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    Thanks to Meteor Opteration we have more new full color images of the UFO Leader Class Optimus Prime Weapon Rack and Trailer accessory kit. This set relives the scene with the weapons armory that Optimus Prime broke out in Transformers Dark of the Moon movie. The kit is listed for a pre-order price of RM215.00 / 82.20 USD. No details on a release date at this time. Check out the images for the full color looks and details at this accessory kit.

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    Just up on the offical Transformers Youtube channel is a new Beast Bites video featuring Bite size clips of all our favorite Transformers Beast Hunters characters. Meet the Top Secret Autobot team sent to defend our planet. Are you in on the secret? Everyone else is so check it out! Watch the new Beast Bites! clip that is not to be taken seriously, unless you want to.

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    Transformers 4 is said to be close to a wrap on the filming at the Downtown Detroit Michigan set where the mock Hong Kong town was built. In the last week we have seen the actors shooting a number of scenes involving explosions, a sword weapon, wedding and the appearance of the Pipe Smoking robot character. According to the MLIVE site, the crew will be moving on to filming at the GM Lansing Delta Township assembly plant this weekend. Check out some of the images and details below.

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    Thanks to ACToys member charles529 who have posted more in-hand images of the MP-8 King Grimlock that will be released as an Asia Exclusive Transformers action figure. This set of images offer a much better in-hand look at the exclusive packaging, accessories, and the figure that has been updated from the original Takara Tomy MP-8 edition shown in his robot and alternate T-Rex Dinobot modes with close-ups of the paint apps and more.

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  • 08/07/13--08:05: Shirahane Nao at CJC
  • I've been working with illustrator Shirahane Nao-sensei (DMYO) for a few years now - a most talented a...

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    E-Hobby have posted a product listing with official images of the Transformers Generations TG-29 Sandstorm that will be released Takara Tomy in Japan next December 2013. This figure has been released already by Hasbro, but here we get a look at the figure and the differences the Takara edition will have. Check out the official images of the voyager class triple changer's three modes below for the full look at Transformers Generations TG-29 Sandstorm figure.

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  • 08/07/13--08:09: Coach Barbie Doll
  • The highly publicized Coach Barbie Doll goes on sale in a few hours at BC.Com. It's one of the Gold Label releases and retails for $95.

    My opinion of this unarticulated doll with plastic shoes: I like the coat and the real leather coach handbag.  The doll has a nice hairstyle. I wonder what the outfit looks like underneath the coat. Another doll in the same position as thousands before her does nothing for me. The price is high and yet, people will buy her.

    Here's the text from Mattel's site:
    She wears a Classic Trench in Tattersall, an exact replica of the popular Coach style, along with a striped sweater and an ultrasuede skirt. The turnlocks on the skirt are exact replicas of the Coach handbag turnlocks. But it’s her red Classic Duffle that marks a fashion milestone: this is Barbie® doll’s first genuine leather bag, made from start to finish in a Coach factory with the same care and attention given to every Coach bag. The Classic Duffle includes a drawstring dust bag.

    Now if the shoes were leather and the doll were articulated, I might consider her.  Or maybe if it were a Silkstone doll...

    What do you think? Is the miniature Coach handbag worth it? Perhaps that's the way to look at it.

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  • 08/07/13--08:14: Colossal Titan Nendoroid
  • For all Shingeki (Attack on Titan) fans - Nendoroid Colossal Titan & Attack on Titan Playset up for pr...

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  • 08/07/13--08:22: Kiddiebikes review
  • Kiddiebikes is a small family business run by a mum who wanted to fill what she saw as a gap in the market for lightweight, durable ride-on toys.

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    The latest figure to go up on is the ThreeA Dead Astronaut Gangsta 1/6 Scale Figure. You may have seen this figure during our SDCC 2013 3A Booth coverage, but now you can actually...

    [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

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    "Three Flavors" Trilogy Posters

    These three minimalistic posters were created in honor of the great Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg “three flavors,” trilogy, created by Deviant Artist DaMovieMan. Incredibly stylish. The World’s End releases in America August 23 and it couldn’t feel any further away…

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  • 08/07/13--07:38: Medusa (Lego)
  • In grade school, we studied mythology in one of my classes. All sorts of mythology from Norse to Greek. I remember during that time begging my parents to take me over to my public library to find books on Greek myths. (I was geeky even back then.) Around the same time Clash of the Titans [...]

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    People have been hating on Final Fantasy for a long time. The drama boiled over recently with Chris Kohler’s article stating that Final Fantasy wasn’t just dying, but that the iconic RPG series was already dead and buried with no phoenix downs in its pocket. If you ask me, Kohler and the Final Fantasy haters are plain old wrong. Hit the link for my take on the Final Fantasy hate.

    Final Fantasy haters have more complaints than a chocobo has feathers. Let’s take a look at just a few of them.

    Final Fantasy VII is over-rated: If FFVII came out today, I wouldn’t give it a perfect score. But you’ve got to remember that the game was developed in 1995 and 1996. Haters complain that FFVII doesn’t utilize the 3D space to its full potential. I wouldn’t argue with that, but I would point out that RPGs were in the middle of transitioning from 2D to 3D. Final Fantasy VII is basically a 2D RPG with 3D graphics. Did it age perfectly? No. Is it still worth playing? Totally. Is it impressive for a 15 year old game? Very.

    All Final Fantasy games suck except for the original and VI: Really? They suck or you just don’t like them? I think this argument comes from the same part of the hater’s brain as where Apple hate comes from. Once something gets a certain amount of praise and popularity, to some people it automatically sucks. I’m not going to spout off the merits of each Final Fantasy game, but saying the majority of the main line of the series sucks is just silly.

    Most new Final Fantasy games are cash-ins and the majority of Final Fantasy games suck: Yup. The iOS Final Fantasy games are lame, as are a lot of other FF games. But to all of a sudden say Final Fantasy is dead because of this is ridiculous. The series has always been producing duds along with diamonds. Mystic Quest? The Chocobo series? The Legend series? Not only that, but lots of huge series have the same issue. Mega Man anyone?

    Final Fantasy’s game design is stagnant: The Final Fantasy series is - duh - a series. Each installment is going to have a lot of things in common with the others. The same goes for Mega Man, Super Mario, Uncharted, whatever. That said, the series does innovate, make departures for its formula and, take risks. Different characters had different fighting styles in VI. Both XII and XIII had unique and fun combat systems. The list goes on. Now XV is ditching the turn-based system for real-time combat and people are complaining. Again, this reminds me of Apple hate. “Apple has to make a 7” iPad!” 7” iPad comes out. “This is the end of Apple!”

    Saying a beloved series is dead is a great way to put out an attention-grabbing headline. But the Final Fantasy hate is undeserved and often unfounded. The series has problems, but it’s certainly not dead. Haters gonna hate.

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    If you read the post up above where we share the latest video tailers for the show then you know there will be a brand-new episode of BEWARE THE BATMAN on Saturday, August 10th on the Cartoon Network, OH YEAH! Well, here are some Free BATMAN Wallpapers for you to celebrate, enjoy.

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    The latest episode (#5) of BEWARE THE BATMAN is titled, "Broken", and it airs this Saturday, August 10th, 2013, at 10:00am ET (9:00 Central, Please check your local listings).

    Strange, life-size metal toy army men have started to appear all over Gotham…armed with real weapons.  When Batman investigates, however, he discovers they are more than toys, but actual living people trapped inside an explosive shell.  The clues all lead back to a former mob accountant named Humpty Dumpty (MATT JONES), who went insane when the Mob tried to silence him before he could testify.  Now, he wants revenge, and one of the people he’s targeted is Lieutenant James Gordon!

    Be sure to check the next post for some Free BEWARE THE BATMAN Wallpapers!

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    [Business Wire] - Today, Hasbro, Inc. and Ubisoft announced that Ubisoft will develop and publish current and next-generation console games based on some of Hasbro’s mo

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    I'll admit it, I totally stole this photo from a friend's page on Facebook (Sorry Christopher, ha!). But I knew I had to share this image showing some brand-new DC Comics BATMAN AND ROBIN Pet Dog Plush Toys you can get at Petsmart... they're so cool!!

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    The latest figure to go up on is the ThreeA Dead Astronaut Gangsta 1/6 Scale Figure. You may have seen this figure during our SDCC 2013 3A Booth coverage, but now you can actually buy this guy. He comes in 2 different versions: Dead Astronaut Gangsta 1/6 Scale Figure – White Edition - $160 Dead Astronaut [&hellip

    Action Figure Fury - A Toy Blog with Toy News, Action Figure News, Reviews, and Guides
    ThreeA Dead Astronaut Gangsta 1/6 Scale Figure – Pre-Order NOW

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    We’re Doing A Live Google+ Hangout Tonight @ 8PM EST!

    Want to hang out with the Albotas crew and ask questions about video games, movies, and all things geeky while we sip on the finest on whiskeys (except for Marc, he’s a Coolatta kind of guy)? Check back at 8PM for the stream. Hold on to your butts.

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