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    set database: MB0109 Moleskine LEGO pocket plain notebook (3.5 x 5.5) with green brick

    set number: MB0109
    set name: Moleskine LEGO pocket plain notebook
    theme: book, notebook, Moleskine
    year: 2012
    pieces: 1
    prices: us$17
    minifigs: none
    first limited edition official Moleskine LEGO notebooks released in 2012.
    come with a pocket plain notebook with green brick embedded in the black hard cover.
    inside the cover has a colourful axiom "Think With Your Hands".
    the notebook size is 3.5 x 5.5 inches (9 x 14 cm).
    the notebook has 192 blank pages (96 leaves).
    also included LEGO themed label stickers.
    overall design is great.
    must have for LEGO lovers.
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    Sideshow's Aayla Secura ready for duty screenshot

    The Alien Warrior is not the only exclusive from Sideshow Collectibles on the pre-order block. Also teased last week, The newest Sideshow Premium Format Order of the Jedi statue is available in the form of Aayla Secura. Aayla stands 18 inches tall, which is 1/4-scale and features a fabric costume and light-up lightsaber. The only difference between the two versions is the exclusive has a severed Clone Trooper head for the base display.

    Both the regular and exclusive versions are available for US$349.99 with a non-refundable US$35 deposit required. Aayla ships in 3rd quarter 2012, and yes, as you might remember, Kristina said it was her DO WANT for January. Are you thinking of picking her up?

    Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

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    Game Informer #227, making its way to Game Stop newsstands and digital inboxes everywhere, breaks the news that Hasbro, Inc. will be releasing figures from the Combaticons team, as featured in the Transformers Fall of Cybertron game! In an article about the video game scheduled for a Fall 2012 release, the magazine showcases the Brawl and Swindle figures in both vehicle and robot modes, as well as a look at the combined mode, Bruticus!click any image below for a larger viewlt;img src=quot;http://tformers.

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    Following the two small imaged taser releases this week, Hasbro has provided high resolution images and product information on the initial release and San Diego Comic-Con exclusive G.I. Joe Retaliation toys. Click through to see everything.

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    We’ve been carrying a variety of beautiful Glueckskaefer nesting toys and building blocks for some time now.  Then there’s also the playground favorite, the big jump rope.  And we can’t forget about one of our best-sellers, the knitting mushroom.   But lately we’ve added a whole new line of Glueckskaefer playthings, perfect for the little [...]

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    Sideshow's Alien Warrior statue invades Planet Pre-order screenshot

    Last week, we showed off the teaser for Sideshow Collectibles' Alien Warrior statue. The good news? It's pre-orderable in two versions. Both the regular and exclusive versions are 18 inches tall and feature the beastly Alien Warrior upon a perch, ready to attach some unsuspecting prey. The exclusive version's lone addition is a Facehugger accessory that comes along with the statue.

    Both the regular and exclusive versions are available for US$249.99 with a non-refundable US$25 deposit required. The Alien Warrior ships in 3rd quarter 2012, and as you might remember, Tian said it was his DO WANT for January. Will it be on your list? 


    Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

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    Drop everything you are doing and follow this link for your chance to bid on one of the rarest action figures you'll ever see. The Black Hole Humanoid figure, released by Mego in 1979, seldom goes up for auction, and never are they complete. The Humanoid linked above is complete with its cloak and booties, and it is all original! This figure was only available in Canada and Italy at the tail end of the line's production run.

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  • 02/05/12--00:16: Pre-TF2012: Marvel Universe
  • One of my favorite lines going right now is Hasbro’s Marvel Universe. Marvel characters in my favorite scale. Doesn’t get much better than that. So, it is with great anticipation that I look forward to what David Vonner and the rest of the intrepid Marvel Universe team is going to unveil at Toy Fair 2012. [...]

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    [PR Newswire] - UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif., Feb. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Universal Studios Hollywood (SM) prepares for battle with the debut of an innovative, national 30-second commercial for its exciting, new motion-based ...

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  • 02/05/12--00:16: You and Good Smile Company

  • Calling all Good Smile Company fans! Got a few things for you to get involved with GSC if you are interested. First up is the Miku Art Mosaic Project. Good Smile would like you to submit your photos of your Vocaloid figures - can be any (Miku, Luka, Rin, Len etc) but would be one of the Crypton characters and the figure should be made by Good Smile Company.

    Once you snapped your photos, get along and use this form to submit your art. The top field is your nick name, second field is your email addy, 3rd field is the title of the photo you are submitting and the 4th field is any comment.

    All photos will be used to create a huge mosaic art of Hatsune Miku which will be published to the Good Smile site and also shown on the Nama Won Hobby broadcast on the night of the 12th. The Nama Won Hobby broadcast is a show that Good Smile Company does after every Wonder Festival that runs from night into the morning on Nico Nico.

    For each photo submitted, GSC will donate 100 yen to the 2011/03 earthquake and tsunami relief efforts.

    This photo taken at a Nama Won Hobby a few years ago with Aniki as guest. Up until now, Nama Won Hobby has only been in Japanese but for the first time ever, there will be an English version brought to you by Yoshimi and myself. We will be talking about what happend at the Wonder Festival that day and show you the decoration masters of figures announced that day - will have some in the studio to play with ^^; The broadcast will be at the same location as the Japanese Won Hobby.

    I would also like to broadcast your Good Smile Company related figure collection too! All you need to do is post photos over at or the community site with the tag "wonhobby."

    Photos should be of your collection or single figure or anything as long as its related to GSC - scale figures or nendoroids or figma. For licensing reasons - dont swap the heads around of Nendoroids or Figma. Its a complicated thing that I'll talk about one day ^^;
    Please include your website url and nick name so we can give you a shoutout during the broadcast. The broadcast URL will be announced on my Twitter and Facebook. Please submit everything by next Tuesday the 7th. You can submit photos that you took a while ago too.

    So, even if you dont qualify to apply for the job, you can still be a part of Good Smile Company ^o^

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  • 02/05/12--00:16: Tokyo Today 2

  • More life in Tokyo through photos. Photos taken throughout today on the Sony NEX-5N with Zeiss Sonnar f1.8 24mm lens. This snap taken at Gotanda [五反田] during lunch. The Rollerblades have been an incredible time saving tool. Have only fallen over once in my life on blades but when I did there was blood everywhere! I'll dig up the photo I took after the fall ^^;
    How many of you are into blading?

    Zooming back in time to the morning. Every time I hit "send", I see a new mails appear in the inbox ><
    How many mails do you need to deal with every day?

    Heading to lunch in Gotanda.

    At most roadworks, there would either be a human, a picture or video of a human or one of these waving a mini light saber to alert folks of the work ahead.

    At the best burger place in Tokyo - Kua'aina. They take a while to prep the food as its prepped on the spot but is worth the wait.

    The fries are absolutely gorgeous.

    Most food places in Japan dont have salt n pepper on the table. I remember when I first came to Japan - when I asked for salt, they would bring out a small plate of it ^^;


    Lunch done and time to head back to base the scenic route.

    Doutor - a chain of coffee shops over here. Smokers can puff away in the same area where food is prepared - apparently illegal in the UK but not here.
    I remembering ordering a sandwich at Doutor once - could only taste the smoke and not the beef. I love Japan but my only gripe is that smoking is still allowed in restaurants - and most places dont have a non-smoking area.

    If I'm eating out, I'd try to peek in the windows like a suspicious person looking for smokers or packs of cigarettes on the table ^^; Most of my Japanese friends and clients smoke but it does my asthma in ToT
    There is a poll embedded in this article.

    Gotanda is a business district with a load of offices which is also why there are a ton of restaurants in the area to feed everybody.

    Cigarettes in Japan are apparently the cheapest in the world.

    The river that runs though Gotanda.

    There is not a great deal to do in Gotanda but if you want to see a slice of life in Japan then get off at Gotanda station on the JR Yamanote line and go exploring.
    [gmap=35.62629, 139.72354]

    Will let you know who this chap is in a later episode.

    Meetings at Shiseido?! Mirai Makeup?!

    Mr Postman.

    Passing by the HQ of Disney Japan. I used to work here consulting when I left Microsoft many moons ago.

    A very typical toy store would usually only stock stuff for the younger generation which is why you wouldn't really find figures.

    In an event of a huge quake, this road is closed off. Not sure why this one in particular.

    Rillakkuma sells donuts.

    Love this shop - full of character and is all lit up at night.

    A roadworker cleans up after himself. When I was back in the UK, roadworkers would leave their mess for others to clean up.

    Back to base. Its so dark in the office that I call it the dungeon.

    Sunlight hardly gets in down there but when it does it gives a nice n relaxing mood.

    Tea time with Popura-chan.

    Moekana is going to the printers this month and should be with distributors by March.


    Chris is still alive and well in Saitama working hard on the PHP > Ruby on Rails migration of Mirai Gaia.

    This is just a mockup printed in the office. There are many ways to play Moekana to help you learn Hiragana. Karuta, Shiritori, Concentration and Stack em Up. Will talk about them more later.

    Yakisoba for dindins.

    Papico for dessert.

    More dessert ^^;

    I cant type Korean without looking at the Hangul keys. I usually stick Hangul stickers on my Japanese keyboard but they fall off after a while ><
    Need a touchscreen keyboard which I hope Apple bring out. I know there is an app that allows me to use my iPad as a keyboard but not sure if that supports multiple language input.

    The figure shelves get a tweak. Can you spot whats new?

    Figures and plants go well with each other.

    Nanoha says hi.

    Very cold in Tokyo of late meaning that the aircon is on all day heating up the room. Tis very dry so the air moisturizer helps a lot - 2 liters of water lasts a day.

    Looks like I'll be travelling a lot to Asia this year. Confirmed are Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. Hope to fit in the Philippines too.

    FaceTime meeting with KenLee about the next mobile project that we are working on. He is the engineer for MiraiClock3.

    Yui says hello.

    Previous posts from Tokyo Today and A Week in Tokyo listed up below.

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    OK, in my BAT-BLOG Bat-Folders, I have some pics that are kind of random so I thought I'd post them all as one big fun article. Hey, it's neat stuff so don't start cryin', ha ha! The 1st pic is a wonderful piece of Batman Art done by our Friend Troy Lowndes. It uses images of different Actors who have played the Caped Crusader: Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, and George Clooney. It's hilarious!
    The next photo has a funny story. Our friend BatDave was told that a certain Video Game Arcade on the Boardwalk in NJ had a Vintage BATMAN MOVIE Pinball Machine. So, he gathered up the "Junior Bat-Squad" ( His Cute Nieces ) and ran over there. When they got there they found out it was the newer "Dark Knight" version. but, they all had fun playing the many different machines. Of course the Batman one was their favorite but they also loved Ironman & Spiderman!

    The last 2 photos are just some very recent FAMILY GUY Batman-related T-Shirts that just came out. I love the one with Brian The Dog screaming, "I AM BATMAN!" The next one features the cast of the show as the Retro-1970's Super Friends! You can find these shirts right HERE!

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    David Flores goes big, and by big, we mean BIG! Seen via his Facebook, David posted this WIP shot of an upcoming 5 Foot Tall Deathead. This ginourmous sculpture will soon be made of fiberglass and one hopeful day of visiting my collection. One can dream… We cannot wait to...

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  • 02/05/12--00:16: REVIEW: Butthole Bear
  • Background Once upon a time, in a far away forest land of Plush Animals, a new, different type of Teddy Bear was born. Different from all the Teddy Bears, he found it hard to fit in, kept at finger's length by all his family and friends. That is, until the day that a certain vice [...]

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     -Children’s Fund pledges $10,000 donation to encourage participation from children nationwide; company plans to construct largest LEGO® Lemonade Stand to raise money and awareness-   ENFIELD, Conn. – February 2, 2012 –LEGO Children’s Fund and LEGO Systems, Inc. announced today that they will partner with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF), a non-profit organization dedicated to [...]

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  • 02/05/12--00:16: Hiring Now - Anime Jobs

  • If you love anime and would rather work in a field which involves your hobby rather than working at a job where you are looking at anime related sites during work when your boss is not looking then read on.

    In this photo I have with me the boss of Good Smile Company, the boss of anime studio Ufotable and the two top guys at Nitroplus. These are just some of the people I work with. Other anime related companies that I work with are Bushiroad, Kadokawa, Konami, Ascii Media Works, Dentsu, King Records, Nitroplus and Production IG. A longer list on my profile page together with a description of what we do.

    My company is expanding and so are my clients who need your help to reach out to markets across the world. I have for immediate hire several roles for the position of "Translator" and "Content Manager" - some part and some fulltime. You will work for me but I need you to liase directly with my clients too.

    The requirements for Translator is as follows:-

    • Be able to translate Japanese into native English, German, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French or Korean.
    • Or be able to translate English to Korean, French, Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese. (no need for English to German at this time)
    • Be able to communicate directly with my clients in Japanese through mail. (for the Japanese speakers).
    • Be knowledgeable with anime (especially character names), anisong, seiyuu, figures and general anime news. Having knowledge of Japanese games is a plus but not required.
    • Loves anime and Japanese pop culture.
    • Has worked with social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or blog tools like Wordpress, Tumblr. Most of my clients use Mirai Gaia and it will be your main tool. runs Mirai Gaia too and if you are applying then it would be a good idea for you to post something and play around with the UI.
    • Currently has at least 2-4 hours available everyday day for work. (and occasionally on weekends too).
    • Is available long term.
    • Is available to video chat over Skype from time to time.
    • Has a paypal account.
    • Most suitable for students, fansubbers or any folk who can spare the hours.
    Requirements for Content Manager includes all of the above and the following.
    • Fluent Japanese is a requirement for the Content Manager.
    • Can use Photoshop or Fireworks - not looking for a ninja but somebody who can manipulate layers, masks, text and export for web use.
    • Again, not looking for a guru but somebody who can use Illustrator to manipulate vector graphics.
    • Can write simple CSS and HTML - which also means that you can easily learn more advanced markup from Google Sensei.

    Things to note
    #My profile lists most of my clients - look for their English sites to get a better idea of the type of work that you will be doing. You will be translating and also scheduling content too.

    #A few of my clients are launching sites which initially require some intensive work and thus need your extended availability. Japanese > Chinese Simplified, Japanese > Chinese Traditional, Japanese > German, English > Korean, English > French translations are needed asap.
    I'm hiring several of each position so even if you cant commit the time right now then you should still apply if you are interested.

    #Compensation will be discussed with the candidates who pass the tests. I'll be paying you directly but in some cases you may be working directly for my clients who will pay you directly.

    #You do not have to be of a particular age and dont need any qualifications either - the most important thing is that you can deliver which is in my opinion much more important that qualifications on paper. During my time at Amazon, I've seen managers hire folks with an MBA who performed terribly on the job.

    #You do not need to be in Japan for either of these positions but based on your performance and if you wish to live and work in Japan, I or my clients may bring you over and sponsor your Visa. One of my clients has already agreed to hire a reader from overseas. The reader in question loves anime and now gets to work in Japan with an anime related company ^o^

    #I'm only showing you the door - it really is up to you to step though it. We need people who are serious and focused on wanting to work in this field. Folks should care about the work they submit and always be on the ball regarding translation accuracy, grammar and punctuation - my grammar and punctuation is terrible which is why i'm getting you to do it ^^;

    #I always go on about it but all my computing, programming and graphic skills were picked up from Google sensei - if an idiot like me can do it then so can you! Its never to late to start but it is too late when the chance pops up - you need to make sure that you are prepared for future opportunities. An opportunity like this presented itself to me many moons ago and fortunately I had prepared myself.

    I'm using Google Forms to collect the info - application form below.

    Application form

    One more thing

    Although Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner Hiroshi Mizohata confirmed his plans to invite 10000 foreigners to Japan and pay for their tickets, the budget didn't go through - which means no more free tickets. Fortunately - I have some free tickets because I'll be paying your fare to Japan if I hire you. I'll obviously be sponsoring your visa too. Welfare and health insurance will be taken care of too.

    I managed to get a few Ruby part timers but am still looking for full time Ruby developers. I'm looking for folks who have a high level of ruby on rails, html, css, javascript, coffeescript, jquery, rspec, postgresql, github, loves anime, loves Japan and can speak enough Japanese to get about daily life.

    Developers will be working to migrate our Mirai Gaia platform to rails and continue to add features which improve usability and increase conversion. All clients are either anime or game related.
    Candidates should send mail to [jobs at mirai dot fm] with a link to their GitHub account and links to previous projects that they have worked on.
    Same applies to any Content Managers that I hire - I'll pay for your fare over to Japan too and sponsor your visa.

    Folks who join me in Japan will be working with all my clients and be working in figure and anime merchandise production together with TV and web production. You will learn the tools required for the job as well as learn the ropes of the anime business in Japan. I dont have any illusions about you working for me forever and I'll mentor and train you as much as I can so that you can make the decisions that you need to make in your career.

    If this sounds like your cuppa tea and you have the skills then I'll be waiting to hear from you. But please bear in mind - while this is a hobby, its also a business too and am looking for folks who are serious about pursuing a career in the Japanese anime business.

    I believe that arms installation is complete - Good Luck! I'll be answering questions in the comments - you may want to skim for answers before asking the same questions ^^

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    set database: LEGO 9566 samurai x

    set number: 9566
    set name: samurai x
    theme: ninjago
    year: 2012
    pieces: 23
    prices: us$10
    minifigs: 1
    new ninjago theme.
    come with a gunmetal spinner, a red crown, a golden weapon, 2 regular weapons, a character card and 4 battle cards.
    minifig included a samurai x minifig.
    great playability.
    overall design is good.
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