would be on show? All speculation on my end, of course.

    Shown here are a smattering of images, which on-hindsight would've looked better taken at nighttime, without the sunlight filtering thru the top windows and casting reflections all around LOL - My apologies for the "distracting" images, folks ;p

    What was "interesting", was a trio of diorama settings on display (housed against the wall). The first niche features a WW2-era lab-contraption you will recognize from the first movie - when Cap was "created" within! The pod is raised on an elevated platform, with side steps and a railing, and is a truly inspirational piece of diorama, methinks!

    Since there are no labels, I am currently naming this
    the "Vita-Ray Chamber" (Not Actual Name) Exhibit:

    Next up is Captain America dangling off in a "flying fox" line, above a canopy of a train, while moving footage is shown in the background. I will refrain from commenting and show you the video instead ;p

    Since there are no labels, I am currently naming this
    the "Sliding Captain" (Not Actual Name) Exhibit:

    Final diorama display was a recreation of a movie teaser poster, with the back of Captain America facing front instead, framed by the cargo-bay doors of the S.H.I.E.L.D. plane he was to jump off from. Interesting but hardly able to display the FRONTAL of your figure, IMHO (unless the scene in-front was etched/printed on a mirror, IMHO ;p), but nevertheless another option to display your sole Cap piece :p

    Since there are no labels, I am currently naming this
    the "Plane Jump" (Not Actual Name) Exhibit:

    **Mind you though, neither of these three dioramas are "confirmed" products coming down the pipeline, and reckon were meant more to gauge collector's response to them - or rather this was the impression I had gotten, whildst speaking to the rep from Action City stationed at the exhibition. Nevertheless, speak up if there's anything which catches your fancy - who knows who will be reading this blogpost? :)


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    Mijbil's latest Munny custom feels appropriate enough for spring: it's a springtime jackalope ... and "something mythical" is a good way to describe how some of us here on the East Coast feel about warmer weather coming soon. All griping about the cold and snow aside, the jackalope once again sees Mijbil put the Micro Munny platform to wonderful use. She's sculpted out ears, antlers, fur, a little mouth and nose — everything a proper jackalope should have, and all done in exquisite detail. Just for fun, the little fellow is also wearing a floral headpiece, and even has a golden tattoo of a jackalope on its backside, right near its fluffy tail.

    But just like those real-life jackalopes, this one appeared in Mijbil's shop briefly before finding a new home with a collector. Sadly, it's not me, but I wish it was!

    Mijbil brings in spring with a little jackalope screenshot


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  • 03/17/14--06:53: Toys & Us
  • It was a special weekend as kids constructed a six-foot Lego policeman at a newly launched toy store in Coimbatore

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    The Douglas Company will offer four new designs in its line of realistic plush wildlife foxes. The four plush characters, Suzette Fox, Francine Fox, Bushy Red Fox, and Snow Queen Arctic Fox range from 6 to 10 inches tall and stand on all fours. There are six Fox designs in total, and all will be [...]

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    [Business Wire] - WWE and Mattel, Inc. today announced the launch of WWE Slam City™, WWE’s new kids property that includes an original animated short-form series and a complete line of WWE Slam City merchandise.

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    Wall Street deal-making is in high gear this year. At the same time, not-so-clever references abounded: a client at Apollo Capital, a buyout shop, suggested a design that involved a statue of the Greek god of the same name.

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