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    Robotkingdom has just opened the preorders for the Wings of Uranos kit for their Superion-inspired combiner team toys. Following on the preorders for the final two team members just a few days ago, this kit will offer new, G1-styled weaponry and armor for Uranos to provide an alternative for anyone not satisfied with the default look of the combiner. This set is expected to release in October. To see all the images, Keep Reading

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    Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #19 by James Roberts, Alex Milne & Sean Chen - BETRAYAL! The Lost Light may be occupied by enemy forces, but thats the least of RODIMUS problems! As he awaits execution, the one-time Matrix holder realizes how little he knows about the people he once called friends. Is there anyone left he can trust? And where does the legendary STAR SABER fit into all this?

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    Can't wait for SDCC? Neither can DC Collectibles, as the company has released details and photos in regards to an array of impressive merchandise to be "unveiled" at SDCC, including a DC Comics Bombshells Black Canary, a line of Scribblenauts-themed blind-boxed figures, and Designer action figures.

    Hit the jump for full details

    Bombshells Black Canary leads DCC's SDCC unveils screenshot


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    Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP) and Cryptozoic Entertainment, a developer of licensed trading cards and board games, will launch The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Deck-building Game, the first expansion to the The Lord of the Rings Deck-building Game line-up. This expansion adds all-new cards and gameplay mechanics to the Cerberus: Middle-earth game engine.  In [...]

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    Yesterday in the review of ReGeneration One #93, RAC wondered how much the Andrew Wildman flavor of the issue was penciler Guido Guidi and how much was inker Stephen Baskerville. Thanks to a post on Guidi's Twitter, we have a hint!

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  • 07/16/13--07:35: Article 34
  • Since 1999, Ghostly International has built a community that's part art gallery, design house, clothing designer, technology innovator, music-publishing company, record label. Warby Parker, the designer eyeglass company, has collaborated with Ghotly to design the Curtis, a graphic pair of sunglasses named after Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis. In addition to the collection, there will [...]

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    There's a new new third party project starting up called Clone Droid. They have released an image with announcements of forth coming projects that will make homages to the characters Overloard, Motormaster and Sixshot shown as sillouetts on the teaser poster. Stay tuned for more news to come on these new projects.

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  • 07/16/13--07:48: Stay Together With Skype
  •   Growing up traveling around the world I often hear of stories and tales from my husband’s childhood. Growing up overseas and having family in the states it was even more important for them to stay together even if they were thousands of miles apart. I’d say that growing up having lived in other parts... [Continue Reading]

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    Calvin and Hobbes’ Documentary Gets North American Distribution

    The documentary, titled Dear Mr. Watterson, was funded for over $120,000 on Kickstarter and it hits theaters and VOD services on November 15, 2013. Check out the trailer below.

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  • 07/16/13--08:00: Movie Review > Pacific Rim
  • Note: This review contains spoilers. I’m a fan of director Guillermo del Toro. I didn’t really follow his movies attentively until after I saw Hellboy, which was my first exposure to the character and launched several years of intense Hellboy obsession. But before Hellboy, I’d seen two other del Toro films in the theater - Mimic and Blade II. Mimic [...]

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    Excuse the inane title of this post. I'm in the confused zone about Integrity Toy's announcement made yesterday.  Here is a brief synopsis of what was issued:

    The last major update of the FR body happened in 2006 and after careful consideration, the entire Integrity Toys team felt that another upgrade was long overdue. With this said, we are excited to announce that starting with the 2013 Convention Collection, the regular articulated Fashion Royalty body will effectively start to be retired and will be replaced by a newly refined version of the FR: Squared (FR2) body!
    Since we love to mix things up, also starting with the convention collection, the core Fashion Royalty brand and its spin off FR: Squared will be unified as one.
    All characters from FR and FR2 will show up in the new FR line and Monogram dolls are going to be discontinued. In 2014 there will be refreshed Nu.Face and later, Homme bodies.
    The renovated FR2 body will be compatible with all FR2 clothing manufactured so far and some of the older garments as well, although not all (the Classic Tall Body torso shape and the FR2 torso shape are a little different).*
    *At the convention prior to the introduction of the tall FR body, Jason Wu was asked about compatibility of the new body with existing clothing and shoes. He said they would be compatible. I heard him say that myself. It turned out to be untrue. 

    Does a "newly revamped, more unified visual image" mean that everything will look even more like everything else?

    Like every other company, Integrity Toys is in business to make money. Their refusal to offer replacement bodies is detestable. They are well aware that bodies have yellowed due to some chemical defect in their makeup. It is their fault for not correcting the issue with the factory. Collectors are willing to shell out money for replacement bodies and they are forcing them to either live with the ruined bodies or spend more money buying dolls just to get bodies.
    What is their big fear regarding offering bodies for replacement? Tonner has been doing it for years. They're not out of business. It's no big deal.  It doesn't require fancy packaging or marketing.  Refusing to comply with collectors' needs is downright stupid and greedy. Their cheerleaders are touting their innovation and thanking them for each and every doll that appears and yet, they are not trying to make collectors happy. They are just trying to make money which reminds us again why they are in business.

    The FR2 body was innovative for a 12" vinyl doll. They certainly charged enough for their innovation. I'm guessing they have found a way to lower the manufacturing costs. The hip joint can definitely be eliminated. Something will change.

    I don't care about the elimination of the FR tall body or the Monogram line. I have enough. I've been selling off my extras.

    Finally, they have come up with a new logo. I usually applaud Alain's designs but this one is very ordinary. The backwards F inside the box...does it mean the company is backward and forward looking at the same time? I can understand that.
    New Logo

    I love the crown logo. It made a lot of sense with the brand. It carried meaning. But just like everything else, it's disposable.

    Original Fashion Royalty Logo
    Retired Brands:
    Avantguard, Monogram, FR2, Basic Edition, Hollywood Royalty, Valia, Monsieur Z

    What was your reaction to this announcement?

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    Gundam SEED recently celebrated its 10th anniversary of airing. In that time, countless PVC and prize figures have been released of its cast. Athrun (reviewed), Lacus (reviewed), Fllay, Cagalli, Yzak, Shinn, Meer, Lunamaria, Stellar and even Meyrin have all received a release (sometimes multiple) from Megahouse. If you'll notice, there's one name notably absent from the list, the main character of the series, Kira Yamato.

    It only took 10 years, but Kira Yamato finally has a figure.

    Tomopop Review: Megahouse G.E.M. Kira Yamato screenshot


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    A Little Stranger offers up her Cavey breed for July - with CAVALERA CAVEY - in both a vinyl and plush version, with both versions available first from the A Little Stranger Booth at Cardiff Tattoo and Toy Con, July 20-21, 2013.

    Plush Cavalera Cavey is made from black polar fleece with a hand cut, handpainted white felt face. Cavalera Cavey is limited to 50 numbered pieces, comes with a purple enamel Cavey badge and a Cavey Cube and is £16.


    Vinyl Cavalera Cavey features an individually illustrated gold face and ears. No two are alike! They are limited to 20 numbered pieces, with a special header card just for Cardiff Tattoo and Toycon. Vinyl Cavalera Cavey is £12.

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    In the most secluded depths of the tides, concealed in the swirling, sunless water, rest the bones of the narwhals, bare, and silent in the sand, yet their defiant souls remain. Refusing to abandon the site of their greatest victories, the Ghosts of the Narwhals, haunt the wrecks of sunken whaling boats, like relics. Through [...]

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    "Til We Fade Away" Double Sapling set by JRYU, to debut at San Diego Comic Con (July 17-21, 2013) and available to purchase via the Dragatomi booth, priced at US$90 each. And you can plant stuff in it's head(s) too!

    Jess will also be the Dragatomi booth on thursday from 5pm-6pm signing, where he'll also have with him 5 x one-off custom handpainted versions.

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    Now I’m even more bummed about missing Comic-Con this year. Giant Robot will have so much amazing stuff going on at booth 1729! Here are a few highlights: There’s a lot more, so be sure to visit booth 1729! Follow … Continue reading 

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    News via Import Monsters. To my surprise, we’ll be getting at least two new S.H.MonsterArts reveals at SDCC. I figured since we found out about Biollante just a couple of weeks ago there wouldn’t be anything to show, but I always seem to be wrong when I make that prediction. Fortunately, this is the sort [...]

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    Here's just a quick post to share this brand-new photo and promo video from DC Collectibles where they showcase the 50th Statue in their BATMAN: BLACK AND WHITE STATUE line and I have to admit that it's pretty cool! 

    It was designed by Sean Murphy and you can look for this grey and gritty new statue in stores around August, 2013.

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    While surfing the Internet the other night i came across this exclusive promo video clip from the new BEWARE THE BATMAN animated TV Series. It shows the Bat-Cave in really great detail, especially the way the Bat-Computer is set-up! We also get a great view of the new Batmobile Car and the "new" Alfred as well. 

    OK, only one episode has been out so far (last Saturday) and I'm still holding on to my personal opinion about this show for a little while. What I'm doing is giving the creative team there a chance to show what they got. I'm hopeful that this new show will turn out to be really good. So far, I have to admit that even though there are a few tiny things I don't like, that it is pretty interesting. Well see. I think it's only going to improve.

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