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    Lou Pimentel might be known for Cranston, but in case you didn't know, he's also an accomplished watercolor artist who has done some incredible work with those kind of paints. His latest works have been a series of female portraits and partial nudes done in watercolor, all for a show titled Visual Notes. As you can see from the gallery and the header image, the way Lou layers the paint on the canvas really gives it some awesome depth.

    The show runs from tonight until Sept. 17 at Art Whino (120 American Way, National Harbor, Md.). Check it out if you're in the Washington, D.C., area!

    Lou Pimentel's Visual Notes opens at Art Whino screenshot


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    Pop Culture Shock picked up the Masters of the Universe license last year, and I don't think anyone's going to complain about their latest product for that line. It's a life-sized Skeletor bust, a full 29 inches of polyresin evil with a real fabric hood. There's also an exclusive version that adds in LED eye illumination, just to make Skeletor look that much more sinister. As if the sculpt alone didn't ...

    Both versions of the bust go on sale for US$675 on Monday, Aug. 26, at Pop Culture Shock's website. The regular bust is limited to 300 pieces, while the variant exclusive with the glowing eyes is a smaller run of 125 pieces.

    Pop Culture Shock shows off their Skeletor bust screenshot


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    [ UPDATE: CNET reports that the fan-made line has been removed from Shapeways following a takedown notice from Square-Enix ]

    Few things in gaming seem to be held as sacred as Square-Enix's 1997 hit, Final Fantasy VII. While the game has had a sizable amount of merchandise that's basically continued to this day, I can't recall seeing many game-accurate collectibles. Enter Joaquin Baldwin and the magic of 3D-printing.

    As Kotaku reports, Joaquin Baldwin has created a series of low-polygon styled Final Fantasy VII characters which serves to replicate the basic style (or graphical limitations) of the iconic game. So far, there's a pretty sizable roster which includes not only the heroes and Sephiroth, but also Shinra goons (including the Turks), Resistance members, and more. These neat designs almost make me want to dig around for my old copy of FFVII.

    While Kotaku mentions that these figurines are for sale, they're not among Baldwin's listed products. Most likely because they sold out quickly. After all, is there even one person out there who wouldn't want to own at least one of these figurines? If one such person exists, speak now so that we can single you out for scrutiny!

    Given reports that Baldwin was hit with a takedown notice, the items were likely pulled from the shop around the time we ran the story. The CNET story quotes Baldwin as saying that things had happened quickly, "I only made that whole set recently, and I posted the full new set of secondary characters two days ago, when I guess I exploded the Internet." CNET reports that some people (including CNET reporter Nick Statt) have already received their copies, but the rest of the orders will be refunded and no more figurines will be made.

    One can only hope that Square-Enix will recognize the massive fan demand for these collectibles and put out their own version. In the mean-time, most of us are out of luck.

    Final Fantasy VII 3D-printed polygonal figurines canceled screenshot


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    Episode SEVENTY-EIGHT of the AFB Podcast is live at iTunes and is now available for direct downloadDownload and subscribe to the podcast at iTunes now! 

    Join Scott, bEN and John for Episode Seventy-Eight of the Action Figure Blues Podcast! The AFB Podcast is a weekly look at action figures, statues and other collectibles from the worlds of comic books and pop culture.

    It's a shorter show this week - all of our regular features only - as we put our interview with Toy Guru up separately - hope you enjoy!

    If you can't use iTunes, you can download Episode Seventy-Eight here now! Click on the link to listen, or right click to save the file! The podcast will always be available from the “Podcast” tab here - but if you can subscribe and give us positive ratings at iTunes, that will help us greatly! 

    The AFB Podcast is also on Stitcher Radio!

    Have a listen, and please give us some feedback at - we might even read out your feedback on the next show!

    Happy listening!

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  • 08/17/13--22:24: Radio Free Cybertron - 324
  • This week on Radio Free Cybertron we recap Charticon and Auto Assembly 2013. Also on the show: The latest news, Q&A with Rob Springer and tons more! Don't forget to circle us on Google+ to join our weekly post-show hangout! PLAYMP3Subscribe to YoutubeiTunesRSS

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    From the hit Blizzard Entertainment title, Starcraft II, Sideshow Collectibles is proud to introduce Jim Raynor -Terran Space Marine. Confederate marshal turned outlaw rebel, Jim Raynor does not back down from a fight. Equipped with technologically advanced armor and weaponry, the Raynor – Terran Space Marine was assembled from over 525 individually engineered components, making […]

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    With the Galactic Republic in shambles, a powerful new Confederacy of Independent Systems forms a droid army of incomprehensible size. General Grievous, a brilliant military strategist and remorseless killer, leads the Armies of the Confederacy, waging a deadly war for control of the galaxy. Sideshow Collectibles is proud to introduce the long-awaited General Grievous Sixth […]

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    Victorian Burgundy Dresses Collage Fabric

    I decided to enter another fabric design contest at Spoonflower. This is my 2nd Linda Walsh Originals Fabric contest entry at Spoonflower and the theme is Fashion. There are a lot of entries for this contest. If you want to see all the entries please CLICK HERE. If you LOVE my design I hope you'll vote for me.

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    Finalists for Best Resin:
    Bad Apple by GOIN x Mighty Jaxx
    Groper by Triplikid
    Lucius and His First Mustache Finger by Tara McPherson x Vinyl on Vinyl
    Mini MAD*L by MAD
    Sapling by J*RYU
    Spacesuit Panda by Cacooca
    Swanicorn by Daniel Fleres
    Tuttz by Argonaut Resin
    Yume by Plastikmat

    Without a doubt, the breakthrough material for the past few years has been "resin", the advent of which has pushed the toy scene beyond it's previous cycle of "urban vinyls", to the current crop of, well, just about anything and any form!

    The scene has shifted from mass produced limited editions, to actual quantifiable limited editions, where in the past it might have not have been revealed. And the self-cast self-painted home-grown indie production as[ect pf some pieces, now takes up another notch, when folks start to mass produce resin, leveling the playing field with vinyl toys.

    It's funny as well, to read when folks mentioned resin made toys as 'designer vinyls' too. Does it mean people no longer care about it being vinyl or resin? or do people not care anymore about what their collectibles are made of?

    And while this particular category is to be voted on by a panel opf judges (closed voting to the public), my votes goes out to Singapore homeboys' Mighty Jaxx's Bad Apple by GOIN, and a wholly underrated Tuttz by Argonaut Resin.

    (DTA 2013 Finalists announced HERE / All listings via Designer Toy Awards Facebook)

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    The Theme Park group strikes again – they have just released TWO Playsets: “Tow Mater”   “The Playscapes product line was created by Olszewski to provide collectors a way to display figurative art. These themed designed displays can be mounted on a wall or can stand alone. The first two are scenes taken from the [...]

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    Stan The Pumpkin Man - 16" Needle Felted Handmade OOAK Scarecrow Art Doll 
    I know that I've told you many, many times that I LOVE the fall season. So, over the past few weeks I decided to needle felt some Fall decorations and started with scarecrows. I decided that I would needle felt as much of him as I could. This would include his inner body, outer body, face, hair, arms, hands, legs, boots, and clothes like his pants. I had already decided to use wool felt to make his shirt, hat, and vest as I could easily hand sew them and them needle felt then to his body.

    I wanted him to be a sitting on a grapevine pumpkin I had found at Joanns so like bendable cloth dolls I needed to use wire to make his body bendable. I tested the bendable wire on the pumpkin to make sure he wouldn't be too big for it and ended up making him 16" tall.

    For his face I decided that my Punky - Elmer's Little Scarecrow face would be a good one to base him on and printed the page his face was on from his pattern.

    For the roving I decided to needle sculpt his inner body out of Sunflower's alpaca roving from Rock Garden Alpacas Fiber and his outer body from a beige mix my sister had given me from Rock Garden Alpacas Fiber.   His black boots were needle felted using some of the black alpaca roving my sister had given me from Rock Garden Alpacas FiberHis hair was going to be a combination of straw yellow roving I had previously purchased and some of Ivy's brown alpaca roving from Rock Garden Alpacas Fiber. Small pieces of orange roving and rust colored roving would be used to needle felt his orange nose and rust colored cheek circles. Black DMC embroidery floss would be used to outline the scarecrow features on his face. Straw yellow roving would simulate straw coming out his shirt sleeves and coming out the bottom of his pants.

    As far as his clothes were concerned  I had a wonderful Fall mix roving blend that my sister had also given me that I figured would be perfect for needle felting his pants.

    I needle felted his body, head, black boots and hands first then used roving to needle felt most of his facial features.  Then I used small pieces of the straw yellow roving and Ivy's brown alpaca roving to create his multi-colored hair and then needle felted his pants. Then I hand sewed his hat from brown wool felt, hand sewed his shirt from orange wool felt, and hand sewed his vest from brown wool felt.

    I cut his shirt out of the orange wool felt on a double fold and made a slit in the neck so it would fit over his head. I hand blanket stitched the side seams with orange DMC embroidery floss and then put his shirt on him. I gathered the shirt around his neck with the orange DMC embroidery floss and then needle felted his wool felt shirt around his neck. Then I gathered his sleeves to his wrists with the orange DMC embroidery floss and gathered the bottom of his shirt to fit his waist with the orange DMC embroidery floss as well. I needle felted the area around his wrists and waist that I had gathered with the orange DMC embroidery floss to secure them to his body. Then I made 3 small needle felted circles for buttons and then needle felted them to his shirt and body. I wrapped some of the wonderful Fall mix roving blend I had used for his pants around his wrists to cover the orange DMC floss gathering and needle felted them to stay. I created a little bow-tie out of the same Fall mix roving blend and needled felted that just under his neck. I took small sections of the straw yellow roving and needle felted small groupings under the edge of his shirt sleeves at his wrists and just under the needle felt edging of the hem of his pants.

    For his hat I cut a large circle out of the brown felt for his brim and a rectangle out of the same brown felt for the hat band. I also cut a smaller lighter brown circle out of wool felt to hand sew as an accent color for his hat brim. After hand sewing the hat band seam I hand sewed the hat band to the hat brim with black DMC embroidery floss and then gathered the top of his hat band with black DMC embroidery floss. Then I added the lighter brown circle accent to the hat brim so it could be seen just behind his hair.

    I cut a large rectangle for his vest out of the brown felt and then hand sewed the shoulder seams with black DMC embroidery floss. Before putting the vest on him I folded the two front edges over about 1/2" and needle felted the brown wool felt to itself. I put the vest on him and then gathered the back neck line with the black DC embroidery floss and then needle felted the back of the vest and two folded over front edges to his body to hold his vest securely.

    I bent his body into a sitting position and hot glued him to the grapevine pumpkin.

    I had decided to needle felt a small pumpkin for him to hold in is hands and used orange, green, dark brown, and beige roving for this. Then I needle felted his hands to the sides of the pumpkin so he was securely holding it in his hands.

    My finished doll seemed to be a little apprehensive about anyone taking his pumpkins so I decided to call him Stan the Pumpkin Man. He knows that everyone will be coming in Fall for their pumpkins and hopes he'll be less apprehensive about them taking them by then. We'll see......

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    set database: LEGO 8527 mindstorms NXT
    image courtesy of

    image courtesy of
    set number: 8527
    set name: mindstorms NXT
    theme: technicmindstorms NXT
    year: 2006
    pieces: 577
    prices: us$250
    minifig: none
    come with an intelligent brick, 3 interactive servo motors, a light sensor, a touch sensor, an ultrasonic sensor, a sound sensor and technic bricks.
    the intelligent brick has 32-bit microprocessor, 4 input port, 3 output port and a bluetooth and usb communication link.
    instruction book included 18 robot designs.
    great playability.
    overall design is great.
    must have for technic lovers.
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    Don’t forget to enter our contest – LAST DAY! Enter here at this page NOT HERE! Tweet This Post

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    With the release of Mattel’s Chug as a single (also available in the Target 4-pack), it’s still hard to say exactly what is the right size or scale of Chug … of course, you can’t really go wrong with the Mattel Chug. It’s nicely done and has nice little details. But it is hard to [...]

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    Five Below, the discount retailer which sells everything for US$5 or less, has recently added deluxe Transformers Prime figures to its list of bargains. This is great news for anybody who thought US$8 was still too much for a deluxe Transformers Prime Airachnid.

    Deluxe Transformers Prime figures usually carry a US$13 MSRP although the line had begun to trickle into some discount retailers (including Marshall's and T.J. Maxx) for less around the end of last year.

    The selection seen at my local Five Below was the same list that Seibertron reported as showing up at Big Lot a few months back (albeit Big Lots charges US$8 while Five Below is US$5): Wheeljack, Airachnid, Deadend, Hotshot, Knockout, Ratchet, and a Vehicon. Curiously not seen were some of the more recent entries, like Sgt. Kupp and Rumble, who had sporadically appeared at places like T.J. Maxx and Marshall's.

    Personally, this meant finally picking up a copy of Airachnid and Ratchet as well as buying my fourth Vehicon. For all you bargain afficionados out there, Five Below also still carries Transformers Dark of the Moon deluxe figures, legion/legends class Transformers Prime figures, and Transformers Bot Shots figures, in addition to discontinued Star Wars figures, the 3.75-inch ThunderCats figures, and more.

    Deluxe Transformers Prime figures turn up at Five Below screenshot

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    DreamWorks Animation’s Turbo Racing League app, has reached the 20 million downloads mark. The Turbo Racing League app, from DreamWorks Animation and PikPok, features the thrill of racing in the palm of your hand, and is available on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch from the iTunes Store; Android handsets and tablets from Google Play; and Windows Phone 8 from the Windows Phone Store. [...]

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    Available and up now is a super-exciting oppotunity for an EXCLUSIVE online customizing class. Thanks to our friends sponsoring....over at Keith's Fantasy Club (KFC) (Third party company) we're offering an awesome awesome online customizing class - Airdancer (set) ....repainted as FLYWHEELS!!!! Read on for more details now.

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    Thanks to ToyWiz we have some new official images of the Weaponizer Beast Tracker Optimus Prime and Talking Bumblebee Transformers Prime Beast Hunters action figures. Check out these new figures that will likely be some of last Transformers Prime Beast Hunters figures coming our way in the gallery below.

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  • 08/18/13--10:34: New Mooshka Dolls!
  •   One day a group of paper dolls joined hands and through the power of friendship they sprung into sweet, huggable girls! My girls received a set of Mooshka dolls to review and right away we liked the soft bodies which makes them a great toy for Mia. In fact, she’s had so much fun playing […]

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