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    "Random Acts of Sadness" opens August 10th, 2013 at Corey Helford Gallery, and it is a solo show by Luke Chueh (one of the Invited Guests for STGCC), and shown here are a few preview images of the show, including painted canvases, custom Nesting Dolls, and delightful WIP-sculpts! Stay tuned to his instagram @kukechueh for visual updates!

    The show exhibits thru September 7th, 2013.

    "It's called "Even A Monkey". On one hand, the painting says, 'even a monkey can draw these bears'. On the other hand, I'm saying there's more to my paintings than these simple cartoonish animal characters. I hope you guys like the painting." -mentioned Luke Chueh (on his Facebook)
    Random-Acts-of-Sadness-nesting-dolls-2 Random-Acts-of-Sadness-jack-1

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    Oddles of toy-reveals from Play Imaginative at ACG Hong Kong 2013, featuring their licensed properties for "Iron Man 3" from Marvel Comics, "New 52" DC Comics characters, and OLD MASTER Q in articulated 1/6th-form! there are a few new reveals in the Super Alloy line for "Iron Man 3", and there is the return of an old Eastern-favourite character!

    Check out museum style display featuring
    Super Alloy 1/4 Scale Iron Man figures:


    The "Iron Man 3" display sees both 1/4th-scaled and 1/12-scaled Iron Man armors on show on a faux shipyard diorama (reminiscent of the finishing scene in the movie). These are under their Super Alloy line of die-cast articulated action figures - some of them seen exhibited in Singapore when the movie premiered, circa April 2013.


    DC Comics characters "New 52" where first seen at Taipei Toy Festival, and now spotlighted again at ACGHK, with Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Cyborg, all under their Super Alloy line. Based on designs by Jim Lee for DC Comics, the 'open-mouth' Batman is an event-exclusive.


    Classic Eastern favorite LAO FU ZHI aka OLD MASTER Q as an articulated 12" figure (glimpsed at TTF) now showcased in his chinese traditional martial arts tunic - which I recognized to be from the 'Water Margin' comic-series (which i adored in my youth)!

    ACG Hong Kong 2013 runs from 26-30 July. Do visit Play Imaginative at Booth B27-29, B32-34, and check out their Facebook album for more snaps.


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    set database: LEGO 70708 hive crawler

    image courtesy of Grogall
    set number: 70708
    set name: hive crawler
    theme: space, galaxy squad
    year: 2013
    pieces: 560
    prices: us$70
    minifigs: 3
    come with a hive crawler and a speedster.
    the crawler has an egg launcher, 6 legs, 2 hatching eggs, rotatable laser guns, a pinching mouth and an openable cockpit for a minifig.
    the speedster has detachable blasters can be separated into a sky speeder and a planet speeder.
    also included a flying insectoid and a crawling insectoid.
    minifigs included an alien mantizoid minifig, a robot sidekick minifig and a billy starbeam minifig.
    great playability.
    overall design is good.
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    After the initial hurrah from the Disney Store, there hasn’t been anything new diecast-wise for PLANES until now. Of course, Zed pretty much looks like Ned (his twin presumably) except their color schemes are reversed. “John H.” who sends along these photos also notes … “A couple of quality issues. Our Zed’s propeller is fairly [...]

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    Episode SEVENTY-FOUR of the AFB Podcast is live at iTunes and is now available for direct downloadDownload and subscribe to the podcast at iTunes now! 

    Join Scott, Eli, Ben and Tom for Episode Seventy-Four of the Action Figure Blues Podcast! The AFB Podcast is a weekly look at action figures, statues and other collectibles from the worlds of comic books and pop culture.

    This week we look at the highlights and lowlights of the news from SDCC 2013, and then special guest  Tom from Freak Studios had our Toy of the Week, and he chooses the Deep Fried Figures Mechawhale, based on the creations by Hauke Scheer!

    If you can't use iTunes, you can download Episode Seventy-Four here now! Click on the link to listen, or right click to save the file! The podcast will always be available from the “Podcast” tab here - but if you can subscribe and give us positive ratings at iTunes, that will help us greatly! 

    The AFB Podcast is also on Stitcher Radio!

    Have a listen, and please give us some feedback at - we might even read out your feedback on the next show!

    Happy listening!

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    Taco Bell has announced that it will discontinue kid’s meals and toys at its U.S. restaurants, becoming the first national quick service restaurant chain to do so. Select restaurants will begin the removal in July, with nationwide implementation anticipated by next January. Kid’s meals are not part of Taco Bell’s long-term brand strategy and have had an [...]

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      I love to help all of my online friends out when I can by promoting stuff they are working on or displaying pictures of their art. This time I’m doing it for for somebody very, very special to me: The lovely and talented Mrs. Nerd! One of the cool things is she sees things [...]

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    Mattel also has “deluxe” versions coming – only three announced … Turbo Dusty, Bravo & El Chupacabra … These all have mini batteries so it seems clear they will have sounds – unlike CARS, there’s no headlights on planes so maybe they will skip the ‘lights’ portion? (They will probably not bother to add mini [...]

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      Celebrity Tattoo begins the World tattoo space Cent quarter, in the 19th disfranchisement of Paris. The exhibition, which runs until March 24, expects 10,000 people came to discover the artistic follies artists of indelible ink. The opportunity to return to this practice continues unabated and is swept away by the fashions of the moment, [...]

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    Move over Metroplex, Looks like there is another Titan Class figure coming our way. Thanks to the amiami and Autobast Facebook pages we have a first look at what appears to be a new Scorponok figure coming our way from toy maker, Sentinel Co. LTD. The images show a Scorponok prototype figure next to Fortress Maximus with the name "GIGANTIC ACTION!." This may be a non-transforming toy as the info card shows he will come with a load of weapons and accessories, but does not reveal an alternate scorpion bug mode. Check out the images for more details till we know more about it.

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    Thanks to Snakas who has posted images from Summer Wonderfest 2013 in Tokyo, Japan. We have news and images of new products including the Ultimetal series Optimus Prime that will be released by Action Toys. The non-transforming figure is BIG standing at 440mm / 17 inches tall and it reported to include diecast parts, lights, sounds, and a unique speaking speaking feature. The figure can be partially diassembled to reveal the robots' mechanical elements. Check out the images below for the full reveal.

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    Thanks to Autobase who have shared images from the Wonderfest 2013 event going on in Tokyo Japan this weekend. Get a look at Transformers Products News from the show including the Sentinel GIGANTIC ACTION Scorponok, Action Toys Ultimetal Optimus Prime, Prime Studio 1 Transformers Movie Matrix Replica, Fewture Roadbuster Figures, and the CM Corp Excel Suit with Spike and Daniel PVC figures that you can see in the image gallery now.

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    (Go straight to the bottom of the article if you want all the photos.) It’s hard enough keeping up with the news on Western toy lines with Tamashii revealing S.H.MonsterArts figures with no fanfare at Wonderfest. Import Monsters always catches ‘em, though. I’ve got to figure out where to keep an eye out. Anyway, they [...]

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    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt debuts Curious George’s Town for iPad and iPhone. Developed for preschool- to kindergarten-aged children, Curious George’s Town teaches smart saving and spending habits while engaging kids in creating a virtual world complete with roller coasters, dinosaurs, and farm animals, as well as neighborhood staples such as the pet store, bakery, and fire station. [...]

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    If you thought that Penguin Parade just did the petanko figures, you might be glad to know that they also had a few scale figures on display as well.

    Aside from a closer look at the Petanko figures, the images in the gallery also show Kirino and Kuroneko from Oreimo as well as Leefa and Suguha from Sword Art Online! I guess someone high up is a big fan of our unfortunate cousin character! Either that or they wisely chose to leave the mountains of Asuna figures to other companies to compete against eachother! Either way, it's nice to see a figure of her real world persona instead of just her Aflheim Online avatar.

    Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Penguin Parade screenshot


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    As the hosts of the show, I would've thought that Kaiyodo would have had more on display. Not diminishing what they have on display, just I thought it would be a bit more. The company behind Revoltechs brought the properties you might expect for the line, Yotsuba and Evangelion. There is at least something hidden behind the boxes in the form of Revoltech Raiden.

    Raiden's appearance for his Revoltech premiere is based on the version from Revengence. This release should be a bit more affordable for those who want a Raiden but don't want to shell out for a Play Arts Kai.

    As with the other offerings from Kaiyodo, it's more EVA units and Yotsuba. Danboard is being packaged for a variety of companies while Yotsuba finds more animals to play with. Evangelion will continue printing new figures for the new variations in the new movies, so there will always be new EVA to buy.

    Even though that Revoltech has taken a backseat to many of the other figure lines, at least they're still going forward because someone has to make that many EVAs.

    Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Kaiyodo screenshot


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    The photos are starting to show up of the doll the attendees received last night. She is a beauty and her name is Onyx. At first she reminded me of Gothica but upon comparison, Onyx's makeup is less intense. One day I'd like to have a raven-haired, red-lipped Syb. I'm sure this one will be a favorite and quite pricey on the resale market.
    These photographs were posted on Prego and Doll Observers and appear here with permission of the photographers, of course.

    Posted by Aquabluerose:

    Onyx has one golden eye and one silvery eye.

    Posted by Yuki:

    Attendees were photographed on the "red carpet" by a pro and their photos were printed out for taking home.  One of the goodies they received was a doll-sized backdrop which echoed the full-sized one used for their pictures. That's really cute.

    I really like both dolls that made an appearance at this event. I love Gilt Dipped's outfit and Onyx's face and wig. But I shall love from afar and enjoy the images produced by the owners of these wonderful dolls.

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    The attraction for Medicom is their lineup of 1/6 Real Action Heroes. They've made a surge as of late by going after key sought-after characters like Link and Saber. With the line finally getting its focus somewhere beyond Kamen Riders and actual figure quality going up, they're making the right moves to get the right attention.

    In what's new, Evangelion is again at the forefront. What I do like here are the pair of Asuka RAHs, and I think I actually want one. What is new for the company are a pair of DC RAHs, Supes and Frank Miller's Batman. While I like that they're expanding, the rubber suits just don't look good at all for these. My pick of the new goods has to be their Lupin III. They kept his proportions in check and it's faithful. It's simply the best Lupin I've seen. As for the rest of the items, there's triple the Saber, the usual assortment of Kamen Riders, the girls of Madoka, and of course, Link.

    In case you may have forgotten, Medicom is also the maker of the popular Bearbrick line. As you would expect, there's plenty of Evangelion, but also some scattered newcomers with DC. Take a look through the gallery to get the full lineup from Medicom.


    Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Medicom screenshot


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    Oh Sonico, you are the Barbie of Nitro+. Wear all of the outfits you can! You've dressed up on many occassions before, but now you're ready to graduate! You've got your motarboard on because you've risen to the ranks of academia and intellectual pursuits! Okay, not really but as usual, Sonico is a popular girl at WonFes.

    Graduation Sonico, as I'll dub her from now on, is a release in the upcoming Ichiban Kuji lineup for the Nitro+ mascot. Joining her in that assortment is a deformed version, performing in concert. It's a cute little figure and a nice complement to the lineup.

    Also present was the giant 1/2 Sonico from the WonFes Winter. She's been up for pre-order for sometime, but seeing the 3 ft giant in full color probably generates the same face that's present on Sonico. While these are the official releases, I can only imagine what's going on with her in garage area. 

    Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: Super Sonico Edition screenshot


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  • 07/28/13--13:09: DIY Giant Alphabet Blocks
  • Last weekend Turner Toys attended Essex Junction’s Annual Block Party – a great community tradition in our hometown.  In addition to putting out many of our fabulous educational and wooden toys, we made giant alphabet blocks for the kids to play with.  We used color in lieu of alphabet letters but I’m calling them alphabet [...]

    The post DIY Giant Alphabet Blocks appeared first on Turner Toys.

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