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    Next wave of diecast PLANES on the approach: #8 Sun Wing #12 – Sweden. #15 Polish racer “Jan Kowalski.” #23 Tsubasa Also “Yellow Bird” from the Prelim race, I’m only guessing as this is the only other yellow PLANE (the other Yellow PLANE is called Fonzarelli from the first local race).   Tweet This Post

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    Looking for adorable Santa decorations for the holidays?  If you are you'll love my Santa Wood You Decorations.  

    Each Santa Wood You  is an 8" handmade self-standing painted wooden doll that makes a great decoration for the Christmas season. He has a painted wooden and paperclay face, wood apple body, painted wooden half egg shoes, wood dowel legs, and painted wooden spool socks. He is wearing his favorite Santa outfit with Santa hat and is carrying his burlap bag filled with presents and toys for the good girls and boys.

    Designer - Woody Goodies

    Please CLICK HERE for more information on my Santa Wood You Santa's.

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    Went on a tour of Batam with the family over the weekend, and surprisingly found myself with some toys! Perhaps I'll update with a closer look, in time … meanwhile, check out more snaps in my dedicated Facebook album … with me around, you KNOW I'll end up with some toys, regardless how inexpensive they are haha

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    So, while the first retail 2014 2-pack Movie Moments case is not terribly exciting (CASE F), there was hope that the Kmart First-to-Market CASE A would contain better releases scheduled. Well, 3 of the releases in the case are: So, clearly these 3 are not the first to market … hopefully the other 2 are […]

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    Frankly, looking at this kitbash/custom from Ken Lee, his Samurai x "Mark 1" Iron Man looks it could comfortably walk off the set of a "Sucker Punch" x "47 Ronin" movie-mashup, innit? Excellent, methinks!

    Aptly named "IRON SAMURAI", this 1/6th-scaled creation was submitted for, and is currently available for voting for the "3A Customs and Kitbashes 2013 Awards". This is one of the few selected ones which caught my eye. Loved the gas mask treatment too LOL

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    In November I went to visit my sister and Rock Garden Alpacas. I had visited previously and posted about it on my Linda's Blog HERE. This time there were 3 new babies and one new alpaca I hadn't met yet, Roxy.

    I have to tell you that the babies were absolutely adorable. Of course they were a little skittish at first and stayed with their mothers for the most part until it was time for Breakfast Club and Dinner Club. That's when Auntie held the hay in her hands and fed whomever was interested in fresh hay. The mothers would stand and eat while the babies would try to grab the hay from underneath. When it comes to eating all's fair in love and war even with mother's and babies.

    This visit Sunflower, Ivy, and Masquerade were a little friendlier. Zinnia, who had followed me around like a puppy dog on my last visit was a little tentative due to being pregnant. The babies were curious as to who this new visitor was with Berberis being the most friendly - he kept trying to bite my pants.

    Each time my sister and I went down to tend the alpacas Masquerade and Cosmo were there to greet us. Cosmo is the official Rock Garden Alpacas greeter and is not happy until you go over to say hello and he gets to nuzzle and kiss you.  To be fair I should say every time I went down to play with the kids while my sister went down to attend to the water, hay, and of course, the poop.  I draw the line at cleaning up alpaca poop.

    Like the last visit, every time we went down to tend to the kids it was freezing. So, taking pictures was a little challenging. I did, however, manage to take a few. Hope you enjoy them.

    It was so cold even the alpacas had frost on them.

    Roxy and her baby, Iris.

    Sunflower and her baby, Berberis.

    Cosmo and Dahlia saying hello.

    Masquerade and Roxy saying hello.

    Zinnia saying hello.

    The visit was not all fun and games with the kids. My sister and I had work to do. We had to work on her websites, package fiber, dye roving, dye fiber and card it into batts, add inventory to her brick and mortar store, attend a few meetings, and SHOP. Of course, there was shopping to be done. More on all of that later.

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    set database: LEGO 30186 christmas tree

    set number: 30186
    set name: christmas tree
    theme: creatorpromotional
    year: 2013
    price: us$na
    minifig: none
    great small set.
    come in polybag packaging.
    promotional set.
    included a christmas tree.
    great playability.
    overall design is good.
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    Occasionally in this hobby you just see stuff that is really, really weird. This is one of those cases, as Griffon outs yet another Vividred Operation figure that they're making. The subject this time is Vivid Yellow, aka Himawari Shinomiya, who they've already released three different versions of. Gotta ride that cash cow hard I guess.

    So what makes this one so special, aside from the fact it's a swimsuit version. Well, sheer size is one thing - Himawari is rendered in 1/2.5 scale, leaving her standing at about 60cm tall. The other is...well, she's going to come in two versions. One regular version and one version which - and there's no other way to say this - has squishy boobs. Yeah.

    I'm sort of literally lost for words here. One thing I will say is that if there's any sort of silicone involved in the construction, this is not a figure that will age well. There's also the matter of price to consider - the regular edition will cost a whopping ¥28,000 while you'll need ¥29,900 to get your squeeze on. Don't even think about the shipping cost when she's released in January. If you must have her, pre-order links are below. Me? I'm going to back slowly away from the computer now.

    [ Pre-order Regular ver. at HobbyLink Japan | AmiAmi | CD Japan ]

    [ Pre-order 'Soft Bust' ver. at HobbyLink Japan | AmiAmi | CD Japan ]

    [via Cafe Reo]

    Griffon puts out a giant Himawari with a squishy surprise screenshot


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    Our month-long daily updates to the Marvel Universe section of our Hasbro Photo Archive continues with the addition of the first completely new figure in Series 5. Follow this link to check out the amazing 003 Rhino action figure.

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  • 12/03/13--04:00: perfect under the tree
  • There are iconic images that go along with a good old-fashioned classic Christmas. Like the doll perched on a present under the Christmas tree. These sweet handmade dolls fit that image perfectly, don’t you think? Maybe it’s partly because they remind me of the sweet doll in the classic Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer TV […]

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    Masters of the Universe Classics – Lord Dactus by Ed Speir IV Submit your Flickr photos to Poe Ghostal’s Pic of the Day!

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    He Would Be The "Tiki-Maestro" known to us as Mike "Nemo" Mendez has put his custom-touch to a 8-inch tall Transformer figure (from The Loyal Subjects), with this tiki-mecha dubbed "TikiTRoN Warrior" ready to launch at the TRANSFORMER SHOW at Toy Tokyo this Saturday - details of the show pending…

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    "Boba Fett Labbit" by Jon Paul Kaiser (Photography by Justin Allfree) done on a 3" Labbit, was actually up for grabs, for princely sum of £100.00 for a 1/1 edition hand-paint … but alas it has since been spoken for. Stay tuned to @jonpaulkaiser on Twitter for updates, then! LOL

    … and yes, it would be nice to see the entire Star Wars Universe done as Labbits by JPK, innit? Go'on, go commission him, folks!

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    For those who don't know, Chauskoskis isn't just a designer toy artist; he also does a bit of sculptwork for other artists (and does a great job, I might add), His latest such work is this little pug fellow named Nimbus, created by Paulus Hyu. Paulus has some other awesome works based on his pug (which we'll mention in a separate post), but Nimbus will be a sofubi, kaiju-styled release called Nimbus Sleepwalker, coming sometime in 2014.

    The sculpt is a more anthromorphic pug, though he still retains all his canine features and plenty of detail. We'll have any more news on it as it becomes available, but what do you think of the piece, Tomopop readers?

    Chauskoskis shows off a Paulus Hyu's Nimbus screenshot


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    Be on the look-out for batches of ThreeA's Emma The Bitch 1/6-scale dog that will be popping up from time to time during the sale of Peppermint Grove. You have to be at their Bambaland Store during the right time and be quick during the check-out process. I was able to score one (took me an hour, but I did it). Let us know if you were able to also!

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    In addition to my previous post, I am back with some more things that remind us of the fondest memories we have of our childhood. But unfortunately, our children don't even know about them.



    You know you've had the best of childhood if you've owned a Walkman. It was the coolest thing one could have. A compact personal stereo with flexibility of 3 modes- Listening, recording and playing!  Kids these days are obsessed with i Pods. But ask me and I’d choose a Walkman over an iPod any day!

    Floppy Disks


    Never knew how to use them but they formed a major part of my dad’s super-sonic bulky computer system. They were used for storing large files. They’re today’s equivalent for USBs, Media cards, DVDs and other mobile computer accessories.

    Dialer phones


    My heart aches at the fact that these dialer phones will never be in vogue again. Making a phone call with the dialer phone dominated my teen years. As a kid, I’d make random numeric combinations so that the dialer ring would make varied clickety sounds.  If you know what I mean.

    VHS tapes and not DVDs


    Watching a new release in the theater happened every six months. For the rest of the year VHS tapes satisfied us movie buffs. As a collective, I and my friends would chip in to rent the new-in-town collection.

    On a serious note, I’d want to preserve a few classic in VHS version.



    My dad’s cell phone is equivalent about 1.5 decades ago. Yeah, that’s exactly how I’d describe a pager. For reasons unknown, every time I’d got hold of the pager I’d start to feel like the Yoda of the universe. I've also used my dad’s old pagers as pseudo walkies-talkies to bring in the spy-effect.

    My recent memory of pager is that of Jim Carrey as Bruce Almighty getting rid of his device.

    Hand video games


    If you haven’t played bricks on your hand video game, than you lost out on major fun as a kid. I’d move left and right as I placed the bricks. Kid’s today are a touch away from plethora of games that are available online. The fun of mastering that one level and moving onto another will never be known to my kids who skip between two or more games at a time.

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    Field Guide to Kanto by Kari Fry

    This 158-page full-color field guide by Kari Fry documents the wildlife observed in the Kanto region during a study preformed in 1998 and is available from Fangamer in hardcover and paperback.

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    I, Frankenstein TV Spot

    From the creators of Underworld comes another film exactly like Underworld. Instead of vampires and lycans fighting, I, Frankenstein features gargoyles and demons battling for the city. And Frankenstein’s monster is now named Adam, for those of you who were excited to see Frankenstein and his monster relayed on screen.

    This mess is dropping January of next year and I’m thinking it’s going to to be the biggest critically bombed film of the first quarter, no doubt. Catch it in IMAX if you’re one of those people who love the Underworld series.

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    Canada's leading toy and juvenile products retailer collaborates with Starlight Children's Foundation TM Canada to provide customers with a unique way to give back during the holiday season TORONTO , Dec. ...

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