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  • 09/04/13--16:32: AFAID2013 - Content Lineup
  • Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013 starts tomorrow ^o^ This post outlines the sort of content that you...

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    Albotas LIVE!!!

    We’re live on the air answering your questions and chit-chatting about video games, movies, TV shows, and other assorted nonsense. Come hang out with us!!!

    Click the link below to join our hangout sesh and let the festivities commence!

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      The D-Link DAP-1320 is a network range extender for your home wireless Wi-Fi network. We have a long home from front to back and we have only one FIOS port which is fine since all our devices are wireless including our printer and game consoles. But sometimes we can only use our phone in […]

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    Back in early July we got a early peek of GSC's Madoka Maiko version. Now thanks to Kahotan we now have some beautiful close up detail photos of her. In particular I love the closeups of her dress which allow us to see more of the flowers and petals speckled here and there, including her flower covered base. One point I enjoyed was the closeup of her umbrella and how much fine work was put into making every spoke look correct.

    Fans of her yandere look will not be disappointed, as she still has her original "I'm going to kill you." look in her eyes. Any re-works that we have seen since the original have only served to improve this figurine and not to detract from it's uniqueness.

    GSC's Madoka Maiko version will be sold on September 7th and 8th at the International Manga Fair 2013 in Miyako Messe which is very close to the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art. Head here for the Japanese webpage for information on the festival. Since not everyone can make it to the Kyoto fair, a limited number of these will be selling exclusively at Aniplex+ as well.

    It's just a hunch but I imagine this will be one of the more difficult Madoka collectibles to collect. If I were a bigger fan of her I would absolutely go after this. Still I find myself just having fun admiring this art from afar. What do you think Tomopeeps? Isn't she lovely?

    Kahotan previews GSC's Madoka Maiko version screenshot


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    I know a lot of people are going to want to hear about this because it's all very good news! Long-Time Readers of the BAT-BLOG know that for the last few weeks we have been running a BATMAN TOY DRIVE for a 1st Grade School Teacher in Moore, Oklahoma, who lost almost her entire Batman Toy & Memorabilia Collection when her school, The Plaza Towers Elementary, got hit. Her name is Becky Joe Evans.

    We started a TOY DRIVE to collect donations for her so she can restore her collection. The wonderful thing, and I sincerely mean this, the wonder thing is that many readers of this site have become heavily involved. When I talked to her recently she said donations have been flooding in. I can't be any more excited about this and I really appreciate it so much. Seriously, this has practically restored my faith in humanity, ha!

    Anyways, we have two brand-new major pieces of news to share. 

    One, Matthew Price, over at our local "Daily Oklahoman" Newspaper, published an online story yesterday at their "NERDAGE" page that shared the story. That helped a lot (Thanks Matt) and you can read it by clicking HERE!

    Then, this morning I was contacted by a local TV News Station, News 9 (Channel 9, a CBS Affliate) and eariler this night I went to their building to be filmed for about 30 minutes. Now, the funny thing is that they will probably edit me down to 30 seconds if I even show-up at all, ha! But, if all goes well, our story might be on the local TV news tonight! If you live near Oklahoma City, OK. then please be sure to watch at 10:00 tonight ( Wednesday, Sept. 4th ). 

    If it does air they will probably (hopefully) share it online and I'll be able to share it here later. So please stay tuned.

    Anyways, this is all about our BATMAN TOY DRIVE and if you want to get involved then you can do a few of these things:

    What we here at the BAT-BLOG want to do is start a BATMAN TOY DRIVE to help her renew some of her collection. We want YOU, our readers, to please get involved and HELP IN ANY WAY YOU CAN!

    We're asking you to please do one or two of these things:

    1. If you can, please donate some Batman Toys or other Memorabilia. Well, just about anything "Batman". If you e-mail me I will give you an address where you can mail them directly to her and her class. Please don'y mail anything directly to the School because they have a lot more important things to do now that classes have JUST started. Here's my e-mail button:

    2. If you don't have anything to send and would just like to donate some cash then here's a Pay-Pal Button where you can send what ever amount you want. If you don't have a Pay-Pal account you can still Just use any major Credit Card or Debit Card.  Or if you don't want to go that route then please e-mail me and I'll give you an address where you can safely send a Check or Money Order.

    3. This goes out to people who are either sending something or NOT:

        Please share this story on your favorite social network sites. Yes, we're talking Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc... In other words, if you can't donate anything (or ARE donating, either way), then please help us get the story out to other people who might want to help.

    Oh yeah, and in advance, Thank You!!

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  • 09/04/13--18:38: Summer Camp Revisited

  • Summer has flown by so fast and I've been neglecting the internet! Hello again!
    Here are a few shots from my arts and crafts summer program that ended weeks ago. Luckily I had some amazing kiddos who were game to take on all the yarn crafts I know, along with sewing, painting, print-making and puppetry! We made this earth hand puppet stage (with moving eyes and mouth!) with a shadow puppet screen behind it. All the kids at camp had a hand in making it come together and it ended up being all about healthy eating/recycling/earth-loving good stuff! 

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    This Saturday, September 7th at Meltdown Comics, Joe Ledbetter and The Loyal Subjects will be releasing the all new Zombie Bunny from the Chaos Bunnies series. Joe will be on site signing figures and hanging out with the fans. There will also be some special Zombie Tacos, cupcakes, cookies and...

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  • 09/04/13--18:39: Shinjuku in the Summer 2013
  • Last year we started seasonal photowalks around Tokyo to show you what it looks like in the Summer and...

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    kaNO will be releasing his Grape Drink colorway of his very own Bodega figure. It stands 6” tall and comes equipped with an orange box cutter and brass knuckles. The drop takes place on Thursday, September 5th at 12PM EST and is limited to only 100 pieces and only available...

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    Here is some news we all know you have been waiting for. The release of Scribe x Truecast Studio’s Sumego Resin figure! From the looks of it, there will be 4 Sumegos to choose from. Two 2-color resin editions, GID and a 4th colorway! With so many to choose from,...

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    Amanda Visell has her go at Kozik x Kidrobot’s Labbit figure. Introducing the 10” Wood Pandalope figure, which is limited to only 25 pieces and is one of Amanda’s most complicated pieces to date. These customs are handpainted and feature real bamboo pieces and is available for Pre-Order HERE for...

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    THE UK arm of Toys R Us has bowed to anti-sexist marketing demands and pledged to drop gender labelling for its products.

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    The past few months I've been taking a break from monsters to concentrate on a site-specific collaborative installation at School 33 Art Center in the Federal Hill, Baltimore. School 33 received a grant from the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation to fund new renovations and art spaces throughout the interior and exterior of the building along with new collaborative works to bring together artists from a variety of disciplines. I was paired with sculptor Jonathan Latiano to create an installation in the building's back stairwell that once housed a telephone booth. Though our work and techniques are quite different, I think we managed to create something unique and cohesive that likely wouldn't have existed without out our joining forces!

    The show opens this Friday September 6th, from 6-9pm (1427 Light Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21230 P: 443.263.4350) but will be on view during regular gallery hours for an entire year. If you happen to be in the Federal Hill neighborhood, please stop in and take a peek! It involves both movement and light that are hard to capture in photos, but I hope to be sharing shots of the finished piece sometime after the opening! The image above was a progress shot used for the postcard, just a teeny portion of the masses of soft units I sewed and stuffed for the project!

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    [Update: Pre-orders are open, go go go!]

    We saw her Nendoroid last week, but this time round it's the turn of the figma version of Mikasa Ackerman to take central stage, as the figma blog put up a preview of the Attack On Titan heroine earlier today.

    It's a damn impressive one too, showing off what looks to be an absolutely top notch version of the character. Mikasa is sporting some excellent detail and paintwork here, from the sharp badges on her jacket to the beautifully executed strapping on her legs. There's a healthy bunch of accessories here too, with all eyes inevitably drawn towards a stunning recreation of the 3D maneuver gear in miniature, replete with pipes, cables and grappling hooks all wonderfully replicated to scale. It's a testament to the skill and care of Max Factory's sculptors that it all looks so great.

    You'll also get Mikasa's trademark scarf, her cape and three faces, of the neutral, angry and desperate variety, along with  a bunch of smoke effect parts to go with the 3D Maneuver gear. If you want to get your hands on such a generous loadout, you'll pay an above-average ¥4,800, with pre-orders through the GSC store netting a unique bonus di:stage stand you can see in the gallery. Is it me or are 'premium' priced figmas becoming more and more common these days? Still, I doubt any fan could resist what looks to be one of the standout releases of the year. 

    [ Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | CD Japan | Big in Japan | Good Smile Online Shop (with exclusive di:stage) ]

    [via figma blog]

    [UPDATED] Maneuver your way to figma Mikasa pre-orders screenshot


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    Dunny Evolved

    From the primordial vinyl ooze comes the Dunny Evolved series, featuring Frank Kozik, Kronk, Huck Gee, McBess, and Scott Tolleson. Each artist will contribute three designs to the series for a total of 15 toys. They’ll be out October 10th right here.

    Buy: I Am Plastic, Too: The Next Generation of Designer Toys

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    Negative Space Batman vs. Penguin

    This killer graphic was made by Simon C. Page. I kind of want to make out with it.

    Via Creativebloq

    Buy: Batman Ice Cube Tray

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    Indie Game: The Movie Special Edition - The Albotas Review

    I’m a little late on the Special Edition of Indie Game: The Movie, but apparently there’s still a handful of people out there that don’t know this exists. So right off the bat I’m letting it be known: you need to know this exists. It’s really incredible.

    [+] AWESOME

    • This bad boy’s got 100+ minutes of footage. That’s a generous amount of extra minutes added on to this already superb documentary film.
    • All extra footage brings even more incredible emotion to Indie Game: The Movie.
    • We’ve got epilogues for Phil Fish, Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes, a look into Braid’s art with David Hellman, an explanation of Spelunky's level generator, and so much more.
    • The infamous Phil Fishhates Japanese games,” footage is shown, including his reaction and side of the story.
    • Deleted scenes and insider stories are also added.
    • There’s also some awesome ‘Team Meat Commentary,’ added.
    • The special edition is only $5 for those who already own the base movie. This is actually advertised as DLC, which may be the first time I’ve heard that term for a movie.
    • $15 for both the original film and the DLC.


    • It’s $15 to buy this movie for your PC with the DLC. Chances are, if you’ve seen this film, you’ve seen it on Netflix. You might not want to hash out an extra $10 to see these special features, even though they’re totally worth it.

    I mean, you can see I don’t really have any beefs with this Special Edition version of Indie Game: The Movie. It’s practically the perfect package. If you’ve seen the original movie, I definitely recommend paying the extra money to watch these special features. The 100+ extra minutes of footage make it worth it. Hell, the Team Meat Commentary alone makes this package worth the purchase.

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    Pssst. 3DRetro is just about to release their exclusive Glow in the Dark Mousemask Murphy vinyl from Ron English and Garageworks. With a sweet glow (impressively bright), this new edition definitely outshines recent exclusives in the dark. All kidding aside, if you’re a Mousemask Murphy fan who also loves glow...

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