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    DCF_GreenArrow_ArrowSkin_01 Stephen Amell Likeness and VO Confirmed for Arrow Skin Doomsday Set to Be Playable in the Game Injustice Battle Arena Quarterfinal Winners Announced Today Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment end the week with a super-sized serving of news and assets for the upcoming super hero fighting game, Injustice: Gods Among Us. With just [...]

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    MattyAFiLogoTwice a month the gang from Mattel are kind enough to answer five questions from AFi readers.  The Mattel marketing and PR team, have replied with the answers to our latest round of questions that AFi readers have posted in our forums.  There will not be a posting of answers on January 1st as Mattel [...]

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    In a megabyte-driven world, you'd think kids would be playing solely with mega-tech toys . But at the recent Toy Fair 2013 in New York City, buyers gathered like kids on a playground around the booths stocked with the classics -- wooden play sets and ride-on toys , craft materials, table games and building sets.

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    We have randomly selected a winner for the Activision's Toy Fair exclusive Skylanders Chop Chop figure! If you posted on the LEGO minifigures story on February 28th, you may want to go back to see if you are the winner!

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    Nate Mitchell sends word that his crowd-funding project for "Mini 10-Doh! Series 2" is now up and running here on - where he also plans on unveiling designs for the series, each day over the 1st 2 weeks of the campaign. Pledge goal is US$15K with 29 days to go (as time of this post). Good Luck, Nate!


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    Things I Bought At MegaCon: Day 1

    MegaCon 2013 kicked off today in Orlando and I’m definitely feeling it in my pockets. Thing is, with most conventions I have a huge problem tallying and keeping track of the cash I spend, especially now with most booths offering payments from credit/debit cards via the Square app. I’ve decided to post my spendings for each day of this weekend’s convention to help keep track of my bad spending habits and link comparative prices to Amazon to see if I really saved or not. Also, I really just wanted to post and brag about all the cool shit I bought today.

    Best tip I can offer to convention-goers regarding money spending situations: visit your bank’s ATM before heading to a convention. I didn’t follow that rule before heading to the con today and I’m surely feeling that worrying feeling regarding my checking account. You can avoid simple ATM fees, credit/debit card taxes/processing fees, and you can easily haggle prices with most booths with physical cash.

    Anyway, if this lot of bullshit I bought doesn’t look like much today, check out for this Sunday’s upcoming post. Should definitely be the day I spend the least amount of cash for an abundance of cheap comic books during the last hour on the final day.

    Top photo, Young Avengers #1/Adventure Time #1
    You guys may be thinking, “Why the Hell would Kevin (you don’t know my name, now you do) spend money on those two comics when he can buy them at any comic book store?” Well, yes, I might be able to if I looked hard enough, but I really can’t beat the prices I bought them for. Both of these titles are relatively new, with Young Avengers being out since January and Adventure Time out since early last year, yet both of these variant covers are hard to find.

    The Young Avengers cover was done by Scott Pilgrim author, Bryan Lee O’Malley. In order for my local comic shop to get a shipment of the variants in, they had to order a certain high amount of issues. Thing is, what the Hell is my local comic shop going to do with 200+ copies of the same comic book variant? Hence why I can’t find it in my city. I got the issue for $6. It’s retailing new on Amazon for $7.50 + shipping.

    Now the issue of Adventure Time #1 I picked up has a variant cover drawn by my favorite comic book writer/illustrator, Jeffrey Brown. Boom Studios decided that for their first issue of the Adventure Time comic, they’d released a slew of variant covers to make the launch extra special and cool. Of course, Adventure Time is super fucking popular, so those five different variant covers of the first issue sold out pretty fast. Right now, the first issue printing on Amazon is retailing, at cheapest, for $11.98 + $3.99 shipping. But that’s not the variant cover I got. The cover I got apparently is much harder to find and Amazon doesn’t link it. The comic book site I frequently order from, Mile High Comics, has the issue listed at $128 in near mint condition. I’m assuming I have a mint condition in my possession that I need to immediately read and seal up. I got it for $10 today from Boom’s official booth!

    Second row, Minecraft and Wonder Woman decals, various patches: There’s a much cooler feeling looking at patches and decal stickers on a giant wall in person, rather than being on the Internet and browsing Etsy for an hour straight to find what you want. There were several booths that sold various decals and patches. I grabbed the Minecraft and Wonder Woman decals for my girlfriend and I at $5. Etsy lists most decals of that size between $2-$5.

    I mean, I guess I didn’t have to buy it in person and I could’ve save a buck or two, seeing on how Etsy folk wouldn’t have charged me shipping to send paper anyway, but…whatever, it’s done with and I’m not going to already say I have my first buyer’s regret. It’s just $5 (right? right?!!?). No big loss here.

    The patches are an entirely different story. Most conventions have a booth or three with patches being a big portion of sales. I’m pretty sure they’re all the same people with the same company, but that may just be a huge assumption I’m making based off of the sole fact that they all had some really shitty quality patches of the same thing. Cheap patches of anything you want could be found on Etsy for $7 or less. Good quality patches are usually sold at $7 or more. The booth I grabbed these patches with had a mixture of both good and bad, all with the same price. The deal was: $8 for one patch, two for $15, three for $20, and 10 for $60. My buddy grabbed five Star Trek patches, I grabbed that Bart patch, and my girlfriend got the other Harry Potter, Dead Space, and Wonder Woman patches shown. I think the savings here were a no brainer.

    Third row, Itchy and Scratchy Funko plush toys: These were an awesome find since I haven’t been able to find them at any store in the city. My girl got these for me at $10 each, so $20 was spent on the two. Really happy to get me hands on them. Amazon has them for cheaper though, with Itchy going for $6.50 and Scratchy for $7.41.

    Forth row, Psycho and Mr. Sparkles t-shirts: So this was about the time where I was really feeling the hurt on my wallet. A t-shirt booth with loads of shit you can’t find at your local Hot Topic. I kind of have beef with a majority of the items this booth sold. Prices were $22 a shirt, but $40 for two. As you can see, I purchased two shirts which ultimately saved me only around $2 since they charged my ass for using a debit card. Amazon’s got around the same prices, with the Mr. Sparkles shirt going for $20 and Hitchock’s Psycho shirt being sold about the same.

    Big thing to watch out for in t-shirt booths is to not get ripped off. Around 40% of the shirts I found around this particular booth could be found at Walmart, Target, or Hot Topic at significantly cheaper prices. I don’t think anyone can justify buying a Gumby shirt at $22 a pop when Walmart sells those bitches for $6.50. Granted, the 60% of clothing offered is stuff that’s difficult to find offline, so I do think those hefty tags are worth it.

    All of Friday’s purchases are listed up top, clocking me around a very roughly added $76 spent. I’m making another list of food expenses to add to this list at the end of the weekend. We’ll see if I come up short on rent this month or not.

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    Even if the audio is in the Bahasa language, you get to see the "toy / convention scene" in Jakarta, Indonesia, for the 9th edition of the annual "Jakarta Toys & Comics Fair" (as organized by Sacca Production). There's even a "Indonesian Zombie Club" with the Asian Edition of "Zombie Walk" mentioned = how cool is that? (Thanks for the headsup, Paulus!)

    As well Alodia Gosiengfiao was the Judge of the Cosplay Contest for the event as well (Always dug her "Baroness" cosplay!)

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    Jason Freeny’s ‘Choice Cuts’ solo opens in LA @ 101/exhibit on Saturday evening (3.16). The show highlights his signature anatomical cut-away toy aesthetic that’s proven extremely popular with designer toy collectors and really anybody who loves toys. While there’s quite a bit of variety in the types of pieces including...

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    "Something evil lives inside a trusted old friend. Slick gloss looks alien against innocent molded fuzz. Red orbs glow in contrast to dull white eyes. Sinewy arms finished in fists clenched. Patches and scars, once signs of years of love, are evidence of previous horror. Deep inside, a child is trapped. There is no escape."

    So far this sole image of "DigesTED" by Alex Pardee stirs up the feeling of awesomeness in my toy-loving-gut and I am excited! Scheduled for a release via (and select retailers worldwide) on March 28, this manifested vinyl from Pardee's warped TEDdybear nightmares is limited to 250 pieces and priced at US$200. Wonder how big this is tho…

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    I have always wanted to snuggle up with a baby ninja and, thanks to Shawnimals' latest blind bag series, I may very well have a chance. The Baby Ninjas come in ten different styles: Baby Ninja, Macho Ninja, Zombie Ninja, Aqua Ninja, Business Ninja, Yeti Ninja, Pink Ninja, Undercover Ninja, Notso Wee Ninja, Animal Spirit Ninja, plus a secret mystery chaser. Each plush is handmade and measures 3 inches by 4 and a half inches in size. Aren't they darling? You can get a good look at the varieties available by checking out this post's gallery.

    If you are a bit concerned about trying to nab the one you have your heart set on, good news! These plushes are open edition so you can keep trying for as long as you wish. They are set to ship in early April and are available to order now. They cost US$15 for one or US$165 for the whole set. 

    Any guesses as to who the mystery chaser is?

    Shawnimals announces Baby Ninjas plushes screenshot


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    The Toys R Us only Radiator Springs Classics series adds 2 more 3-Pack gift Sets … “Fancy New Road,” – Doc Hudson has not been out in a while and neither has green Ramone so a good catchup set. This is a nice starter 3-pack but Lightning, Sally and Sheriff are pretty easily available as [...]

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    Robots, Zombies and Cloned Boys and Girls = 3A Toys' original concept releases have been pretty much this selection of themes for a few years now (discounting ht licensed properties, mind you) … and now get ready for the addition of "Mummies" to the toy-fold! But this is not your regular wrapped-Munny ala Universal Monsters, this is a Mummy with a gas tank strapped to it's back (previously known as "Steam Mumb"), and is part of their "Adventure Kartel"-universe!

    The KA-MUMB goes on sale Monday March 18 @ - starting at 9am HongKong time and will run for only 24 hours. "Blind Singles" are priced at US$100 per, as well there will be a 4-Pack at US$320 to consider (which will come with a poster).

    MUMBS were first seen at 6th ACG Guangzhou-HK-Macao Comic Con earlier this year, where 4 editions were revealed and on display:


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    Vamplets specialize in monstrous plush infants, ranging from the headliner vampire babies to werewolf babies, zombie babies, and just about every adorable demon-spawn in-between. Gayle Middleton, the not-so diabolical mastermind behind the franchise, is now branching off into the realm of Kickstarter in hopes of funding two new undead pet plushes, the Ghost Pony and the Vampyre Kitten. There were previously several Vampet plushes, including a delightful Wereroach and Zombie Guinea Pig, but they are all currently marked as "sold out" on the official Vamplets online store.

    Pledging your support (and money) to the Vamplets Kickstarter campaign not only helps get these two new plushes into production but it can also net you some very special swag. Vamplets has added several limited edition plushes to the rewards. The top two, Nightmare Ballet Lily (vampire) and Feeding Time Howliss (werewolf) are exclusive to Kickstarter and limited to 1800 pieces each. 

    To see more about the campaign along with the pledge levels and their corresponding rewards, head on over to the Kickstarter page. The campaign ends on April 11 at 4:03 p.m. Pacific. 

    Vamplets kickstarts their next pair of plushes screenshot


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    set database: LEGO 75008 tie bomber & asteroid field
    image courtesy of
    image courtesy of Grogall

    set number: 75008
    set name: tie bomber & asteroid field
    theme: starwars, planet series, episode 4-5-6
    year: 2013
    pieces: 69
    prices: us$10
    minifig: 1
    come with an asteroid field and a mini tie bomber.
    the planet has a hanger.
    the planet also can be used as part container.
    also included a display stand with name plate.
    minifig included a tie pilot minifig.
    good playability.
    overall design is good.
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    Courtesy of Neo's snappery, we get to see the final result of the Wall Mural by RSCLS + KA'a + Kongo (Whitewash snaps HERE / Images via RSCLS) completed for The Rojak Rendezvous. Situated at the back of The Substation @ 45 Armenia Street (facing the carpark), and go grab some snaps of it when you can!

    (@clog_two + @zero_rscls)

    Meanwhile, an "ARTIST TALK" will be happening Sunday 17th March @ The Substation Theatre (12pm till 3pm) featuring speakers Kongo (France), KA’a (France), ZERO (SG), SKL0 (SG), and Trase One (SG). This event is open for all!
    WHAT: 'Get into the brains of our invited artists and speakers in this personal artist talk as they share with us their unique practices; artistic practices that have been shaped by the unique urban landscapes that each artist hails from. Questions are open to the floor and dialogue is encouraged.' (Facebook)

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  • 03/16/13--05:07: Disneyland: Shanghai
  • They have unveiled what Disneyland Shanghai will look like … Since it’s only a vague concept art, it’s hard to tell but I presume CARS Land will make it there. Scheduled to open in 2015. You can see/read more here (in Chinese & English). Or if you always wanted to work for Disney and in [...]

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    TransformersAsia has posted news about a new release for the Encore #23 Fortress Maximus promotion. Fans can get a die-cast made earphone cap plug made for your smart phone or tablet for free when they purchase the Takara Encore #23 Fortress Maximus from selected stores in Asia (excluding Japan) while supplies last. Check out the image for more details on this special offer that will be released on March 30, 2013 below.

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    Thrid Party toy makers Mastershooter Collectibles have released production images of their homages to the Targetmaster characters. The figures are small flip-change style figures that change from robot to weapons made to fit deluxe class Transformers figures that never got a proper side kick. Check out the images of Bolt-Action (NOT Firebolt), Minute-Bot (NOT Haywire), Shot-Piece (NOT Recoil) and Broomstick (NOT Fracas) below for more details. These figures are availble for order now at

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    As we know, Jack Reynor will be playing a race car driver in Transformers 4. It looks like Hasbro are gearing up early with a sponsorship that was just announced for Otto Graven and his Drift Team; Ultimate 86 Motorsports. In an article published in Wrecked Magazine, we have news that Hasbro's Transformers Brand and Rogue Status will be sponsoring the team together for the coming race season. Read the full details from the article below.

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    The Danbury Mint continues it's questionable practice of posting an artist's rendering of the doll they are marketing. Mrs. Obama looks gorgeous in her red gown. Danbury Mint posts, in small print, that the "actual doll will vary." Notice they say WILL VARY, not might vary.

    So you are forewarned. I know many of you purchased earlier DB dolls and were sadly disappointed. Avoid that by waiting until the doll is released in the Fall of 2013. You can be sure there will be enough to go around.

    Price $149. plus $9 shipping.

    I have sent a query to customer service to find out the size and other details about the fashion and her hair.

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