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    A name like "The War Beast and The Lost City Of Gold" conjures up memories of a wondrously epic cult B-Movie that was never really made (but needs to be), and in this case, a series of wonderfully custom-painted toy-releases to be had from Zectron X Joe Whiteford! Read on...! FIRST, THE BACKSTORY: "For nearly a thousand years The Lost City of Gold was considered to be nothing more than a myth.

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    Naughty Girlfriend With Leather Boots Plays With Toys ‘.Random reviews:.’ Who is this mo

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  • 12/20/17--23:32: Get Your Kicks on Route 66
  • The National Geographic Tour of America on Route 66.   Tweet This Post

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    Mighty Jaxx has another 24-hour release coming up! On Saturday, December 23rd at 7AM PST, they will be dropping the new Temple of Skate "Zen Plant" piece (10”) by ToS designer Tucks. The new figure is a strong example of his artwork, blending skating and Japanese Ukiyo-e art. The edition...

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    Here's a look at Ozzo Collection's shop at their "old" premises at China Square Central, before moving to its current location! (Filmed on a iPhone6 on December 3rd, 2017, and edited in iMovie). Ozzo Collection's NEW ADDRESS is @ 2 Havelock Road, #03-26, Havelock II Retail, Singapore 05973 (Tel: 6535 0321). You can stay connected on the www via (Facebook page), and Mike's

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  • 11/17/17--03:44: Gifts for the Whole Family
  • Gifts for the Whole Family Yes, yes we know Christmas is a long time away. But it’s never too early to start Christmas shopping, is it? Christmas is the time when we all are in the festive spirit and gifts are exchanged. Children specially are very excited about this time of the year since they […]

    The post Gifts for the Whole Family appeared first on ToyMonk.

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    Be a honey-bunny check out this vintage mohair rabbit mystery! Steiffgal recently heard from a new friend over email about a few vintage toys she had just added to her hug. One of them, a striking dark brown/black and white mohair bunny, really caught Steiffgal's eye given its impressive presentation.  But was this great example - clearly without a hare out of place -  made by Steiff?  Let's burrow into the research right now!

    The rabbit's owner shares... "The Bunny has the style of a begging rabbit, entirely made of two colored mohair, pink stitched nose, swivel head, has a squeaker in the stomach, the whiskers are made of natural fiber similar to horse hair but thinner, probably pigs hair which is finer. The total high of the Bunny when sitting to the top of the ears is 36 cm or 14 inches.  

    The Bunny does not have a button, but it does have a dirty hole in one ear which could have been caused by the button's discoloration due to rust.  This item came from an estate, and has been in the same family for generations.  Some of the toys from this estate had Steiff buttons, and some don't have any indications at all.

    Thank you for any help or identification you can provide."

    At first glance, this happy hopper has much in common with one of Steiff's most beloved and popular rabbit patterns which launched in 1927. This bunny was in the begging position and head jointed.  Her large, triangular ears were lined in wires and were posable. Her face came to life with oversized glass pupil eyes, clear monofilament whiskers, a hand embroidered simple mouth, and a distinctively shaped, triangular shaped nose. She was manufactured in light brown, white, gold, purple, pink, and light blue mohair. According to Steiff records, she was made through 1941 in 11, 15, 18, 23, 29, 36, 44, 50, and 70 cm overall. Steiff also made this same popular pattern in velvet from 1927 through 1932 in 11, 15, and 18 cm in white, purple, orange, light brown, light blue, pink, and yellow. All models left the factory with a pastel colored silk ribbon and a bell. 

    Here on the left you can see the 1929 catalog listing for the begging rabbit; the illustration is from Carsten Esser's Steiff Kataloge 1920-1920. Please click on the image to enlarge it. The page includes both the velvet and mohair version of the item, as well as a 20 cm version on wooden eccentric wheels.  Also check out the well dressed "Jack Rabbit" featured at the bottom of the catalog page.  This great rarity, based on a popular children's book character of the time, is one of the rarest and most sought-after Steiff rabbit of all times! 

    Upon close review, there are several subtle differences which suggest the handsome hare under discussion today was not made by Steiff.  

    Limbs:  Steiff's larger mohair begging rabbits in this pattern have one color feet with the color ending in a seam right at the rabbits ankles, and one color arms, which are shapely and distinctively downturned. The one under review today has two color feet, and straight, chunky, two color arms. 

    Face:  Steiff's begging rabbits in this pattern have very large, childlike brown and black glass pupil eyes; the albino ones have red and pink glass pupil eyes.  All have triangular shaped noses, often outlined in red or black. They also all have triangular-shaped, wire lined ears. The one under review today has relatively proportional eyes, a simple round shaped nose, and long and lean ears.   

    Color: Steiff's begging rabbits in this pattern were made in brightly hued, feminine "jellybean" colors, to match the cultural norms and preferences of the "roaring 1920's."  Although a brown version was also produced, it was actually made from brown-tipped mohair, similar to the fabrics used on the popular Teddy Clown and Petsy bears of the time.  There is no indication that Steiff would have made their begging rabbit in a dark color like deep brown or black, as that would not have aligned with the popular trends of the time. 

    So for these reasons and just gut, having handled many of the Steiff versions - including this off the chart marvelous light purple example pictured here on the left - Steiffgal thinks that the rabbit under review today is from the late 1920's or early 1930's. And, it was most likely manufactured by another European high-end toy company either to look like a Steiff item, or just because it is a delightful and happy pattern.  

    Steiffgal hopes that this discussion on Steiff's late 1920's begging rabbits has been a hare-binger of good things to come. 

    Have a question about one of your Steiff treasures? Let's talk! Click here to learn more.

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    LEGO will be 60 years old in 2018. To commemorate its anniversary, the company is releasing the 60 Years of the LEGO Brick set (#40290).


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    Moose Toys recently relocated its U.S. office to a new space for the 50 employees based in its Los Angeles office. Located in the heart of Los Angeles’ toy hub of El Segundo, the new office space is nearly 23,000 total square-feet, covering two floors across two buildings. It’s four times the size as the […]

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    PE-DX06P GORIRA PRIME - Gorira Prime is a quadruple transforming machine standing 10 inches tall and features a metallic paint job as well as translucent and partial die-cast parts. The four modes of Gorira are leader, beast, air attack, and ground mode.

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    Team Versus mode is coming to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. The new feature was announced via the Capcom Unity blog yesterday.

    The mode will pit teams of up to five players against one another in a battle of endurance to be the last squad standing. Players will have to stick out their initial character choices, but will be able to change V-Triggers between matches, allowing for adaptation for their next opponents.

    A range of customisation options will allow you to set certain rules: Choose whether meter and health is recoverable between matches, round and timer settings, player order, and if matches are to be fought Elimination style, or in a Best-Of series. It is also being reported that Team Battle is accessed through the "VS" menu, which suggests that is it offline-only (although CPU opponents is an option).

    It's good to see another mode announced for the re-issue. But, to be honest, Team Versus always dies a death within weeks. It did in Street Fighter IV and it did in Mortal Kombat X, to name just two examples. The problem lies in the fact that people are impatient, aware that they could have had multiple matches in the time it takes for eight or more players to have their series play out, leading to the mode becoming ghost town pretty quickly.

    Provided you have comrades and opponents to hand, Team Versus is always a blast, especially when the pressure comes down on yourself as the last man standing. It can also be very useful in a tournament environment, where Team v Team truly comes alive.

    Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition launches January 16 on PS4 and PC.

    Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition to feature Team Versus mode screenshot

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    Video game RPGs can translate very well into the tabletop realm. It's a sort of cyclical relationship, as many entries in the genre are born out of precepts forged in the pen and paper era, and running them back to board games just seems natural.

    Fallout: The Board Game is one such endeavor. While it's not a perfect realization of the trials and tribulations of wasteland wandering, the questing system manages to capture the feeling of being bested by twists and turns all while ghouls and robots alike are trying to rip you apart.

    Review: Fallout The Board Game screenshot


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    After declaring that ARMS' next update would be out before the end of 2017 not four days ago, Nintendo has announced that the new 5.0 update will be available tomorrow! While this is currently a confirmation for the UK, I would find it hard to believe this isn't going to be a worldwide thing.

    ARMS 5.0 update will be ready tomorrow screenshot


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    Hamster are bringing another classic SNK arcade to modern-day platforms. As part of the ongoing ACA Neo Geo range, today sees the release of platform shooter Metal Slug 3 for the PS4 and Xbox One.

    Originally launched in arcades in 2000, before being ported to almost every home console under the sun (including PS4, oddly, making this a re-release), Metal Slug 3 is one of the most well-remembered of the frantic run 'n' gun series. Taking a deviation from its military roots, this edition of the series features undead monsters, intergalactic beings, Ark of the Covenant-esque spirits and, yes, crab people.

    The game also introduced branching pathways to the series, and is well remembered for its comedic mechanics which turned the player into a zombie soldier, or a portly ball should they collect too much food. The four selectable characters can ride into battle atop a range of new Slugs, including Drill Slug, Slug Mariner and the amusing animal hybrids: Elephant Slug and Ostrich Slug.

    Given it's low cost, it may be worth pulling the trigger on this arcade classic. Metal Slug 3 is available for download today on PS4 and Xbox One, priced at $7.

    The trailer below is for the game's previous PS3 release.

    Load up your RAWKIT LAWNCHUR for Metal Slug 3 on PS4 and Xbox One screenshot


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    For many years now David Kaye, voice actor for Beast Wars Megatron, has released an in-character Christmas address or recitation on YouTube. Finally, after all these years, Optimus Primal voice actor Garry Chalk responds! Singing "You're A Mean One, Megatron," Chalk riffs on "Mr. Grinch" and reveals a side of his repertoire as a performer that there was little room for in Beast Wars: he's quite the singer. Click through to see - and hear!

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    New frontiers ahoy for Sid Meier's Civilization VI. After spending the past year or so on PC, Mac, and Linux, the renowned 4X strategy game is coming to a more mobile format (if we ignore the invention of laptops, of course.)

    Today, Civ VI is available on newer iPad models. The exhaustive list of compatible Apple tablets is: iPad Air 2, the 2017 model of iPad, and any iPad Pro. Also, it has to run iOS 11. That's the equipment you need before you even think about the cultural nirvana you want to create.

    To help ease the resource burden, 2K is launching Civ VI at a discounted rate. Through January 4, the iOS version will be $30; afterward, it jumps back to the regular $60 price. For those unsure folks, the free 60-turn demo is in effect -- although you can't accomplish a whole heck of a lot in 60 turns. And, for anyone concerned about storage, this takes up 3.14GB of space.

    It's probably also worth noting that this is only the base game without any of the expansions. So those extra civilizations like the Vikings and the Aztecs aren't included. But, it's still an important development leading up to Civ VI's Rise and Fall add-on releasing next February. Chalk this one up as a victory.

    Civilization VI settles on iPad today at a discounted price screenshot

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    Want your company's share price to rocket? Simply add 'blockchain' to its nameShares in an American drinks producer soared by almost 500pc on Thursday after it announced that it would be adding the word "Blockchain" to its name. New York-based Long Island Iced Tea Corp said it will change its name to Long Blockchain Corp because its parent company is shifting its corporate focus towards the "exploration of and investment in opportunities that leverage the benefits of blockchain technology". The company, which will ask Nasdaq to change its trading symbol in connection with the name change, said it will continue to focus on the ready-to-drink segment of the beverage industry. It has registered the new web domain It follows a similar move by a British company in October, when On-line Plc announced plans to change its name to On-line Blockchain Plc, sending its share price soaring 394pc – the biggest one-day gain for the small-cap company since its first listing in 1996. At the time, the company said: "Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are a new and exciting area we have been working on for some time. We feel the time is right to re-name the company to reflect these developments, where we believe the future growth will be in our sector.” On-line's share price has continued to climb since its name-change, from around 15p in October to a high of 134p this week.  On-line PLC Shares in Colorado-based Bioptix Inc. also flew in the days leading up to its name change to Riot Blockchain Inc, nearly doubling in value, according to Bloomberg. Blockchain is the technology behind the Bitcoin phenomenon, enabling any type of encrypted data – from electronic money to medical records – to be shared between members of a closed network. Blockchain protects the data from fraud and updates all the members concerned. It is what is known as distributed ledger technology (DLT), allowing a network of computers to agree at regular intervals on the true state of a ledger’s position. Copies are shared between all participants and a process is established by which users agree on changes to the ledger. Since anyone can check any proposed transaction against the ledger, this means there is no need for a central authority. Nasdaq has been investigating the possibility of creating distributed ledgers for private company share registers, while the Australian Stock Exchange is testing whether blockchain could be used to replace its existing clearing and settlement systems.

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    South Korean troops fire warning shots as North Korean so...South Korean news agency Yonhap says the incident took place as a suspected North Korea defector tried to cross a ceasefire line.

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    Here's what taxes will look like for America's highest-paying jobsSurgeons, anesthesiologists, and dentists can expect higher taxes.

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    Women in Toys, Licensing and Entertainment (WIT) announced the slate of Wonder Women Awards Finalists for its 14th Wonder Women Awards Gala, taking place on Sunday, February 18. The Gala celebrates industry leaders for their outstanding contributions in toys, licensing and entertainment, and winners will be announced that evening in eight categories. RISING STAR ● […]

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