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    Tickety Toc, the new Nick Jr. series from Zodiak Rights, arrives on DVD for the first time from Anchor Bay Entertainment. Chime Time Adventures is the debut Tickety Toc title, and will be available nationwide this September in time for the back-to-school season. Tickety Toc follows the everyday adventures of 6-year-old twins, Tommy and Tallulah, as they work to “chime the time” [...]

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    Over at the Official Warner Bros BEYOND THE LOT YouTube Page they started sharing the DC Comics' Batman Motion Comics of BATGIRL: YEAR ONE and THE BATMAN ADVENTURES: MAD LOVE (The Joker and Harley Quinn Origin). 

    Both of these story lines are really great and now you can watch them for FREE!! Don't believe me? Hey, just look down below!

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    Steiffgal bets its a long shot that you've ever seen anything like this before!  Take a look - a long look -  at this wonderful, early Steiff dog... isn't he just marvelous?  This comical canine belongs to a collector in the Midwest who seems to specialize in delightful Steiff rarities.  Brad writes over a series of communications...


    Attached are some photos of the Ueberdax. 

    He is approx. 14.5 inches long if you straighten his tail which is quite fragile as you can see. He is made of brown velvet and is filled with what seems like cotton batting or some other soft material. He is soft when you squeeze him, not crunchy like he's filled with wood shavings. 

    He has a few minor issues.  His tail is split in two places and looks to have been maybe reattached at some point.  He also has a small split in the velvet on one side of his face and some worn areas on his velvet coat, but that is to be expected. Also not sure if he had more stitching on his nose. 

    The button was hard to photograph.  It is very small but I think you can make out the style and probably date him. You would have a better idea of his age based on the button than I would.  

    Thanks for your help!


    Steiffgal is over the moon, in overdrive, and willing to go overboard to tell you about this Steiff Ueberdax or "overdachshund!" What we have here indeed is Steiff's extremely long and narrow caricatured dachshund.   He is standing, unjointed, and made from brown velvet.  His face is detailed with early black shoebutton eyes and a simple hand embroidered nose and mouth.  From Brad's description, it appears that he is stuffed with kapok, an organic cotton-like material obtained from the seed pods of a tropical tree.  Steiff used this stuffing as a light and fluffy alternative to excelsior at the turn of last century.  

    Steiff produced these long lovelies overall from 1903 through 1921.  They were produced in three sizes in brown velvet, two sizes in black and yellow velvet, and as a 22 cm "Buerstendax" or Brush-Dax.  This brush version had the body of the brown velvet dax as part of a clothing brush - perhaps the early version of a lint brush!  The tiny Steiff button Brad describes was in use from about 1906 to 1925; this helps date his piece to the approximately 1906 through 1916 time frame.  You can see this button here on the left, along with tiny traces of his early white ear tag. 

    It is interesting to note that the models on all fours were cataloged as 8, 12, and 14 cm.  Clearly, they were much, much bigger (or at least longer!) than that!  The sizes in this case refer to their height from the top of their heads to the ground.  For example, the 8cm version is actually about 21 cm long.  However, the Buerstendax was cataloged at 22 cm, clearly referring to the item's length.  Ah, the never ending mysteries of the company we know and love... 

    Dachshunds are an early blue ribbon favorite in the Steiff catalog, and for good reason.  Apparently the Steiff family themselves loved this particular breed, and always had a few (or more!) underfoot.  This comical doxie pattern was designed by Richard Steiff as a novelty and was based on his own beloved companion named Walle.   Dachshunds are great hunting dogs and Richard and Walle spent many happy hours together in the fields and forests around the Giengen, Germany area.  This very vintage design was brought into the collector's spotlight a few years ago when a fine example was sold for around $7,200 at the annual Steiff Sommer Festival auction.  As a follow up to the excitement generated by the transaction,   Steiff produced both a 22 and 60 cm long replica version (pictured here on the left) of Richard's black and gold Ueberdax in 2005; in 2006 this was followed up with a 22 cm long replica version of his brown velvet Brush-Dax.  

    Long story short, Steiffgal hopes you've really enjoyed this discussion of Brad's Ueberdax!

    Have a question about one of your Steiff treasures? Let's talk! Click here to learn more!   

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      Now that Mia is eating on her own we’ve had quite a few messes. Meals at our house are quite messy and on quite a few occasions I left Mia with her baby food only to turn around with it everywhere! Usually around dinner time everyone is tired and hungry and my older kiddos are […]

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      I can hardly believe that we are already doing all of our back to school shopping. This week we headed to Target where I found killer deals on Crayola items for back to school. Among a must have for my third grader were the erasable colored pencils and washable markers. Crayola Crayons are also […]

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    R2D2 may be one of the most recognizable faces from Star Wars, but does that mean that this figure is a must have? Our first look at the SWB 6 inch Sandtrooper was quite impressive, so let’s do a full Star Wars Black Series 6 Inch R2D2 Figure Review and see if R2D2 passes the [&hellip

    Action Figure Fury - A Toy Blog with Toy News, Action Figure News, Reviews, and Guides
    Star Wars Black Series 6 Inch R2D2 Figure Review

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    R2D2 may be one of the most recognizable faces from Star Wars, but does that mean that this figure is a must have? Our first look at the SWB 6 inch Sandtrooper was quite impressive, so let’s do...

    [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

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    Brooklin loves anything princess related. In fact most days she’s wearing a princess dress around the house. She loves to play dress up but most of all she just loves dresses. So this week when we received some adorable princess dress up items from Princess Expressions. The adorable fairy set came with wings and tulle […]

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    The final numbers won’t be in until tomorrow but here are the estimates … from Box Office Guru. 1 Elysium $ 30,500,000 (Sony) 2 We’re the Millers $26,555,000 (Warner Bros.) 3 Planes $22,525,000 (Disney) Most estimates ranged from $23 to $26 million – since PLANES appeals more to kids and matinee ticket prices, it’s about [...]

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    Matty Collector's Scott Neitlich has released a progress update video for the upcoming Castle Grayskull. This update features a plastic "first shot" version of the iconic fortress.

    Included in this video update is a demonstration of the castle's working jawbridge as well as a confirmation that the entrance is large enough to accommodate He-Man. Plus we once again get a good idea of the scale involved, as Castle Grayskull is still a sizable collectible.

    If you haven't pre-ordered a Castle Grayskull, the castle will be available for purchase in limited quantity for US$300 late next year.

    He-Man and the amazing technicolor Castle Grayskull screenshot

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    Starting today, The Disney Store will debut the much-anticipated Limited Edition Disney Fairytale Designer Doll Collection, featuring five iconic Disney Princess characters and their leading men who, together, magically create a one-of-a-kind Collection. Including Snow White and the Prince; Rapunzel and Flynn Rider; Jasmine and Aladdin; Belle and the Beast; and Ariel and Eric, these [...]

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    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael -- $6.99

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    BABYDOLL Magic DOLL Bottles SET Of Two MILK and Juice girls toy -- $4.95

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    So okay, I'll be the first to admit this is purely a self-indulgent blog-post, featuring my own sketchery attempts, of other folks' toys and creations, actually! So that "works out" too, doesn't it? Indulge me, please…

    Shown above is my rendition of Johnny Ryan's ROTTWEILER HERPES, made as a toy from Monster Worship (really like the toy hahaha), with the character based on Ryan's comic book creation in "The Prison Pit" … while the below is my rendition of the 6th finger-figure in Fig-Lab's FINGER FIVE: Don "Datadub" Krazer!

    Here's hoping Don does get to Singapore for STGCC, where he'll be hosted by Mighty Jaxx! Meanwhile, check out more sketchery on my Facebook album titled "Homage" - which basically is just my way of saying "re-draw other people's designs" LOL ;p

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    Available at Ozzo Collections - Booth #E34 is the FLABSLAB exclusive edition "Black and Gold Dragon Boy" [HERE] in a Limited Edition of 80 pieces, retailing for SGD$150 per.

    It is not revealed how many pieces exactly will be made available the event, but I'll recommend you snag them if you want to, if you are present at the 2-day only event.

    [#STGCC covered #onTOYSREVIL / Available @ STGCC 2013 on Facebook]

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    One of the best gifts you can give to a child is a playhouse. As a parent or someone buying a play kit for a child, you’ll want to make sure you’re choosing the best playhouse kits that your budget can afford. Why? Because a playhouse is a huge investment […]

    The post How to Choose the Best Playhouse Kits For Kids appeared first on Top Educational Toys for Kids.

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    Kodykoala's latest custom figure is a little bit of Mario-inspired mechanical mastery. The Voltron Yoshi Force custom piece is pretty much explained by its name (replace Voltron's lions with Yoshis) and uses a Cleatus body combined with five Yoshi figures. Kody spent about 30 hours working on the robot from start to finish, including sculpting in details like the rivets and custom mixing the paint he used for the piece.

    For more photos, check out Kody's Flickr page. What do you guys and gals think about this giant robot/dinosaur hybrid?

    Kodykoala assembles a Voltron Yoshi Force screenshot


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  • 08/12/13--04:00: DIY: marbleized paper quilt
  • We have cousins visiting from London! My three kids are barely able to sleep at night they are so excited to wake up and play all day. One of the many family events we need to fit in to this visit is a 70th birthday party for their grandmother. I wanted to make something collaborative [...]

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    Not every diecast of the Disney Store PLANES line is back in stock – but some are including Franz & Chug – along with ZED, are available online now/again. You can check out the initial Disney Store PLANES diecast Visual Checklist. I believe the new additions (not shown) are ZED (available now) and Navy Dusty [...]

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