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    20130323_142543They’re just the “Battlers” but maybe the rest will follow soon… No comment

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  • 03/23/13--20:03: Tokyo Photos 5

  • The fifth part of the Tokyo Photo series where I aggregate all the latest photos I've been posting to my Instagram account ( ). While this series is called Tokyo Photos, I'm overseas for business trips nearly every month so it normally includes photos posted abroad. If you are not into Instagram then you can always follow these updates on my Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook.

    Today we continue off from last time where I'm still in Malaysia - from there I head to Singapore and by the latter half of this post I'm back in Japan. Been travelling way too much of late in the past year. For the next few months I'll need to stay in Japan to work on a few milestone projects which are going to change the shape of my company a great deal I think.

    Previous Tokyo Photo updates listed up below.

    Yuki-chan enjoying CNY in Malaysia. マレーシアはまだ旧正月。水曜日まで殆どのお店はお休み。

    This snack name had a different meaning in Japanese... マレーシアで「さ、まんこ」というスナック見つけた。

    Shoes worn by my family in Malaysia - available for dolls as fridge magnets. マレーシアの家族が履いた靴をドールサイズで見っけ。

    Chinese New Year cupcakes so cute >< 旧正月コップケーキ可愛い。

    Heading out for lunch meetings in KL. ゆきちゃんとらんち打ち合わせに向うあっとクアラルンプール。

    Yuki-chan about to omnomnom. ゆきちゃんこれからもぐもぐ。

    Always ask for a baby chair. ベビーチェアは必ず貰うように。

    Name this Chinese New Year dish. もぐもぐ。

    At Pavillion Food Republic with Yuki-chan. クアラルンプールでまたゆきちゃんともぐもぐ。

    Malaysian Prawn Mee always taste so good lah. マレーシアのエビ麺は相変わらず美味しいや〜!

    Yuki ruuuuuuun! Hentai behind you! ゆきちゃんの後ろに変な叔父さんがいる。

    Indian nomnom for brekkie in KL. 朝食はインド系レストランで。

    At Publica for late lunch then back to office. お昼探し。

    Invite to meet the UK Prime Minister at Downing Street. イギリス首相との面談リクエスト来た。一旦故郷に帰ります。

    At a new T-shirt printing factory. Working on increasing quality and production processes. 工場見学。

    Omnom nom. Sik siew yook ah. Ho sik ah. dzun hai ah. Gnor mo gnack ney ah. もぐもぐ。

    Cool breeze in KL after the rain. 雨上がりのクアラルンプールは涼しい。

    I'm lost in KL again. Where am I? クアラルンプールのとある駅にて。

    Last evening in KL. Heading to Singapore in the morning. クアラルンプール最後の夜。明日はシンガポールへ。

    Learning Indonesian. インドネシア語勉強中。

    Learning Malay. マレー語も勉強中。

    What on earth is a Virgin Coconut? Is there something men are doing to coconuts that I'm unaware of ?

    This WIP by DMYO-sensei is so cute! 白羽奈尾先生の制服ラフ可愛いい!

    Retrokyu keyring - make your own with the one that comes with Mirai Nendoroid.

    All packed for Singapore. See you at Kinokuniya main store tomorrow! 荷造り完了。シンガポールへ。

    Just left the hotel with Yuki-chan. ホテルを後に。

    Was charged RM18 for 2 small bottle of water at Corus hotel. ぼったくられたww

    Taking a coach to Singapore. 5hr journey. Very comfy. シンガポールにはバスで移動。快適。

    Jagga Pokkuru - probably the most tasty Japanese snack ever. じゃがぽっくるって美味しいよね。

    Whenever I complete a mission impossible I always say "just as keikaku" これは今の僕の顔です。

    Singapore. "Welcome and Death". シンガポール到着。

    I see that Singapore tobacco packaging has increased its guro level. Looks like ads for a zombie movie. シンガポールのタバコグロい。

    First thing after arriving in Singapore is Carrot Cake at the old airport road. シンガポールに着いたらキャロットケーキ食べたくなる〜

    I have not heard of the term Singlet. Is that a Singaporean person?

    Yuki-chan getting changed for tonight's event at Kinokuniya Singapore. ゆきちゃん着替え姿。

    Siew Yook rice at Orchard Road Food Republic. イベントの前にサックリ飯。

    Dinner with readers and Miku papa at 313 Food Republic now.クリプトン伊藤社長とユーザーさんディナー。

    Saya makan nasi lemak. Sangat sedap! ナシレマックもぐもぐ。Omnom.

    Checking out to change hotel. 別のホテルに移動。

    Is this what girls do to each other in their spare time? How about the boys?

    クリプトン伊藤社長と福岡さん自作ポピアに挑戦。Miku papa kar Fukuoka-san chiak pohpiah lor.

    Wa di maxwell food center chiak chee fan. Chicken rice omnom. チキンライスもぐもぐ。

    Load of Mirai in Malaysia's newspapers >< マレーシアの新聞はみらいちゃんだらけ><

    ブシロード英語版のヴァンガードはシンガポール全国のセブンイレブンに置いてあった。Vanguard in 7/11 stores across Singapore.

    Moekana available at Kinokuniya Singapore. Actually at all their stores worldwide. 紀伊国屋シンガポールにもえかなが。

    At Changi airport. Thanks Malaysia & Singapore - love you loads and see you again soon! シンガポール離脱。

    Name this dish. もぐもぐ。

    Doll display at Manga Festival Singapore. 経産省主催の漫画フェスタinシンガポールでドール展示やりました〜

    Doll sized food in Singapore is actually edible. シンガポールで見つけたドールサイズのアイスは実際に食べられる。

    Developing MiraiMobile android phones. Both are dual sim. みらいちゃん携帯開発中。デュアルSIMだ。これはサンプル。

    Big snakes in the roads of Singapore. シンガポールはまだ旧正月だ。

    I must go now, my planet needs me. 離陸、武蔵の国へ!

    Tokyo Touchdown. Heading back to base. 東京タッチダウン。ただいま。

    First meal back in Tokyo is ramen. 東京に帰ってきたらやっぱりラーメンだな。

    Today's lunch. Are you a Japanese food guru? Name this dish. 今日のお昼はこれ。

    Reading messages sent to my official line account. My id is dannychoo

    Thanks to Jun for sending over my most fave American food. アメリカからの届き物。

    There is an angry man on my cup noodle.

    Ghost in the Shell gets the pachinko treatment. 攻殻機動隊がパチンコ化。

    Metal Gear Rising GET. でもやる時間があ"あ" Must find time to play ><

    Heading out on the blades for lunch. Can you recognize this hiragana? If not you need moekana. お昼探し。

    At my local shopping arcade - palm is the longest indoor one in Tokyo . ムサコパルム。

    Today's lunch is Yoshinoya. Have you tried before? 540 yen. 吉野家!

    Time to install Metal Gear Rising. How many of you got it ?メタルギアライジングインストールせよ。

    Sunday mornings in Japan means Kamen Rider. How many of you following the current series? 変身。

    Sunday mornings in Japan also mean Precure. Who is your fave from this season? プリキュアたいむ。

    Tonight's dinner is Tsukemen. Noodles which you dip in soup. You must try! 今宵の晩餐はつけ麺。

    Reminder that if you choose Rest Mode in MiraiClock3, Mirai falls asleep. Free for Android and iOS

    Time for some Italian noms in Tokyo . 今宵の晩餐はイタリアンだ。

    A bout of some retro gaming with Contra on the Super famicom. スーパーファミコンでレトロゲームたいむ。

    Currently at Lazona in Kawasaki. Looking for noms. 現在ラゾーナ川崎にいる。お腹ペコペコ。

    Picked up a MacMini for local server backups. ローカルサーバーバックアップ用にマックミニをゲット。

    Tonight's dinner is Oppan Indian Style. 今宵の晩餐はインド系。

    Filling up the Mirai-mobile with gas. みらいちゃん痛車にガスを。

    Is it true what they say about boys who really like milk? ミルクが相当好きな男子はあれも相当好きって本当?

    Heading out to meetings in Shinjuku with bag of mirai goodies. 新宿での打ち合わせに向かう。

    TCG情報局見ています。Watching Mimori and Sora on TV now. They so cute!

    Bushiroad boss and comrade Kidani−san on TV. ブシロード社長木谷さん登場。

    Read more about Mirai Suenaga >>>

    About Mascots Subscribe by Email Twitter Facebook

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  • 03/23/13--23:29: Akihabara Shops 5

  • Its that time of the month where we take our regular look at the latest and greatest from the center of the Earth - Akihabara! This place is packed to the brim with anime, manga, figures, dolls, doujinshi, eroge, electronics, maids - everything otaku and more and all you need to do is get off at Akihabara station on the JR Yamanote line to experience it all.

    All previous installments of Akihabara Shops is tagged "akihabarashops" and listed up below.

    And all previous Akihabara related photos are listed up below.

    AKB48 girls - cute enough to eat but you would most certainly be arrested if you tried. The next thing you can do is eat their food at the AKB48 cafe.
    There is a poll embedded in this article.

    Anime Carabiners by Cospa.

    Akihabara is the place where you can easily pick up a bride with no questions asked. Which one of these do you take to be your bride?

    The lovely ladies from Girls Und Panzer.

    Figures - Max Factory, Alter, Good Smile Company, Kotobukiya, Orchid Seed, Alphamax, Megahouse, Daiki and more.

    I dont have any of the Beech Queens figures in my collection and I dont see many of my readers with them either - any of you have?

    The robots have landed.

    Something to tie your headphone wires around. Me looking for a new pair of in-ear headphones with a cord that does not get tangled up - recommendations?

    Many stores in Akihabara sell Gatcha like this - they cost a wee bit more but unlike Gatcha - you know what you are going to get.

    The Oh My Goddess ladies.

    You Wa Shock.

    Dont forget that Akiba has a load of hardware for your computing and digital life too.

    For you anisong fans out there - King Blade Max.

    More brides await you in Akibhabara.

    Miku and Tohou Pantsu in a convenient Gatcha form.

    For those who have always wanted to carry their poo around - but didn't want to deal with the stains in the pocket - realistic plastic poo at 100 per dollop.

    Lots of cosplay gear at Akihabara too.

    How many of you are in the book Otacool 3?

    Tracing pallet - looks like its USB powered.

    Elevators are awesome in Japan.

    Health drinks.

    Finally picked up an android tablet and chose the Nexus 7. What Android tablets have you been using?

    The next Yuzusoft game Amairo Islenaughts - I'm working on some of the production as we speak.

    In Akihabara, many of the magazines are tied up or shrink-wrapped but local bookshops are usually not bound up like this.

    The educational software corner otherwise known as Eroge.

    Cute girlies everywhere.

    Eroge reservations.

    Sleeve protectors for your card games - they also fit Moekana. But if you want something more fitting for your moekana then here it is.

    Ultimate Madoka - photo review here.

    Haganai NEXT.

    The girls from Love Live - have you been watching?

    I have a few shikishi lying around but will prob put up in the new office.

    Dotted around Tokyo you can find kebab vans like this one - tastes good but difficult to eat as it goes all over the place. Am used to eating them sitting down back in the UK.

    The beer festival "Oktoberfest in Akihabara" - I dont drink at all though ><

    Akibaoo - they sell a load of gadgets in particular from Taiwan and China. They play Chinese music in the shop too ^^

    Ghibli corner.

    Ikemen corner. Currently in the Kotobukiya shop.

    Ironman 3 out next month in Japan - Japanese trailer below. Must see!

    Figure cases are quite popular of late but I kinda prefer mine out in the open.
    There is a poll embedded in this article.

    Now Kotobukiya have Alien chopsticks.

    Mirai-chan Nendoroid kawaii ><

    Load of light novels. How many of you read em and if so where do you get them?
    There is a poll embedded in this article.

    The boys x boys corner.

    The trap corner.

    Read more about Mirai Suenaga >>>

    About Mascots Subscribe by Email Twitter Facebook

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    DC Comics’ Batman 5 1/2-Inch bendable figure brought to you by NJCroce. With this toy you will be able to twist and bend DC Comics’ the Dark Knight in any pose that you like. This DC Batman 5 1/2-Inch Bendable Figure is an ideal addition to collectors of retro or vintage toys. Brought to you...

    The post DC Batman 5 1/2-Inch Bendable Figure appeared first on Toy Scene.

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    There are three new CARS Toon Shorts – Hiccups, Spinning & Bugged from the newly built Pixar Canada Studios. Without any further spoiler alerts, you can view them embedded. Hiccups Spinning & Bugged If you cannot see the embed, you can visit the Disney Video page here. These are also pegged as “Shorty Shorts” each [...]

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  • 03/24/13--01:34: Fabric Is Just Too Much Fun

  • I really do need to get more focused and stop playing.  I just can't help myself when I'm having so much fun.  Of course, nothing else gets done when I'm having fun, but life isn't all about work - now is it?

    Have I got you wondering what I've been doing that's so much fun?

    Well, I've been designing new fabrics for my Linda Walsh Originals Spoonflower Custom Fabric Store.

    I've been designing fabrics for three years now and so far I've designed 159 fabrics. To say I LOVE designing fabric is putting it mildly. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.

    Designing the fabrics is the easy part.  Making items out of the fabrics I've designed is the time consuming part.  I've been toiling away and have made many, many baby shower decorations and gifts out of some of my baby shower fabric lines.  I'm still working on that line and will have several new fabrics to share with you.

    Next on the agenda for making items is the Babies In The Pumpkin Patch group of fabrics I designed.  They just happen to be Fall themed and just happen to be filed with all my favorite Fall colors.  It's FALL - my favorite time of the year so what else can you expect? My creative juices for everything FALL, babies, and pumpkins will be in overdrive.

    So stay tuned.  The "dollies" and I have lots and lots to show you.

    Posted by Linda Walsh Originals- "Doll Patterns for Grown-up Girls!"
    Linda Walsh Originals E-Patterns - "Instant Download E-Patterns for Grown-up Girls!"
    Linda Walsh Originals Dolls - "Handmade Dolls & Crafts for Grown-up Girls!"

    Graphic - Courtesy of Denise Bailey KKL Primitives

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    set database: LEGO 75000 clone troopers vs droidekas
    image courtesy of Grogall
    image courtesy of
    image courtesy of

    set number: 75000
    set name: clone troopers vs droidekas
    theme: starwars, episode 2
    year: 2013
    pieces: 124
    prices: us$13
    minifigs: 2
    come with a clone commander's command station.
    the station has doors and a hidden flick missile.
    also included 2 droidekas.
    minifigs included a clone commander minifig and a clone trooper minifig.
    great playability.
    overall design is great.
    must have for starwars lovers.
    Bookmark and Share

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    The Disney store has a new CHASE CAR, it’s a nicely painted/primed Lightning McQueen … Thanks for the nice pics and heads up “Channa – Man.” As he notes, not as low as you can go … But nice sparkly paint. Maybe this should be Glitter Bomb Lightning McQueen. Thanks for the nice pics, “”Channa [...]

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    In this month's batch of magazine scans, we've gotten a little peek at the upcoming figma Futayo Honda from Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere. She's still unpainted, so we're not really getting to see much that's new except the back of the figma. We may not see her painted until either pre-orders or an upcoming event, whichever comes first. I'd guess pre-orders at this point.

    Honda is coming in September, probably around the usual figma price point. Any of you out there interested in her?

    [via 2chan]

    Get another look at figma Futayo Honda in new scans screenshot


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    Good Smile had a small both set up at this weekend's Tokyo International Anime Fair, and while they had quite a bit there, not much of it was new. The biggest news, probably, is Nendoroid Tsukuyomi Sasami in full color. I'm unfamiliar with the series she hails from (Sasami-san@Ganbaranai) but gosh, she's adorable, isn't she? 

    Among those also at the show were Da Capo III's Morizono Ricca, Shizue from the new Animal Crossing game, the kind-of scary looking Monokuna, Cardfight!! Vanguard's Kai Toshiki; and teasers for Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT's Takayama Maria and Super Dangan-Ronpa 2: Sayonara Zetsubou Gakuen's Monomi, which we've seen before.

    As for other figures, there's also Deep Sea Miku and Racing Miku 2013 in the gallery, and some of the other figma and static figures we saw at Wonder Festival 2013 Winter were also in attendance. Still looking forward to that Shizue myself, in hopes that Tom Nook is right around the corner.

    [via Akiba Hobby]

    Tokyo International Anime Fair: Good Smile Company screenshot


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    With the three new CARS Toons shorts introduced earlier today, if you examine closely, it’s a new look for Lightning McQueen … At the end of CARS 2, he took off the World Grand Prix from the back spoiler but kept the WGP crest emblem on the front quarter panels … But in the new [...]

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    ThreeA has revealed their upcoming 1/56 scale Atom figure from the movie Real Steal. Click the thumbnail above to check him out!

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    Cast of Parks & Recreation as Justice League Members

    Illustrator Vick Trola decided to merge all of the Justice League with the cast of Parks & Recreation for a pretty rad piece of pop. These prints are for sale at Trola’s Etsy shop here. Personally, I would’ve went with Batman for Ben, but it still works.

    Check it: More Parks & Rec on Albotas
    Buy it: Season 1 of Parks & Recreation

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    Have you ever thought about picking up a Robot Damashii figure, but you have never really seen how one looks up close and personal? Well, you should check out Char's Sazabi based on his robot from Char's Counterattack. It might not be superbly detailed as a Master Grade model, but it is sturdy and very easy to pose. Also, there is something fun about pulling a fully assembled very cool robot out of the box without having to assemble one!

    Hit the jumps for the full details, including an upskirt shot of this giant robot!

    Tomopop Review: Robot Damashii Sazabi screenshot


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    Madness Returns Royal Suit Alice Due Next Month For all of you fans of the hit video game American McGee’s Alice: Madness Returns, Diamond Select Toys is coming out with yet another version of...

    [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

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    Nicholas Cage as First Generation Pokemon

    Because why not? There’s now a Tumblr blog called pokemonxniccage, in which folks can follow to see a daily picture of a first generation Pokemon with a Nic Cage face. The author of the blog plans on doing the entire first generation, meaning 151 Pokemon with Nicholas Cage faces on their bodies. Just cause.

    Check it: More Pokemon on Albotas
    Buy it: Pokemon White Version 2 | Black Version 2

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    Whatever you're doing, put on the brakes and take a look at this most interesting Steiff inquiry!  Check out this note from Melanie, who asks about a very vintage monkey who really knows how to rock and roll - literally!  Through a series of communications, she writes...


    I ran into your website while researching a monkey we came across. You have a monkey on your website that is almost exactly like our monkey. Our monkey measures 6 1/2" long, 2 1/2" wide, and 3" high, but he was more than likely taller at one point because his legs are bent down now. 

    There is not button in his ear, but there is a hole where one would have been. The monkey is sewn on to the carriage.  The stitches holding him to it look to be original. The color of the thread matches his material. He is in rough shape, but we think he is still very special :) What can you tell us about him?  Thank you for your help in advance!


    Felt Monkey on Wheels, photo from Gunter Pfeiffer
    Steiffgal's not clowning around when she says that this monkey design is not only made by Steiff, it is also one of the company's oldest primate patterns.  This unjointed, brown felt monkey was introduced in the line in 1894, just two years after Steiff launched its first catalog in 1892.  His details include a light tan insert facial mask area, black button eyes backed in white felt, and a long, playful tail.  In 1912, his pattern was updated with a little neck ruff and clown's hat.  This general monkey design was produced freestanding in 8, 12, 14, and 17 cm from 1894 through 1927; as a 17 cm tumbler on a wooden half globe from 1894 through 1917; in 22 cm as part of a skittles set from 1892 through 1898; in 17 and 22 cm on a full carriage with four wooden eccentric wheels from 1912 through 1929 (pictured to the left); in 12 cm on a wiwag carriage from 1922 through 1927; and as a decorative pin for a coat or jacket from 1913 through 1919.

    Now let's move the conversation to his wheeled status.  This pull toy's configuration is unusual for two key reasons.   

    1.  First, despite an extensive search through many reference books, Steiffgal could not find this particular monkey mounted directly onto wheels.  According to published information, the "standard" brown felt monkey is mounted on a carriage, and then onto wheels, as noted above.

    2.  Second, again after much research, Steiffgal could not find any reference to these exact wheels, with well defined and dimensional center axles and "rims."   Steiff's wooden wheels traditionally are very simple without decoration.  What is particularly interesting about these wheels is that despite the obvious central point on the wheels, he is intentionally mounted off center so he rolls in Steiff's beloved "eccentric" fashion.  

    So can any of this information be rolled into a definitive conclusion about this piece?  Well, yes and no.  

    First, the monkey.  Steiffgal believes indeed that this monkey was made by Steiff.  Given it has a ruff and hat, it was made from 1912 onward; eccentric wheels also became a standard feature in the line from 1912 onward.  With all that, Steiffgal believes that this monkey was most likely made in the 1912 through 1914 or so time frame. 

    Now the wheels.  There is precedent to attach smaller early felt items directly to eccentric wheels; please click here to go to a post on a Steiff "rolling rabbit" with this design. However, the actual wheels on this clown monkey are not conventional.  This could be for a number of reasons.  An earlier owner of this piece could have replaced the wooden wheels after the original set wore out; the wheels look slightly less aged than does the monkey rider.  The piece could also have been an early Steiff prototype for this design, using a set of wheels the company might have just had on hand (yes, this DOES happen.) Steiff may have produced this model with this wheel style, albeit in a very, very limited number. Or, there may be another reason altogether!  Only the monkey knows for sure!

    Steiffgal hopes this discussion on this early rolling Steiff clown monkey has been a barrel of laughs for you.

    Have a question about one of your Steiff treasures? Let's talk! Click here to learn more.   

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