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    This has fallen just a little under the radar, but there's still time to take part! Students in the San Jose State University Animation/Illustration program are holding Press Start: Nintendo Charity Gallery until May 16 where you can view and bid on one-of-a-kind pieces created by the students. 100% of the funds raised by the auction will benefit the Morgan Autism Center. You can learn more about the gallery, Umpqa Bank, and other details here

    That's the important stuff, now let's talk about the fun stuff! The students were give free reign to create whatever they wanted out of whatever they wanted. While most of the students did drawings (and don't get me wrong, it's all quite good), some took to the 3D rout and created various figures, dioramas, and shadow boxes for their favorite Nintendo games. My personal favorite is the Duck Hunt shadow box (genius!), but that Minda figure from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is very good (and at this point quite expensive) as well. The current highest bid item is the super cute felted Toad from Super Mario Bros. sitting at an envious US$300. That's a lot of coins!. 

    As mentioned before the online auction and the live gallery run until May 16 so you've got about a week to take part if you're interested. 

    [via Anime News Network]

    San Jose State art student charity auction is all about Nintendo screenshot


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    We’re fans of Junichi Tsuneoka’s inspired, bamboo wood line of Chibi Pocket mini robots. So we’re happy to mention that he’s just released a new figure, 3V. Named after the stylized pattern on its chest and rear panel, the new handmade 3” bot features bamboo + acrylic pate materials with...

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    It was at his workshop at Full Sal University where Nakanari showed off his latest custom piece, the 20” Ninja Spiki Dunny. This awesome custom will be making its way to its owner very soon. I know… I know… you were all wondering if it was still available, but this...

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      It’s officially birthday party season here at our house and with three girls having birthdays within weeks of one another we have one big party to plan! Last year we did a Hawaiian Luau and had a lot of fun planning the party and this year we doing a big top circus! We’ve started… [read more]

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    Next up for Urban Vinyl Daily is their exclusive Curiosity Mudhoney Ed. figures by Nathan Hamill. Limited to 5 pieces, the Mudhoney features a bronze paint job with random drips of ‘honey’ over the surface of the figure. Dropping on Wednesday (5.14) @ Noon EDT from the UVD Stores, these...

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    Toy Qube continues to redefine itself with a new line of fine art sculptures from the likes of Josh Keyes and soon, Kenny Scharf. TQ just posted the tantalizing WIP shot above featuring one of Scharf’s wavy, doodle like characters as a 2.5D style sculpture. We’re eager to see more.

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    Two-man solo shows "HEADS" by Luke Cueh and "Heavenus" by Scott Tolleson opens Saturday, May 10th (from 6-9PM) at The Clutter Gallery, where both artists will be in attendance. And for folks wondering about "online previews+purchases", Clutter officially announces "YES", but do take note of the times (Join the gallery preview list here):

    - Preview Link sent out at Saturday, May 10th. 2PM EST
    - Online buying begins at 3PM EST
    - Online buying concludes at 4PM EST
    - "If you will be en route to the show during this time period and have limited internet access, you can also phone in orders beginning at 3PM EST to 212-255-2505."

    Above: Luke custom-paints Scott's STUFFD IDOL, while Scott does a Bearhead in return … And while I may not have ALL the images to share, do note that there will be three releases that will debut at the opening reception:

    - Luke Chueh's edition of the 2" tall resin Bear Heads in painted and unpainted versions.

    - Scott Tolleson's pewter finish with red eyes "Stuffed Idol" edition of three pieces.

    - Scott Tolleson's translucent green with blue glow-in-the-dark eyes "Trayjus" edition of ten pieces.

    "Any remaining pieces from these three releases will be available online after the opening the reception."

    (Pics via IG @lukechueh)

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    In anticipation of their Kickstarter happening "soon" in May 2014, Bigshot Toworks has launched a YouTube channel dedicated to "The Four Horsies of the 'Pocalypse", along with a new website at describing who the characters are! (Don't forget their Facebook too, folks!) Let's get acquainted, shall we?

    "GHOST", the boniest Horsie. "Nothing scares Ghost... that is, except Ghost. Constantly at odds with his abilities, this 'nervous nellie' avoids getting close to anyone, afraid that he might... snuff 'em. With that in mind, Ghost is always awkwardly mindful of his proximity to others, hoping not to add to the long list of incidents from his past."

    SPECIAL POWER: Necrotic Touch

    "CALAMITY", the plague-ridden Horsie. "Were there an outsider among outsiders, Calamity would be it. Forever cursed with cold-like symptoms, this miserable, flu-ridden flea bag is forced to wear a gas mask at all times to protect her teammates."

    SPECIAL POWER: Plaguemancy

    "CLASH", the war horsie. "Clash is the latest in a long line of infamous war horsies, a legacy that infuriates and scares her. A hot head, Clash is looking to 'go to bat' with anyone brave enough to cross her."

    SPECIAL POWER: Tempered Tantrum

    "RAVEN", the hungriest Horsie. "Rotten to the core... or is that just Raven's nature? The typical, starved and insatiable teen... only to the extreme, Raven's hunger is both literal and spiritual. She wants what everybody has until she gets it!"

    SPECIAL POWER: Famine Field

    "MADDIE", the "elder" Horsie of the 'Pocalypse. "The Horsies' mysterious mentor, Maddie is an 'older sister' type with an affinity for sleeping. Despite her drowsy disposition, this tentacled terror is an incredibly capable strategist and the 'face' to the 'Pocalypse."

    SPECIAL POWER: Telepathy

    TOYSREVIL has featured her extensively too! Maddie will be the first figure released in the Four Horsies of the 'Pocalypse line of toys. A Kickstarter to fund Maddie will launch in May 2014. Oh, and the colorful stills featured above? They are "sticker sheets" meant for the Kickstarter rewards!

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    Here's a look at Egg Fiasco's custom-Vader head (from Imagine Nation Studios) - for the VADER BOY launch @ Secret Fresh (*along with a WIP-montage)! Dubbed "DARK FORTRESS", check in with or for availability ad pricing!

    (Pics via IG @eggsfiasco)

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    Omni Hotels & Resorts once again takes this time of year to do what we should be doing EVERY day of the year…celebrating Mom! This year we hope you’ll share a #SelfieWithMom on Instagram, and tell us why she deserves to win an Omni Spa Getaway at her favorite Omni hotel or resort! Mother’s Day is almost here… Grab… [read more]

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    And while the Hollywood adaptation of AKIRA into "live-action" is not exactly happening anytime soon, a fan-made film instead has indeed become a visual reality - thanks to a "non-profit project meant to create a live action fan trailer of AKIRA"! With the trailer showing a decided similarity to the source material (both anime and manga), which brings a wicked smile to my face and hearts, check out my AKIRA fan-blogpost for more visuals (and words) to aid in your collective excitement!

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    WEEKLY COMICS PICKS - 5.7.2014

    If you’re looking for some new comics to read, check out this video of me rambling about some stuff I read this week. Original Sin #1 takes the third spot this week (I liked issue #0 way more), the debut issue of the creepy serial killer crime thriller Nailbiter takes second, and Rat Queens #6 takes the number one spot for my top pick of the week.

    Check out the video below.

    Seriously, if you aren’t reading Rat Queens, you need to handle that business, like, forever ago. Go get the Sass and Sorcery trade paperback for mad cheap to catch up. It collects issues 1-5. I described it as Your Highness meets Girls in the video, but that’s probably way off. It’s way more fun than either of those two.

    I’d love to hear what you dudes and dudettes are reading in the comments section. And I mean the REAL comments section of this post, none of that reblog crap where you comment after the blockquotes. Interaction, people!

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  • 05/09/14--22:56: Quinlan Vos (CW36)
  • I never quite got Quinlan Vos. He seems derivative of so many other characters from the Star Wars Expanded Universe, but that doesn’t seem to prevent him from being made into action figures over and over.

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    "Hikari, meaning ‘light’, is a highly collectible line of clear Sofubi Vinyl Figures. These will be ultra-limited and piece runs will range from 500pcs-5000pcs depending on the treatment. Each Hikari piece will include a hand numbered card to prove authenticity and rarity."
    Introducing the Limited Edition NVS Batman Sofubi Vinyl Figure from Funko. Limited to 600pcs worldwide and available in August (do check in with your fav retailers for price and availability), Funko is currently holding a giveaway via their social media channels to score Piece #1. Good luck!
    Instagram @OriginalFunko

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    In honor of Batman's 75th Anniversary, DC Collectibles is proud to present "Batman: 75 Years, 75 Action Figures," a video timeline highlighting some of the key Batman action figures they have released throughout the years. From the DC Direct days to the present and off into the future, Batman continues to be one the most popular!

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    To continue celebrating the 75th anniversary of the greatest fictional character in history (Batman!) here are a few desktop wallpapers I made with images found across the web. The one showing "1966 Batman and Robin scaling up a wall" was drawn by Yale Stewart. Google his artwork online sometime, it's amazing!

    Also, here's a BONUS WALLPAPER:

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  • 05/04/14--07:08: Article 97
  • A wild craft appears!
    This is one of my new projects. I wanted a little get-a-away from plush making so I decided to dive into the world of cross stitch. This is my first one, I created it for my husband. He is an aspiring tattoo artist and has stay true tattooed on his hands so I thought it fitting. It was a frustrating and time consuming project, but I do enjoy the final product. My next ones will be a bit more in the style of subversive Xstitch or have geeky quotes in them. I have a whole list of fun ones I want to do.

    Have no fear, I'll still be making new plush. This was just my little break from it. 

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    I want to tattoo this image, this one and this. For you are a woman, what should the next think after you have selected the tattoo image? So where the tattoo place that is suitable for your tattoo? Arms, back, abdomen, hips or hands? It seems so ordinary. What if looking elsewhere as the object […]

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    NEW YORK (The Deal) -- For retailer Toys "R" Us the year 2014 could be the most critical in its history. That's because the Wayne, N.J. based toy seller is in the midst of the longest time period passing without a meaningful debt maturity, according to Moody's Investors Service Inc.'s analyst Charles O'Shea. But the company only has only so much time before it runs up against its debt maturities ...

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  • 05/06/14--18:15: Weed, Cure, Toy, or Flower?
  • “I was a dandelion puff…Some saw the beauty in me and stooped quietly to admire my innocence.

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