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  • 11/29/12--06:45: Custom Toy Roundup Nov 29
  • Custom MadL and 3" Mono Dunnys from Angry Woebots. No news on drop details, but expect them to go on his online shop somewhen! Not to mention the "Vandal Armstrong seen below - now THAT will be made available via silentstage I'd recommend you stay glued to his Twitter-stream @angstwoes "Pink Gunny" is a custom 3" Dunny commission by Josh Mayhem, and as well he mentions he is

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    This bonsai just may have you saying banzai! screenshot

    It's probably not hard to notice, given my usual subject matter, that I'm a rather large fan of the Eastern side of the toy world. However, I'm also quite interested in the culture as well, making this custom Lego design catch my eye almost immediately.

    I've always wanted to have the chance to cultivate a small bonsai, but without the opportunity perhaps this stunning piece from botanist Makoto Azuma may be a possible alternative! At first thought one might think the simplicity of a tree would not make for the most difficult model, until one then takes a look at the amount of detail crammed into every nook and twisting branch of this beauty.

    I love the little focuses on things like making sure the ground isn't completely even, spotting the little moss bits on the tree, and even the careful angle of the trunk itself being the spitting image of a real tree. My only change? I'd love to see smooth lego pieces coating the top of the base for a nice, smooth, almost lacquered-wood look. Though I certainly understand leaving it as is to preserve the full feel of Lego involved. Now where are those DIY instructions?

    [via Spoon & Tamago]

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    "Hidden underneath his now long out of season Halloween costume, this ghoulish ghost has been able to keep his massive head injury under wraps while he walks the streets looking for sweet treats to stuff into his sack." "Trick or Treat" is a custom Playmobil by Zombie Monkie and is part of his ZOMBIE ART PROJECT 2 [Tagged on TOYSREVIL] in anticipation of Mikie's very first solo show "The Return

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    Yea, no troubles in Canada … Saputo Inc. (SAP), Canada’s largest dairy processor, has the trademark and brand rights to Hostess CupCakes and Hostess Twinkies in the country and manufactures the products themselves, said Sandy Vassiadis, a spokeswoman for the company. Enlarge image Twinkies, Wonder Bread Carry on in Canada Post Hostess Filing Saputo Inc., [...]

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    I have been thinking of doing this image since the day I bought the threezero-figure, and managed to pull my limited resources together today and did this shot! Can you recognize from which toy set comes the Baby's boombox-head? :)

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  • 11/29/12--07:22: Seen on Facebook
  • Posted on Facebook by Mel Parker-Reeves:

    The full version of "Taurus" by Cholo Ayuyao, wig by Patta Art, doll of course by Paul Pham. (repaint by ToyZoo...James in FL)

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    VIZ Media, the largest publisher, distributor and licensor of manga, graphic novels and anime in North America, has announced a publishing deal with Pretty Ugly to develop a brand new series of original graphic novels based on the bestselling plush character toys - the Uglydolls. The Uglydoll series is scheduled to launch in the Summer [...]

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    Black Dinos Are Leaving The Building SOON! Made by RAMPAGE TOYS and limited to only 20 sets. PRE-ORDERS END TODAY @ 11:59PM (+8 GMT / Singpapore-time) - one minute before 24 hours by time of this post. Thanks for your support, folks!

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    Tomopop Review: Kotobukiya's ArtFX J Seto Kaiba screenshot

    No Yu-Gi-Oh! figure collection is ever complete without the one and only Seto Kaiba! Following the release of Yami Yugi (reviewed) in the ArtFX J line, Kaiba is out in the wild and ready to fight. It's his turn to shine in the spotlight.

    Kaiba is in full action pose with a fierce expression and one of those back-breaking stances I always snicker at the MegaHouse P.O.P. line for. I'm not saying it's bad, I'm just saying you should try and stand with your pelvis dislocated forwards for a few minutes and then you might see what I mean.

    Back to our regular programming, though -- check out my full review after the jump!

    Figure Name: ArtFX J Seto Kaiba
    Figure Maker: Kotobukiya
    Original Release: September 2012
    Retail: ¥7,800
    Available at: HobbyLink Japan | AmiAmi

    Kaiba's box is absolutely huge. It got a little smushed in the mail as well, which obviously isn't Kotobukiya's fault.

    The main reason why the box is so big is because of Kaiba's flow-y coat. It billows out quite a bit, so he takes up a whole lot of space, which made the tray and box bigger.

    Beyond that, it's a nice box with plenty of graphics of Kaiba's confident/sometimes manic expression and a blue motif, which is a contrast to Yami Yugi's box. Even the inside is colored differently: Yugi's is gold and Kaiba's is silver.

    Once you get him out in the fresh air, he's got his normal arms on and his hands are poised to slap some cards down. He looks a little bit silly without them, but I kept him like this for the initial turnaround shots. His base is also pretty much the same as Yugi's, so it's easy to create a cool diorama with the two of them facing off against each other. 

    Kaiba's coat has this weird bunched up, spiky thing going on at the waist. The figure is definitely an accurate representation of the way the character design looks, but I can't help but wonder how awkward would it be to cosplay Kaiba and try to keep your arms from messing that up, there? Unrelated, I know.

    The coat has silver buttons and some Kaiba Corp. emblems, which are all painted very well. As Brian mentioned back when Kaiba went up for pre-order, he's gooped up in glossy paint for some extra shine, which I think looks great. I know some folks aren't fans, though, but rest assured it isn't too much gloss. It just gives the coat enough of a latex-y look to it to make the whole thing look fluid and give the figure more of a sense of motion. 

    He's got a necklace on, but it isn't independently molded so you can't pose it or move it around. In a way, this is a good thing -- no risk of breaking or losing it, unlike Yugi's which is on a free chain and can definitely be lost or broken if you aren't careful.

    Kaiba's back is actually well-sculpted, and it's no surprise. The way his head is posed, he looks good from all angles, and particularly from behind so you get his eyes. Here, he's got more buttons/studs as well as a spiffy popped collar and some good shading which defines his back.

    Kaiba's upper arms and his boots have these blue belts around them. Though these may look it, they aren't actually made out of any sort of bendy or leathery material, which is probably a good thing. We wouldn't want these straps sagging down over time, now would we?

    Ah, his hands. Nice and clean, and they hold onto the cards rather well without having to force-wedge them in. The shading is nice and the etching for realism is greatly appreciated (nails, knuckle wrinkles, etc.).

    The cards themselves are the same deal as Yugi's - they have the simple back design and the fronts are blank.

    Once you do an arm swap, you can plug Kaiba's duel disk into his left arm while his right stays the same. It is pretty much the same accessory that's on Yugi's, the only difference being the angle at which the thing is perched on Kaiba's arm.

    Once you've got all his accessories on, the ensemble is very fun. The image is complete - he's ready to wreck some fools.

    As mentioned in earlier posts, Kaiba also does come with a freebie. Before getting to his face, I'll just drop this right here. Kaiba Corp. blimp keychain!

    Alright, so Kaiba's face. The good and bad thing about Kaiba's face is you can't really see it clearly unless you hold him up over eye-level. It's good because it helps with the mood of the overall look, but I'll always kind of prefer that figures' faces aren't down-turned.

    Kaiba has a dangerous look on his face, rather than the sort of permanent open-mouthed over-confident face like the one on the box. That's pretty much the perfect Kaiba reference right there as I remember him character-wise.

    So, bottom line? If you're a fan of the character, I definitely recommend the ArtFX J figures. If you haven't watched the show or are indifferent, it's up to you whether this kind of figure really appeals to you. For someone that may not be familiar with the character or anything, Kaiba might seem slightly boring with the simple standing pose and a color scheme that ultimately doesn't stand out (particularly in my collection, which is rather colorful). This isn't a negative against Kotobukiya since, again, it's an honest and accurate representation of the character. Based on dynamism and looks alone, I'd take Yami over Kaiba, though (hypothetically).

    But if you are a fan, it's so worth it to have both figures. I'll try and take some more pictures, and some of them together, in the near future as a separate gallery for you guys so you can see what I mean.

    Thanks to Kotobukiya for providing Tomopop with this review sample! Kaiba is a beautifully crafted figure that pays perfect homage to the original source material and can be appreciated by the right collectors. He's far from sold out, so there's still plenty of time to snag one if you were still on the fence.

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    It goes without saying that most Steiff treasures are pretty as a picture.  And today's special guest couldn't agree more!  He uses Steiff dogs, cats, and other pets as accessories in his exquisite doll photography.   Come meet a terrific artist who really brings our favorite things to life!

    Please tell us your name, where you live, and how you spend your days.

    Cissy by Madame Alexander, 1957

    My name is Bruce Allen de Armond - I use my middle name to hopefully alleviate the confusion of my last name which sometimes becomes Armond - thinking the de is a middle name. Computer reservations and TSA can be very unforgiving. I live in Olde Towne, Portsmouth Virginia. I moved back to Tidewater VA after living in the Las Vegas for 18 years and Southern CA before that -  all polar opposites from each other. I'm retired from designing casinos and hotels around the world. Now that our parents and sister are deceased, I work with my sister Jenny on family issues. I've picked up our parents beloved doll business where they left off once Mom's Alzheimer's took over in 2000.

    Tell us a little about your doll photography.  How long have you been doing it? How did you get started?

    Jacqueline & Caroline by Madame Alexander, 1962
    I come from a long time doll family. I started my own collecting in the mid 1980s - but dropped out in the mid 1990s and came back to collecting in 2005. I started with Barbie, and sold my collection to a friend who went on to become a very prominent Barbie collector. He was an art director for a magazine which started giving me ideas on how to photograph my own dolls. I had discovered Madame Alexander and Cissy - and started taking photos with my first 35 mm camera. They were pretty bad for the most part, but I was learning about lighting and backgrounds… and what was complimentary to my subject.

    What made you think of using Steiff items in your work?  What was the inspiration behind this?

    Winnie Walker by Madame Alexander, 1953
    One of the single most inspirational things about using Steiff was seeing the window display Steiff did for FAO Schwarz for their Las Vegas store when it first opened in 1997 (now closed). I love mixing vintage, antiques and history with technology. That window was a masterful blend of all those elements. I saw Steiff in a new light, and started looking at their considerable story to appreciate more of what they had done and were doing.

    What is it about Steiff items that makes them good complements for doll photography?

    Bill by Madame Alexander, 1957
    Both Steiff and Madame Alexander have compelling histories. Both make beautiful products for a discriminating customer. This makes them a natural for collectors to gravitate towards. Also, both companies have long histories with FAO Schwarz. So, in a way, they are intertwined on several levels. One of my biggest elements of design is scale. Steiff came/comes in numerous sizes, so getting the right size to complement what I'm trying to do on my end is not a problem. Also, the textures and colors used by Steiff are a wonderful complement with vintage dolls. Most of all is the Steiff sense of whimsy - which makes a natural fit with vintage dolls. 

    Are there other artists or photographers or authors who use dolls and/or Steiff in their work that you admire or follow? For example, Dare Wright used a small Jackie bear in her Lonely Doll books.  

    (L) Cissy and (R) Elsie by Madame Alexander, 1959.  Wearing FAO Schwarz Exclusive Skirt and Sweater Sets
    As a child, I was totally in love with Dare Wright's Edith the Lonely Doll. The photography and layouts held me captive for hours.  When you add props and other elements, the work for a photographer becomes vastly more complicated. She made it look so effortless, simple and elegant. There have been other artists that have shaken things up - Billy Boy and Mel Odom have done beautiful work giving their muses rousing images to enjoy. In a different format, some of the auction catalogs are wonderful inspiration for mixing Steiff, dolls and a few accent pieces.

    Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic and wonderfully creative work with us today!

    Steiffgal hopes this conversation and photo exhibit has added some beauty to your day!

    Have a question about one of your Steiff treasures? Let's talk! Click here to learn more.  

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    Frontier Airlines today announced it is launching a month-long fundraising campaign for the Toys for Tots Foundation. Throughout the month of December, the Denver-based carrier will raise funds to support Toys for Tots by donating all proceeds from onboard sales of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory’s Plain Ol’ Fashioned Fudge to the organization.

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    Four Clowns Game & Toy Company has released the Codigo Cube, the world’s first family-friendly trivia QR code game that can be played using a smartphone. Codigo Cube is a socially interactive trivia dice game that uses a QR code emblazoned cube, a free smartphone App, and the device’s camera. The Codigo Cube is suitable [...]

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    Onell Design has planned a big drop for Wednesday December 12th 2012 at 9:30PM ET. Following are some of the items you can look forward to seeing. The Council Of Travelers • Traveler Urballim Pheyden (Metallic Gold with Blue painted eyes) - $8 • Traveler Mordireus Sarvos (Day-Glo Clear Magenta with White painted eyes -includes [...]

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    Just announced by Cherry Bomb Toys are the Reveal Havoc Morpher Cloak and Crimson Morpher Cloak accessories. Made of 100% Bamboo, Handmade, hand stamped cloak the claoks are designed to fit the Mastermind Creations KM01, KM01X and KM02. All capes are hand stamped, no two are the same. Your stamped image will vary from the stock photo. They will fit on other figures with ball jointed heads. Check out the images of and more details for the Cherry Bomb Toys Reveal Havoc Morpher Cloak and Crimson Morpher Cloak below.

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    Announcing the Renderform Facebook page exclusives! These will be limited edition runs from 5 to 50 sets, and only available for those who are on this page! Details will be posted with the email address and the info you need to send to order one. The email address will always change for each exclusive. The first exclusive is the STEALTH BANSHEE BLADE, limited to only 35 sets! They come in a metallic hilt and a translucent smoke blade. Each blade comes with a collectors card, numbered out of 35 on a cool silver stock paper.

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    Dolls, dolls, and more dolls! Adora has revealed their 2013 lineup. Check out the new dolls below:

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    I fell in love with Cutie Pa Tutus when my oldest daughter was three years old. She’s now almost eight years old and we’ve added two more girls to the family but we’re still in love with Cutie Pa Tutus. I’ve had custom party tutus made for my daughters birthday and I had confetti and... [Continue Reading]

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  • 11/29/12--11:15: FREE ElfYourself Calendar‏
  • The most popular free holiday eGreeting site, is back and making the memories last for everyone with a FREE custom calendar from OfficeMax.   New this year, everyone across the U.S. who “elfs” themselves at will receive a FREE year-at-a-view calendar featuring their “elfed” photos. Simply upload your photos of choice, click on... [Continue Reading]

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    iFrogzhas announced a new line of child-friendly earbuds and headphones featuring playful, animal-inspired designs that are perfect for any child, and provide audio limiting protection for young, developing ears. Both versions include built-in volume governors to prevent sounds from being turned louder than 85 decibels – approximately the volume of a telephone dial tone. Also,... [Continue Reading]

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  • 11/29/12--11:36: Darkside Keiko
  • Fools Paradise has announced the pre-order details around their Darkside Keiko figure. Priced at $209.00 including global Air Mail ($229.00 to upgrade to EMS speed post), the figure will be produced to order as they are all handcrafted pieces and limited. Each 12" tall Darkside Keiko is handcrafted of resin, hand painted, and has hands [...]

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