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    Those of you looking forward to Iron Man 3 have likely known about their pieces based on the film for a while now, but today, we're getting a closer look at the ArtFX Iron Man 3 War Machine. Posted on Kotobukiya's Facebook page, The gallery gives us a pretty clear look at the upcoming figure, and it's looking pretty snazzy. As you can see, he's in mid-flight, kind of hovering over a pile of debris, looking like he's scoping out the situation. Perhaps ready for a fight, too.

    War Machine arrives in October; anyone planning to pick him up for their collection?

    Kotobukiya previews ArtFX War Machine screenshot


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    Don Figueroa will be a familiar name to Transformers fans – he’s worked on numerous TF comics and packaging over the years, as well as helping design some toys for the TF Titanium and Classics series. Several years back, Don met Valent Wang and the two created their own toy company, the Mecha Workshop. Their [...]

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    Custom ZombiU Wii U

    Oskunk, the king of console customization, tricked out this glossy black Wii U system in his signature style using a set of POSCA markers. I vote he does a Monster Hunter one next. Just sayin’.

    Check it: More custom consoles on Albotas
    Buy: ZombiU

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    HBO’s Unaired ‘Game of Thrones’ Pilot Was Pretty Different

    Less focus on the Starks? An earlier introduction to Daenerys who is played by a different actress? Why the hell hasn’t this pilot leaked online yet like that terrible American pilot for The IT Crowd?

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    New ‘Man of Steel’ Trailer Actually Makes Me Give A Crap About The Movie

    I grew up reading and obsessing over comics since the second grade, but as soon as I turned nine or ten, I stopped caring about most superhero comics. It was the 90’s and the whole “do-gooder in tights” thing was just boring and played out at the time.

    If my mom gave me five bucks to pick out a comic while she was getting her nails did at the mall and I had to choose between Superman’s chisel-jawed, primp-haired exploits, or something as stylishly violent as Spawn or oversexed like Gen-13, I think you can guess nine-year-old wouldn’t pick.

    Superman, like most superheroes, is at his most interesting when his origin story is being told. It’s the whole Heroes Journey thing. But after that story’s over and done with, it’s just a dude in tights fighting the same bad guys and saving the same people & planets from certain doom over and over again. Bleh.

    But Man of Steel looks like it could very well be one of the best Superman origin stories - or at least the best one ever told on screen. I like that it seems to capture the human side of the story without seeming all mushy and Hallmark-esque.

    You’re a father or a mother who raise a baby from space. It may seem silly on the surface, but, really, how do you deal with that sort of thing? And the same goes for Kal-El; you grow up thinking you’re just another normal kid, then all of a sudden you’re shooting lasers out of your eyeballs and bending crowbars like they were pipe-cleaner.

    My favorite part about superhero stories isn’t so much when they’re punching bad guys in the face or using their fancy powers, but it’s watching how they emotionally deal with all the shit that gets thrown their way, and then use their powers to blow it all up, of course.

    Here’s to hoping that this delivers on all fronts.

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    Gross, man: Wolverine Claw Piercings

    Surgical needles make for some pretty cringe-worthy Weapon X cosplay.

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    There is nothing like a little fleecy ball of adorable fluff to remind you that Spring is the air. And in honor of the season when baby lambs frolic, Holly Stanway, also known as A little stranger, has sewn up a batch of Spring Lamb Cavey plushes. These adorable designer toys are handcrafted from faux lamb's fleece with a grey felt face. Don't they look all fuzzy and soft? 

    The Spring Lamb Cavey is limited to 40 numbered pieces, costing  £16 each. Every Spring Lamb Cavey comes with a glitter purple enamel Cavey badge along with a Cavey Cube for storage. They will be available for purchase starting Wednesday, May 1 at 8 p.m. London time. Like always, Holly will be tweeting the countdown to their release.

    Celebrate Spring with a fluffy Spring Lamb Cavey screenshot


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    Comic Writer Ed Brubaker Calls ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’ The Best Marvel Movie Ever

    Bro, did you ever see this movie called Avengers, though? The only logical conclusion my brain can come up with is that the Hulk is in the new Captain America movie, which probably isn’t true, but would be pretty awesome.

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    KICK-HEART is an anime-short directed by Masaaki Yuasa ("Mind Game", "Genius Party") and produced by Production I.G.. This project started life by the crowd-funding Kickstarter, raising US$175,000, for a 12 minutes short. Date mentioned in the teaser above is May 26th. More "fuel" to add to the allure of masked wrestling, and perhaps more toy? This looks particularly RIPE for inspiration, methinks!

    SYNOPSIS: "Kick-Heart is a love story between Romeo, a successful pro-wrestler, and Juliet, a nun who lives a secret double-life as a female pro-wrestler. Romeo's secret is that he enjoys taking a beating in the ring, while Juliet feels invigorated when facing her opponents as a wrestler. When the two meet in the ring, the fireworks fly. Their story is set in the colorful backdrop of the professional wrestling world. Will Juliet reveal her true identity to the one she loves? Will Romeo be able to share his secret to the world?"

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    I have a little time this morning before having to leave for the airport so I wanted to talk a little about the new Gene doll and post a few pictures.
    Phoenix is a pretty doll who comes with two wigs caps and a plain cap for use with your own wigs. She comes with a set of white gloved hands and standard hands. They are easy to switch out once you get the hang of it.
    Monday night Sandra Stillwell came over and we spent about 4 hours dressing and redressing Phoenix and an IT Madra in Sandra's designs from her last convention. My rudimentary photo studio consisted of an ironing board, a few dim lamps and a good camera with a small external flash unit attached. Certainly not optimal conditions but we made do.

    Yes, the IT dolls were taller. Even blocking out Madra's hair, you can see that the legs or torso contribute to the height. Phoenix is closer to the old AD height. Every other part of the body appears to be the same size.
    Here she is with her brunette wig cap.
    Phoenix dressed in her own gown without her jewelry and train.
    Phoenix dressed in one of Sandra's lovely fashions.
    These are just teasers. I will have more pictures of the doll herself later on.

    Here are pictures from Saturday, the day of the presentation. The room itself was very dark so there is only one picture from there. Most of these are from the hall outside the venue and from nearby.

    Mel went around like a proud Papa showing Gene to attendees. He was glowing with pride and joy.
    During his verbal presentation he talked about how much he enjoyed the collectors over the years, sharing with them and traveling around the country to events. Sounds like he wants to pick that up again.
    There are a handful of naysayers complaining about the price which was $525. at the event and $550. on line. But there were many more who defended the price of this exclusive resin convention doll as being similar to other resin BJD event dolls.
    Apparently there is a market in this price range for resin BJD Gene because Phoenix Gene sold out lightning fast. Another one is on the way from FDQ according to the magazine distributed to attendees by Pat Henry.  More information on that doll will be forthcoming. What we do know is that she will be in day wear a la Dior.
    This revival will be very interesting to watch. I'm looking forward to any individual fashions that may be designed and released. No, I do not have insider information on that aspect - I'm just hoping.

    In the meanwhile, Sandra Stillwell has some beautiful, era appropriate designer fashions for sale on her website. I photographed many of them for her on Monday and will be sending her the images shortly so she can post them on her site. I'll post some of them on my blog, too.

    Robert Tonner
    John Dean, Philip Myers

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  • 04/17/13--07:19: Firefly (Retaliation)
  • Other than Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, I would say that Firefly is one of the more iconic characters in the vintage G.I. Joe line, as evidenced by the couple dozen versions released for the character since then.

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    I’ve really never been one to use plug-in air fresheners or honestly really any air fresheners or scented candles post-having kids at all. I was worried about Gavin burning himself on a candle or me being so tired I’d forget to blow it out. If I used any scented fresheners, it was generally some form [...]

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    With a new Blazblue game due out this autumn, that can only mean one thing - hugely expensive exclusive pack in figures! OK, I guess that's not a cause for celebration but it does mean we get this adorable little Nendoroid Petit of the series's resident gothic lolita, Rachel Alucard.

    Even though she's 'just' a Petit, Rachel is looking absolutely great, with tons of detail on that elegant dress and her two familiars Nago and Gii included (Nago is actually the distinctive cat-shaped umbrealla). The bad news is if you want to get your hands on her you'll have to splash out for the Japanese limited edition of Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma, though you'll also get the game, an art book and a soundtrack CD for your money. The money in question is ¥10,290, which isn't cheap, but if you're a superfan (and can read Japanese) it might just be worth it. The game is currently scheduled for release on October 24th, so you've got a while to make up your mind.

    [via Siliconera]

    Nendoroid Petit Rachel is an exclusive pack-in screenshot


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    Toy Break returns with Episode 257: For Reals. Sarah Jo joins George and Ayleen to take a closer look at Gravescabs, Sea-Borgs, Wumplings, and much more.

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    Three New Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Armors Teased Iron Man 3 is just on the horizon now and a lot of the suits from the movie are being revealed. We now have teasers for three New Hot Toys Iron Man 3...

    [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

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    Thanks to the HKTF forums member andy who has posted lots of in-hand images of the 30th Anniversary Transformers Generations Springer voyager class action figure. Get a look at the new images that show the Triple Changer up close and personal in all three of his modes including the Robot, car vehicle and the helicopter. This figure is much anticipated by fans and should be flying off the shelves when it hits store. Get a look at the all the goodness that is Transformers Generations Springer now.

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    Thanks again to iGear Toys who have revealed two more Mini-Warrors action figure they will be releasing soon. Just announced are MW12 Stinger and MW-13 Rocky that are obvious homages to the G1 Character Bumblebee that was released as a yellow VW Bug and the red sports car we all know as Cliffjumper. Both toys have been redesigned with modern articulation and detailing. Check out the images below for the first look at Mini-Warriors MW-12 Stinger and MW-13 Rocky now.

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    Walmart wants to improve the sustainability of plastic toys. Is it playing well with others?

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    Thanks to the HKTF forums member 9981 who has posted lots of in-hand images of the 30th Anniversary Transformers Generations Blitzwing and Springer voyager class action figures. Get a look at the new images that show the Triple Changers up close and personal in all three of their modes. Get a look at the all the goodness that is Transformers Generations Blizwing and Springer now.

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