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    set database: LEGO 3623 beauty salon with catherine cat and paulette poodle

    image courtesy of peeron
    image courtesy of brickset
    image courtesy of bricklink
    set number: 3623
    set name: beauty salon with catherine cat and paulette poodle
    theme: fabuland
    year: 1988
    pieces: 24
    price: us$na
    minifigs: 2
    nice animal figures theme.
    animal figures included catherine cat and paulette poodle.
    come with a beauty salon.
    overall design is great.
    must have for fabuland lovers.
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    Set your timers to 10am PST on Friday March 14.2014, for the release of Christopher Lee's FREEMAN ROBOTICS! There will be three editions to choose from: "Standard", "Nautical Explorer" and "Municipal Services" (detailed listings below) - and available to purchase via These eight units have been decommissioned and are sold as-is.

    Standard (edition of 28) @ US$90
    "The U-23 was originally a city owned utility storage unit which as been reconfigured for civilian use. With ten cubic feet of internal storage, the U-23 mobile storage unit is indispensable for the urban pack rat."

    Nautical Explorer Variant (edition of 8) @ US$120
    "Freeman Robotics was contracted by the Ocean Conservation Society to develop a small fleet of U-23's for research and rescue. Only eight were ever made."

    Municipal Services Variant (edition of 8) @ US$145
    "Before the U-23 was modified and offered for sale to the general public, it was utilized daily by construction and clean up crews around the city. On particularly busy garbage days, Freeman Robotics would send out additional U-23's to speed up trash collection."

    The hand-painted and detailed resin figure stands 4.5-inches tall, and features two points of articulation, and comes with a Power Station accessory. Each figure is safely packed in its own box that includes stickers, a "quick start guide", a safe handling sheet, a "Certificate of Ownership" with the edition number, two promotional postcards, and a small archival print of the original concept illustration.

    "Freeman Robotics" is a fictional 22nd century robotics corporation that Chris Lee has created and will be building the world around. "I’ve always loved the how the 60′s and 70′s perceived the “future” and that idealistic vision is what will drive the look and feel of the characters and technology in this seemingly utopian landscape." mentioned Chris.

    The "U-23" is the first unit from "Freeman Robotics", and the "Master Prototype" was revealed in DesignerCon 2013.

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    Wing has posted some more photos of their upcoming Valentines Swimsuit Sonico figure, featuring everyone's favorite pink-haired rock 'n' roller with a chocolate guitar and a tiny swimsuit. It's based on an illustration, and I don't know how well chocolate works as a guitar base, but I do like how they've got a lively pose for Sonico and the guitar is melting a little bit.

    In previous photos, Sonico was missing one thing from her illustration: the melted chocolate drips on her from the chocolate guitar, but fear not! You're getting those in the form of plastic-like decals that you'll be able to attach to her. One MyFigureCollection user even mentioned the idea as a possibility.

    Pre-orders for the Valentines Swimsuit Sonico start on Thursday, March 13, or in other words, later tonight. Any Tomopop readers thinking of picking her up?

    Wing's Valentines Swimsuit Sonico is a sweet treat screenshot


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    [Business Wire] - Over the past decade, changes in technology, trends and pop culture events have introduced many new words like ‘selfie’ and ‘hashtag’ into everyday vocabulary. To keep relevant for

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    CENTENNIAL, Colo., March 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --  Kyjen , an industry-leading provider of interactive dog toys, games, puzzles, and travel gear, today announced the addition of two new pet specialty products ...

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    University Games will acquire the assets of Briarpatch Inc., a manufacturer of preschool specialty games and puzzles based on popular literary properties such as I Spy and Fancy Nancy. The merger will increase University Games’ domestic revenue by approximately 20 percent. Additionally, the Briarpatch licenses will augment University Games’ Colorforms business. University Games will begin [...]

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    "I've been designing and sculpting a series of blobby, goofy monsters for a couple of years now. During the first "Month of Robots" in October, or Botober, when Dacosta had initially done this challenge, I did a bunch of creatures instead and called it "Monstober". For this round, March of Robots, to support Dacosta's book, I went ahead and tried to design some robots." -shared Scott.
    "It was really hard for me. I did 2 robots, and I didn't really like either one, since they didn't feel like my art. They were too generic. So I took "Bleb", an existing critter, and mechanized him. Now, he's "Mechableb". And he's huge. Check my art facebook page for the final illustration." -added Scott Wetterschneider (of Shinbone Creative) of his submission for #‎marchofrobots!

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  • 03/12/14--07:00: #iCollect: The Flash

  • With the reveal of the superhero-suit design for "The Flash" in the upcoming new television series for CW (producers for "Arrow"), this would be opportune+perfect time for me to introduce the #iCollect feature for this week: DC Comics' "THE FLASH", from collector Gary AKA "Clipper"!

    Here's a look at his display shelves (feel free to click on to view enlarged versions of) - featuring the Scarlet Speedster - before we head straight into the Q&A segment of this new weekly feature on the blog, along with more snaps galore!

    TOYSREVIL: What's your name and age?

    "CLIPPER" GARY: I go by my 25+ year alterego “Clipper” when I’m online … but in real life I’m just plain Gary, 42+ years … and counting.

    TOYSREVIL: What do you do for a living?

    "CLIPPER" GARY: I’ve spent my working life in the local graphic arts industry from day one, primarily in the press industry, spanning the trinity of prepress, press and postpress. I’ve taken a “quarter-retired” approach, and am doing a print business development role currently.

    TOYSREVIL: When friends ask you, how do you describe to them, or what do you call what you collect?

    "CLIPPER" GARY: In the old days, a toy was a toy, no fancy words like “collectibles” or “designer”. Playmobil, Lego, Corgi, kuti-kuti, bottlecaps … everything was a toy. So when family or friends ask about my hobby, its plain, no-BS, call-it-as-it-is "toys". Feedback may range from “childish” to “wasting money”, but its better than be called a drunkard or addict.

    [TOYSREVIL: I think we are all "toy-addicts" anyways … ;p]

    To many new collectors, toys are seen as investments or sources of revenue, which is fine by me. At the end of the day, it’s a personal toy collection which brings a bit of enjoyment and happiness into our lives, and that’s what I view it as.

    TOYSREVIL: Where is your "Base of Operations"? Do you buy the items in person at stores? Or Online? Or both?

    "CLIPPER" GARY: Home is a simple flat in Sembawang with my wife and 2 children. Majority of the space is taken up by toy display cupboards and carton boxes. Its been about 15 years since I moved in, and I think some of the boxes still have not been opened yet…

    [TOYSREVIL: I can relate...]

    The thrill of toy collecting is in the hunt, so I used to go out and hunt for toys with any spare time I have. Weekends will usually see me going down to Substation, (which is where Andy and I first met). Later on it was Clarke Quay and China Square. Even when I went overseas, I always carried with me a “wanted” list with photos and descriptions.

    In today’s internet age, I mainly do my hunting and buying on it. I still visit my regular comic shop once a month to pick up the items I’ve ordered. But I don’t really trawl the shopping centres much anymore. Sooner or later, whatever you missed or wanted will pop up on the internet marketplace. It then becomes a game of who blinks first: the seller or the buyer.

    TOYSREVIL: WHY The Flash?

    "CLIPPER" GARY: Most DC fans always veer towards the holy DC trinity of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Flash has always been considered a “B-line” hero, along with his best buddy, Green Lantern. My interest in Flash began with the comics in the 80s, and realising that Flash does have a sense of humour, which sometimes borders on almost arrogance. He’s also a comic relief in certain situations, which is a strong contrast to Batman.

    It also helps that there is a small Flash-based family of characters with speed as a main power. There’s also been a few speedster supervillains like Edward Clariss, Eobard Thawne, Hunter Zolomon and Daniel West.

    On the toy front, Flash is probably one of the rare toys that doesn’t have much accessories. That makes it easier to find complete figures on the open market.

    TOYSREVIL: How did it all start? Which was the first?

    "CLIPPER" GARY: My first piece was the Super Powers Flash figure from Series 1 (1984). I happened to find it loose in a comic shop, and this should be about ‘85 or ‘86. It probably is still the “fattest” Flash figure ever produced, in my opinion.

    (On-left is 1990 Toy Biz Kenner / On-right is 1984 Kenner Super Powers)

    TOYSREVIL: Which is your "most expensive" single piece in the collection? Based on how valuable they are now in the aftermarket, or how expensive you bought them for in the first place?

    "CLIPPER" GARY: Its probably the customised Flash statue sculpted aand painted locally. I believed there are a few pieces only, but I have yet to seen another one. I bought mine almost 13 years ago for almost S$200 and it has its own acrylic case protecting it. I’m not sure of the aftermarket value of this figure as its customised.

    TOYSREVIL: Which singular item is your most treasured/cherished? And why?

    "CLIPPER" GARY: Most of my collection have some form of stories behind them, and this is what makes the collection personal and interesting.

    One of the treasured piece I have is the Warner Studio Flash 15” vinyl doll, which first came out in 1993. This doll was only sold in Warner Bros stores, but I didn’t buy mine from there.

    In 1995, I was in KL for a toy trip with some friends, and at Ampang Square, we happened to pass an office unit that was next to a toilet. While waiting for some to come out of the toilet, we noticed a couple of Warner Bros items through the office’s glass door. We went into the office and after a chat with the employees inside, found out that they were the licensed copyright holders for Warner Bros items.

    What happened next was amazing as they had a whole shelf full of singular pieces of all Warner Bros vinyl dolls, from Flash to Superman to Flintstones. There was also figural soakies and smaller figures. Obviously there was only one figure I had to have from the whole shelf..and it cost about S$4.

    This figure has been with me now for 19 years, and takes centrestage on the top of my Flash toy cupboard.

    [TOYSREVIL: 4-Bucks-FTW! Gotta love fruitous toy-hunts!]

    TOYSREVIL: Any particular piece you think not many folks have seen before?

    "CLIPPER" GARY: There hasn’t been much Flash toys as compared to other characters. I guess the 15” vinyl doll is the one seldom seen, unless one has been to a Warner Bros store in 1993.

    TOYSREVIL: What's your next piece you are hunting/waiting for, which you do not own yet? Is there a "Holy Toy Grail"?

    "CLIPPER" GARY: There are a few pieces of which I’m currently looking at, but mostly its statues and figures.

    One of the rarest Flash item would be the ARH Flash resin model kit, originally sculpted in Argentina. The other would be the William Paquet sculpted Flash statue released by DC Direct in 1995, limited to 2850 pieces.

    These 2 items are definitely on my wanted list and I have found leads online, and am still pursuing them. Of course, I welcome anybody locally that has these items for sale too.

    TOYSREVIL: My sincere thanks for sharing with us, Gary!

    Folks out there who are interested to share, are to email me direct at toysreviler [at] The focus is on a "singular theme" - which means while you might collect all "Star Wars" or "Dunnys", it veers heavily towards "All Storm Troopers" and/or "All Robot Dunny designs ", cool? :)

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    xxNostalgic makes handmade stamps and needle-felted dolls, but those dolls are what caught our attention. Specifically, she's made up a quartet of bite-sized felted Pokemon — Pikachu, Pachirisu, Teddiursa and Dragonite — each 2.25 inches tall and egg-shaped, with all the details you'd expect to find on each respective Pokemon.

    Also, they are totally adorable. Seriously, how can you not love that teeny, tiny Pikachu or Dragonite?

    Want one for yourself? Grab a hold of US$26 and head on over to xxNostalgic's Etsy shop.

    [via GeeksAreSexy]

    xxNostalgic's felted Pokemon are little bundles of adorable screenshot


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    Thanks to Primeultimus and Savage Dragon of the Seibertron and TFW forums, We have news and images of the Transformers Reveal The Shield Legends Figure in Age of Extinction packaging that were found at the Family Dollar stores in Florida. It appears Hasbro isn't wasting any time to roll out their figures in the new packaging. Fans should be able to find these for $6 USD. Not sure if when they will be hitting stores in other states. Leave a comment with your sightings below.

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    Thanks to our sponsor Robotkingdom who has posted new out of package images of the . According to their update: All 3 of the figures are painted in metallic colors. Ironhide is painted in Metallic Red color. Hound's colors are different from Henkei series with more metallic in the green colour. Mirage is painted white with metallic blue colors. See the images below with links to pre-order pages for figures that will be shipping March 25 followed by the other sets on April 25, 2014.

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  • 03/12/14--08:11: Little Tikes Jelly Beans
  • Little Tikes has added to its line of ride-ons with the new Jelly Beans.

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    London, England / via ACCESSWIRE / Mar 12, 2014 / A London based company is seeking funding to develop vinyl toys & accessories based on caricatures designed by a UK clothing ...

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    Thanks to Weibo user, we have many new images of the Fans Toys FT-04 Scoria New Test Shot Images of MP Class Slag Compare with MP-8 Grimlock. The figure is a homage to the Transformers G1 character Slag which they will call Scoria. Get a look at robot and dino modes of the MP scale figure in the gallery below.

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    Funko has already had a really big year with the reveals of ReAction 3.75″ figures, the Legacy Collection 6″ figures, and now they have also announced Fabrikations Soft Sculptures to make their debut in 2014. During Toy Fair 2014 Funko had a whole slew of new Fabrikations Soft Sculpture figures on display in their booth. […]

    Action Figure Fury - Action Figure and Toy News, Reviews, and More!

    Funko Fabrikations Soft Sculpture Plush Figures Coming in 2014

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    Funko has already had a really big year with the reveals of ReAction 3.75″ figures, the Legacy Collection 6″ figures, and now they have also announced Fabrikations Soft Sculptures to make...

    [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

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    X2 Toys Generations Orion Pax Trailer the Transformers Generation figure looks to be getting some enhancements. The trailer for Orion Pax is based on the trailer he pulled in the Spotlight Orion Pax comic book from IDW. The new trailer image is shown as a new enhanced version... A battle station or armor mode perhaps? See the image below till we know more about it.

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    Collectifest Is Only 7 Days Away!! Land of Misfit Toys presents it's first ever Toy, Comic and Video Game "Collectifest" on March 15, 2014 from 10am-7pm at the Hilton Garden Inn. Thousands of items will be for sale the entire day. Items such as Transformers, GI Joe, Masters Of The Universe, Comics, Games, T-shirts and novelty items, classic to current video game merchandise and a wide selection of Anime products.

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    Last year, I watched as childhood was presented in one product: the Legacy Power Morpher Green/White Ranger Edition. Much like childhood, I couldn't have one. This time it wasn't due to parents who wouldn't buy me such a thing, but because it was an SDCC-exclusive item that cost more money than sense at the time. 

    Flash forward to later that year and it was announced that childhood was coming again, this time as a Toys R Us exclusive release and at a reasonable price. 20 years is an awful long time to wait but now I finally have it in my hands. Find out if itlives up to my childhood in today's Tomopop Review: Legacy Power Morpher Green/White Ranger Edition!

    Tomopop Review: Power Rangers Legacy Power Morpher Green/White Ranger Edition screenshot


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