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  • 10/09/12--13:21: Axolotl plush - prototype
  • Top is initial sketch, bottom is actual plush design.

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    [Business Wire] - Hasbro, Inc. has announced today it has entered into agreement with LucasFilm to manufacture and globally market a variety of products based on the newly launched STAR WARS edition of the wildly popular ANGRY BIRDS mobile game from Rovio Entertainment.

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  • 10/09/12--13:29: Hi!
  • Claire here, founder of The Needle. Although you may know me as Absolutely Small, or maybe just the crazy lady who makes Chickenpants. The Needle has been in the very capable hands of Ms. Felicia, of Felicia's Fluffy Flowers for well over a year now. Felicia was gracious and awesome enough to step up and take the reigns for me while I went on what turned out to be an extended maternity leave. Waaay extended. She has done a wonderful job, and I am very grateful to her for keeping things going. I am thrilled to say that I am now back, and happy to be admin of The Needle once more. And I have some very fun things planned! I also want to say thank you to everyone who continues to post their wonderful work here. You guys ARE The Needle. It would literally be nothing at all without you. So, thank you. Keep up the amazing work! Also, we are now accepting NEW members. Would you like to post your plush work here? Email me, and let's make it happen!

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    Now that's one pretty kitty!  Steiffgal recently had the pleasure of meeting a spectacular early Steiff cat.  Her details and design simply took her breath away.  Take a look at this early Steiff sitting sweetheart and see what makes her so special from the design and collector's perspectives.

    It's easy to color your world with this lovely 1920's era Steiff cat.  Her name is Fluffy, and she was introduced in 1926. Fluffy is sitting, unjointed, and made in part from bluish tipped mohair, which is just spectacular. Her little tail wraps sweetly around her body. Fluffy's face is detailed with large deep turquoise green and black pupil eyes and a simple hand embroidered pink nose and mouth. Her claws are also embroidered in red. This kitty retains her 8mm trailing "f" Steiff button and bits of her red ear tag.  

    Talk about the cat's meow!  Fluffy was such a favorite that she was produced in nine standard sizes, as well as on a pincushion, as a music box, and as a tail turns head model. Fluffy appeared in the line through 1950. Her design was slowly replaced by Susi, another favorite sitting style cat, who was a line standard through 1978.

    Fluffy has details that quite typical of other products Steiff created during "the roaring 20's" - or in this case, the "meowing 20's!  Items designed and produced during this decade tended to have large, childlike eyes; bright colors or details, playful textures, and a distinctly feminine touch to them.   Perfect examples of this include Steiff's Molly the Puppy (introduced in 1925), Teddy Rose (introduced in 1925), Teddy Clown (introduced in 1926), Charly the King Charles Spaniel (introduced in 1928) and Bully the Bulldog (introduced in 1927). All also had collars or ribbons, adding to their festive presentation. 

    Steiffgal hopes this discussion on Fluffy has been the cat's meow for you.

    Have a question about one of your Steiff treasures? Let's talk! Click here to learn more. 

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    Lamaze Early Development Toy, Dee Dee the Dragon

    Lamaze Early Development Toy, Dee Dee the DragonFull of developmental features that capture baby's imagination and stimulate the senses. Features crinkle wings, ribbon, and soft textured tummy, rattles, and mirror tail.

    Lamaze Early Development Toy, Dee Dee the Dragon
    • Crinkle wings
    • Ribbon
    • Soft textured tummy
    • Rattle
    • Mirror tail

    Buy this Pre-kindergarten toys - Lamaze Early Development Toy, Dee Dee the Dragon...

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    DC Collectibles has revealed their upcoming Frank Miller Metallic Superman statue. Click the thumbnail above for a closer look.

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    Deals, Son!: Pre-Order The Dark Night Trilogy On Blu-ray For $29.96

    Because spending the list price of $52.99 is stupid and for suckers, you might want to get on this Amazon deal before the price goes back up. The set includes every entry in the Christopher Nolan trilogy (Batman Begins / The Dark Knight / The Dark Knight Rises) across 5 discs that include plenty of bonus features. There’s also an included 64 Page excerpted version of the book: “The Art and Making of The Dark Knight Trilogy.”

    Amazon’s even being extra rad and throwing in free shipping. Deals, son!

    Pre-order: The Dark Knight Trilogy (Limited Time Price)
    Release Date: December 4, 2012

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    Every night of the week we have our bedtime routines. They don’t always happen in the same order but generally there’s a period that we slow down before heading to bed. We spend time reading, singing, and cuddling with each of our children before they head off to bed. When I’m not feeling well my... [Continue Reading]

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    Metal Zelda Gashapon Toys

    If you’ve ever wanted tiny little metal versions of items from Zelda games, you’re in luck! Kayodo has kicked off pre-orders for ‘Zelda Skyward Sword Metal Item Collection’ gashapon toys. Each set will set you back $28.90 and can be pre-ordered from NCSX.

    Buy: The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Hyrule Historia Art Book
    Peep It: More Zelda freshness

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    New to the Mega Bloks First Builders range is a refreshed version of the Build ’n Learn Table.

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    It’s hard to say how much longer the high res poster art of CARS 2 will stay up so if you’re interested, you probably want to grab them now … the Apple iTunes Trailer site. Tweet This Post

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    Julia, from, gives us a view of life across the Pond with a look at some of 2012's major toy trends in the United States.

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  • 10/10/12--04:21: Cannes Lions

  • Every time I sort through photos for a post, I always come across this set which I've been meaning to upload for ages!
    Had the honor of being the speaker for Asia's biggest advertising agency Dentsu at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival last year.

    I worked with Dentsu for about half a year on the presentation which was about Anime culture and in the process also got to work with the folks who created the Original Macross Movie "Do you remember love."

    Cannes, France. Picking up my speaker pass.

    Been rehearsing many times back in Japan - today we just do a technical rehearsal to see if everything works when connected together.

    If you are going to give a presentation, its very important to rehearse and speak aloud - when reading in your mind, you dont make mistakes, but when you speak, you will come across areas which you stumble upon.
    How many of you have given a talk infront of a large audience and how did it go?

    The advertising industry still uses tapes and DVD's - hence all the equipment.

    All my presentations are done on a Mac on Keynote.

    Even without a WiFi connection, you can pair the iPhone with an iPad over Bluetooth and use it as a controller. Probably OK for smaller audience prestations but when presenting infront of thousands, I prefer push button controllers - too much room for error on the iPhone - accidentally hit the home button, call from screaming client, lost connection and wot not.
    Also, if the image size in the presentation is large, the iPhone will try to download it to show a thumbnail which can take a while.

    This is Kagami Akira [鏡明] - one of the top guys at Dentsu and also a sci-fi writer. He is currently my boss for this project.

    There is only one thing I miss about the iPhone now that I'm an Android user - the suite of office applications such as Keynote.

    A peek in the auditorium.

    A load of huge name brands presenting over the period of the festival.

    Its the day of my talk - going though last minute bits n bobs.

    Preparing backstage.

    While folks from the previous talk clear out, we set up our equipment.

    Yuki-chan is a popular girl.

    Given a large audience, you cant expect every single person to be listening - some maybe fidgeting on their mobile device (another term for when somebody's hand moves around suspiciously in their trouser pockets), busy digging nose or they could even be asleep ^^;

    Its important to stay focused when you spot this and remember one thing - the people who are not paying attention dont matter - people who *are* listening *do* matter. Focus on the folks who are listening or what will end up happening is that your performance drops on stage and you could end up making *everybody* fall asleep ^^;

    This rule can be applied in real life - people who dont get it dont matter - people who do get it do matter. Dont waste time trying to make people care - focus your time on people who already do care.

    I've been through quite a few slide remotes but have been looking for some heavy duty ones like the one one I'm holding here - been trying many search terms with no luck ><

    Interviews and photos after the talk which went well!

    My younger sister came to France to visit us.

    Younger sister cant be tipping Yuki-chan forwards.

    Free drinks are good!

    Everybody loves Yuki-chan.

    Caption this photo.

    Somebody trying to chat up my younger sister.

    Presentation is done - time to chill out with a photo session of Yuki-chan.

    I must go. My planet needs me.

    Time to look around the festival hall and exhibits.

    Is that Ken?

    And a load of clever ad campaigns. Any of you interested in working in the advertising field? How about in anime advertising?
    If you can show me something interesting with the materials in this post then I would hire you. I'm looking for something clever rather than just something that looks good.

    Does "FAAP" mean to do it for longer periods?

    Heading back to the hotel - next stop is Germany before heading onto Los Angeles.

    With comrades at Dentsu.

    Going through the brochure stuff back at the hotel.

    Read more about Mirai Suenaga >>>

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    [PR Newswire] - EMERYVILLE, Calif., Oct. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE:LF), the leader in educational entertainment, today announced LeapsterGS ™ received the 2012 Platinum Best Toy award from ...

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    Sofvi Life Gigan by chimply kaiju

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    Monsters University – where I’m sure tuition is scary but the dining hall is all you can eat …Of course there’s a student store. Thanks for the heads up, “indykjt.” Tweet This Post

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    From the moment they were first introduced, Lalaloopsy Dolls have won over the hearts of little girls everywhere and their popularity isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Especially with the first ever talking, singing  and dancing Lalaloopsy Doll – Harmony B. Sharp! Harmony B. Sharp Description On her stage, Harmony B. Sharp tells jokes, speaks funnyRead More

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    Toy Aisle Trolls is a feature highlighting acts of vandalism to in-store toy items. If you find a ruined package, a stolen figure, a swapped-out figure, or any other such acts, take a photo (cell phone photos are fine if they’re not blurry) and email them to Submitted by: Geeky Vixen Why am I nearly [...]

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  • 10/10/12--06:00: chevrons + babies = awesome
  • Oh lovely squishable huggable soft sweet-smelling babies. I was talking babies all afternoon on a playdate yesterday with a couple of expecting moms, and now I’m itching to squeeze one more than usual!  Add some pieces from Little Hip Squeaks and I think any baby would be absolutely impossible to resist. Chevrons are having a [...]

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