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    Nebulon5 is working with Toy Art Gallery to release his very limited run of custom Alien Argus figures from MaxToyCo. The ‘F.A.B. Alien Argus’ features Neb’s signature cosmic colors and is limited to 5 pieces and will be available this Monday, January 23rd on the TAG Online store. They will...

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    We have just updated the Hot Toys section of our Photo Archive with the latest figure in their Iron Man 2 Movie Masterpiece Series. Follow this link to check out the War Machine (Special Version) 1/6 scale Movie Masterpiece Series figure.

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  • 01/22/12--16:41: In Caffeine We Trust Poster
  • In case you’re wondering just how much coffee you are drinking … or if you reload your Starbucks card every other day, you might need this poster … What’s great is your coffee is your ink source … Um, if the poster is pretty much black & tan after 30 days, you might consider cutting [...]

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    With IDEX and New York Toy Fair just around the corner, new doll lines are set to debut. Dealers and manufacturers are anxious to make room for the new products and the sales abound. Collectors are "winter cleaning" their collections and offering up some great stuff. What's a helpless collector to do?  Here's a rundown (read: admission) of my January activities so far:

    FR16 Spring Kissed (nude) It hasn't arrived yet but my motivation was that I would use the body for an older Avantguard and sell this giant Poppy face.
    FR2 Dominique Makeda Impossibly Beautiful. It was on sale for $50 less than the original retail. I wanted her body and outfit. Sadly, very few want her head so I will probably be stuck with it. Pictures follow.
    Superfrock Testament Fashion - Second time around. I sold my first before I ever had Sybarite dolls.
    Superdoll iBean sunglasses
    Sybarite Blade pantsuit and miscellaneous accessories.
    Superfrock Pet Carrier from Automatic
    Ponytail wig from Cheryl Wood.
    Two reroots and a custom jacket.
    Monster High Cleo de Nile’s Vanity and a lot of Monster High Odds and Ends: Although these are adorable, I think this has cured me from buying any more MH stuff. What a waste!
    W Club Memberships: We'll see. I did not order any of the upgrade dolls as I didn't care for them.
    Perfectly Purple Poppy: This was a pre-order that was delayed for about 8 months.
    Theatre de la Mode ROYALE #82: Another  delayed pre-order.
    Tonner Deluxe Fashion Closet: A great bargain.
    And then there are the dogs. Sigh. 

    Meet Krypto.

     This is a Tonner product and was made to accompany his Superman figure from several years ago. Sadly he is stained from the red cape but I may have him painted eventually. Why did I buy this? I loved the original Superman comics and Krypto was such a great dog. January fever got me so Krypto moved in.
    If that weren't enough...
    Obitsu makes these jointed dogs and in a January mindset, $25. each seemed like a good idea. I bought a white one as well but I can't find it and it's not even out of it's box. Sigh, again.
    No she's not a dog. Miami Glow Vanessa was the recipient of Dominique's body and fashion. I like the gown now. There were some problems with the product, however. The beautiful silk (?) gown was stitched to the box and even with ultra careful removal, thread holes remain. I even steamed the fabric to no avail. Sad. It's really a beautifully designed and carefully constructed garment. The body itself is the first FR2 body I have received that was wobbly. There is a huge space at the thigh joint which allows the legs to swing loosely. Going backward? My temporary fix is to put tape around the joint (not inside) to hold it. The seams on this body are not finished nicely. She's got stripes on her arms and neck and probably on her legs, too, where the seams are joined.  I don't know if I will seek a replacement body.

    I was ill all week and I thought I'd feel better if I deboxed something. I am a deboxer but occasionally I will get a Mattel product and put it somewhere without opening it. Too bad I was able to find this one - the Grace Kelly Trousseau. This has to be one of the least attractive of all modern Mattel sculpts. Not only is it unattractive, they forgot the matte finish. 
    The second outfit is a very nice navy sheath. Unfortunately the coat is not made properly. The empire seam which should be under the bust, hits almost at the largest part of the but. It was cut too short for a silkstone body. There is a big white hat but it never made it into the pictures. It's probably hiding with the white Obitsu dog somewhere.

    Needless to say, deboxing this set did not make me feel better. 

    Did you all have a good January (so far?)

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    Around early May of this year, 2012, be sure to look for the "NEW 52 - JUSTICE LEAGUE BATMAN" DC Direct Action Figure to hit the stores! This is the first figure in an ongoing line based on Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s best-selling JUSTICE LEAGUE Comic Books. It will measure approx 6 3/4" tall and will also be specially packaged. The exact Release Date is May 2nd.

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    It is the year of the Dragon and Keithing is out to release another set of his Dragon Warriors. Available on Monday, January 23rd at 1PM EST, the Black Gold Edition will be up for grabs online and in-store at ToyQube. Each figure is handpainted by Keith and comes with...

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    Most popular unfinished wooden blocks eBay auctions:

    The Original Post is Located Here: Nice Unfinished Wooden Blocks video

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    Buy Now Yu-Gi-Oh! - Dark Hole - Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon - #LOB-052 - 1st Edition - Super Rare's price decreased by 78% from $32.12 to $6.95 at! is a strategic trading card game in two players Duel each other using a variety of Monster, Spell, and Trap Cards to defeat their [...]

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    set database: LEGO 3818 bikini bottom undersea party

    set number: 3818
    set name: bikini bottom undersea party
    theme: spongebob
    year: 2012
    pieces: 471
    prices: us$50
    minifigs: 4
    nice spongebob set.
    come with a spongebob's pineapple house and a squidward's house.
    also included a dj table and speakers, a merry go round, a seesaw and a juice bar.
    included a gary snail.
    the pineapple house has a bed with ejecting function.
    the squidward's house has an art studio and a music stand.
    minifigs included a spongebob minifig, a patrick minifig, a squidward minifig and mrs. puff minifig.
    great playability.
    overall design is great.
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    A peek at Super Festival 58's wares screenshot

    Super Festival 58 was held recently in Japan, and OH MY GOD ARE THOSE RABBITS?!?! YES, THEY ARE! 

    Errr ... umm, what I meant to say was that Andy from Kaiju Korner stopped by Super Festival 58 and took a ton of pictures. Most of the major kaiju and sofubi heads of state were in attendance with a few old friends and some newer ones. And yes, some of the sofubi pieces were utterly adorable.

    Check out our gallery for some photos featuring Shikaruna's rabbits, Billiken's cool Astro Boy-based piece, some turtles and a Dogu-chan sofubi figure from the Sunguts/Pico Pico table, Real Head's awesome looking tanukis, Yamanaya's ship kaiju, and a not-for-sale custom from Ilanena. Of course, for the rest of the photos, head over to our friends at Kaiju Korner and check them all out. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go make some room in my collection ...

    Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

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    Buy Now FLY 2.0: FastComp Math's price decreased by 79% from $19.74 to $4.22 at write down your problem and get instant answers to complex computations.Convert a decimal into a fraction or improper fractions into mixed numbers, in a fraction of the time!Find the area, perimeter and circumference of a figure in a flash.With [...]

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    Here are 2 Brand New BAT-BLOG.COM Exclusive BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie Wallpaper Backgrounds guaranteed to brighten your desktop! They were created by Graphic Artist Sean Hartter and feature images of BATMAN and BANE. Warning: The Bright Day-Glo Coloring Might Drive You Batty!

    CLICK HERE For More FREE BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie Film BANE Wallpaper Backgrounds!

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    On Friday and Hasbro treated fans to an interactive liveblog on Facebook.   This liveblog included members of Hasbro’s team working on ‘The Avengers’ movie toy line and Jesse Falcon and Damon Nee of Marvel Entertainment licensing.   During the course of the liveblog they revealed the first Hulk figure from ‘The Avengers’ line. They mentioned [...]

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    According to the Bat-Blog History Files today is a great day! Today, January 22nd, the Legendary Comic Book Artist Marshall Rogers was born in Flushing, New York ( a Borough of Queens ). In High School he was inspired by a Mechanical Drawing class and decided he wanted to be an Architect. But later, after attending Kent State University, he discovered that Calculus was just wayyy too hard, ha! Plus, he wanted to be more creative. So he decided to try working as an Illustrator.

    He submitted work to Marvel Comics but that didn't lead anywhere. He worked odd jobs to support himself while acquiring small assignments from small Magazines. Then, a big break! He started his comic book career working for Atlas, a short-lived comics publisher. They claimed his work was "too detailed", took too long to draw. It was around this time that he got another big break. He started doing small jobs for DC Comics. His first, was "retouching" reprints of 1940's Batman stories. But this wasn't enough so he tried getting more work at both Marvel & DC Comics. Marvel gave him his 1st big assignment working in their Magazine division. He began drawing "The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu" where he worked with Chris Claremont doing "Iron Fist" stories.

    Now, here's the part where he really becomes a part of Bat-History! Around 1977 he began working with the Writer Steve Englehart on a, now classic, Batman storyline that ran in Detective Comics #471 thru 476. This was the famous "Joker's Laughing Fish" story. This event also heavily influenced the 1989 Tim Burton BATMAN Movie. It's also important to note that later Rogers began work on the BATMAN Newspaper Comic Strip that ran from November 6, 1989 to August 3, 1991. To check that out, just click HERE!

    Sadly, Rogers passed away on March 24th, 2007. He was found by his Son & the Family reports that he had a heart attack. Also, the Coroner reported that he, "might have been dead for a few days". Among Batman Fans, Friends & Family he is greatly missed. His work in the 1970's and 80's is right up there with the works of Dennis O'Neil/Neal Adams and Jim Aparo. Classic stuff!! I have a few Friends who state that they had met him at various Comic Book Conventions & they all said, "He was a really nice guy, very talkative & quite friendly".

    Much of Rogers' work is now considered vastly important and some of his work was collected in two early Graphic Novels titled, "Batman: Strange Apparitions" & "Batman: Dark Detective". Then, later, and actually very recent, a more definitive Graphic Novel was created called "The Legends of the Dark Knight by Marshall Rogers". This book reprints: Detective Comics # 468, 471-479, 481, Legends of the Dark Knight # 132-136, Batman: Dark Detective # 1-6 and more! Check out this LINK for more details on that.

    I apologize for getting kind of carried away with this post, it's almost a "book", ha! But this Comic Book Artist was always a Favorite Childhood Hero of mine. His artwork is really great! Down below I created a "Marshall Rogers Tribute" Wallpaper. I hope you use it as an inspiring background on your desktop.

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    CHICO -- There was a lot of commotion Saturday at the Gateway Science Museum as visitors got their hands on new exhibits focused on noise and toys.

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  • 01/22/12--16:41: weekend roundabout #71
  • I have this strange sense of discombobulation this week. It’s like the lack of routine from the holidays is finally catching up to me, and nothing quite adds up in a day. Does anyone else have this feeling? It’s also the nagging sensation that I have several New Year’s Resolutions sitting in my subconscious just [...]

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    Haulers are back in the narrowest sense … Mack & the Walmart Wally Hauler are coming back … Though I’m guessing with a new look (WM is still using this tagline so I’m not sure what will be different but it definitely has a new UPC – 7-46775-20941-4) … or maybe it looks the same [...]

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    McFarlane Toys Halo Micro Ops Small And Large Sets

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    A Little Bit On The Star Wars Dart Board Side: Pre-order one of these bad boys from Gentle Giant for $99. Perfect for decorating your personal wretched hive of scum and villainy.

    (via Nerd Approved)

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