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    Breaking news: Hasbro is live right now on's liveblog, talking about the upcoming Avengers movie toy line. So far, they have announced 15 figures for the line, vehicles, Super Hero Squad sets, and even showed off a sneak peek at a certain green giant! Click here to follow the action.
    UPDATE: The liveblog is over, but you can still read along what was discussed.
    UPDATE #2: New photos have been added, spotlighting the rest of the team.

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    College is known as a large company and one of the many largest expenses in this region – along together with tuition, room and table, is textbooks. In other words they’ll never have any kind of upward advancement for their companies. Most of these books are interactive not to mention enhance your understanding experience. Whether [...]

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    Thanks to the third party maker Perfect Effect who are releasing the PE-DX01 RC 3 action figure we have many new looks at the the homage to G1 Arcee. This one is likely to be one of the most exciting depictions of this character we have yet to see. Look for the two versions of this figure, Regular and Battle Versions, to be out in March for about $75 USD.Get a look at the RC 3 figure in robot and alternate modes, design sketches and looks at the prototype figure compared with other deluxe class toys below.

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    To celebrate the year of Dragon 2012, Toy Qube will be releasing their Black Gold Edition of Keithing's The Dragon Warrior. It will all go down on the first day of Chinese New Year, January 23rd 2012 at 1:00PM EST. This 10-inch tall resin will be limited to only 30 pieces. You'll be able to [...]

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  • 01/22/12--16:41: Weekend Film Fest 1/20
  • From robots to motion capture to fan remakes, this ALBOTAS Weekend Film Fest has a special do-it-yourself feel. Hit the jump for more.

    First is a trailer for The Meaning of Robots. Mike Sullivan has spent the past ten years making a stop motion robot movie. Did I mention that it’s nothing but robot puppets having sex with each other? Eat your heart out, Hajime Sorayama. It’s showing this year at Sundance.

    Next is a Funny or Die short with Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer explaining the next evolutionary step in motion capture technology.

    Last up is the the massive undertaking that is Star Wars Uncut. Episode IV is split up into 15 second sections, with each section reshot by a different team of fans. If there was a fan film to end all fan films, this would be it. Enjoy!

    Catch you next week! And if you have any video suggestions send them to

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    Wilde Imagination has announced the arrival of Ellowyne's new friend, Lizette. There is one basic doll and two dressed dolls.

    The basic is a wigged doll, Essential Lizette, and sure to be very popular.  I like the wild wig look much better than the smooth one. It gives her character and works perfectly with her skin color. She's adorable! She is $119. and WI is offering free shipping until midnight January 31st.

    This dressed doll is called A New Girl in Town. I like her hairstyle which is rooted. The rest of the outfit is odd and looks like something a waitress or a volunteer nurse would wear. Part of her back story is Lizette collects hats.
    "Pretty Little Lizette" is shown here and I love her outfit! She is wigged (removable) and that's a good thing because I don't think this wig works for her at all. Both dressed dolls are $149.

    I would love to see Lizette's ethnicity fully embraced with frizzy hair and all. I hope I'm not being politically incorrect but this is a dark skinned doll. She has AA features and I'd enjoy seeing WI run with that.  

    Someone made an oopsie.

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    There's more than meets the eye to Transformers the Ride that opened last month in Singapore. Hasbro has issued a special edition Optimus Prime with Trailer figure set to commemorate the event. Thanks to the Transformers Galaxy, we have some looks at the exclusive trailer that has been painted up with what looks like an old fashioned circus theme. The black painted banners across both sides show large Universal Studios Singapore and Transformers The Ride logs. Nothing to amazing, but will like be parking on

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    Syco Collectibles' roster of Mortal Kombat statues, busts screenshot

    Get ready to shout "MORTAAAL KOMBAAAAT!" really really loudly! Following up on their previous releases of Kitana and Raiden, Syco Collectibles is creating another round of Mortal Kombat statues and busts. The goods available for pre-order vary in format, either being 18 inch Premium Format statues, 10 inch Collectible statues, or 1/2 scale busts. Scorpion seems to be the favorite, being included in all three (18 inch, 10 inch, and one regular and one exclusive bust). Other Kombatants include Subzero (18 inch and 10 inch), Ermac, Liu Kang, Jade, and Mileena

    Some of the items are already starting to be waitlisted at Syco Collectibles' online store. Fortunately, a few other online retailers have the toys for sale. AmiAmi and Big Bad Toy Store both have the toys available for pre-order. Prices range from US$129.99 to US$299.99. 

    Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

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    How long does it take to become a brain surgeon? the right side, plus several mile would get my family that will Goshen. He / she seemed to be drunk, I think. Your dog advised you just specifically incorrect. Well, he / she have become they appeared to be drunk, but it aint irrespective of [...]

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    One of the most important thing you can do for your child’s early development is preparing it for literacy. Reading and writing your own language and understanding others are important skills for all future learning. The beautiful thing about children, … Continue reading

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    Article by Jiajia is increased the skill of the kid. When you go to the market (if you have kids) then you feel that your kid show his interest in wooden bricks when saw them. It is not necessary that kid will play according to your loving games. Some parents complain that why their kids did not play such game … Continue reading

    The Original Post is Located Here: Set of 39 Children’s Letter, Picture and Number Wooden Blocks

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    Kuso Vinyl and Rotobox keep the ball rolling with their Thundercraps Spiki Chiisai series with their new addition, Evil Lion-Oh. No word of a release date, but be sure to expect the drop to happen real soon!

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    Buy Now Creative Teaching Press CTP5065 Large Green Vertical Incentive Chart's price decreased by 79% from $9.30 to $1.99 at Space for 36 student names and 30 assignments. 22 1/4 x 28 1/2 ... click (more...) link for details ...Sale Price: $1.99, Vendor: Full Details GCD2076: Space for 36 student names and 30 [...]

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    While it may seem a little weird, the Transformers Prime Cyberverse Commander Bulkhead is both big, and little at the same time. The first waves of Transformers Prime figures have been flooding into stores across the pond, and new video review from Demolisher12345 has been posted on Youtube to review this figure. He believes that the figure in packaging looks a little weird, but once taken out of the package, it is a good little figure and worth the money.

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    HOUSTON, Jan. 24 (UPI) -- Consumer safety inspectors in Houston in the last two years seized 25,000 toys deemed unsafe for children, officials say.

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    Oh joy, limited edition MG Unicorn Banshee and RG Strike screenshot

    I do hate you, recolors. I really do. I've gone on so many times about how much I hate them and how lazy it is, but then I just can't stop myself from doing anything about it. This time it's the two Gundams I have grown to love the most, Gundam Unicorn and Strike Gundam. Now they're both headed for the exclusive Bandai Pro Hobby Shop.

    Fresh off the heels of the announcement of the Master Grade Gundam Unicorn Banshee, they now have the "Final Battle" version. All this means for the uninitiated is that the Psycoframe is now green instead of gold/orange. They did do one thing different as now those parts will light up. Okay Bandai, you got me. Shut up and take my money! Oh wait, you made this an exclusive to be released in May for 5,250 yen. Way to go!

    Trying to appeal to my other Gundam fetish is the Real Grade Strike Gundam. They're releasing it in two varieties: the original version as well as the Phase-Shift Down (read: gray) version. They both cost the same, 2,100 yen, and will be released in March. There's no difference in parts, just colors. Again, it's web shop limited, so feel free and try to get these.

    I hate myself for saying it, but I want that Final Battle Banshee if just for the LEDs. It's about time that they got to doing an official version to do the trick that so many Gunpla builders have already done.

    [Bandai Hobby Shop via G-Toys]

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    Buy Now Yu-Gi-Oh! - Dark Hole - Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon - #LOB-052 - 1st Edition - Super Rare's price decreased by 78% from $32.12 to $6.95 at! is a strategic trading card game in two players Duel each other using a variety of Monster, Spell, and Trap Cards to defeat their [...]

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    Guess What! This fantastic bouncer is back in stock. We have low prices on our Blast Zone line of Moonwalks and Water Parks.  Yes, Summer is not here for a few more months but did you know, the small bouncers can be used indoors.  Now is the best time to shop and enjoy Free Shipping [...]

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    Super7's Green Hell on Wheels Casket Cruiser rolls out screenshot

    Coming tomorrow to the Super7 store is one cool little ride. Josh Herbolsheimer's Rose Vampire steps behind the wheel of a Casket Cruiser with the new Green Hell on Wheels Casket Cruiser figure. and yes, it has real rolling wheels, as well as head articulation. 

    If you'd like to pick one up, they'll be US$65 at Super7's store on Thursday, starting at noon Pacific (3 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. GMT). In the meanwhile, check out the cool little video Super7 made for the release on their blog!


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    Y’know, I hate it when I do these contests where I have to pick the winner. I thought about pawning the duty off on Dr. Mrs. Ghostal, but she was watching TV, so no help there. Not really fair anyway, since it’s my site. Then I thought about asking Doc Thomas to decide, before I [...]

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