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    OK, for the 1 or 2 curious BAT-BLOG Readers out there who don't know what "SDCC" stands for, it's the "San Diego Comic Con". This event, also known as 2013 SDCC, happens this weekend... actually it starts on Thursday, July 18th and runs until Sunday. DC Comics and Warner Bros will both be there and this year they have a special promo give-away that every serious Batman Fan is gonna want to get their hands on.  I love the color photo of Adam West and Burt Ward! Then they did an "Andy Warhol-inspired" treatment on Cesar Romero's Joker!

    This year they have a special "Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series" Backpack (or "Goodie Bag, as some people call them) that also comes with a special CAPE! Yes, you read that right, they put a removable "cape" on it! Don't believe me? Just look at the pic down below, ha!

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    Available at the Gallery 1988 booth ##1117
    @ San Diego Comic Con (July 17-21, 2013) are the following:


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    My Baby Excels (MBE), along with Thinkway Toys, released a new line of toys in India, based on the characters of Despicable Me 2. The toy range includes interactive figures like Gru, Agnes, and the yellow minions Stuart and Dave. All the toys are suitable for kids ages 4 and up, and are available at leading retail stores [...]

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    What are your plans for Saturday Night at SDCC ? If you’re a Coarse Fan, you’ll definitely want to drop by the Horton Grand Hotel – Regal Ballroom for their just announced, one-night only ‘Nowhere Far’ pop-up exhibition and release in conjunction with Rotofugi. Both Coarse founders, Mark Landwehr and...

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    A major streamlining is happening at Integrity Toys' doll line up. Earlier this year when the company announced details about the 2013 convention, it was hinted that some exciting news would be released closer to the convention. And that seems to be this streamlining, which basically has a new FR body as the cornerstone. The last major update of the FR body happened in 2006 (the "tall" body as it is called). Starting with the 2013 Convention Collection, the regular articulated Fashion Royalty body will enter a retirement process and will be replaced by a newly refined version of the FR: Squared (FR2) body. Dolls in other brands that had been planned using this body will be marketed in the near future. 

    First generation FR Body (2001)

    What does newly refined mean? Probably the FR2 body will have minor tweaks and changes to either accommodate a lower price than the FR2 have compared to regular FR, or to bring it closer to the FR body type (larger breasts, smaller feet, higher waist joint, narrow waist). That remains to be seen this autumn. Also starting with the convention collection, Fashion Royalty and FR2 will be unified as one doll line, which seems logical as otherwise they would be sharing very similar bodies. The W Club exclusive Dasha that was recently released is officially the last FR2 branded doll. However, the Dasha character will now find her place in the lineup of Fashion Royalty, alongside characters like Adèle, Véronique, Vanessa, Agnes, Natalia, Elise and all of the others. 

    The 2nd generation FR body, called Expressive (2005)

    As far as the Monogram line is concerned, the last dolls from this will appear at this year's convention, after which time, the brand will also be retired. It seems that Integrity wants to give their main doll line a newly revamped, more unified visual image, thus making a stronger statement. Also it was announced that no replacements bodies of any type will be available. The renovated FR2 body will be compatible with all FR2 clothing manufactured so far and some of the older garments as well, although not all (the Classic Tall Body torso shape and the FR2 torso shape are a little different). 

    The third generation FR body, called "The Classic Tall Body" (2006)

    With all the upheaval, Nu.Face and FR: Homme couldn't remain unchanged. A refreshed Nu.Face body will be unveiled in approximately the Spring of 2014 and a refreshed FR: Homme body the following Fall. These timelines are subject to change, but that's the best information available right now. So any Nu Face or Hommes released this year will be the last of the current body type. 

    The FR2 body

    With all these changes, a new re-branding was deemed necessary, so here is a sneek peek of the newly designed Fashion Royalty logo. The convention collection will be the first to have a sleek, newly redesigned package sporting this new banner.

    It looks classy and fashion-y, as it should, although the "metallic" effect gradient is passée. It reminds me of some well known fashion house logos, like Givenchy, Tom Ford and the new Saint Laurent branding, which is a good thing. Cannot wait to see the packaging. 

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    Summertime seems to bring out a rash of "fantasy" products for the super-rich-crazy trophy toys that are either too crazy or cutting-edge even for today's super-rich. A look at three of the best we've seen.

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    Check out the following items to be had at the Giant Robot booth at San Diego Comic Con (July 17-21, 2013) launching this week, including the Signing Schedule:

    [Click HERE to view previous posted items]

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    A look at three "fantasy" products that are either too crazy or cutting-edge even for today's super-rich.

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    We’re happy to report that Japanese artists Mad Barbarians are going to be at SDCC this year, their first visit in quite awhile. They’ll be signing at the Toy Tokyo booth [#5337] on Saturday (7.20) from 2 to 3 PM in conjunction with the release of their Hello Kitty toy...

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    tokidoki has alot of new product in store for SDCC including the brand-new Comic-Corno vinyl figure (5”, $30), as well as several new t-shirts including several crossover designs with Street Fighter, Mad Barbarians, Stoopid Monkey and new Sol Republic Headphone band / draw string bag. In addition, the just released...

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    More Previews for Remix Big Boss Robot on display at the Giant Robot booth #1729 @ San Diego Comic Con (July 17-21, 2013) - including the above limited edition INFECTED BIG BOSS ROBOT figures by Scott Wilkowski (who will be signing from 2pm on Friday July 19th). No further product details for these amazing looking pieces tho … Meanwhile, here are some customs of the 8-incher I snagged off the www:


    Above-left: 64Colors
    Above-Right: "Peaceful Moment" by A Little Stranger (view MORE here)
    Bottom: Both faces by Jeremiah Ketner
    Below: Jason Limon

    [View previously posted customs HERE]

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    Virtual Piggy, Inc. has integrated its youth-friendly payment system to Innovation First International, the company behind Hexbug Micro Robotic Creatures and Vex Robotics product lines. Hexbug products are available in more than 4,000 outlets globally including Walmart, Target, Toys “R” Us, RadioShack, and other mass and specialty retailers. Virtual Piggy is integrated directly into Innovation First International’s Hexbug [...]

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    LEGO Toys

    Numerous reports proved that children learn better when they use all their senses – See, touch, hear, smell and taste. Imagine a child who is creating a dinosaur with a play-doh. They are using all their senses while doing so, they can feel the clay and smell it too. Isn’t that the right way to learn?

    A child’s job is to play and that’s something we should take seriously. The scope of play is too vast and can’t be covered in an article. So, here I will like to understand how children approach Toys and Games, using an example of what all a child does once given a new Lego-

    1. Functional Play: When you give a new Lego toy in your child’s hands, they want to know all about its functionality. How does it work? What does it feel like to touch it? Do the bricks fit in my hands or are they too small? Am I able to interlock the Lego bricks? This kind of free exploration of the toy is required, as understanding the attributes of this toy makes it easier for them to decide at a later date, where all they can use this block set?

    2. Constructive Play: Now comes the real construction bit. Your child starts building, sometimes using their imagination, sometimes looking for a design in the manual. In constructive play your child is usually building something – a car or maybe a tower or even a complex design. While in this mode the questions that the child is asking themselves are

    a) How can i make this tower? Do I have enough support at the base?
    b) Do I have enough red blocks to complete this pattern that I have started?
    c)  Can I make a castle with these blocks but what kind of material should I use to make the flag?

    3. Dramatic or Pretend Play: After exploring and even constructing with the toy, the child gets a very good idea about what the entire Lego set can do. Using that knowledge you will see the child involving in playing out roles, which may start brewing in their minds while exploring or constructing the toy itself.

    4. Games with rules: After your child has played out most of the scenarios in their mind, they invite friends over to play with their new Lego set. They start a war and fight at each level as to what they can or cannot do while the war is on. Your figurine can kill the soldier only when he is out of the castle gate. While doing so, they create rules and learn to follow these rules while playing.

    As your child is constructing and playing these games, they are inventing newer ways to play. They are in the process also acquiring Cognitive and Social & Emotional skills.

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  • 07/16/13--13:15: The LEGO Movie Videogame

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    CS Moore Studio’s Mondo-chi line unleashes a monster of a custom vinyl and art print from illustrator, designer and Teen Titans Go! Art Director Dan Hipp. “TOX” is a San DiegoComic Con exclusive limited edition of 199 pieces. Each one comes with a collector’s designer box and a print signed by Mr. Hipp. You can [...]

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    [PR Newswire] - EMERYVILLE, Calif., July 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE: LF) today announced that it will webcast its second quarter 2013 results conference call on Thursday, August 1, 2013, ...

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