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    One of the needle felting flower molds I had bought that I was anxious to try was the Daisy Needle Felting Applique Mold By The Each, which is shown below.

    After my sister went home from our needle felting adventure I decided to try creating a daisy using the Daisy Needle Felting Applique Mold By The Each I had bought and using the wonderful alpaca roving from her alpaca Sunflower.

    Compared to some of the cheap roving I had been using some of which I really think was dyed raw mohair packaged as 100% wool roving Sunflower's white roving was exceptional.  It was beautifully white, fine, free of debris, and just plain exceptional to use.

    The instructions and packaging of the Daisy Needle Felting Applique Mold By The Each were similar to the instructions and packaging of the Clover Applique Mold, Rose Design mentioned above so please see my comments on my Needle Felted Pink Rose and Multi-Colored Purple Rose Mini Pictures Linda's Blog post as they would be the same for the Clover daisy mold and all the rest of the Clover molds I bought.

    Once again, I had decided to add a stem to my daisy as I wanted to enclose this needle felted flower within a  6" by 6" by 2" unfinished wood shadowbox that I had bought with a 5 1/4" by 5 1/4" opening. I pulled a 6" long and 1" wide piece of the lime green roving that I was using for my daisy's leaves and using the pen style needle felting tool and needle felting mat just kept rolling it and felting the lime green roving until I had a long stem about 5" long and about 1/2" wide that was pretty dense. Using the single needle felt needle I felted the leaves I had created for my daisy to the left and right sides of the middle of the stem with one leaf slightly higher than the other until they were secure and then I felted the top of the stem to the center back of my daisy.

    I wanted to create a bright, sunny flower for the end of the Summer and early Fall season so I thought a Daisy would be perfect and envisioned it contained within a bright and cheery sponge painted shadowbox frame.

    So, I painted the unfinished wood shadowbox (except the back inside wall) first with olive green acrylic paint and then sponge painted it with a combination of medium brown, dark olive green, yellow, and white acrylic paint.  Then I applied one coat of varnish.

    I  cut a piece of yellow felt backing 5 1/4" by 5 1/4" and a piece of 1" of Nu-foam backing 5 1/4" by 5 1/4" and using the needle felting punch tool felted them together.  Then, using the pen style needle felting tool,  I needle felted my needle felted daisy flower with long felted stem in a curved manner to the yellow felt and Nu-foam. Once it was felted to the yellow felt and Nu-foam I used the single needle felting needle to securely felt it in place. After I was sure the daisy was securely felted to the yellow felt and Nu-foam I hot glued this to the inside back of the shadowbox frame that I had left unpainted.

    I liked how my daisy turned out and think it will make a wonderful decoration for my late summer early Fall decor.  What do you think?

    Posted by Linda Walsh Originals- "Doll Patterns for Grown-up Girls!"
    Linda Walsh Originals E-Patterns - "Instant Download E-Patterns for Grown-up Girls!"
    Linda Walsh Originals Dolls - "Handmade Dolls & Crafts for Grown-up Girls!"

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    The third Ultimate Chase has arrived in Australia – based on Australian racer Mark “Frosty” Winterbottom … Nice unibody! He was first available in mid September if you clipped this coupon from the (Australia) Herald Sun at the Sandown 500 racer. They were only giving away 200. If they had stopped there, it would easily [...]

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    Low Price 4D Hong Kong Skyline Time Puzzle wFree Storage Bag 4D Hong Kong Skyline Time Puzzle wFree

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    Now is the time History of Tanks 1000-Piece Puzzle See Compare Price History of Tanks 1000-Piece Puz

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    Order 1000 Piece Puzzle , GLOW IN THE DARK , SNOWY WINTER 1000 Piece Puzzle , GLOW IN THE DARK , SNO

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    Alfrons Mucha, Primrosefeather Puzzle, 1500 Pcs See Discount Price Alfrons Mucha, Primrosefeather Pu

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    This instant Puzzles 4 Pack 2 Avengers, Superhero Squad and Star Wars Glow in the Dark Puzzles 4 Pac

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    Only the day before I posted images of the exhibition for 'We Set The Pace: A Retrospective of Stompin' Ground' - now happening at The Substation. Today we have a closer look specifically at the 1/6th-scaled figures on show, from local customizer Daniel Yu, along with a quick Q&A! TOYSREVIL: Which era were you basing the figures from? Or are they a fictional concept of the band? DANIEL YU: I

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  • 10/26/12--02:40: Japan Mode

  • Updates on Japan Mode! I previously announced that I would be directing and producing this TV show back in July. A few things have changed since then. Panasonic wants more of a show aimed at the female population around the world. However, my directional skill set is mostly in the "pop culture" and "traditional Japan" field as you would have seen in 2 seasons of Culture Japan.

    I called upon a comrade who is experienced in making a wide genre of TV shows and felt that he would be more suited to the task and have now left the direction and production to him. I am still however the main presenter of the show which has finally got a broadcast slot in December 2012 initially on Star World (owned by STAR TV and Fox International) across the whole of Asia.
    This also means that I can focus on the immediate company goals and allows me to travel to the many anime events around the world without having to clone myself.

    Japan Mode is a weekly 30 min show and will focus on bringing lifestyle topics mainly for women but produced in a way so that the lads can enjoy the content too. I also managed to sneak in some otaku related stuff in too ^^;
    To help me on the show, we have called upon a few ladies to co-present with me. Its cheesy but just imagine that I'm charlie and that they are my angels ^^;;; I swear it was not my idea - but I like it because it meant I didn't have to go round getting my nails manicured, shaving my armpits or trying on ladies underwear - I only do that off camera.

    Panasonic and now Toyota are sponsors of the show and I'm working with advertising agency Dentsu on this project.

    Today we take a look at the studio filming that took place this week.

    The Japan Mode set for season 1. Panasonic wanted something futuristic-ish. Very different from the Culture Japan set!

    Our production team - camera, sound, lighting, art, producer and director.

    In the changing and makeup room. This room is alo known as "Gakuya" [楽屋[がくや]].

    Am not a fan of wearing makeup but am required to as my ugly mug has the potential to frighten viewers ><
    But it looks like many men of late are wearing makeup...

    A look at our filming equipment - all digital SLR's this time round. Also plan to film Culture Japan Season 3 on digital SLR's too.

    Canon EOS 5D.

    Some of our cameras are all rigged up like this.

    No matter what time of year it is - its always boiling under those lights ><

    This is a rental studio and comes with a variety of stuff for folks to use.

    Yuki-chan joins me on the set and for two of the episodes. I end up calling her Mirai though ^^;

    All changed and ready to shoot 3 episodes. Felt really odd as I dont usually wear a suit - the last time I wore one was when I was a salaryman. A while back however I did always wear a black jacket and T-shirt though.

    This is Reisa-san - my 1st reporter.

    Our cameraman is very well known in the Japanese TV industry and shoots for popular TV shows like Sekai Fushigi Hakken [世界不思議発見[せかいふしぎはっけん]]。

    Hard work but lots of fun too!

    This is Mami-san - my 2nd reporter.

    This is Aya Vanessa - half Canadian and half British - speaks perfect Japanese. Speaking fluent Japanese opens many doors - so what are you waiting for?!

    Japan Mode features some CG work too - images are beamed from my "tablet device"

    I didn't take this dangerous shot! I has alibi!

    Director going over the next episode.

    Checking footage in Adobe Bridge.

    My filming for the day is done - packing up the chair.

    The art folks preparing for closeup filming of products used in the show.

    A quick game of Moekana while waiting for dinner.

    Dinner arrives for everybody - the traditional bento box.

    Filming continues into the evening.

    But I'm done and head back to base.

    The world deepest train station is Roppongi on the Oedo line. Not incredibly fond of taking the Oedo line as you have to take a ton of escalators to get to the platforms. They dont have elevators going all the way down either - presume its because of an earthquake related reason.
    But its best to think of it as good exercise!

    There is a Psycho Pass on the subway.

    X marks the spot - caption that image.

    Kawaii is everywhere in Japan - even when fighting terrorism.

    Filming finishes early for a change ^^;

    Read more about Mirai Suenaga >>>

    About Mascots Subscribe by Email Twitter Facebook

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    Takara Tomy just sent in the latest stocks for the Masterpiece MP-12 Lambor and the figure is made to scale with your MP-10 Optimus Prime convoy and it’s easily fir into the back trailer of the convoy too. Sideswipe’s overwhelming combat prowess and casual disregard for fair practice rival those of his twin brother, Sunstreaker, [...]

    The post Takaratomy Transformers Masterpiece MP-12 Sideswipe / Lambor appeared first on Toywiz and Toy Garden.

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    Today saw the second stage invasion of Frank Kozik's Mecha Dunny (Kidrobot). Following the red and silver units comes the olive green MDA1 Tactical Assault Unit with a subtle, yet stylish camo finish. As with the previous drop, this one started with an initial attack directly from Frank's site (48...

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    set database: LEGO 8457 power puller

    image courtesy of
    image courtesy of bricklink
    image courtesy of brickipedia

    image courtesy of AirMauro
    image courtesy of bricklink

    set number: 8457
    set name: power puller
    theme: technic
    year: 2000
    pieces: 979
    price: us$100
    minifig: 1
    large technic set.
    main model is a tractor and a pulling sled.
    the tractor engine can be modified to make it more pistons and several gears configuration.
    come with movable engine pistons and battery powered motor.
    come with a vhs video showing the real life tractor puller.
    overall design is great.
    must have for technic lovers.
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  • 10/26/12--04:52: Bunny Plush
  • Californian artist Anna Chambers has designed this sweet-looking Bunny Plush using soft fabrics in a variety of gentle shades.

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    “Hostile Takeover Banker”has a fun story to tell us … I went into a local Kmart over here the other day and was blown away by what I saw. This store was full of Finns and McQueens the other day and now ALL the Finns are gone, including all the oversized ones! I was thinking I [...]

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    [PR Newswire] - EMERYVILLE, Calif., Oct. 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE:LF), the leader in educational entertainment, today announced that multiple LeapFrog learning solutions received 2012 ...

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    Bif Bang Pow! Retro Bionic Bigfoot figure by splittyhead

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  • 10/26/12--05:31: Licensed To Thrill
  • Paula Hammond reports from Brand Licensing Europe 2012.

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    You might have noticed that next week is Halloween. I’ve been tallying my mom-points for the season and am feeling fairly good at the moment. We did some Halloween DIY, we’ve watched The Great Pumpkin, we’ve chatted about ghosts and monsters, and Birdie picked out an awesome costume theme. The only mom-guilt moment: I kind [...]

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  • 10/26/12--06:00: Toy Aisle Trolls > Maash-Up
  • Toy Aisle Trolls is a feature highlighting acts of vandalism to in-store toy items. If you find a ruined package, a stolen figure, a swapped-out figure, or any other such acts, take a photo (cell phone photos are fine if they’re not blurry) and email them to Submitted by: Meister Shake Notes: What the hell [...]

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    Today’s review is by Justin Gammon of the newly-redesigned Justin, the bone-strewn cave floor is yours. –PG When deciding what toy to feature for Halloween, we toy bloggers really become conflicted. There’s only so many times you can post pics of the Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy or any other variation of the Universal Monsters. [...]

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