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    Tomopop Review: DC Comics Bishoujo Huntress screenshot

    We recently took a look at Power Girl (reviewed here), and now it's time to check out her pal Huntress as the DC Comics Bishoujo line continues.

    When I look at this figure, my reaction is pretty much the same as with Power Girl's, or even Storm's (reviewed: regular | white costume) - this is 100% woman. As cute as most of these girly figures are, there's always a marked difference when we get to the older characters. They just have a different presence altogether, and they're usually much sexier.

    Check out my full review below the cut.

    Figure Name: DC Comics Bishoujo Huntress
    Figure Maker: Kotobukiya
    Retail: US$64.99
    Available at: Koto US

    Huntress' box is much the same as any other bishoujo statue box. It has the usual Shunya Yamashita art on it, and other pictures and information around the windows. The only big difference with this box is instead of a "coming next!" sort of teaser at the back, it actually just had a picture of Harley (reviewed) advertising she was out and available. Mysterious!

    Once she's out of the box, Huntress is almost entirely assembled. All you really need to do is grab her pole, which comes apart at the middle, and close it over her right hand. Then you're all set!

    Huntress has the same plain, black base that Harley and others have come with lately, and she's got one of her legs propped up on a statue like Batgirl (reviewed).

    From the back, we can see her swishing over to the side along with her ample hair. The black base actually adds a nice reflective effect with the statue I can appreciate, too. It has a nice, sleek look to it despite my feeling the base could have just been smaller overall.

    Helena's costume here has the belly window, which I have no problem with. It would have been nice to see her stomach molded to look a bit stronger, but as it is you can hardly see it if your figure is displayed at eye level or below because of the way her body is curved. Below the window we've got a utility belt (more images of that in the gallery) and the bottom of her costume as shorts.

    The only real issue I have with the figure, and it probably isn't really an issue at all, is the molding of her breasts. I haven't decided yet whether or not I think they look good or weird. They've got this kind of "flop" to them that I can't quite wrap my head around, but it only looks weird from certain angles. For now, I'm just going to give them a neutral pass.

    One thing I do quite like about her costume though, is the shimmery finish to it on all the purple. The shimmer is a nice touch that gives her the right overall look and emphasizes her body in a nice way.

    Helena has these knee pads on over her tights and then they lead down to her boots. The molding is rather nice there and I even took an extra picture of the back of her left knee to emphasize it.

    Helena's cape, of course, is also nicely molded to give it the movement of billowing over to the side. The white trim is solid and none of the paint has blemishes or bleeding.

    The cape gives way to a nice view of Helena's butt, which is jutting out a bit behind her because of her pose. Again, nice molding and paint application as well as the nice quality and care taken with the utility belt to avoid paint transfer. It's a separate piece from her body, but it's not free-moving.

    Helena's hair has the transparent PVC at the ends. As usual, I find it's a nice effect.

    Finally, we've got her beautiful face. She has big eyes and lips under her mask with no blemishes or paint goofs to be seen. The color of her eyes is more subtle than I've seen in other figures, and she's got some hair flowing over the front of the top of her mask, there. The bangs frame her face rather nicely, I think!

    Below her face there's also a look here at the front of her cape and chest.

    Overall I feel that Huntress is another winner. She probably would appeal to collectors who may not necessarily be familiar with the character, though I suspect that her breast molding might be an issue for some. It doesn't even look horrendous -- it's just something that particularly picky folks might have a problem with. I can't imagine there'd be anything else to complain about here, though. Huntress features solid molding with an excellent paint job and a nice pose that goes along with the other Bat Family bishoujo figures.

    The molding on her and Power Girl have a different feel to them, giving them both a bit more of an animated look than I've seen on other bishoujo figures. Of course, both of these figures were sculpted by GILL GILL, also responsible for the excellent sculpting on the recently seen Sigrid of the Thorn by Embrace Japan.

    A big thanks to Kotobukiya for providing Tomopop with this review sample! Once all the winter holidays and vacations are over, I think it'll be time to take some pictures of Huntress pal-ing around with Power Girl and perhaps even Batgirl. I'm sure they'll all look fabulous together, and I wish I had Super Girl as well to complete the diorama!

    Check out the gallery for more images that didn't make it into the body of this review, and be sure to leave your feedback in the comments below!

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    Today, we turn our Collectors' Collections spotlight onto Jeffrey M. of Baltimore, Maryland. Click the thumbnails above to check out some super-cool Indiana Jones items! If you want to share your Star Wars collection with the Rebelscum community email us here, and if you collect other toys too, email us here and we'll be happy to publish a gallery, right here on Cool Toy Review.

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    Fans Toys have released a yet another new image for their NOT Shockwave project. This image gives us a new close-up look a action figure in robot mode. Check out the details on this guy that is being offered in the Masterpiece scale. This figure is slated for release February 2013 $150 USD. Check out the image below for more details on the new release.

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    Hot Toys Iron Man 2 Hall of Armor For 1/6th Scale Figures Hot Toys has yet another release and this time it is in this spirit of the Iron Man 2 movie. They are proud to present the Hot Toys Iron...

    [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

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    D-Arts Charizard may convince you to catch 'em all screenshot

    With the first D-Arts Pokemon release coming this March in the form of Mewtwo, you still need to build your team of 6. April will help you along that route with the addition of D-Arts Charizard. With the design of Charizard in particular, it didn't feel like there was too much that could be done in terms of decent articulation. As it turns out though, the folks at Tamashii Nations have done just fine.

    What stands out here is how well they've managed to incorporate the articulation. The neck doesn't look awkward as one might expect and the arms are about what you'd actually expect. The wings are pretty much perfect and lend themselves to quite a few possibilities. I'd love to do flying poses, but I need to see if there's going to be an included stand to make these happen. What really does lure me in are the fire effects. The tail fire looks like it would never be in a position to go out and the flamethrower effect part is great, though again I wonder about how to get it into position.

    In order to get your hands on Charizard, you'll be waiting to until April and paying ¥3,990. As great as Charizard is, it makes me want other Pokemon more, especially a Gyarados and Dragonite. I like my dragons, so make it happen Tamashii Nations.

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    Takara Tomy's official Twitter page hooks it up again with a new images tweeted today showing us the Transformers Prime AMW-13 Arms Microns Autobot set featuring the RA, B2, and OP Micron fgures conbined. Check out Transformers Prime AMW-13 Arms Microns Autobot Set In-Hand Image below.

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    It seems as though our boy kaNO has finally got his very own Kidrobot Dunny! kaNO has “Transformed” this 3” figure to slightly resemble Starscream, with it’s own uniquely sculpted head. The “Flight” Dunny will be available at all Kidrobot Stores and KR Online beginning on Thursday, January 17th. They...

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    S.H. Figuarts Lelouch forces you to part ways with your $ screenshot

    It kind of goes without saying, make a figure of a pretty boy and watch the money rain down upon you. Lelouch is no stranger to the phenomenon being from the popular Code Geass. He's had his reign of figures before, but for those that have already dove in and bought those, you may have to do so again. 

    What will immediately come to mind to many is the previous figma version of Lelouch. As to why you should possibly go with the SHF version, there are those key differences. As was pointed out in the comments prior, the SHF will be 150 mm in height, 10 mm shorter than the figma. For that lack of height, you are getting something in return, namely tons of accessories. You will get the mask, the fabulous cape and plenty of facial expressions. The biggest difference between the two figures is the inclusion of that admittedly great expression in the header and the fact that this is his R2 costume. This will be a plus for those who can now justify, "I have to buy it! He has a new hat outfit!"

    Those caught in the glare of Lelouch's Geass can know that he will be out this April for the cost of ¥3,990. Make your dowries in payment to Tamashii Nations when pre-orders become available.

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    Mikatan wraps up 2012 with some interesting figures screenshot

    It's the final Friday of 2012 and the start of a 4 day weekend for many, so let's look back at the year it was. There was a LOT of Madoka, a lot of Vocaloid and an even bigger avalanche of other goods. Mikatan of Good Smile is about to enjoy a week long vacation, but not before totaling up the big movers and sellers of 2012.

    I knew they sold a lot of Nendoroids, but I did not think that 92 of them were released in the past year. That's an average of close to 8 releases a month. That's just regular Nendoroids by the way, not including Petite or Plus releases (31 of those total). Figma didn't have as many releases, but still a very impressive 48 releases. With scaled figures, there was a total of 64 items. That's quite the number considering what goes into the average release from GSC and its subsidiaries.

    If you're wondering what the top sellers were, you probably have a good idea already. The top seller for GSC was their Ultimate Madoka PVC release, followed by the Nendoroid Snow Miku in her fluffy coat, and in third figma Mami Tamoe. I'm honestly surprised by Ultimate Madoka taking the top spot, especially considering that it came out just this past month. Japan really, really loves their Madoka. Other interesting things to take from the sales are that Nendoroids account for 10 of the Top 20, with figma filling 6 of those spots and scaled taking 4. Also of note, figma Link was the 16th highest selling figure of the year. Take the hint, GSC.

    You can check out the full lists on Mikatan's blog, including the breakdown by individual companies, gender and hair color. Sorry, but bald doesn't count.

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    Online games website,, and Univision Communications, Inc., have partnered to launch a co-branded online gaming property designed for the U.S. Hispanic audience. Launching in December, Univision Juegos by Miniclip will transport Miniclip’s library of more than 800 games to’s online user base. As part of the agreement, Miniclip will create and power all content [...]

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    Just for the holidays, I’m reposting one of my favorite Times Past recollections…I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday. Enjoy! - – - – - With the holidays here, this seemed like a good time to share my memory of receiving one of the greatest gifts ever. Read on! 1985.  Arguably the greatest [...]

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    Sword Art Online's Asuna figma gets a colored preview screenshot

    Just this past weekend we were given our first look at Max Factory's upcoming figma of Asuna from Sword Art Online and now, only days later, we're getting another first look at her in full color thanks to a quick preview on figma blog. It's only a single pic, but I'm really liking what I see! Her white armor has a nice glossy sheen to it, her colors look very sharp, and the thin red lines are very eye-catching. I'm also drawn to the colors in her sword, they seem to have put a lot of detail work into it. Outside of that we aren't seeing much more than what the magazine scan had to offer. No word on extra parts and accessories just yet, but I have a feeling I'll be disappointed if I wish too hard for her to come with a sandwich. They say she'll be at the Gift booth this weekend at Comiket so hopefully we'll have some good looks at her out in the wild real soon!

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  • 12/28/12--13:17: Kronks Pin-Up Girl
  • Known primarily for his toys done with Kidrobot, South African artist Kronk is about to launch his own Kronk Artist Brand with his new original Pin-Up Girl figure. From a recent instagram tease, this sexy devil temptress features tattoo designs similar in style to that seen on several of his...

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    Thanks to BBTS who have listed a new pre-order people may be interested in. Third Party toy makers iGear Toys are offering the PP05P Patrol Specialist (LE 500) that will be a limited of just 500 action figures worldwide. Based on the PP05W Weapon Specialist release, this figure features a new head and different paint scheme and includes only the small gun shown in the picture. The iGear Toys PP05P Patrol Specialist (LE 500) is estimated to arrive April 2013 for $99.99 USD. Check out the pre-order now for more info at

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    Round2Christine1SOUTH BEND, Indiana – 12/06/2012 – Round 2 is excited to announce the 1958 Plymouth Fury from the movie Christine, based on Steven King’s best-seller.  The 1983 movie poster proclaimed: She was born bad. Plain and simple. The limited edition die-cast replica of the Fury has been upgraded to accurately reflect the movie car. You’ll [...]

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    2012 has been great, and I want to thank everyone who has supported Supahcute. I’m so grateful to my friends, both old and new, and to my community of fans/followers. In 2012, I had the opportunity to curate my first … Continue reading 

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    Francesco de Molfetta has collaborated with Singapore’s Flabslab on the upcoming ‘Histary’ sculpture. ‘Star Wars Sphinx’ is the first thing that comes to mind with this new piece which conotinues Francesco’s practice of blending iconic classic / historical imagery with pop culture elements. Histary features Vader’s unmistakable helmet and an...

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