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    Monster Kolor Studios will be opening a new Custom Toy Show on September 14th at 7PM showcasing some figures from the top kaiju artists including Sunguts, Blobpus, Dream Rocket and Max Toy Co. Take note that the artist will not be in attendance. Custom Toy Show 09/14 at Monster Kolor Studios Monster Kolor 54 Center...

    The post Custom Toy Show 09/14 at Monster Kolor Studios appeared first on Toy Scene.

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    Don't know who made this, but this is utterly fun, and the poking fun at Eren, Mikasa and Armin is spot-on-hilarous, and I am resisting the urge to stand up and air-punch! (mainly because I'm lazy-bummed and my headphones are strapped to my laptop…)… Be warned tho - as chibi and kawaii as this looks, the language sure isn't meant for kiddies! hahahaha

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    Marshall “Fly” Print is a new print from 64 Colors sized 11 x 14" digital (giclee) printed on 285 gram cotton acid free archival paper with archival inks, pencil, acrylic paint and some sanding for texture. Available here for US$65 per, in a Signed edition of 25.

    Print is mounted on 11 x 14 x 7/8" wood panel (Birch board cradled in pine). Click on link provided to read more about this piece. Shipping in USA is $10.00. International shipping is $20.00.

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    Activision, developer Infinity Ward, and Xbox gave fans worldwide a sneak peek of the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts via a live, streamed world premiere. Call of Duty: Ghosts features extensive customization and new weapons, maps, and game modes. The game includes a Create-a-Soldier system, in which players can customize their soldier’s physical appearance for [...]

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    Finalists for Best Collaboration:
    Bearycalm by Bubi Au Yeung x Camilo Bejarano
    Infected by Scott Wilkowski x Sucklord
    Infected Misfortune Cat by Scott Wilkowski x Ferg
    Podgonaut by Podgy Panda x Cris Rose
    Real Uamou by UAMOU x RealxHead
    Skullendario Azteca by Huck Gee x The Beast Brothers
    Tolly by Scott Tolleson x A Little Stranger
    TroubleBoys by Brandt Peters x Ferg x Playge
    Young Gohst by Ferg x Grody Shogun x Playge

    Some collaborations are serendipitous, some are delightful concoction and blends, and most are successful ventures - in the aesthetic sense, of course - as I am unable to discern without the knowledge of financial dividends :p

    Out of the entire lists of finalists for this year's DTAs, the ones listed here has my utmost interest, as it showcases now just an item from a single person/persona, it celebrates the collaborations of artists - which personally to me, is that the future holds, for the scene to move forward and beyond it's own barriers and borders, IMHO.

    It is with utmost regret I do not have a single piece from this list, but visually, I would go with Real Uamou by UAMOU x RealxHead - for a visual parallel from both artists, distinct in their own styles, but a collaborated creation which stands alone in it's own awesomeness as well.

    This particular category is closed to public voting, and will be up to a closed panel of judges to choose the sole winner.

    (DTA 2013 Finalists announced HERE / All listings via Designer Toy Awards Facebook)

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  • 08/17/13--07:44: Destroyer Droid (Clone Wars)
  • Recently, I commented on how the regular Clone Wars Battle Droids tended to warm pegs at stores although, I do think that those guys will eventually sell, at the right price point, while the subject of today’s review, the Droideka, a.k.a. Destroyer Droid may be a harder sale.

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    Mighty Jaxx has announced on their Facebook events page that there will be a new colorway of Yoskay Yamamoto's SIDEWAYS made available at the coming STGCC (Aug 31-Sept 1). And while price is not revealed at this time, know that this STGCC-exclusive edition will be limited to only 100 sets (not sure how many will actually be at the Con, so don't dally if you want them!), look for them at Artist Alley booths G6/G8/G10!

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    Thanks to YouTube member adubspyder who has managed to get a video clip of Mark Wahlberg piloting one of the Decepticon ships from Dark of the Moon that have been spotted on set previously. He is hard to see, but his identity was confirmed through binoculars, according to the video description. Watch the clip below for the full look at Mark Wahlberg in the DOTM ship.

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    It’s almost shopping season, which means from now until Christmas it seems we are all consumed with the purchases we need to make. RetailMeNot is going to be buying the shopping carts of customers. Which means that from now until August 31st any purchase by a registered member of RetailMeNot has a 1 in 10 shot […]

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    Toys “R” Us has announced that its global store growth for this year will include the planned opening of more than 100 stores. There will also be new locations, the relocation and conversion of 14 stores to the Side-by-Side format, and 22 new licensed stores. These new stores are located in 21 of the 36 [...]

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    Check out this cool photo sent in to us by a Bat-Blog Fan who got some great Bat-Ink done. It's a Tattoo of the Joker from "The Dark Knight" Batman movie and it is also a tribute to Heath Ledger. Well Played, Sir!

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    Hey, check it out! Our good buddy Kuan sent us some photos of a few of his Batman Custom Toys he has made recently. First there are a bunch of variations on the Batman and Robin characters. 

    Then, he also did some very cool ones revolving around the "Green Hornet" characters. These are all totally great! Thanks for sharing these Kuan, good job and keep it up dude, your toys are both fun and very well done.

    Hey people, if you want to see larger photos, then please be sure to click on these pictures right here.

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    We have a friend named Stu who recently made a trip to New York City, more specifically, Manhattan, NY. While he was there he saw THIS on the huge garage door for the "Engine 26" Fire Department. They have a Batman Logo as a mascot and they even nick-named their fire house, "The Batcave". WOW! Now, how cool is that?! So AWESOME!

    (Thanks Stu)

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    June 1st, 2013 - Actors MICHAEL ROOKER (Walking Dead TV), JON BERNTHAL (Walking Dead TV) & BRANDON ROUTH (Superman Movie) are just a few of the familiar faces popping up in the latest fan-film from BatSquad Studios. It's deja vu all over again as BatDave, Spider-Denny and the rest of the gang return to Philly, delivering their highly unanticipated sequel to last summer's wild Wizard World extravaganza known as 'Philadelphia Comic Con Encounter 2012'.

    Filmed on location in 'The City of Brotherly Love' and showcasing a sprawling cast of talented regional cosplayers, this all-new project continues our tried and true methods of unscripted dialogue, spontaneous convention action and, of course, no budget whatsoever. As always, almost every scene was shot in one take to capture the moment.

    Filmed by New Jersey BatDave and directed by Dennis Pellicano just for the hell of it... Huge thanks to the fine folks at Wizard World and the hundreds of incredible cosplayers we met that Saturday. If you don't see yourself in the movie this time around, we will do our very best to fit you into next year's production. In the meanwhile, sit back and... ENJOY!!

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    Information for this post is sourced from Genworth Financial in partnership with the SheHeard Influencer Network. With us being a young family, we have our own worries and long term goals to look forward to and achieve. We have the kid’s college tuitions, owning a home outright by retirement, and having some kind of savings […]

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  • 08/17/13--13:03: New display cases available!
  • We have been working hard on finding some nice display cases that can be purchased without a particular model. We finally found a great looking set of three different sizes. Look on under display cases to see the beautiful cases to keep your models in like new condition! We have added some remote control [...]

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    Vinyl Riot has just released their exclusive ‘The Bear Champ’ 2.5” resins by JC Rivera. Limited to 17 blind-bagged pieces, JC’s signature bear pugilist comes in 5 randomly assorted semi-translucent colors (green, red, blue, yellow and orange) for $35 each direct from Vinyl Riot. Big things are coming for The...

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    Living in Oregon we experience every season and starting in September you’ll see signs of fall everywhere. When I moved here I marveled at the beauty of the Pacific Northwest but never considered how horrible my allergies would get. Our entire family suffers from allergies and while there are some things you can do like […]

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    Penelope has made her debut. Robert read her long back story that tells of a young woman who has always sensed something different about herself. One day, something falls on her head (seriously) and she begins to remember past lives. Mixed in amongst the past lives are stories of tragically short love affairs and lives which ended too early.
    This line of dolls is 16" tall. I think the retail price is $210. I'm really not positive about that as we paid a different price at the event.
    The body is a totally new design. Robert told us about how he sculpted, eliminating straight lines.
    Attendees were presented with "My Deja Vu" as the event souvenir.

    Deja Vu has a glued on wig, brown eyes, applied lashes and beautifully screened, detailed and delicately painted facial features.
    Her dress and shoes are very Cami-like. Nothing new there. This is probably her "modern fashion."

    The companion doll is another story altogether. Her name is My Afternoon Stroll. Pictures say more than words so look at these:

    Afternoon Stroll is even prettier than Deja Vu and her fashion is wonderfully detailed and constructed. The hem embroidery goes all around her skirt. Her large hat is so fashionable!
    I'm pretty sure this is also a glued-on wig. She's got a gaggle of corkscrew curls at the back. Very Marie Antoinette. I like wigged dolls. They offer so many possibilities.
    She comes with a boring pair of pearl dangle studs which I did not even bother to put on.
    I am looking forward to redressing this gal. She's definitely finding a spot on the island.

    More about the dolls - their head is bigger than normal. Why??? Why is this necessary? The dolls would have been perfect with a proportional sized head IMO. Why is the doll world obsessed with big headed dolls? Are we all going to wind up looking like Star Trek aliens?

    I have a bone to pick with the Tonner Doll Company. Make some decent doll stands for goodness' sake.
    A $100-$200++ doll should not come with a cheesy, non-adjustable saddle stand that can't even reach the doll's crotch. SHAME,  SHAME. You have been using the same crappy stand for years and no one likes it. "Stand up" and make a proper working stand for your gorgeous dolls.
    Now that I got that out of my system, have I said recently how much I love Tonner's staff? They are just the friendliest, most helpful team of doll people ever. I even got help tearing apart my raffle tickets!
    Little did I know that this staff member is really a witch (or is a man a warlock?) and cast an invisible spell on my tickets to that not a single one would be chosen.
    The Hordes Enter the Room

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    Sick of all the Matty Collector club talk yet? Well, you just have to endure it for a few more days. In the mean-time, even more people have come out to implore people to subscribe to the clubs including a recent, very odd video appeal from Anthony De Longis who played Blade in the live-action Masters of the Universe.

    Blade, one Skeletor's evil minions in the film, had a toy in the original line and will be getting an updated figure in the Masters of the Universe Classics line as part of the 2014 Club Eternia subscription.

    While Club Eternia seems likely to meet its subscription target (the club has reached 72% of its goal at the time of writing and there's usually a last minute rush on the final day), it's still great to see these sorts of personal appeals from various Masters celebrities. 

    Subscriptions for Matty Collector's clubs are still open until August 19th.

    Anthony De Longis threatens your He-Man collection screenshot

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