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    High Proof Toys announces the newest release in their New Friends Series, with SPARKLE DUCKY! Available via on 1/24/18 at 8AM PST, this is a run of 10 pieces priced at US$35 each with a one per customer!PRESS: "The future is bright so put on your shades, Sparkle Ducky has landed and wants to be your shiniest new friend! Sparkle Ducky is made using three types of

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    Steiff will relaunch in the U.S. as a plush toy company, debuting with the Soft Cuddly Friends line. The 135-year-old company’s new plush range will be hand crafted and contain its signature in-ear button. Designed for kids ages 0 and up, styles will range from a classic teddy bear to puppies, elephants, and lambs. Many styles […]

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    Buff Mobster is offering up two new concrete MISTER MELTIES this coming Friday (starting at 10am EST on, with the "Smurfberry" Edition available in both 5" (US$125 each + S/H) and 7.5" (US$200 each + S/H) tall sizes."With the cold weather sweeping the country, he’s frozen hard! hey’ll all be cast in my NYC studio, painted and signed by me and then shipped out next week or the

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    Crytek's bounty hunter monster shooter Hunt: Showdown seems to be flying under the radar, but it shouldn't be. I've got it filed in my brain under "This sounds so promising. Please let it turn out well."

    Set in the Louisiana swamps, it's part PvP and part PvE, with up to ten players (solo or two-person teams) competing to track, stalk, and banish monsters for cold hard cash.

    "Once the [creature] was hunted, the true madness began," Nick wrote in his preview at E3. "As one teammate started the banishment (and claiming the bounty), a huge fiery spot opened up on the general map and alerted the other teams to the target." Players can kill each other to whittle down their competition prior to this point, or they can wait until the end to swoop in and steal the bounty.

    If any of this sounds appealing, you should sign up for the Hunt: Showdown closed alpha.

    Cretek will be randomly selecting testers on January 31 to put the "gameplay, balancing, and backend functionality" through its paces and collect feedback. As the alpha progresses, the team plans to add "new weapons, equipment, traits, and ranks."

    Further down the road, Hunt will release on Steam Early Access (were you expecting otherwise?).

    On January 31, 2018, Hunt: Showdown will begin Closed Alpha testing [Crytek]

    Competitive monster shooter Hunt: Showdown starts its alpha this month screenshot

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    Nintendo‘s Switch console sold more units in December than any other video game system, according to the NPD Group. According to the data, holiday shoppers purchased 1.5 million Nintendo Switch systems during the five-week reporting period of December, which is a critical month for the video game industry. Since its launch 10 months ago, Nintendo Switch […]

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    The tenth World of Toys Pavilion at the 44th Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair featured 39 exhibitors from 13 countries. The show ran from Jan. 8 to 11 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibitor Centre. More than 2,100 exhibitors from 45 countries and regions presented their new products this year to approximately 49,000 trade buyers. The international […]

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    WHAT-IS: "Back in the early 2000s, "Playground" was a supplement to MiLK magazine in Hong Kong, whereby the contents were primarily of the toy-scene in HK! And even my command of the Chinese language was horrible, I collected these issue religiously! All I needed to know (then) was “How Much”? “How Many?” and “When”, and of course by designed-by/made-by “WHO”!" Here is a page-flip video of one

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    Monster Energy Supercross The Official Videogame is a mouthful to say, annoying to have to write out every time, and something that has been stuck in my head since I first got my hands on it last year. I’m not usually the type of person who looks forward to sports games that don’t star a fat plumber and yet I can’t get it out of my mind. My brief hands-on in October reminded me of the extreme sports games my brother and I ate up on the first PlayStation. I don’t know if it’s that rose-tinted view of my past or the fact it’s completely different from the genres I usually stick to, but I’m looking forward to this game more than any other sports title since I found out they were making a sequel to Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball.

    So when I was presented with another opportunity to test out Supercross before its launch, I jumped at it.

    Monster Energy Supercross' track editor is exactly what I am looking for screenshot


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  • 01/18/18--08:18: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Cowabunga!! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, is one of the animated TV shows that I love to watch when

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    The bonus "farewell" episode of Life is Strange: Before the Storm will land on all digital platforms and at retail on March 6, 2018. Our UK brethren will be getting their boxed copies on March 9. If you're wondering what these boxed copies will come with, then your decision just got a whole lot messier. Square Enix has put together three different versions for you to choose from, because why not?

    The "Vinyl Edition" (available exclusively through Square Enix's online store) will include the game alongside the soundtrack on four records, a CD of the soundtrack, an art book and a presentation box for you to show off. The "Limited Edition" will contain just the game alongside the CD soundtrack. The "Standard Edition" is just for people who want a box to show off.

    Each version of the game will have the bonus episode included as well as a costume pack for Chloe, a "Mixtape Mode" that lets you create your own playlist from the licensed soundtrack for the game and Episode One of the original Life is Strange game (which is already free...).

    If you pre-order any of the boxed editions from selected retailers, you'll also get figurines of Chloe and Rachel that will make you cry every time you look at them. I can already feel the tears swelling up.

    Announcing the Farewell release date & boxed editions of Before the Storm [Steam Community]

    Life is Strange: Before the Storm's bonus episode will tug at your heartstrings in March screenshot


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    set database: LEGO 40264 build my heartlake city accessory set
    image courtesy of toypiter

    image courtesy of brickmerge
    set number: 40264
    set name: build my heartlake city accessory set
    theme: friends
    year: 2017
    pieces: 121
    price: us$10
    minidoll: none
    friends theme set.
    come with a stage, a table tennis table, a skateboard, a barbecue, a juice making station, a swan, a bench and an animal roundabout.
    pets included 2 bunnies and a hamster.
    great playability.
    overall design is good.
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    Detective Paul Prospero always starts in that tunnel on those train tracks. Minutes away from discovering an abandoned train, and then seconds away from finding a legless corpse. Prospero's story -- which is really just a retelling of Ethan Carter's story -- is always the same.

    We were first introduced to The Vanishing of Ethan Carter in 2014, and we've seen many retellings since then. It initially released on PC, but then a redux launched on PC and PS4. Finally Ethan Carter is on Xbox One (as of January 19), which is probably its final destination.

    Even though it's old by video game standards, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter still holds up. It's still a masterclass in environmental storytelling. Some games are cracked by the sands of time, as a genre evolves and leaves them behind. Ethan Carter, with all of its macabre and fantastical and sometimes-seemingly-nonsensical plot devices, doesn't show its age. It's one of the very best of the narrative-heavy and mechanics-light games.

    The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is billed as a mystery game, and that's an easy enough premise to draw us in. Stepping into a crime scene, gathering all the pieces, and reconstructing the order of events is a satisfying and clever means of presentation. But it's the layers to the mystery -- a village gone mad, some sort of occult presence, MONSTERS??? -- that hook us. And then it's the tangential mysteries, like a spaceman running through a forest, that make us love it.

    Developer The Astronauts has taken steps to mitigate problems with the original version of Ethan Carter. A main complaint was that the "real" ending forced many players to backtrack across the whole game's open countryside. With the redux, a system was implemented that essentially eliminates any tedious retreading. It's a better game for it.

    As for the Xbox port, everything's up to snuff. On Xbox One X, Ethan Carter looks incredible and runs competently. There's also a new free roam mode for taking in the scenery without the grisly details. That legless corpse really mucks up the otherwise picturesque lake.

    Free roam is hardly a necessity though, and that means any platform is a fine enough place to play The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. It's an enduring and endearing hallmark for immersive narratives. Maybe Ethan's story never changes, but you should really take it upon yourself to see Ethan's story at least once.

    [This impressions piece is based on a retail build of the game provided by the publisher.]

    The Vanishing of Ethan Carter still holds up screenshot

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    "Twice the magic, twice the cool. Wish your tub into a swimming pool."


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    Battlefield 1 is all set to close out its Premium Pass in February with the DLC Apocalypse.

    Today, DICE detailed this fourth and final expansion. It's made up of five maps -- two of which are playable exclusively in the new Air Assault game mode -- plus melee weapons like the meat cleaver, six new guns including the Chauchat-Ribeyrolles SMG, an AA Rocket Gun for Assault players (among other gadgets), and the Hansa Brandenburg GI and Airco DH10 aircraft.

    You can get an early glimpse of some of this stuff in the gallery below. Apocalypse will introduce new ranks, Service Assignments, Specializations, and Dog Tags. Also, the toxic Livens Projector.

    If you missed it, the map Prise de Tahure went free this week and DICE is running a trial for Battlefield 1 that lets non-Premium players access content from the most recent expansion Turning Tides as well as They Shall Not Pass and In the Name of the Tsar. That's running until January 22.

    I'm starting to regret not springing for the all-in "Revolution" edition while it was on sale.

    Prepare For Battlefield 1 Apocalypse [Battlefield]

    Battlefield 1 expansion Apocalypse adding new Air Assault mode screenshot


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    Scoop Up Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd (ADR) on Every DipTeva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd (ADR) (NYSE:TEVA) had a very bad 2017. The government of Israel actually got involved and there were protests in the street because this was a gem of the Israeli business community. TEVA was the largest generic drug manufacturer in the U.S. And it also had a brand drug, Copaxone, that was doing well and represented about 80% of its free cash flow.

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    Virulina, leader of the Darkling Lords, has discovered that the Transformers are vulnerable to magic"and now she's using that weakness to try and gain control of Cybertron and wipe them out! Leoric and Ironhide team up to stop her, but quickly find themselves facing not only the Darkling Lords, but all of New Prysmos itself!

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    3 of the Top Apple Inc. Acquisition TargetsYou’ve probably heard: Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has a ton of cash, with some $252 billion on its balance sheet, a majority of which is held overseas.

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