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    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Michelangelo -- $6.00

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    Doctor Who - The Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver -- $19.99

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    I got an invite to a PLANES 3D screening and here’s the review! If you have kids 6 and under (or you feel like a 6-year old kid), it’s a fun movie with lots of flying, a little sprinkling of lessons, a few sight gags, a few bodily function jokes and action, action, action. There [...]

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    Witness "Majulah" = a special collaboration between local urban artists Trase One and SKL0 (both a part of the RSCLS collective) - featuring spray paint on 48" x 36" canvas - is just about "perfect" for the upcoming Singapore's National Day (celebrating this Friday, August 9th). National Day is not just for Singaporeans, but for folks / "Foreign Talents" (represented by their respective country's flags) working in SG, no? Heh.

    WHAT DOES MAJULAH MEAN: 'Majulah Singapura (Onward Singapore) is the national anthem of Singapore … Upon full independence in 1965, Majulah Singapura was formally adopted as Singapore's national anthem. By law the anthem may only be sung with its original Malay lyrics, although there exist authorized translations of the lyrics of the anthem in Singapore's three other official languages: English, Mandarin and Tamil.

    The national anthem is regularly performed or sung in schools and armed forces camps at ceremonies held at the beginning and/or the end of each day, during which the national flag is also raised and lowered and the national pledge is taken. Singaporeans are especially encouraged to sing the national anthem on occasions of national celebration or national significance such as at the National Day Parade, at National Day observance ceremonies conducted by educational institutions and government departments, and at sporting events at which Singapore teams are participating.'
    (via Wiki)

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  • 08/07/13--04:00: letter playground
  • What do you get when you combine letters, typography, designers, illustrators, and a collaborative community? The perfect website for budding letter learners (that’d be the preschoolers) and beginning readers to find the perfect letter just for them. Letter Playground takes the regular old alphabet and makes it a living, breathing, many-splendored thing. The site has [...]

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    set database: LEGO 75018 jek-14s stealth starfighter
    image courtesy of Grogall

    image courtesy of

    set number: 75018
    set name: jek-14's stealth starfighter
    theme: starwars, yoda chronicles
    year: 2013
    pieces: 550
    prices: us$70
    minifigs: 4
    come with a jek-14's stealth starfighter.
    the starfighter has an openable cockpit, retractable landing gears, foldable wings, a rotatable blaster cannon, a storage compartment for holocron and 2 flick missiles.
    minifigs included an r4-g0 astromech droid minifig, a jek-14 minifig, a separatist bounty hunter minifig and a special forces clone trooper minifig.
    great playability.
    overall design is great.
    must have for starwars lovers.
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    In addition to the Convoy Brothers, Mattel is selling a Mini Buzz Lightyear from the short “Small Fry” as mini Buzz is a “happy meal” toy, so why not an entire happy meal to go with it! It’s unknown if the fries are 3D or 2D cardboard – but I guess when you get one [...]

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    NECA Predator – Dutch [Jungle Disguise] by Ed Speir IV Submit your Flickr photos to Poe Ghostal’s Pic of the Day!

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    Bruce Willis Out of Expendables 3, Harrison Ford In

    Sylvester Stallone recently tweeted that Bruce Willis will not be featured in Expendables 3 anymore, due to apparently him being “greedy and lazy." Instead, Harrison Ford, who is 71 years old now, will be his replacement.

    Stallone tweeted "GREEDY AND LAZY …… A SURE FORMULA FOR CAREER FAILURE," after revealing Ford would be Willis’ replacement, which is leading everyone to believe Stallone is indeed talking smack about Bruce Willis and his work ethic. No surprise here. Not sure what Ford’s role is going to be yet, but let’s hope it’s nothing too extreme…

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    Blades & Lazers to Debut at SPX

    This awesome 80’s looking comic book, amazingly titled Blades & Lazers, has been announced by artist Benjamin Marra. Set to debut this SPX, he describes it:

    Debuting at this year’s SPX, the first issue of BLADES & LAZERS. Published by Ian Harker’s bi-monthly risograph endeavor, SACRED PRISM, this issue introduces readers to the Gearson brothers. One a mute barbarian blade master. The other, a sweet-talking las-slinger. Together they kidnap wizards to summon and slay Galacto-Demons. The brains and hearts of the Galacto-Demons are a tremendous resource amongst the planets of The Periphery and the Gearson’s are the best Galacto-Demon hunters in all the Inter-Galaxies.

    Seems to be heavily inspired by old Arnold Schwarzenegger films, such as Conan the Barbarian and Terminator. Excited to read this title!

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    New Thor: The Dark World Trailer

    Let’s see, we see swords, a whole bunch of Loki, an Avengers reference, and tons of battle scenes. Looks like Thor: The Dark World is going to be epic as Marvel can possibly make it be. Thanks YouTube Geek Week! 

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    3DS XL And PS Vita Famicom Cases

    Give your handhelds a retro makeover with these Vita and 3DS XL cases from Play-Asia.

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    Mattel and nearly 20 other sponsors provided support for the second Watts Back-to-School Giveaway, which furnished much-needed educational resources for children pre-school age to 12th grade. The event was hosted by Philanthropic Society Los Angeles, a support group of Children’s Institute Inc. (CII). The Watts Back-to-School Giveaway benefited approximately 4,000 to 5,000 children and their families [...]

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    Dr. Manhattan" by Bill Sienkiewicz

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    New official trailer for "Thor: The Dark World" - which seemed more action orientated compared to the previous, and a lot more of Thor's half-brother Loki too … and speaking of "Loki", check out the clip below featuring actor Tom Hiddleston "reenacting" the entire plot of "Thor 2" with action figures (*snigger*). Thor: The Dark World premieres November 8, 2013.

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    I find it interesting that the Four Horsemen are releasing a statement urging collectors to subscribe for established licenses like MOTU and DC Comics, while their own, highly transparent “thermometer”  for a project featuring a homegrown license with absolutely no media backing it up has hit 300%. (Statement after the jump.) Maybe there’s a big difference […]

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  • 08/07/13--07:14: Tooth Decay by Creo Design

    Chris Alexander of Creo Design sends over news of his first ever 100% designed and produced Art Figure: TOOTH DECAY!
    "Ever wonder what your teeth would look like after they spend 24hours in cola? or from not brushing them after eating your body weight in sugar? Well Creo Design knows and proudly brings you Tooth Decay.

    The major misconception amongst dental professionals and public is that teeth are made from enamel and under this hard enamel belongs a sensitive root - well they are just wrong! Creo has unearth the truth and what actually lies under this hard enamel is a skull and bones."

    Shown here today is a pink/black Artist Proof variation of the figure. However, the colorway of each of the 9pcs will be selected by the buyer from over 250 colors for the body, and from 40 colors for the tooth. Customers can also choose to have it in a gloss or matt finish. Standing 7"H x 7"W x 5"D and made from solid Creo Design resin, it weighs a hefty 1.5kg each.

    "For 1 month I am offering customers a chance to buy their Tooth Decay with free international shipping. This will start on the release date, 9 August 2013 @ 12pm GMT and end on the 9th September 2013 @ 12pm. After which shipping charges will occur and the price will increase from $160 to $195. Since each tooth decay is made the customers requirements they will take 2 weeks from date of order until they are shipped. All items are shipped via courier for the customers protection." ~mentioned Chris.
    Orders begin from 12pm GMT on the 9 August 2013 via the Creo Design official online shop


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    Toy Art Gallery tempts toy-collectors with duo releases - both launching Friday August 9th at 12PM PST via shown above is the “Alavaka Satan King Exclusive” from Devils Head Productions [teased] with this 5” tall vinyl priced at US$60 per, and features red and black spray on white vinyl. As well he has inset crystal eyes (either black or clear, sold randomly) and includes a mysterious rope-bound scroll.


    From Uamou comes "MASKED UAMOUS" - available in both a standard 4” Uamou ($50) and a 7” tall Real Uamou ($200). Both feature a meticulously hand-crafted copper mask on glittery lamé soft vinyl. Each mask is completely unique. Niceness!

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    Kat Brunnegraff shares snaps of her latest custom = "Clouded by Crystals" is the name of the custom paint on a 5 inch DIY Unicorno from Tokidoki. Kat is actually still contemplating whether or not to put this piece on sale, so if any of you folks out there interested, stay tuned for updates on her Facebook or Twitter @katbrunnegraff :)

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