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    Alter's Jubei Yagyu returns to make another contract  screenshot

    A couple years ago, Alter jumped on Japan's penchant for gender-bending to craft quite the attractive little figure of Hyakka Ryouran's leading lady, Jubei Yagyu. Despite the fact the series' manga has been ongoing for some time with still no updated anime, apparently popularity continues as they've seen fit to re-release this fiery redhead next March.

    Just as before, she's very appealing and well sculpted, with an absolute ton of little details scattered around her outfit and accessories. I love the look of her two blades, and she's adorned with quite the number of shimenawa, presumably warding her from falling into the hands of unworthy buyers. It's a very busy look despite her less than modest getup, and it really makes me wish they'd make another season of the stylish anime! In the meantime, get ready for your next chance to pick her up, for around ¥7,800.

    [ Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | CD Japan ]

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    Thanks to Takara Tomy designer Shogo Hasui we has posted a new image of Transformers Masterpiece MP-13 Soundwave with Laserbeak and Cassette Bots MP-15 Rumble & Ravage and MP-16 Frenzy & Buzzsaw. Look for Soundwave to be out in December with the Cassettes slated for in March 2013. Get a look at Masterpiece MP-13 Soundwave with Laserbeak and Cassette Bots MP-15 Rumble & Ravage and MP-16 Frenzy & Buzzsaw. Now!

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    Many thanks to the Allspark facebook page who have posted a bunch of new images for the Transformers Fall of Cybertron G2 Bruticus action figure giftset out of the box. Get a look at the set based on the G2 colors motif Constructicons combined and separately in their robot and vehicle modes now

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  • 10/31/12--07:36: Happy Hallow’s Eve!
  • The story on these very cute Mia and Tia is here. Nearly everything you want to know about Halloween. And they don’t make them like they used to … Tweet This Post

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  • 10/31/12--07:36: Spattered Kumon Pre-Order
  • Lulubell has announced that the Spattered Kumon will go up for pre-order on Halloween (today - October 31st 2012) at 11:00AM PT. It's expected to ship out to buyers mid-November. The Spattered Kumon is cast on super clear vinyl, and then painted from the inside & finished up with spray detailing on the outside as [...]

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    Lego Ponte di Rialto needs tiny plastic Ezio screenshot

    You know you're a gamer when you see a fantastically crafted bit of architecture in Lego form and think, "Hey, I remember that from a game!" Case in point, Anupehr's amazingly detailed version of the famous Ponte di Rialto in Venice. She's even won the award for "Best Architectural Style" at BrickCon, and it's not hard to see why.

    Even creating the bridge in detail alone would be quite an impressive sight, but Anupehr went above and beyond creating a busy cityscape with gondolas traversing the Grand Canal and people visiting the various shops and cafes. She could have even skimped on the building facades, but as you can see in the gallery, narrow alleyways between the walls are just as detailed as the rest of the setting.

    It's certainly a top notch piece of work, but again, I just have to wonder--where's the tiny, white-cloaked Ezio perched on a rooftop high above?

    [via The Brothers Brick]

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  • 10/31/12--08:31: Happy Halloween From TNI

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    Tomopop Review: New Captain America Fine Art Statue screenshot

    Of all the items I received for this month's giveaway, I was most excited for this particular review, though at the same time I was kind of dreading it the most. The dread comes from imposing size of the box Cappy here comes in, but everything else is pure excitement.

    Click past the jump to see my full review of this limited, hulking, 13-inch tall cold cast statue of the New Captain America!

    Figure Name: New Captain America Fine Art Statue
    Figure Maker: Kotobukiya
    Retail: US$157.99 (¥24,800)
    Available at: HobbyLink Japan (on sale for chump change at the time of writing!)

    As I mentioned earlier, Cappy's box is pretty huge. Inside the box, he's protected by a block of Styrofoam and is separated into two pieces (by the way, if you see any white specks in this review, it's some of that stuff I missed when I took the statue out). The base which includes the sculpted Hydra troopers is on one side, and Cappy himself is on the other. He attaches to the base through some metal pegs that slide into the base with no issues at all.

    If you're wondering why the base is only half of the shield though, it's because you could pose this statue together with the previously released Winter Soldier Fine Art Statue and have both incarnations fighting back to back. There's a picture of that on the back of the box above.

    Bucky's pose here is basically smashing a Hydra trooper's face with his knee while he gets ready to lay down the law with his shield and fists on the rest of them. I love the power in his pose, and the statue looks great from all angles since it's so dynamic. It's best displayed with Cappy facing out toward you, though, especially if you don't have the other half of this set.

    Here's a look at the guy whose face is getting knee-smashed without Cappy on top. That hole there is for the peg, and it wedges in flush. I like the shattered look of the eye piece there, and he's got an appropriately angry look on his face. By far one of the better statue expressions I've seen in a while has got to be this derp over here, though:

    Geeze, he is having a rough day.

    Moving along... let's stare at some abs. This, ladies and gents, is a very well-sculpted torso. I mean, this is a Captain America I can believe in. That aside, you've got a truly solid paint job here, and some bold colors that look great in any kind of lighting. It's got a slightly metallic and matted finish to it that really gleams.

    His back is equally powerful-looking. The way the suit is shaped, it makes him look like he's literally bulging out of his skin. There's no decoration back here besides the one star, which is really all he needs.

    Further down, we've got his handy-dandy utility belt. He's got some pockets, weapons and a flask to keep him going. There's some neato work here with the sculpting and painting to make them look flexible and worn, which I appreciate despite the slightly spotty painting with the buttons. Please do note, though... those paint defects are not at all noticeable on the statue once it's on display. These are just things you notice when a camera is all zoomed up on them.

    One of Cap's arms is flexed back like he's ready to punch the face he just broke, and the other is hanging on to Steve Roger's shield. The straps on the shield are made of actual fabric, so it has the feel to match its look. Both of Bucky's shoulders are decorated with the star symbol as well.

    Here's a look at the shield, of course. If you rub your hand over it, you can feel the texture of the paint that's layered on there.

    What I love about his shield is that the red offsets the rest of his outfit perfectly along with the stripes at his front. It's just the right amount of splash of color that the statue needs as a whole. Yes, I know that the color scheme is a set design. I'm just appreciating what I've got in front of me.

    On to Cappy's head, he's decorated with little wings and an "A" on the forehead. It all has the same sort of liquid look that the rest of the statue sports so well. And even with such a small portion of his face exposed, there's plenty of expression to take in. He's angry.

    Seriously? Bucky is going to wreck your face.

    The big thing that stood out to me here are his beautiful and clear blue eyes. As for the molding, the hood is layered over his face realistically and isn't simply a blue layer over his skin. The rest of his face looks fine, of course. He's got the snarl thing going for him.

    So, would I recommend this statue? Absolutely. If you're a comics/Marvel fan, especially a Captain America fan, this is a great addition to any collection. Granted, it isn't a depiction of Steve Rogers, but that doesn't really sway my mind. The execution is wonderful and at 13 inches tall, he definitely makes a statement. He's a little bit on the delicate side in some areas (for example, be careful not to grip him at the belt, since those pieces may snap off), but is overall as hefty as his physique.

    Thanks to HobbyLink Japan for sponsoring this review! If you entered our Halloween-themed contest, you're entered for a chance to win this awesome statue. If not, you can still purchase it at a great price. This is a limited release of only 1,000 pieces, so once he's gone -- he's gone.

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    The battle to protect mankind from the evil Decepticons rages on in the Transformers Prime video game from Activision Publishing, Inc. Created for kids and based on the animated television show produced by Hasbro Studios seen in more than 170 countries and airing on The Hub television network in the U.S., Transformers Prime allows fans [...]

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    As "Shadowplay" continues with Part 2, "Patternism," Prowl and Chromedome cross paths with Orion Pax as the investigation continues to broaden in scope and implications. Script by James Roberts, art by Alex Milne, color by Josh Burcham, and lettering by Chris Mowry. Continue to full review

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    Technological advances have again influenced the toy industry's top picks for success this Christmas, according to a new list.

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  • 10/31/12--09:16: Designer Con: Doubleparlour
  • Ernie and Cassandra of Doubleparlour have been busy creating new sculptures for Designer Con. I encourage you to find them at booth 512, and see their awesome sculptures. You will be amazed! To see more preview images, visit Doubleparlour’s blog. … Continue reading 

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    Creeping Nomadic New works by Mike Sutfin and Koji Harmon Opening reception Thursday November 1st 2012 from 6:00PM to 9:00PM On view through November 30th 2012 Grass Hut 400 NW Couch St. Portland, OR "Mouseketeer Army" Art by Bob Dob Opening reception Friday November 2nd 2012 from 8:00PM to 11:00PM On view until December 2nd [...]

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    Here we have some information that I’m sure a lot of you have been waiting for! News on the Loyal Subjects x Joe Ledbetter Designer Con Lava Bunny Release! this is the first vinyl drop of their new Chaos Bunnies line and will be limited to only 99 pieces at...

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    Show us your kids 2012 Halloween costumes! We want to see the cutest, scariest and most unique Halloween costumes. First place will win a $100 Amazon Gift Card, second place will win a $50 Amazon Gift Card and third will win a $25 Amazon Gift Card. To enter, send us the very best picture of [...]

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    The Grasshut Corp will be starting November up with a bang! “Creeping Nomadics” is a duo show featuring the customs and artworks of both Mike Sutfin and Koji Harmon aka Cometdebris. The opening reception takes place on Thursday, November 1st from 6-9PM. Check out some of his custom MadBattleMan figures,...

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    The Franken Factory booth #113 will be playing host to the official sneak peek up Dynamite Rex’s Raar! Artist series! They will also have a limited number of 3” and 6” Rotocast resin Raar!s available for purchase. Be sure to stop by her booth to check out the Raar! designs...

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