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    Minecraft Animal Toy (6-Pack) -- $18.99

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    Minecraft Diamond Steve Action Figure -- $8.11

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    Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Energize Chase the Police-Bot Figure -- $13.95

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    Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Energize Heatwave the Fire-Bot Figure -- $13.90

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    Here’s where it all comes together for Bandai’s Kamen Rider Arms change figures. Just like the show, you can pop a fruit on their shoulders and transform their armor. Yeah, it’s a gimmick, but it’s one that is done well here.   They took some effort to make the fruits fold up like they do […]

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    Check out the pictures of the new Marvel NOW! Deadpool ARTFX+ Statue by Kotobukiya.

    The post Marvel NOW! Deadpool ARTFX+ Statue by Kotobukiya appeared first on Statue Reviews and News.

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  • 07/31/14--22:28: Our New Nikon DSLR Purchase
  • We recently bought the new camera we have wanted to buy for some time now. We decided to take the step in making a substantially large purchase on a DSLR because it is something that is more than just for taking pictures to us. Our life relies on pictures so getting the next best thing… [read more]

    The post Our New Nikon DSLR Purchase appeared first on Our Ordinary Life.

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    Newly listed on The Sucklord's are new figures in his Suckpanelz series, as well including the above GHOST RIDER Vintage comic book page mounted on 1/2" plywood with affixed action figure under a clear plastic blister (US$125), along with new figures in his Coloring Book Series (UUS$150-$165 each) and new GLOW TROOPERS featuring glow-in-the-dark sprayed figures. As of

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    Tonner's Deja Vu doll line has exploded onto the summer doll scene with thirteen items. There are six dressed dolls, six basic dolls and one fashion. The dressed dolls are priced from $169.99 to $199.99.

    The basics range from $99.99 to $149.99. The separate fashion is $199.99.

    The separate fashion is $119.99.

    My personal favorites among the dressed dolls are those styled in the Roaring 20's looks. I like the short-haired basic dolls and the doll in the red bathing suit, but not enough to buy.

    I don't know when the following two Deja Vu were introduced but apparently the dressed doll on the left in purple is already sold out and she doesn't ship until 8/11! These dolls remind me so much of Tiny Kitty.

    Not quite the same but the sheer coat over floral...

    And the red one reminds me of another Tiny Kitty outfit.

    Tonner Doll Company

    After a while, they all start to look like each other.
    Maybe I have deja vu.

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  • 07/31/14--23:09: As I Predicted...
  • The SDCC Tonner exclusive Sheldon Cooper doll and the Vintage Wonder Woman doll are now up for sale on the Tonner site.

    Sheldon is $169.00. (They forgot to put the ubiquitous .99 on the end.)

    VWW is $475.00

    Tonner Doll Company

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  • 07/31/14--23:10: Kyoto Traditional Hotel
  • If you are travelling to Kyoto then I presume you are after more of the traditional sights of Japan in ...

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    Melbourne, August 1 (ANI): A British woman, who works as a sex toy tester, has revealed that she has nearly 15 orgasms a week while testing the toys. Cara Houiellebecq, who writes about the sex toys she tests in her blog, has also admitted that she gets paid 27,000 dollars a year for testing the toys before they go into the market, reported.

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    My experience with Embrace Japan has its good and bad points, but I do like their original character designs. They're revisiting an old favorite of mine, Diabolus Inclinatus, with a new figure that looks quite pretty.

    The other unpainted prototype they rolled out at WonFes is Tibalt, the skinny girl with the big scythe. As for painted figures, you can see: Sol Badguy, Tabineko, the chibi-fied Neko to Isu figures, and a highly stylized Youmu Konpaku from Touhou Project.

    Wonder Festival 2014 Summer: Embrace Japan screenshot


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    I'll get you my pretty! Yes, I will!" Ah! Ha! Ha! Ha! "My pretty!"


    Not only is she a nasty sounding witch, but a really ugly one to boot! Maybe that's why she's an extreme primitive. The uglier - the better.

    Well, they don't get much nastier or uglier than "Can For Some Brew, Virginia!"

    I don't know about you, but I don't think I'd accept anything from "Care For Some Brew, Virginia!" Would you?

    If you did I'm not too sure what would happen to you.

    Would you get sick? Maybe!

    Would you melt? Maybe if you're lucky "Care For Some Brew, Virgina!" would!

    Would you be so delusional you'd start to think "Care For Some Brew, Virgina! was good looking? Maybe, but you'd have to be out of your mind for that?

    "Care For Some Brew, Virginia!" is a 9" extreme primitive witch ornament and has a coffee stained cloth body with an embroidered watercolor penciled face. She is wearing fringed bloomers, a fringed dress, fringed and banded apron, has raffia wrapped ties around her legs and feet. She also has a fringed cap and, of course, a witch's hat.

    Her ugly ragged gray yarn hair just compliments her extreme primitive appearance. Wouldn't you agree?

    Come on now, my pretty! Wouldn't you agree? Ah! Ha! Ha! Ha! My pretty! Care for some brew?

    “Care For Some Brew, Virginia”, 9” Handmade Extreme Primitive Witch Ornament Pattern - Halloween Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Beginner

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    We all know that ghosts are supposed to be scary! That's their ghost - to scare everyone at Halloween, especially the little children.

    Well, what if there's a ghost that doesn't want to scare anyone - especially little children.

    A ghost that just wants to be friends with everyone and a ghost that doesn't just want to be visible at one time of the year.

    A ghost that wants to celebrate Christmas, and New Year's Day, and St. Patrick's Day, and Easter, and the 4Th of July, and any of the other holidays.

    A ghost that wants to have a family someday of 12 little ghosts running around.

    A ghost that is nice and kind and thoughtful and considerate.

    Well, that would be "Boo! Hoo! Billy."

    "Boo! Hoo! Billy" is tired of being viewed as mean and nasty and malicious. He's never been nor does he ever want to be anything like that. He just wants to be a normal person with a normal life.

    Is that too much to ask?

    "Boo! Hoo! Billy" doesn't think so.

    "Boo! Hoo! Billy" is a 7" primitive ghost ornament with a coffee stained white muslin cloth body and embroidered face. He is wearing a shredded shirt that he thinks fits him very well and isn't frightful at all. In fact, he will right proudly tell you that he made it himself.

    Not only is he a very friendly ghost, but a very handy one, too. He'll need to be after all if he wants to have 12 little ghosts someday. Wouldn't you agree?

    “Boo! Hoo! Billy”, 9” Primitive Ghost Ornament Pattern- Halloween Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Beginner

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    A-Toys didn't seem to have much at WonFes, but holy crap did they have something awesome: the Female Titan! The skinless beauty has her dukes up, and would look great next to Sentinel's Rogue Titan figure (which I really hope is in the same scale).

    They also had an unpainted prototype of Maou from Maoyuu Maou Yuusha. Her cleavage game is as strong as ever!

    Wonder Festival 2014 Summer: A-Toys screenshot


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    What a strange week it’s been.  I spent a large chunk of it trying to create the perfect photoshoot filled with cherries, lemonade, Indian colors, and French rustic touches. It was a blast. I’ll tell you more about that some other day. Plus,I  finished up some logo sketches for a new client, and drew aardvarks […]

    The post round about: mini treehouses & knotted trikes appeared first on Small for Big.

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    set database: LEGO 1591 danone delivery truck
    image courtesy of bricklink
    image courtesy of peeron

    image courtesy of Cran

    image courtesy of JanK
    set number: 1591
    set name: danone truck
    theme: townDanone
    year: 1980
    pieces: 40
    price: us$na
    minifig: none
    promotional set.
    come with a danone delivery truck.
    great playability.
    overall design is great.
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  • 08/01/14--05:30: Spectrum Cups 2014
  • The Spectrum Cups 2014 are a run of 45 hand sprayed Mini-Teas, each one signed and numbered by artist Matt JOnes (Lunartik). Each piece also includes a Certificate of Authentication, a sticker, and a hand doodled business card. They'll be available beginning at 4PM GMT (Noon EST) today (August 1st 2014).

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