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    Atom Eve is next in DST's Femme Fatales line screenshot

    Diamond Select Toys will be adding Atom Eve (Invincible) to their Femme Fatales line. The Femme Fatales line seems to specialize mostly in indy superheroines (having previously covered Lady Death, Darkchylde, Kabuki, etc) and, as such, not everybody might be familiar with the character. This time I'm part of that unknowing majority.

    Of course, one need not be familiar with the source material to appreciate Atom Eve's design. The character is posed gracefully in flight, with one balanced on a crystalline energy effect. The sculpting and use of color is fairly solid as well. As with other Femme Fatales, there's something that just feels grounded about the design which is a pleasant change from a lot of overly flattering interpretations of female characters often seen in other lines.

    Atom Eve stands about nine inches tall and is slated for a Summer release. I imagine that she'll retail for around US$40.

    [ Art Asylum ]

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    Humungoid Toy Drop from EscToy

    Erick Scarecrow and EscToy just dropped a huge amount of resin toys on us. The Flying Crow Crow Bear is my favorite, mostly because I’m a sucker for purple sprays. Only six of them were made and are available for $300.

    The ten-inch Old Skool Kaiju Gaizer Dizign has an awesomely splattered Kill Bill paint application. Limited to ten pieces, this one’ll run you $130.

    Esc team up with Frombie again to bring Tunic Kami x Sama Blue. These are all signed and numbered and come with a pin to boot.

    Pretty Boi Silver Bastard looks like a killer mashup of Tim Burton and chibi characters. Five of these were released, but there’s only one left. Grab it for $250.

    A new colorway of the Mini Supa Jr. has also been released. Clear Cherry is a transparent orangey red, and is probably my favorite one so far.

    These are just the highlights of the December drop from EscToys. Check out the rest of their releases or pick up one of the above toys right here.

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    Toys and games with local connections are the highlights of the more than 100 items in the Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum's exhibit "Toys, Games & Trains."

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    This week on Radio Free Cybertron: Botcon 2013 is in California. Yay? Media operations for Hasbro products consolidated, Toys for Tots, Operation Beehive, Long Stacks and 12 80s toys that failed. PLAYMP3iTunes

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  • 12/15/12--17:58: On the Third Day of Clixmas
  • nu52 Outlaws in HeroClix Teen Titans setNo comment

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    Nendoroid 300 is Miku, but overshadowed by better things screenshot

    For a few weeks now Good Smile Company has been pushing hard to get you excited for Nendoroid 300. But as expected, it's Miku Hatsune once again. And not even a really interesting Miku from one of her popular MMD videos, but rather yet another vanilla Miku. This version is simply being dubbed 2.0, though the changes are more like a 1.5. The body seems to be slightly slimmer and her clothes are now glossy rather matte, but other than that it's not a huge change. What is new is the head assembly which now features a separate neck piece. The new system still appears to be compatible with the current two-piece system since there's likely no changes to the body.

    They're also giving the boxes a much needed upgrade. Gone are the boring boxes resembling something from a UFO catcher, now the boxes are decked out in bright colors and pictures resembling something closer to a figma box. Hopefully this remains as a change we'll see in all future Nendoroids. And I know it's a drag to see number 300 turn out to be just Miku again, but you do have to admit that the new poses are really cute! The new sitting pose is really adorable. If you're still a big Miku fan you could always go for the upgrade and just keep your old one as your default Miku Hachune figure.

    But wait, there's more! GSC wasn't content to only announce the new Miku 2.0, they in fact previewed eight other Nendoroids for 2013! They're keeping the Vocaloid train going with Append versions of Len and Rin in their updated black and white outfits. GSC is heading back to Haganai just in time for the second season with a Nendo based on gothic lolita little sister Kobato Hasegawa. They'll also be returning to Little Busters! for the first time since their initial 2011 release by making a new figure of Rin Natsume. A few weeks ago there was a preview of Nendoroid Wooser and Rin, now we're finding out we'll also be getting Rin's sister Ren and the all black Darth Wooser.

    And now for the really new stuff: IS: Infinite Stratos heroine Houki Shinonono makes her Nendoroid debut. She'll be clad in her School uniform rather than her Akatsubaki personal IS. That sure would have been an awesome Nendo. Next, in a curious choice, we have PSP game and upcoming anime Dangan Ronpa's sadistic Monobear. The biggest surprise of all which didn't get nearly the fanfare it deserved is the reveal that Clamp's Cardcaptor Sakura herself is hitting the Nendoroid line! How awesome would it have been if Sakura Kinomoto was number 300? GSC probably doesn't share the same sentiment, but I'll certainly be watching this one closely! Unfortunately there's no official preview for this one.

    So what do you think? Good stuff? Bad Stuff? In the mood for adding yet another Miku to your Nendoroid ranks? We've already had a pretty solid preview of things to come for 2013, most of which can be seen in the gallery, and this just goes to further reinforce what an amazing year we're in for!

    [via @GSC_GUMA,, Figure/GK]

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    New in package images of Takara Tomy Transformers United Seekers Aces Box Set are in via the eBay seller highendtfs who posted an auction for the Asian market exclusive action figures. The images show the box and packaging that includes metallic repaints of the Classics Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp toys. Get a look at the images below for more details on the release that will be out January 2012 in Asia.

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    Thanks to Cat and TF blog who have posted many new out of package image of the Takara Tomy Transformers Prime Arms Micron AM-29 Shockwave action figure that has crossed over from the Fall of Cybertron game into the Prime series in Japan as a darker repaint of the Hasbro version. Get many good clear look at the Japanese version of the toy shown in robot and alternate mode, with Arms Micron accessory figure / weapon and in comparison with Generations release below.

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    It's pretty easy to fawn over Steiff treasures - especially the tiny ones - and that is certainly the case here!  Check out this note from a reader who asks about an unusual Steiff item she found in a box of family treasures.  Through a series of communications, Betsey writes in part: 
    I was looking online to try to identify an antique Steiff fawn and found your site - so here I am. 
    I found this item in a box of my deceased parents personal belongings - my father and mother were born in 1910 and 1915, respectively.  The fawn in question stands 4.75" tall and is 4.5" long if standing fairly straight up.  He is a kind of deep cinnamon/pumpkin color with 'age-darkened' white spots on his body and around the front of his chest.  He also has white detailing on the top part of his rather rounded, permanently-tucked-in tail.  His hooves and snout are black.  He has dyed-to-match pumpkin colored triangular felt ears; his left ears is still adorned with a tiny silver colored Steiff button. He has round black button eyes.  His coat is very woolen like, similar to the pom pom bunnies.  He is only wired, not at all jointed, and the wire can be seen when you part the wool of his belly.
    I have hesitated calling him a fawn because his ears are not big and tall like real deer ears and his nose and hooves are not fine, but nearly the same width as his head and legs.  Of course, this may merely be simplicity of his design. He looks a bit more like pictures I've seen of alpacas, shorn all one length, like a poodle with a puppy-cut.
    He is quite darling, and just now as I smell him...  he smells like mittens, woolen mittens like my mother made.

    I hope you can help me learn more about him.  Thanks so much for taking the time to read this message.

    What a dear - whoops, Steiffgal meant deer - inquiry!  What we have here is Steiff's very rare and seldom seen woolen miniature Reh or deer.  Deer is is 10 cm tall and made from pumpkin colored Nomotta wool.  Nomotta is a type of high quality, alpaca-like wool which has been treated with a moth repellent product; "Nomotta" is actually a play-on-words for the German phrase, "No Moths."  This Nomotta deer has white highlights on his chest and tail, as well as spots on his back.  His face is detailed with a black nose, a simple black mouth, and black bead eyes.  His ears are made from felt.  He is flexible as he has an internal wire framework.  This tiny handful was made in 10 cm only from 1935 through 1938.   

    Steiffgal's just guessing here... but given the ages of Betsey's parents, and the production timeline of their Steiff treasure -  it is possible that this deer originally served as a courtship or early marriage gift for the young couple.   


    This fawn is an outstanding example of an early Steiff woolen miniature, or "woolie."  Woolies debuted in the 1931 Steiff catalog in the form of six simple birds; each item was a different color and was produced in 4 and 8 centimeters. This introduction proved extremely successful.  Almost immediately, Steiff introduced rabbits, cats, mice, mice, monkeys, ducks and other popular species - including Betsey's little deer - as woolen miniatures. The vast majority of these tiny treasures were in the 5- to 15-cm size range. Despite their small proportions, most were head jointed and/or made with internal wire frameworks for flexibility.  They also often had charming details that included tiny metal legs; felt beaks, wings and ears; colorful slippers; and head wear, including bonnets, top hats and lacy veils. Steiff produced these woolen miniatures pre-war through 1943.  (Pictured above is a photo of what Betsey's deer looked like when new; this illustration is from Gunther Pfeiffer's 1892-1943 Steiff Sortiment reference book.) 

    Post war, Steiff began producing woolies again in 1949; resuming the manufacture of some of the more popular earlier models—like the robin, green woodpecker, finch, blue tit, sparrow and rabbit—and introducing some brand new breeds as well. Steiff also got a little creative with the woolies, manufacturing hanging mobiles made from woolies in the late 1960s through the mid ’70s.  Around the same time as the mobiles, Steiff also experimented with woolies by combining them with mohair features. Two examples of these included a 6-cm. woolie skunk with a black and white wire reinforced posable mohair tail and a 5-cm. squirrel with a brown posable tail.  Steiff woolen miniatures appeared in the catalog though the early 1980s; after that, demand decreased and it became too labor intensive and expensive to produce them. Steiff subsequently dropped them from the line.

    Steiffgal hopes this discussion about this unusual woolen miniature as brought you a huge amount of happiness today.  

    Have a question about one of your Steiff treasures? Let's talk! Click here to learn more.

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    Toys for Tots will deliver a little handmade holiday bling this year, courtesy of a pair of sisters with a knack for arts and crafts.

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    Scott Wilkowski shows off a line-up of INFECTED Big Boss Robot - meant for Giant Robot's "Printed Matter - A Show of Multiples" (FB Events) - launching December 17th @ GR2, and exhibiting thru Jan 9th, 2013 (Opening reception on Dec 22nd, 6:30 - 10 pm). Intense, and I like it!

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    OhNo!Doom's last show at their current locale 1800 N. Milwaukee Ave features deals on select pieces from past exhibits for their "Last Chance Sale" for which an online preview can be viewed target="_blank">here. Opening 2pm till 10pm on December 15th - read all about "THE END IF NEAR" here via their FB-events page, and expect to see them as pop-up stores and as an online gallery in 2013. (

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    Opened at the Disney WonderGround Gallery on December 15th, is a group art show which saw a host of artists depicting Disney characters, with the theme being "Good vs Evil". Above we see a quartet of goodness from (clockwise from top-left): Jeremiah Ketner, J Scott Campbell, Jerrod Maruyama and Danny Haas, while below are pieces from Martin Hsu (who has four pieces of artwork in the show). "

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    Witness the Purple Panda Gazer resin sculpt from Angry Woebots x SilentStage, with this limiting to an edition of 10 pieces, and exclusive to Collect and Display from the UK. But alas seems the listing reads "Sold Out", so time for a good weep, my poor collectors who missed out...

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  • 12/15/12--21:30: TOYPIXDAY: Family (Dec 16)
  • This week's TOYPIXDAY was about "family", utilizing my humble Tuttz collection as the nucleus family unit consisting of 2 parents and 3 siblings, they represented the Heng Family, well, in a fashion. Big ups to Argonaut Resins for the Tuttz, which came in three different sizes, and seemed made the concept work! I'll end tis week with a group shot, and take this chance to wish folks an early

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    Heads up Jim Lee X-Men fans, there is a stellar Marvel Legends 1990's era Jubilee action figure auction in its last 24 hours on eBay. If this is your favourite period of the world's most popular mutant title, you have to check this one out.

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    Toys for Tots volunteers scattered across the back room of Southeast Technical College’s Tandeski Center at 10:15 a.m. Saturday as they prepared for the next wave of people attending the Free Christmas Toy Store event.

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    “Mad” Max Hindes loads toys into a bag at the 2012 Toys for Tots Texoma Motorcycle Run Saturday morning in Sherman. This year the toy run had over 350 riders and raised over $2,600 dollars in addition to the donated toys.

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    Episode FORTY TWO of the AFB Podcast is live at iTunes and is now available for direct download! Download and subscribe to the podcast at iTunes now!  Join Ben, Justin and Scott for Episode Forty Tw...

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    The Mattel Disney CARS line is unusual in that since Disney is the licensor, there are some crossover releases that are “canon” if they are in scale and is an acceptable placeholder if there’s no matching Mattel release  or in other cases, a better scale than a Mattel release (for instance, the Disney Store Combat Ship [...]

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