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    Transformers Bot Shots are a cool new way to play with Transformers. The miniature vehicles transform instantly into their robot alter egos on impact. Changing Optimus Prime from robot to vehicle takes just three easy steps, and the pieces click into place. As a truck, when Optimus runs into an obstacle, he will pop back into robot mode.There's also a game that kids can play with Bot Shots. There is a rotating piece in each Bot Shot's chest that has three sides depicting three different powers: sword, blast

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    A Little Bit On The Fashionably Mutant Side: Kevin Wada and Max Wittert return with round 4 of trendy X-Men costume redesigns. Wada’s batch includes Magneto, Mirage, Bishop, and Scarlet Witch. Wittert’s group includes Nightcrawler, Aurora and Northstar, Ms. Marvel, and Dead Girl.

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    Remember The Yellow Dino's 10-inch tall GOJI release with My Tummy Toys back in 2011? So are you folks ready for the MINI GOJI?Stay tuned for more!

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    Valentines are even more special when they are one-of-a-kind. Take UK-based Lost Values’ stunning custom wool pillows (£75, about $115) . You provide the image – whether it’s a photograph, your kid’s best drawing, a personal message, whatever your creative mind can dream up – and Lost Values will knit and felt it into a [...]

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    Pretty Ugly, LLC announced a licensing partnership with Funko, LLC to manufacture Pop! and Blox Vinyl figures of Uglydoll characters. Pop! figures, available this month, are 3.75 inches and feature articulated heads. Blox Vinyl figures are flat with cut-out styling and details, and will hit retail shelves as early as April. Both can be found at specialty [...]

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    Weeblets and Big Idea Entertainment have released “The VeggieTales Spotisode Collection“ for Android free in the Amazon Android Marketplace. About The VeggieTales Spotisode Collection The VeggieTales Spotisode Collection consists of fan-favorite clips from the VeggieTales series and presents children with the challenge to find or “spot” things in the videos. Each clip helps teach themRead More

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    Figuarts Zero Barnaby Brooks coming to the U.S., sort of screenshot

    As you may know, Barnaby Brooks Jr., of the anime sensation Tiger & Bunny, will be getting his own Figuarts Zero figure from Bandai. As a Tamashii Web Shop exclusive figure, one would assume the only way to purchase this bishounen would be proxy services or visiting/living in Japan. However, Bluefin has decided to throw Barnaby's North American fans a bone. They will be releasing a limited supply of the Barnaby Figuarts Zero to the U.S., too!

    Barnaby comes with smiling face parts and hair without glasses to customize his face. He will also ship with two sashes, one normal and one burned. No word yet on official stateside pricing or release date. Who is planning on scrambling to scoop up this figure?

    Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

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    I wish to extend my sincere congratulations to all these winners. The entire list is here.
    Some of the winners are pictured. You can do Google searches for others by entering the name of the doll and its creator into your search.

    Children's Play Doll
    Lil' Cutesies Twins in Stroller – JC Toys Group
    Playtime Baby Little Princess – Adora
    Laura – Sonja Hartmann
    Mosi – Playmates Toys

    Collectible Baby Doll
    Marei – Hildegard Gunzel
    Nursery Time Baby – Adora
    Joylee – MasterPiece Dolls
    Olivia's Gentle Touch – Ashton-Drake Galleries
    Harper – MasterPiece Dolls

    Collectible Fashion Doll
    Princess Catherine Bride Doll – Ashton-Drake Galleries
    Grace Kelly the Bride Doll – Mattel
    The Corpse Bride – Tonner
     Toxica – Superfrock
    Dinner with Duke & Duchess – Joan Greene
    Collectible Ball-Jointed Doll
    Lydia Grimmsley – Kim Lasher
    Winona – Connie Lowe
    Eryka – Kim Lasher
    Madame Eshe – Angelic Dreamz
    Aurora – MasterPiece Dolls

    Collectible Vinyl/Plastic Doll, Less Than $150
    Goddess of the Galaxy Barbie – Mattel
    Oink! – Adora
    Madison – Ashton-Drake Galleries
    Grace – Sonja Hartmann

    Collectible Vinyl/Plastic Doll, More than $150
    Lilli Princess Frog – Heidi Plusczok
    Belladonna – Robert Tonner
    Tanya – Maybe Baby
    Amelie – Doris Stannat
    Midnight Blue – Joan Greene

    Collectible Miniature Doll, 8 Inches or Less
    Lettie – Berdine Creedy
    Snips + Snails Tommy – Heartstring Dolls
    French Fashion Bru Tiny Tot – Marie Osmond Dolls
    Little Belle Flower – Heidi Plusczok
    Cosette – Kish & Company

    Collectible Manufacturer's Artist Doll
    Virginia – Zofia & Henry Zawieruszynski
    Eden – Kim Lasher
    Fee – Hildegard Gunzel
    Princess Sarah – Heidi Plusczok
    Suchin – Kish & Company

    Artist Ball Jointed Doll
    Chloe in Whisperland – Joe MacPhale
    Eppie and Arnaud – Connie Lowe
    Ava Le Cle – Kim Lasher
    Candy Pink “Protea” – Berdine Creedy
    Sierra – Judy Porter

    Artist Baby Doll
    Sweet Cheyenne – Lori Ivanovic
    Louise – Pat Moulton
    Lully and His Teddybear – Luciana Miglioranzi
    Baby Bridgette – Lori Ivanovic

    Artist Miniature Doll
    Anna – Elizabeth Cooper
    Addie in Pink – Bo Bergmann
    Nell – Elizabeth

    Artist Doll, Less Than $1,250
    Celebration of Sisterhood Set – Bo Bergmann
    Peppermint Green “Protea” – Berdine Creedy
    Liliana – Zofia & Henry Zawieruszynski
    Little Grace – Diane Effner
    Lizbeth – Anna Hardman

    Artist Doll, More Than $1,250
    Blue Funky Fairy – Susan Krey
    Kristina – Zofia & Henry Zawieruszynski
    Wonderland Alice – Gregg Ortiz
    Rapunzel – Hildegard Gunzel
    Ambriel Antoinette – Bo Bergmann

    One-Of-A-Kind Doll, Less Than $1,250
    Spoonful of Sugar – Roxanna Maria
    Iris Blue – Lorella Falconi
    Love’s Pledge – Joy Calhoon
    Lucky Child Heidi – Gaby Dolls
    Crème de la Rose – Diane Effner

    One-Of-A-Kind Doll, More Than $1,250
    Masako – Lynn Cartwright
    Glenda the Good Witch – Gregg Ortiz
    Jacob the Daydreamer – Nina Tugarina
    Hoshi – Lynn Cartwright
    Dorothy of Oz – Gregg Ortiz
    Click on the DOTY logo below to go to the explanation of the requirements and guidelines for dolls to be entered into the competition.

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    The first episode of the year has been posted on the here!"We opted to not have any special guests this time around since the past couple of Episodes had guests. We recap what's been going one since our last episode in NOV." ~mentions Ritzy Periwinkle.

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    Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Toy Fair Product Preview Hi-Res Images

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    The Labbit that roared ... or mooed  screenshot

    Frank Kozik's Labbit plushes seem to have gotten into cross-breeding, specifically with cows and tigers. How odd, yet undeniably cute. These two new breeds of Labbit plushes, called the Cow Stache Labbit and the Tiger Stache Labbit, spring forth from the union of Frank Kozik and Kidrobot. Both breeds come in 7 inch and 14 inch styles. I am quite partial to the Cow Stache Labbit. There is something about the combination of the mustache and cow spots that I find hilarious. A dark part of my psyche wants to purchase the large version and tip it over. 

    All sizes of both the Cow Stache and Tiger Stache Labbits will be available at Kidrobot's online shop, Kidrobot retail locations, and other select stores starting this Thursday, Feb. 9th. The 7 inch plushes will cost US$17.95 and the 14 inches will be US$39.95. 

    Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

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    This past weekend, Superbowl watchers were treated to the new Avengers trailer showing the heroes in action, including our first full look at the gargantuan Hulk. Well, the Marvel Select toy line has been making waves lately with its larger figures, which tower over other entries in the 7-inch-scale line, and last week they finally [...]

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    Friday The 13th - Part 3 Jason Voorhees 7" Action Figure by NECA

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    Matt Walker has released two new Monster Kolor kits. Those 70's Colors is a set of three colors (OJ, Tiki-Teal and Go-Go) that was inspired by the Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo. The Envy Paint Kit is the first in a series of 7 Deadly Sins. The three shades of green are Gator, Presidential and Sublimed. [...]

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    You’ll find thousands of private identities getting ripped off every day, and several sufferers don’t have any idea that it is going on. Everytime you utilize your charge card or charge card to purchase any merchandise or merchandise, your identification is exposed. If your identification continues to be stolen, a name scams protection service will [...]

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    Some recent architectural wooden blocks auctions on eBay:

    The Original Post is Located Here: 25 Wooden Blocks Vintage Architectural Building Blocks Various Shapes Nice E

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    A Little Bit On The Fooly Cooly Side: Although David Arseneau (a.k.a. DarkHarry) is taking a break from his Endless City webcomic, that doesn’t mean he’ll be taking a break from making kick ass art like this FLCL poster. You can buy it HERE.

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    I’ve reopened my Ecrater store in an effort to turn over some old stuff I just don’t think I’m ever going to get around to opening. Using that money I’ll be getting new stuff to review–plus keep this website going and so forth. So please peruse my wares. I tried to give fair prices based on eBay [...]

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    TFsource 2-6 SourceNews - Many New and Restocked Items!

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  • 02/06/12--19:17: Pretty Boi Bio-Morph
  • Erick Scarecrow has teamed up with Eno of Tomenosuke to produce this limited run of Pretty Boi Bio-Morph colorways. Each figure is a limited one-off piece. These are signed and numbered out of 5. It will also come with a print done by Yaji and ESC-Toy. They will be released at some time during this [...]

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