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    National Entertainment Collectibles Association has released official images of their upcoming first assortment of action figures based on James Cameron's Aliens. Included in this assortment will be Alien Warrior, Private Hudson, and Corporal Dwayne Hicks. Click the thumbnails above for a closer look.

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    Granamyr, Procrustus somewhat delayed screenshot

    Matty Collector / Digital River has announced that both Granamyr and Procrustus will have a delayed shipment. Both figures will still be offered during the 12/17 sale (Club Eternia subscribers will also be affected by the Procrustus delay), but they won't actually ship until later. As such, Matty will hold your other items to ship with either (or both) of these figures and suggests placing separate orders if you want one of your other items sooner (albeit you're paying more on shipping).

    Given that Granamyr was the big (pun intended) thing that I was looking forward to in the upcoming 12/17 sale, this is more than a little disappointing. Now if I want him topping my Christmas tree I'll have to leave said tree up another month or so. Then again, one might expect that things going smoothly was really too much of a holiday miracle where Matty is concerned.

    [ Matty Collector / Digital River ]

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    I'm delighted to announce that I can finally make it to Comic Fiesta this year! for the past couple of years due to Culture Japan filming, I was unable to be in Malaysia at this time of year. This time however, Japan Mode filming is complete and I'll be heading to Malaysia next week to attend Comic Fiesta.

    Comic Fiesta is Malaysia's longest running convention that focuses on animation, comics and games. Check out this post to see what its like.

    This year I'll be speaking on stage and also have a booth - the Mirai Kopitiam! I'm also bringing with me Good Smile Company and Bushiroad who are attending for the first time - they will each have their own booth spaces too. The big boss of Bushiroad Kidani-san will also be coming.
    There will be a load of other guests too including Redjuice sensei. I'm due to be on stage on Saturday around 3PM-ish.

    Comic Fiesta takes place on December 22 - 23rd (Sat/Sun) at the KL Convention Center. Nearest station is KLCC Station (Putra LRT).
    Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Jalan Ampang, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.
    [gmap=3.15405, 101.71330]

    And here are some of the goodies that we will have at the Mirai Kopitiam booth! As for Touch N Go - even with your support to fill in the petition, they didn't get their act together. I'll be over in Malaysia next week though and will try to directly negotiate with them though. Will keep you updated.

    First up we have the Moekana T-shirts.

    A Moekana T-shirt is the easiest way to cosplay as Mirai-chan!

    Also the easiest way to cosplay as Eiji-kun.

    And here are the T-shirt sizes - we now have XXL from now on.

    Apart from the Cheerleader and Tora T-shirts, we introduce the Hinomaru (Japanese flag) and Solar Marine versions too.

    Each T-shirt comes with a Moekana Couple Set - 1 card is Mirai-chan.

    And the other card is Eiji-kun.

    The Mirai Carry Cases will also be available for purchase too.

    Each Mirai Carry Case comes with a Janket set (3 cards).

    We got a load of posters too - different selection from Singapore.
    First up is a Moekana calendar poster. All of these are A2 sized.

    Mirai Winter uniform version illustrated by Iizuki Tasuku-sensei.

    Moekana Beginner version (has romaji).

    Comic Fiesta poster featuring Tea and Coffy - only on sale at CF2012. Illustration by Ikkyuu-sensei.

    The posters we printed in Singapore were coated in waterproof coating which looked great but made the edges curl up too much. The posters for Malaysia are still glossy but not waterproof and thus dont curl up.

    Mirai in her Solar Marine uniform illustrated by Piromizu-sensei.


    Mirai in her Solar Marine uniform illustrated by Koku-sensei.

    Moekana Master version (no romaji).

    Mirai in Solar Marine uniform by Pinax (Pinakes) sensei.

    There is actually another poster that you can see here in the bottom left - the Mirai Millennium poster - a fave of mine which I cant wait to get a hold of myself!

    Each poster comes with an Itasha Moekana card.

    All purchases come with a Mirai glossy bag - we are preparing another design too!

    And here are the prices for the Moekana T-shirts. When the T-shirts go on sale worldwide, the retail price will initially be 2,500 yen. While we price lower than other Japanese T-shirt brands (just like these and these), we want to make them even more affordable as we develop our apparel business. In the near future, I beleive that we will be able to further reduce costs passing back savings to our customers.

    Also, rather than just choose what anime T-shirts we think you want - we ask you want you want first. so for example:-
    1. My question to Facebook followers.
    2. Sorting out licensing.
    3. The result.

    Anyway back to the pricing for Moekana T-shirts at Comic Fiesta.
    Each T-shirt is RM90, If you buy 2 they are RM80 each and if you buy 3 or more they are RM75 each. Remember that these come with the exclusive Moekana Couple cards and a glossy bag - and something else which I'll show you at the end of this post ^^

    Price is just a little bit cheaper than Singapore because we ordered more T-shirts enabling us to reduce our unit cost and pass back savings onto our customers.

    The carry cases are RM30 each and if you buy two they are RM25 each.

    Posters are RM25 each and if you buy 2 or more then they are RM20 each.

    If you dont want any of the stuff at our kopitiam but like the look of the bags then, you can pick them up for RM10 each.

    A collaboration with AmiAmi! We have printed a limited run of these postcards and will give 1 free with every transaction at the Mirai Kopitiam - while stocks last!
    Unfortunately you cant buy them separately.

    Artists impression of the Mirai Kopitiam - a few changes over the Singapore one.

    Look forward to seeing you at Comic Fiesta! If you want me to sign anything or have photos then I can do so when I'm around the booth. We also have Culture Japan Night on the 24th so I can do signatures and wot not then too.

    Find out more about the Culture Japan girls >>>

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    Culture Japan Night is an event that takes place around the world which brings together folks who share the same passions for Japanese Pop Culture. These folks are brought together to grow their own network of not just business contacts but new friendships too. Check out this category to see what previous events have been like.
    This time we will have Moekana tournaments, anisong, cosplay, figure and doll display.

    I'll be in Malaysia for Comic Fiesta on the 22 + 23rd December and as usual we will hold Culture Japan Night right after on the 24th. If you fancy joining then just register using this form! Details of the event below.

    • Date: December 24th 2012
    • Time: 5PM - 10PM - come and leave anytime.
    • Entrance Fee: RM20. The venue need to pay their bills. I would prefer for you to come for free but would cost me 3 limbs for the space. I need my limbs to get back to Japan.
    • Address: Menara PGRM, No.8 Jalan Pudu Ulu, Cheras 56100 Kuala Lumpur.
    • Hall: "Dewan Pulau Pinang 1 & 2" Level 4, Tower 1
    • Nearest station: Taman Maluri LRT-station (5min walk)
    • Google Map:
    • Parking: Basement & Outdoor, RM5 flat rate per entry.
    • As with previous events, we have undercover police to make sure that trolls are dragged out by the goolies and to make sure that everybody has a fun time on the night.
    • Cosplayers can change in the toilets.
    • There will be tables to display your daughters - bring them along!
    • No smoking, no alcohol, farting ok as long as its the odor level does not go above Ninja.
    • Please keep an eye on your belongings!
    • If you got a pack of Moekana - bring it along and we shall battle in the official tournaments?
    • Please use the hash tag #culturejapan
    • Once you have registered then just turn up on the day!
    • Bring a name card with you if you plan on networking - all the reasons why you should name a name card anyway are covered in this post.

    Register for Culture Japan Night Malaysia 2012 Winter!

    And this is what the previous CJ Night was like in Malaysia this June - photos in this post!
    When you arrive, please make sure you talk to people you dont know - make sure you go home with new comrades! If you are not in a rush to leave then dont line up to talk to me - please talk to others instead ^^; I'll be there until the end where we can chat.

    Culture Japan Night through the years.

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    While CASE C was a nice retail case, CASE D is one that completists might just want the entire case … NEW – Luggage Truck (from Airport) & UK Ramone with Paint Gun. So, while UK Ramone in the London Rescue 12-pack is not listed as an exclusive, this is clearly a different version – [...]

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    Rotofugi has just announced their very own exclusive Bad Apple figure! Teaming up with French Artist GOIN and Mighty Jaxx, this lime green colorway is limited to only 50 pieces worldwide. The Pre-Order period will begin on Monday, December 17th at 11AM CST and will retail $110 HERE. I wonder...

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    It has been noted that we have not seen Brian Morris’ Dredge figure in 2 years! Well now he’s back and now in a wicked Bone edition. Sculpted by Chris Ryniak and Joe Somers, you can find Dredge HERE for $60 a pop. Pick up this menacing looking figure before...

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    set database: LEGO 70002 lennox's lion attack

    image courtesy of
    set number: 70002
    set name: lennox's lion attack
    theme: legends of chima
    year: 2013
    pieces: 230
    prices: us$25
    minifigs: 2
    new legends of chima theme set.
    come with a lennox's lion vehicle.
    the vehicle has a lion head, big claws and a rapid fire disc shooter.
    minifigs included a lennox minifig and a crug minifig.
    great playability.
    overall design is great.
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  • 12/15/12--03:18: Shibamata

  • There are still a few places left in Tokyo where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the modern city and go to experience more of the traditional Edo side. Kawagoe is located outside of Tokyo but not too far away and then there is Asakusa. Only recently discovered another area in East Tokyo called Shibamata [柴又] and went along one Sunday afternoon to check it out.

    To get to Shibamata, take the Kanamachi line [金町線] from Asakusa [浅草] and get off at Shibamata station [柴又駅]. The area you want to explore is right outside the station.
    [gmap=35.756551, 139.875327]

    I love the train crossings which allow you to take photos like this.

    You may want to go to Shibamata on an empty stomach as there are plenty of snacks to nibble on as soon as you step outside the station.

    The bronze statue is of Tora-san [寅さん] who stars in the 1968 drama series that was aired on Fuji TV "Otoko wa tsurai yo" [男はつらいよ]. Shibamata started to become more popular after the series started its broadcast.

    One side of Shibamata has modern supermarkets and pachinko parlors while the other side has traditional Edo style buildings.

    Outside the station are a few maps which you wont really need - save a tree and just follow the crowds instead.

    Not much info about the "Golden poo" [金のうんこ] apart from that it endows you with good luck. Wonder why our daily poo no bring good luck?
    I guess its best to have one of these in your pocket instead of a real one after a night of spicy food, corn and spinach.
    To say "Poo" in Japanese you can use the words Unchi [うんち], Unko [うんこ] or the medical term is Otsuuji [おつうじ].

    After you have picked up some poo, you can then pick up some more food.

    Which came first? Vending Machine Red or this?

    Some train station goodies. The white paper on top is to prevent folks from opening the lid and taking handfuls without paying for them - in Japan this works well.

    After following everybody for a while (don't follow too close - keep a distance and look away if looked at), you will end up in a pedestrianized road like this lined with traditional wooden buildings.

    The chap standing in front of the purple table on the right of the photo will read your fortune. You can see these fortune tellers all over Tokyo - Shinjuku, Ginza and even in our local shopping arcade.

    The pedestrianized road is called Taishakuten Sando [帝釈天参道] and leads up to Shibamata Taishakuten [柴又帝釈天] Shrine.

    Spotted some Gacha - the one on the top left has got eavesdropping devices which are called Touchouki [盗聴器].

    First up its time to om nom on some lovely curry udon.

    Some mochi sprinkled with kinako topping - a traditional Japanese sweet.

    Map of the Shibamata area which has many shrines to explore.

    Taishakuten Sando is filled with stalls like these that sell warm snacks to nibble on.

    One of my fave foods - Konyaku.

    There were lots of young ladies with SLRs out n about.

    This shop sells pickles and other side dishes that one would eat with rice. This lady is handing out some samples of dried fish which tastes lovely when sprinkled on rice - a bit like Furikake.

    The small dishes with tongs are samples which you can freely taste. Probably not a good idea to bring a long a bowl of rice while trying them all out though - or this lady will stab you in the gut with a pickle.

    The store on the left of the photo has 7 digits for its telephone number. Telephone numbers became 8 digits in 1991 (not including the area code). Thanks to Twitter comrades for helping me with the answer ^^;

    There is also a store for folks who have a frog fetish.

    The red things are called "Daruma" which has the face of Bodhidharma painted on it. The eyes are blank for a reason - when setting a goal for yourself, you fill in one eye and when you complete the goal then you can fill in the other eye. They had small Dollfie sized ones which I forgot to pick up on the way back to the station ToT.

    In the grounds of Taishakuten shrine which was founded way back in 1629.

    In the shrine grounds, one will see this deity statue. What one should do first is purify one hands using the water on the side and then take a pail of the same water to pour over the statue.

    Once that's done, take one of the brown scrubbing things (Tawashi) and give the statue a good scrub around the same area that you want your own body to be healed.

    My turn with the pail of water.

    I was diagnosed with spinal hernia a few years ago meaning that my lower back area is in constant pain. I need to rest one arm on my knee when bending over to prevent me from yelling out in pain ^^; Me give the statue a good scrub around the back.

    Another well of purifying water.

    A quick snap outside the main building before exploring more.

    Outside many shrines one will usually see a box just like the blue one here. Stand in front of it, throw in a few coins (a 5 yen coin if possible), clap and then close your eyes and say a prayer. 5 yen in Japanese is pronounced "Go en" which is the same pronunciation as "ご縁" meaning "Good karma."

    Many shrines will require you to take off your shoes, stilts, snorkeling or skiing footwear if you are wearing any.

    However, walking around the shrine buildings without shoes made the biting cold feel worse ^^;

    The shrine store that sells charms and amulets which bring good luck and ward off evil. More about charms and amulets in the Japanese New Year post.

    Found a flower called Ero-dee.

    Time to explore the rest of the Shibamata area.

    Some food stalls here which one would typically find during Autumn or Winter festivals.

    After walking for a bit we come across Edogawa River which has huge fields on each side - just like the ones you see in anime.

    Part of Edogawa River is called Yakiri [矢切] and one can take a small ferry boat that crosses the river which is called "Yakiri no Watashi" [矢切の渡し]. The boat is manually powered and costs 100 yen per person.

    The ride is silent apart from the sound of water hitting the sides of the boat. Peaceful and calm.

    The other end of the river in sight. The Yakiri no Watashi has been operating like this for hundreds of years since the Edo period and its nice that they kept the tradition going. it only takes a few minutes to get to the other side.

    Probably wont pass any safety standards but this is what it was like back then and I love how they kept it the same.

    The last time you done the Japanese to English test was from raw text which one could have copy/pasted into a dictionary - this is the final test before I contact you for part time work - translate this into English.

    At this time of year there is not particularly a lot going on that visitors may find interesting. The locals however are enjoying some frisbee, baseball, jogging, football or badminton in the large fields which are free for anybody to use.

    One of the things I love about Japanese vending machines is that they have hot drinks - the can alone will warm you up just by holding it in yer hands.
    Convenient stores also sell hot drinks like this but the ones in the vending machines tend to be warmer. 120 yen.

    Soon became overcast. Tokyo Skytree visible in the background - probably be visible from all around Tokyo.

    Heading back to the station.

    When picking up some snacks, be careful of the pigeons which may decide to drop a parcel on your food - would be an interesting experience if some pigeon droppings landed on your snack and you took a bite without looking.

    At first this looked like a fried frog - tis actually some squid.

    Shibamata is a great place to spend a peaceful afternoon to enjoy more of the traditional Japan - much recommended.
    More places to visit in Tokyo and other parts of Japan listed up below.

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    As the mother of a 3-year-old and an occupational therapist working with children throughout the day on lots of arts and crafts projects, I’ve quickly learned to manage the mess by using either Crayola Color Wonder markers and crayons that only mark on the special paper included, or simply purchasing washable markers and crayons. Using [...]

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    The Drift Challenge Track Set is now called the “Micro Drifters Design & Drift Speedway Track Set” … Thanks for the heads up, “John H.” “With more than seven feet of track and the ability to launch nine vehicles at once, this gravity set has lots of opportunity for animated action! Kids can manipulate the [...]

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    The Hobbit movie has just opened last week and Entertainment Earth has a Sale on all Hobbit / Lord of the Rings related toys! They even offer Free Shipping When You Order $50+ of In-Stock The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings items! Browse through their entire catalog of in-stock Hobbit and Lord of...

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    What to bring at the next pot luck … ” … mixing equal parts flour and beer and then tossing in some diced bacon pieces. I was a little worried that the Doritos would lose their crunch after being deep fried, but they didn’t seem to at all. The hot oil also caused the batter [...]

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  • 12/15/12--06:53: Clone Commander Fox (CW18)
  • One staple in the current Clone Wars line by Hasbro is (obviously) the incluision of Clone Troopers in their various designations and ranks in every wave.

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    If you’re missing any Pixar Blu Ray’s – Amazon has an $8 back deal on buying two of these packs or a sale on most other Pixar Blu Ray for around $20. Tweet This Post

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    Femme Fatales Atom Eve Statue Stright out of the pages of the Image/Skybound Comic Book DST is bringing you the Femme Fatales Atom Eve Statue. Samantha Wilkins, created by Robert Kirkman will joint...

    [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

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  • 12/15/12--11:04: New items in the shop!

  • All these kitties and weirdo monsters (and MANY MORE!) 
    are now up for sale in the Etsy shop! 

    And please remember: If you are in the USA and would like your package 
    to arrive by Christmas, place your order no later then:
     Tuesday December 18th at 12pm Noon EST

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    Yet more news just in from Hasbro is the Tramsformers Rescue Bots Minicons Two Packs with image of Chase the Police Bot and Chief Charlie Burns. Your favorite Autobots and Decepticons are paired with Minicons in the new Transformers Minicons Packs! Choose from Chase/Chief, Heatwave/Kade, Optmius/Kody, or Bumblebee/Graham. Check out the image of Transformers Rescue Bots Minicons Two Pack below.

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    As Bay promised, Transformers 4 would start production early next year. It seem that May 2013 is the date thanks to Mark Wahlberg who talks about how his joining the Transformers 4 cast recently came about in a video interview with Collider as well as the shooting date. He says "Thats why Transformers came about, because we had such a great time working together [on Pain and Gain]... Were shooting Transformers in May and then I believe were gonna do Ted 2 right after." So there you have it, read Mark's comment on the film below.

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    Toys from our annual Stuff-A-Bus toy drive reached the hands of local children on Saturday in Ontario and downtown Los Angeles.

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