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  • 04/12/14--00:40: Japan Cherry Blossom
  • Tis nearing the end of the cherry blossom (Sakura) season in Japan right now and here are a collection...

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    The Disarticulators have teamed up with Triclops Studio to present: The Rotten Tomato Ball! Last teased here, this 3" figure is designed by Triclops, sculpted by Zectron and produced in a urethane rubber by Tru:Tek, and will debut at ToyCon in both “Rip(p)er Red” and “Green Meanie” colourways (including 2 one-off extra rotten chases) priced at £45 a piece, "these will also be joined by a number of one-off casts and Rampage handpaints that will be revealed on the day." (*Expect details of online sales to follow next week). This looks truly yummy, IMHO ~ LOL

    "…inspired by Dr Gangreen’s killer fruit (or is that vegetable?!), drawing influences from neo-kaiju, the gross-out art of the 80′s and AMToys’ iconic Madball figures to realise the hideous beast you see (here)… "

    Also look out for 2 x more Disarticulator ToyCon exclusives: the "Color Change" Madballs of Death and Collect & Display Oozeball sets!

    the 2-inch tall "Color Change" Madballs of Death are designed by Zectron, and has been cast up by Tru:Tek in a marbled mix of thermal color changing pigments, coming complete with matching “parasite” insert nestled inside. Limited to an edition of just 6 unique casts, these will be up for grabs at the Rampage Toys x Disarticulator ToyCon booth (#16), priced at £28 each.

    Teaming up with the online retailer for the very first time, the Disarticulators have created a limited batch of just 6 balls with matching claw display stands, each coming cast in C&D’s signature black and gold colorway. Dropping at the Collect & Display booth this Saturday, April 12th, the sets have been priced at £22 a piece.

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  • 04/12/14--01:05: Kmart Toy Sale
  • Well, if you still have a Kmart near you (NOT ONLINE), there seems to be a toy sale at Kmart. Save $3 with a $10 toy purchase so 33% off is nice. Not just for CARS but any toy purchase. Runs until April 20, 2014. Good luck!   Tweet This Post

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    If you don’t mind having the movie spoiled, you can start reading the books about 6 weeks before the film comes out … Disney Planes Fire & Rescue: The Essential Guide   The Junior Novelization … Dusty to the Rescue Picturebook   Thanks for the heads up, “John H.” Tweet This Post

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    Time now in Singapore is 4:45pm, which in London, United Kingdom is 9:40am on April 12th Saturday morning, mere 20 minutes before the doors of York Hall opens to the 2nd annual ToyCon UK! And thanks to the magnificence of the world wide web, we have images of set-ups to gawk at! Here's a quick run down (via my online-streams) of snaps, and feel free to CLICK HERE to view previous features items to be had at this one-day-only event!

    Doktor A (IG @doktor_a) will be offering Stumpy Warburton, “Coldcast Bronze” edition 'Colonel Rombus' (both of whom are original sculpts and creations, folks!), and not forgetting Sir Shilling Copperpenny Antiqued copper and red badge and original ink drawings, amongst other goodies (click on image to embiggen) = Time to get your Mechtorian-ON at Booth #17, people! :)

    The table spread from UME Toys (IG @richpage) - shared with JonPal Kaiser at Booth #15 - sees a splendid array of original sculpts, and even The Joker (Robber) masks seen in "The Dark Knight"! Toy-goodness to look out for include; The Beard / Pink Edition GeekWok / Pepper & Barry / B-Boy Wolf / The Grump / ROKU / Buford Mandrake = "prolific" does not even begin to describe Richard, folks! :)

    A Little Stranger's table at Booth #27 includes her USAGI Space Bunny plush (IG@usagispacebunny), and C-Wok plush from Hey Cavey! Loads of cuteness to be had here, it seems!

    Chris "alto" Dobson will be offering up a slew of goodies, including Wired Edition Skelevex and OpenSource 2 at Booth #40. Really liking hiw Project X looks tho :)

    DMS & Neese Plush @ Monsters & Mecha's Booth #32 all decked out to keep you standing there and checking thru their splendid spread!

    "All the figures on the middle shelf are Hang Gang exclusives, those with an eagle will be able to spot our second @super7store exclusive and it's pretty epic!" - mentioned The Hang Gang (Booth #14). Also notice the the exclusives from Max Toy Co? *SCHWEET*

    A bowl of "Greasebat & Gummi Friends" and Bad Teeth / Glenn Mander's Cheestroyer in clear vinyl? *DOUBLE-SCHWEET* … here's hoping we also get to see Unbox Industries' Star Wars Chubby Series at Booth #25 too!

    oh dear, feels like my blood-pressure is rising now due to the excitement … ;p

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    Kotobukiya has released a photo gallery for its upcoming Marvel Now! Avengers ArtFX+ Thor and... his face looks pretty bad.

    The 1/10-scale statue is the fifth entry in Kotobukiya's Avengers ArtFX+ line-up and follows Hawkeye who received pre-orders earlier this year. However, whereas Hawkeye was my favorite of the series, this one ranks... well, better than Captain America, anyway. The sculpting, paint, and pose all look great for the most part but are bogged down by this awful, indifferent expression on a weakly sculpted face. It's one of the worst cases of butterface (or, in this instance, buttisface?) that I've seen in a while... which is especially annoying because that's a really cool pose. In fact, there's a lot to like about this figure but that face just really does it in.

    Kotobukiya's ArtFX+ Thor is slated for an October release. Expect pre-orders to open soon.

    Kotobukiya's ArtFX+ Thor looks less than divine screenshot


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    Scheduled for a drop on 6pm Hong Kong-time TONIGHT April 12th is BOTH UKTK and UKTQ! And while the Blue-shirted +_ red mohawked UKTK is a ToyCon UK-exclusive available via OneSixthBruce, this edition sees the BLUE mohawked TK come in a black top and with a jacket … and UKTQ was only just teased yesterday … now she is on my WANT List so bad OMGOMGOMG! Hell, I want them BOTH ….!

    Online sales has UKTK @ US$150 shipped, and UKTQ @ US$160 shipped. Quantities are mentioned for neither 1/6-scaled figures, so I'd really recommend you get your F5-tab ever -ready to be clicked, folks!

    UPATED: Aaaaaand of course there was
    THAT 3AA S&D SHADOW TQ to be had…!

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    I'm sure I'm not the only crafter that gets asked a lot if I want something before a family member or friend of a family member throws anything out that could be used for my crafts or is a craft supply.

    Many years ago I was given a large glass candle cover that someone in the family was throwing away and thought I might like to keep for my floral crafts. So, of course, I took it and stored it away for that one day when I was looking for something just like it.

    To understand collecting such things you have to understand that nothing irks a crafter more than to throw something away and then turn around shortly thereafter and need such an item. As a result we tend to save a lot more than we should.

    Several years ago I was also sent a Christmas greenery arrangement that had a long flat basin to it. After the greenery turned brown and I had to throw it away I decided to store the basin as I thought I might just have a use for it at some point in time.

    Well, a couple of years ago I decided to put that large glass candle cover and basin to good use and created a winter floral arrangement that had a white rose with silver silk twigs inside surrounded on the outside by artificial garlands, white silk poinsettias, small pine cones, and silver wire ribbon bows.

    I was pleased with the way the floral arrangement turned out and every winter now this arrangement is proudly displayed.

    It just goes to show you that sometimes saving a few items is well worth it.  At least that's what I keep telling myself.

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    Some investors collect classic or antique toys for fun and profit; while toys can yield returns, experts say the trick is knowing what you're doing.

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    Some investors collect toys for fun and profit; while toys can yield returns, the tricky part is knowing what to do.

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    set database: LEGO 79120 t-rawket sky strike
    image courtesy of
    image courtesy of tesco

    image courtesy of savette

    image courtesy of

    set number: 79120
    set name: t-rawket sky strike
    theme: teenage mutant ninja turtles
    year: 2014
    pieces: 286
    price: us$35
    minifigs: 4
    new teenage mutant ninja turtles theme set.
    come with a kraang ship, a backpack glider and a t-rawket.
    the ship has flick missiles.
    the t-rawket has a pizza shooter.
    the glider has a ejectable seat.
    minifigs included a donatello minifig, a michelangelo minifig, a mutated dr. o’neil minifig and a kraang minifig.
    great playability.
    overall design is great.
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    Since my earlier post minutes before the doors opened for ToyConUK 2014 on April 12th, the event is in full swing, and I've been online since looking at event images galore, posted via various www-locales from the exhibitors themselves. Here's a quick look at some more snaps, to perhaps aid in your toy-hunt (if you are present on site at York Hall in London ;p), or even if you'd like to see what is in-store at the show … and perhaps some unspoken for might be listed on the respective sellers/creators' online shops after this one-day-only event? :)

    PJ Constable @ Booth #33! Be on the lookout for Resin Dunnys & various customs!

    Cuteness overunneth TADO's Booth #23 featuring the cast of Panda Otaku, including Piggles!

    Head on over to Booth #39 to check out blind boxed goodies and other manner of releases for "Tales from Okemordyn" from Taylored Curiosities.

    The Tarantulas' Fishtank Castle goes "Live" at Booth #26, staring event-exclusive Nibblers and collaboration Nibblers with RAMPAGE TOYS (Take note of the release schedule, folks!). Also on hand are the "Real Type"-Edition Finger Fives from Fig-Lab!

    Head on to Booth #4 for customs and original sculpts from Squink! and Haus of Boz

    Cometdebris' Sametans has since sold out and look out for the debut of "Kappa Kid" at Booth #41! Check out what else he has for the event, and stay tuned to IG @cometdebris for updates.

    Flawtoys at Booth #11 featuring his Custom Dunnys & Androids and Strangers & the spectacular "Project UNKNOWN" piece with Tim Sprangers!

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    Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd and the Guangdong Toy Association (GDTA) have signed a letter of intent to join forces in organizing the Guangzhou International Toy and Hobby Fair and the Guangzhou International Stroller and Baby Product Fair starting next year. The GDTA acts as an industry voice to communicate with the Chinese government and coordinate [...]

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    There's more tricking in from the Entertainment Weekly interview with the director of the Transformers Age of Extinction move, Michael Bay. He's gives up some solid details on the Lockdown character who's got a face for a gun. Bay reveals he's a robot in the middle who's not on either side, he's just out to capture another "one person, one alien" to complete his mission and leave. Read the full quote from Bay on the Lockdown character.

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    Unique Toys have release a new image of the Metropolis Head and Weapons Upgrade Kit For Generations Metroplex Titan Figure. Get a look at the a colored head for Metroplex. The head has an alternate mode that is also a cock-pit with gun turret shown with a WST figure in place. See the images below now for more details.

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    You may remember the April fools image the X2 toys posted as a tumbler type car and a voltron lion. Well, they just posted some prototype parts images standing next to the G1 Autobot clones, which highly suggest they are making the clones Fastlane/Cloudraker and Pounce/Wingspan! Read on the see the images for more details.

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    The Douglas Company has added nine true-to-life farm animal breeds to their line of plush. The new animals include Pauline the Large Spotted Pig (as well as a small version),Harriet the Cow, Little Bit the Lamb, Zeb the Mini Longhorn, Tex the Armadillo, Roma the Black Horse, MacClay the Clydesdale, and Canyon the Painted Pony. [...]

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    Kuso Vinyl has one more Wondercon exclusive up their sleeve! Check out their Olive Green edition Akashi by Dave Bondi. There are only 50 pieces of this colorway available for $65 each. Find them at their booth #1247 next weekend. Dave will also be signing at their booth on Saturday,...

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    Well, if this fantastic Steiff rarity isn't the cat's meow, Steiffgal is not sure what would be! Here we have an all but purr-fect basket of Steiff Susi cats all snuggled up together in their special bed.  Let's take a closer look at these pretty kitties and see what makes this grouping so interesting from the collector's perspective.  

    A tisket - a tasket - here we have sweet kitties in a basket!  This marvelous set consists of three total baby 10 cm Susi cats, and one Mama 17 cm Susi cat.  The cats are head jointed and made from white mohair that has been carefully hand-airbrushed with black stripes. Their tails wrap around their rears.  Each has green and black slit pupil eyes, a pink embroidered nose, and clear monofilament whiskers.  All the Susi cats have been gussied up with a spray of faux silk flowers which are worn like a corsage on their ribbon, or as a pretty crown-wreath on their head.  (You can see one of the kittens with her floral flourish here on the left.) Post war, this Susi cat pattern was produced from 1948 through 1978 in 10, 12, 14, 17 and 22 cm and remains a classic favorite, even today.  

    It is interesting to note that "Susi" was named after a member of the Steiff family.  

    Let's weave the conversation now to the family's great wicker basket. It measures about 36 cm long by 25 cm wide by 11 cm high and is oval in shape. It is made from nicely woven brown wicker and is stamped "West Germany" on the base. The cushion is made from red and white gingham check cotton material, is quite soft and fluffy, and is removable from the basket.  The cats are all tied down to the cushion by white thread, which you can see on the underside of the cushion; this is illustrated here on the left.

    This charming design was an "exclusive" item produced for the upscale toy retailer FAO Schwarz.  Steiff and FAO actually collaborated on a number of different "families in a basket" offerings, including groupings of large and small Dally Dalmatians, Molly Puppies, Snobby Poodles,  and other popular pet patterns.  In addition to Susi cats, Steiff's Kitty and Tabby cats were also used for this item.  You can see the Molly version of this product here on the left; the photo is from the book "A Century of Steiff & FAO Schwarz." Pet families in wicker baskets appeared in FAO Schwarz stores overall from 1961 through 1972; three or four total animals appeared in the baskets depending on the model used and year of production.  Steiff made the mohair animals and FAO Schwarz then decorated and attached them to their cushions in house once they arrived here in the United States. According to the FAO Schwarz catalog, 

    "Next best thing to a real life family of pets (which can have its trying moments) is one of these happy groups of Steiff pets arranged on a pillow in a sturdy 14-inch beribboned wicker basket."

    Steiffgal hopes this discussion on Steiff and FAO Schwarz's Susi cat family in a basket has been an exclusive experience for you.

    Have a question about one of your Steiff treasures? Let's talk! Click here to learn more.

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  • 04/12/14--15:22: Radio Free Cybertron - 358
  • This week on Radio Free Cybertron: Headmaster Scorponok, Mega Drive Megatron (are we getting Super FamiConvoy next?), Transformers Universe gets its own toys, new Legends figures, Q&A with Rob Springer, This Week in History and how big of NERD are you, anyway? All that and way more on this weeks Radio Free Cybertron. PLAYMP3Subscribe to YoutubeiTunesRSS

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