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    Toybox 2012 – 328/366 by Submit your pics to PGPoA

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    And the big winner of “Hostile Takeover Banker’s” great Super Chase Frosty giveaway? “GoDodgerBlue” Congrats! Thanks for a great contest “HTB!” HTB notes, corrects and confirms things that you thought might be true about Australia (yes, looking up things on the internet was permissible). While we had a lot of fun and weird answers, ultimately, [...]

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  • 11/26/12--05:52: Shop Update!

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    It’s finally here! Our Christmas tree went up last night, and it was sheer joy watching Birdie buzz around putting every single ornament on the front 5 branches. She was enraptured. What a wonderful way to start Christmas: with a kid. And now that Christmas has started, it’s time for Small for Big’s Annual Gift [...]

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    Target, along with Denise Albert and Melissa Gerstein of “The Moms,” have outlined some helpful tips for navigating Target’s toy aisles this holiday season. Target’s Top 20 toys will feature easy and convenient QR codes that can be scanned to purchase the toy directly from a mobile device and ship it for free to anyone, [...]

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  • 11/26/12--07:06: Hulk
  • Once upon a time, way back in the 80’s, I remember standing in line at a supermarket and perusing one of those magazines stores like to keep handy at the checkout. In there was an interview with Lou Ferrigno. Nothing particularly noteworthy, except there was a shot of the actor holding what I though was the most amazing Hulk Action Figure I had ever seen ...

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    While you are only restricted to one of 8 choices at $1.99, there are some great choices … If you have zero Christmas CD’s/LP’s or just want one compilation that covers about 20 of the most played Christmas songs of all time, NOW THAT’S WHAT I CHRISTMAS compilation offers that (now, I did not say [...]

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    If you’re looking for Cyber Monday Deals on Trampolines, from our experiences in the past, Walmart is the place to get these deals. They had a great one last year and they’re doing it again this year. As some of you know, we have not one, but two trampolines in our back yard. When youRead More

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    First off, a very important caveat: this review is for the iPhone version of this game only. I have not played it on an iPad and I have reason to think the experience might be at least somewhat different. Moving on… The first thing you notice upon firing up He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in [...]

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    If you’re not familiar with Fashion Angels, there is no better time to get yourself familiar with the brand than now. They are doing some exciting things this holiday season and I am honored to tell you about it! To give you a brief rundown of what kind of toys they have, whether your  kids’Read More

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    NECA 1:4 Scale Captain America Figure Update

    One of the greatest movies of the year (in my opinion) is getting some of the best action figures. We have some news of the NECA 1:4 Scale Captain America Figure as it is in the production process. We have some picutres that were released by NECA and it should be just enough to get

    Action Figure Fury - Action Figure News, Reviews, and Guides NECA 1:4 Scale Captain America Figure Update

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    NECA Series 7 Big Red Predator Figure

    You better watch out, the NECA Series 7 Big Red Predator Figure is coming to town this holiday season. He’s got friends too. Big Red is out for blood with his katana. This extremely successful line of action figures by NECA toys is set to be released by the start of the new year. The Big

    Action Figure Fury - Action Figure News, Reviews, and Guides NECA Series 7 Big Red Predator Figure

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    Yep, we have a plethora of Cyber Monday Deals for you. I’m not exactly sure how many a “plethora” is, but work with me on this one. Because there are so many Cyber Monday Deals a-happenin’, we decided to round them all up in one neat little, bow tied post for you. So, here youRead More

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    Spin Master Ltd., one of the world’s leading children’s toy and entertainment companies, has acquired the worldwide rights to Wild Planet’s Hyper Dash and Spy Gear brands. Intrepid Investment Bankers LLC acted as exclusive financial advisor to Wild Planet in connection with this transaction. Spy Gear and Hyper Dash all have proven track records and [...]

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  • 11/26/12--10:08: Cute Christmas Ornaments
  • If your Christmas tree needs a serious dose of cute, check out this Special Delivery Christmas Tree Ornament by Genevieve Santos. I saw a few of these at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland yesterday, and they are adorable! Each ornament is made … Continue reading 

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    Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys are proud to present the 1/6th scale Collectible Figure of Babydoll from the awesome Sucker Punch movie directed by Zack Snyder. It is about a group of young girls fantastic flight to escape a mental institution. This toy figure of Babydoll was based on the likeness of Emily Browning. And...

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    Here's just a quick post to share this photo I found amusing. For 30+ years I have been a HUGE Fan of the Canadian Rock Band, RUSH. The other night I was watching a Documentary Movie about the Band called, "RUSH - Beyond The Lighted Stage". It covered their entire career, the ups and downs, all the way from the beginning. The cool thing is that they interview the band members all through out the film. This photo is from when they were talking to Lead Singer/ Bassist Getty Lee ( pictured on the left ). Check out his BATMAN AND ROBIN  T-Shirt, ha ha! I thought that was pretty cool. If you'd like to see the movie ( it's really good ) then just CLICK HERE!

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    MegaHobby Expo 2012 Autumn: One Piece screenshot

    If there's one thing that MegaHouse knows how to make, it's the Portrait of Pirates line. Over at MegaHobby Expo, they've unleashed several new sculpts that we can desperately attempt to pre-order some time in 2013. I can already tell that a couple of these bad boys and girls are going to be a nightmare to get.

    I have a lot to say on the sculpts and characters that MegaHouse chose to show, so hit the jump to read more about the latest P.O.Ps.

    For this year's figures, we've got a good balance between the sexy ladies and the manly men. Starting with the dudes, we FINALLY have a P.O.P. of Gol D. Rodger. When you considering that the entire series has hinged on his past adventures, I'm surprised it's taken this long to get a figure of him. With that said, it's been worth the wait. He looks fantastic!

    Speaking of older pirates, Shiki the Golden Lion, from the film Strong World is also getting a proper P.O.P. He looks like he'll have a custom base, as he has a pair of sword legs. I wonder how they'll balance that. Hopefully it'll me more like Shirahoshi's custom base and less like Bonney's. Another old hat that gets a new figure is Red-Haired Shanks. This version will have his outfit from the aftermath of the Whitebeard War. He'll be holding his hat, retrieved when he found Luffy completely incapacitated. As nice as it is, it's pretty staid and a bit boring for my taste. At least Shanks' Strong World outfit had him in a new suit.

    Another bit surprise was that Sailing Again Franky finally made a colored appearance at MegaHobby. After months of being an unpainted sculpt, we finally know what he'll look like when he goes up for pre-order. The bad news? He's been classified as a P.O.P. MAXIMUM. This means he'll be pushing about $150 for the figure alone, not including the massive shipping that he'll probably incur. As of now we don't have photos of Franky, but we'll update the post when we do. Finally, Trafalger Law is also getting a Sailing Again P.O.P. Unfortunately, it's as boring as his original release. Damn shame, as he's been involved in some pretty interesting turns in the lastest manga arc.

    As for the ladies, we've got a couple of gals that will make fanboys drool. First up is Sadi-chan, one of the strange wardens from Impel Down. As you can guess from her name, she has a bit of an S&M theme going on with her outfit. She's definitely right down my alley, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to get her. It seems that she's going to be a limited edition P.O.P, which means she's either going to be a mail-order or online exclusive. Now, you might remember that the wedding gown version of Boa Hancock was an exclusive, but she was available at several reliable sites. Hopefully, Sadi will go the same way.

    Besides Sadi, we have Kalifa. If you forgot about the sexy secretary, you might remember her from way back in the Water 7 arc. I'm also really digging Kalifa, though I am concerned about her pose. It's very dynamic and sexy, but I always worry about lean with any figure that's on one foot. Only one of my P.O.Ps have ever shown a tendency to lean, so I probably have nothing to worry about.

    Finally, we've got a pair of surprises. Much like what MegaHouse did with Strong World, a series of P.O.Ps featuring the Strawhats in their Film Z outfits will be coming out, starting with Tony Tony Chopper and Nico Robin. Chopper was shown already colored and he's cute as usual. The bigger news as the new Robin. Wowzas, now THAT'S one helluva outfit. It looks like some heels, fishnet leggings, boy shorts, a bra, an open jacket and a hat. I...will definitely be purchasing this Robin. 

    So with all the new P.O.P.s discussed, let me know in the comments which ones you're looking forward to getting!

    [Thanks to Tokyo Hunter for providing pictures from the event!]

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    It may have gone out of business in the 1980s but it's hard to keep the World's Greatest Toy Company down. The Mego Museum  and Wulf & Tyger are proud to unveil their latest project, Megozine, the official magazine for Mego collectors.  Megozine is dedicated to keeping the company’s spirit alive whether it be vintage toys, newer figures (dubbed ReMego by the Museum), Knock offs or colourful custom creations.

    Issue one is packed with colorful surprises including:

    •    Secret Origins of the 1/6th Scale Superheroes- Which details Mego's 12 inch Superhero figures and includes a never before seen prototype of a never made Mego 12” hero.

    •    A Mego Museum Super Collector comic  adventure “Escape from the Planet of the Knockoffs” with art by Chris Franklin

    •    Six Monsters, A Girl and a Mailer Box- A look at the Lincoln International Monster figures.

    •    Aw Yeah Megos- Interview with Eisner award winning Art Baltazar about his passion for custom Mego figures.

    Megozine will be ready for order in December 2012 and subsequent issues
    will follow every six months. For more information please visit

    About The Mego Museum:

    MEGO MUSEUM was founded in 1996 by Scott C Adams and was the internet’s first website devoted to the toys and action figures produced
    by Mego Corp. It has since grown into the premiere site for action figures both vintage and modern that utilize Mego’s signature 8” format.

    The site includes exhaustive galleries, interviews, custom galleries and
    a collector forum. Each June the Museum hosts an annual convention
    called MEGO MEET.

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    Mattel Reached out to us today to help get get the word out about some answers that Scott has been giving this morning about MattyCollector’s Cyber-Monday sale: Hey gang, I clarified a little over on’s forums but to reitterate some hot issues: 1: Due to an error, for a very limited time the CM [...]

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