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    Just in time for spring, Tubby Table Toys, Inc. has expanded its Tubby Table toddler bathtime solution with the new Tubby Table Tubby Buddies toy line. The “Zoo-Born Animals” and “

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    Cloud B Twilight Turtle – Tried and Tested Dear mummy, this is the first review I’ve eve

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    It stomps across the room seeking its prey. It fires its weapons up to thirty feet. With a direct hi

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    Children are not the most conscious when it comes to germs and the dangers they can pose. We know ho

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    I’m always so addicted to online shopping. I mean, one-click shopping, quick payment through a

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    Check out the above "Peter "Star-Lord" Quill-centric "Extended Trailer" for the film "Guardians of the Galaxy" (or as Stevens remarked on my FB - more "extended scene" than "trailer" - so true tho ;p), which also saw "activity" this week via Entertainment Weekly Page pics and a LEGO reveal (Also posted #onTOYSREVIL).

    "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" avoids discussing further about Turtle-faces and instead teases Turtle-Hands via posters, and we get to see "Master Splinter" via LEGO Reveals (Also posted #onTOYSREVIL). I'm not hating on this incarnation of TMNT tho (not much anyways) and am always open to reboots and reinterpretations ... within my personal tolerance, of course lol

    While "X-Men: Days of Future Past" saw Character Posters (PopcornX / XMENonFILM) - although I miss seeing Colossus and Kitty "Shadowcat" Pryde's romance, especially on Joss Whedon's ru on "Astonishing X-Men" comicbook ... "Quicksilver" ran ahead of the pack for a magazine image feature and TV commercial promoting burgers (Also on PopcornX). Not to be left out, the rest of the X-Men had their feature in the pages of Entertainment Weekly as well :)

    GODZILLA had an new extended video (above), a new Poster & Movie Still, while Japanese superhero "Kikaider" gets a REBOOT. Coincidentally I just rewatched "Space Battleship Yamato" on DVD again yesterday/last night, and am always keen to see "re-boots". Go watch the original Episode 1 of the "classic" version, for comparison!

    Paparazzi News comes in the form of Character Designs for Captain America & Black Widow in "The Avengers: Age Of Ultron" while filming in South Korea (somehow feel kinda "filthy" for posting this tho… might not be doing more of this … or maybe I will LOL ;p)

    Promo Art by Hasbro for "Transformers: Age of Extinction" showcases the "entire lineup" of robots - although there are more Dinobots than just 3 x Decepticons? LOL (Also posted on PopcornX) … and Grimlock gets a solo image showcase and dimension description!

    Highlight of the week has to be my preview of "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" (Also posted #onTOYSREVIL) which also showcased some "fanart".

    And finally something which I haven't posted anywhere else, as it is not necessarily a "feature film" per se, but I reckon would make a splendid "noir" live-action short, IMHO: "Batman: Strange Days" - Bruce Timm's Batman 75th Anniversary animated short, "featuring a lost tale from Batman's past, the Dark Knight tracks a strange giant to the mysterious lair of Dr. Hugo Strange."

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    We Are Indie Toys (Make Your Own Resin Characters) by Louis Bou is the follow-up to the 2010 published We Are Paper Toys. The 208 page softcover book features handmade art pieces from 30 different artists. Those artists include: Emilio Garcia; Jon Knox; Le Merde; Patient No6; Plaseebo; Dave Pressler; Cris Rose; Paul Shih; Suckadelic; […]

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    Back with my latest upgrade kit. This time I produced a major redesign for FP/ROTF Brawl. This upgrade kit includes a proper turret, new head, new tank treads that will turn into his arms and feet (no more duck feet) and also eliminates the back kibble. I worked on the design for a few months and it went through multiple ideas and lots of retooling to get everything to workout the way I wanted.

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    If youve ever been in the business of selling items from your Transformers collection, chances are it was for a good reason. When action such as that is properly justified, it can be lived with and we move on, waiting for a point in the future where any regrettable sales can be undone. I know personally I have sold to raise money for other purchases, because of shifting interests and because sometimes I had to.

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    The forums have been rolling out the Tranformers figure reviews. So many, I can hardly keep up. So I am going to start posting these round-ups with all the latest reviews to help everyone get the scoop on new and older toys. Everyone is welcomed to share their video and pictorial reviews. All you need to do is post them in the forums reviews section. Read on to see all the new reviews that have been posted this month.

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    There are essentially two ways to enjoy a toyful Sunday, at least in my book: (1) visit the weekly Sunday Flea Market at China Square Central, and (2) Gawk at images online for toys I have no information for … which I now present to you, my gentle readers, as a weekly-weekend blog-feature! Marvel at the yummy pics with basic to zero-information LOL

    Credits Due: Jeremy Brautman used to do a feature like this on, before he 'up-n-left' and co-authored the new upcoming book "Art Toy 2.0", so my tip of the hat to his forward-thinkingness :)

    Above-Left+Right: "The Simpsons LEGO mini figures" is available NOW in the United States (specifically Kansas) and Greg Merreighn has them in-hand! (Top pic via too) Last reported for a May-release … this'll surely wake up my toy-desires! #OMGMGOMG

    Bottom-Left: Shocking PINK colorway "PickleBaby" sofubi by Leecifer to be available at the 5-Eyed Dragon 2 show launching April 12th @ Dragatomi (Check out the preview of works online now). In an edition of 25pcs priced at US$75 each!

    Bottom-Right: Hand painted by Mark Nagata, the "Sabretooth Kaiju Negora" is currently was available for purchase here at US$50. Stay tuned to IG @maxtoyco to keep up to date for his releases and don't miss out!

    Above: Max Toy Co's "Mecha Nekoron MK3" mini sofubi gets painted treatment by @quackmaxx (with images by @nixon_3aa) - to be available soon in the U.S. - ohgosh but do I want this bad - #OMGMGOMG

    Bottom: The first painted edition of Teresa Chiba's "Chiba Kibunadon Fish" is on pre-order now from US$40 via! Last we saw of this winning Kaiju Gals design-creation was the final sculpt + test shot!

    Above-left: Francesco de Molfetta's "American Idol" done by FLABSLAB. So that's where all the burgers went LOL

    Above-right: "Glow In The Dark Blue Spirit Pocket Master" by Jerome Lu of Hyperactive Monkey to be available at Wondercon 2014.

    Bottom-Left+Right: Nate Mitchell's "Squibs" and "Squib Kids 2.0" to be available at WonderCon (booth #1145) priced at US$40 and US$75 respectively (or both at US$100). Check out the intensively detail making-of via this Squid Kids Ink-blog entry!

    Above-Left: Double Parlour x Scott Tolleson!

    Above-Right: Sneak peek at collabo print between MAD Toy Design (IG @madtoydesign) & Scott Tolleson (IG @mrscotttolleson), for their appearance at Kidrobot Boulder next weekend.

    Bottom-Left: "Iron Mayan" by Jesse Hernandez does Marvel's Iron Man with amazing results! tay tuned to his IG @urbanaztec

    Bottom-Right: "Marvel Selfies" by Billy Butcher (see more here) sees Superheroes wielding iPhones and taking Selfies LOL

    Above-Left: Okedoki reveals a new project prototype (headsculpt last teased here).

    Above-Right: ANTZ's "Sun Wu Kong" gets the resin collectible treatment seen in this "Master Proto", thanks to My Tummy Toys - IG @mytummytoys (we last teased it here)

    Bottom-Left: Panda Classic(Hoodie Panda)from Cacooca - Stay tuned to IG @cacooca‎ for updates!

    Bottom-Right: Action figures of Nadsat Boy, Nadsat and NoFuture from Kenth Toyworks heading up to Super Festival! #OMGMGOMG

    Above: A veritable rainbow of "Teleporting Bunnies" from The PBKs will be invading your subconsciousness and toy-shelves soon! Check out the animated Instagram video on Ratking's IG @ratking … yes, you are indeed looking at 2 x halves of bunnies! How awesome is that? LOL

    Below: Irresistible yummies courtesy of 1000 Tentacles! Now would you dare put them in your mouths? :)

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    Nice upgrade – at first I thought the “Casino Pitty’s” would just be the ones with bow ties that open the front door but nice upgrade! Casino Pitty #1 (with phone). Casino Pitty #1 (with birthday hat). Yea, no it’s not Pitty with Nuclear Warhead … though I did rack my brain trying to remember […]

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    It wasn’t easy – but it’s completed! Yep, EVERY CARS, CARS 2, Toon, Storyteller, Holiday, Expanded Universe AND even non-canon CARS diecast – including ALL major variants from 2006 to 2013 … in one magazine checklist. 8 Years worth of CARS diecasts in alphabetical order. Purchase it HERE. All new design and all re-done. CARS […]

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    I just love creating silk floral arrangements in all sorts of containers. I might use a basket, a metal container, a typical floral basin, glass vases, wooden crates, etc. Just about anything. So, when someone in the family asked me if I wanted a white milk glass candy dish they were throwing away I said - sure!

    So, since I had put away all my winter silk arrangements I decided to make a small, cheery silk floral arrangement for the spring and summer using the white milk glass candy dish.

    The arrangement is a combination of silk floral leaves, magnolia stems, lavender stems, and various other small spring like silk floral.

    I was pleased with the way the arrangement came out. It was definitely a cheery arrangement for the spring and summer.

    Candy might look be better in a candy dish and certainly be tastier - but this looked great. I was pleased with it and hope you like it too.

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    set database: LEGO 79119 mutation chamber unleashed
    image courtesy of
    image courtesy of tesco

    image courtesy of savette

    image courtesy of
    set number: 79119
    set name: mutation chamber unleashed
    theme: teenage mutant ninja turtles
    year: 2014
    pieces: 196
    price: us$25
    minifigs: 3
    new teenage mutant ninja turtles theme set.
    come with a mutation chamber.
    the chamber has a mutation switch, spinnable electrodes, an openable front entrance and a ladder.
    minifigs included a victor minifig, a raphael minifig and a spider bytez minifig.
    great playability.
    overall design is great.
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    Episode 111 of the AFB Podcast is live at iTunes and is now available for direct downloadDownload and subscribe to the podcast at iTunes now! 

    Join Ben, Justin and John  for this week's toy news and reviews!

    Then in our discussion topic, Eli and Scott catch up with Deane "Doc Terrific" Aikins to discuss all things Batmobile, including Batmobile Toys and Deane's own customs!

    If you don't use iTunes, you can download Episode 111 here now! Click on the link to listen, or right click to save the file! The podcast will always be available from the “Podcast” tab here - but if you can subscribe and give us positive ratings at iTunes, that will help us greatly! 

    The AFB Podcast is also on Stitcher Radio!

    Have a listen, and please give us some feedback at - we might even read out your feedback on the next show!

    Happy listening!

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    There must be some unwritten rule asserting that if it exists then eventually it will receive its own version of Monopoly. Although it seems that just about everything has been covered, the list of whatever-is-left has shrunk once again with the Legend of Zelda franchise getting its first Monopoly set while Pokemon will be receiving its SECOND Monopoly set (see the first here). Before anybody accuses Pokemon of monopolizing these things, bear in mind that about five hundred Pokemon have been added since that first Monopoly game.

    Only the packaging images are available thus far (see gallery) although both sets are slated to release mid-August. They can be pre-ordered for around US$40 apiece, coincidentally the same MSRP as The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and Pokemon X/Y (I'm not saying, but I'm just saying...). Oh well, it might be a good cure for "boardom".

    [ Pre-order Zelda | Pokemon at Entertainment Earth ]

    [ Nintendo World Report via Destructoid ]

    Zelda and Pokemon monopoly sets perfect for when you're 'board' and want to game screenshot


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