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    Available from 3A Toys via their collaborator Good Smile Company booth are The Adventures Of Isobelle Pascha: Funkake Edition in 1/6th-scale (Priced at 10,000JPY / limited to one per person), and their new 1/35-series EVENFALL in hobby-kit styled products:

    EVENFALL T.O.T.E.M THUG SUIT V.1 + WFS2013 poster - Price: 1,500JPY
    EVENFALL T.O.T.E.M THUG SUIT V.1 - Price: 1000JPY

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    Battle DOG-GRUMPY by Patrick Lippe aka Don P. is yet another exclusive completed for Mintyfresh, and sees a splendid sculpt indeed on the Kronk-designed Labbit base. Truly a nice one.


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    There’s a great book by psychology professor Daniel Gilbert (you may have seen him recently in a Prudential commercial where people put stickers on a big board showing the oldest person they know) called Stumbling On Happiness. It’s a fascinating read and I highly recommend it. What it talks about is that humans are terrible about [...]

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    Yeah, I used to have loads of toys and figurines all over my desk(s) at work … people must think I'm a juvenile manboyfreak or something! aaahhhh flashback-in-your-face-slap-memories… Now I am surrounded by toys yet again at the TOYSREVIL-HQ at home, and nobody judges me! Not out loud in my face anyways … guess everything works out eventually, yeah? Heh.

    This is a snippet of a satirical sketch comedy television series named "Portlandia". This is from episode 9 from Season 3. "Fred Armisen and Carrie Browstein are workspace consultants providing a curated Japanese toy experience to make a social statement." = NOT japanese toys, but always loved them UNKL toys! only ever owned the TinPos tho ...

    Source: Facebook

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    CBS Consumer Products has created the Star Trek Skele-Treks universe inspired by Mexican culture and traditions in conjunction with Maya Studio and Spanish artist Javi Molner. CBS Consumer Products has signed National Entertainment Collectibles Association Inc. (NECA) to introduce a multi-category collection utilizing a signature artistic style. Initial Star Trek Skele-Treks products were unveiled at [...]

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    Jerome Lu of Hyperactive Monkey lists a ninjalicious array of product on sale - from decks, to toys, to tees and totes! Martin Hsu recollects his experience at SDCC while listing "Little Blessings" custom pieces (only 2 out of 4 left) and tees for sale.

    SDCC Baby Deadbeets & OMFG Series 2 in BLUE and YELLOW will be up for sale on Monday 29th august at Noon PST via

    A huge bulk of DKE Toys SDCC-exclusives are currently available online to purchase from myplasticheart - including the following items - as all images here, click on image(s) to visit their respective sites to begin perusing and purchasing!

    Note: SDCC-items for myplasticheart are not grouped under a specific SDCC-catagory, so you might need to search around for the items.

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  • 07/26/13--07:17: Grey Gardens Doll
  • My handmade plush doll, "Little Edie" is up for bid!  This piece was part of UglyCon at Giant Robot 2 Gallery last month.

    If you're interested in bidding, visit:

    inTIMIDnation on Facebook

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  • 07/26/13--07:17: Doctor Zaius Says
  • Yup. Were on Facebook. Just to make things interesting, I’m going to start posting pics from time to time over there featuring the wisdom of Doctor Zaius. This one is free, you’ll have to follow on Facebook to see more. TV & Film Toys Facebook Page    

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  • 07/26/13--07:20: Brainstorm Massive Magnet
  • Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most absorbing, and that may well be the case with the new Massive Magnet from Brainstorm Toys.

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    Thanks to RobotKingdom and Hobbybase who have posted images of the Transformers products from the ACG-CON Hong Kong 2013 going on this weekend in China. Get some more looks at the Kids Logic Optimus Prime SD figure that is said to be highly articulated with light up features. Also shown was the ACG Exclusive Metroplex, Grimlock Vs Bruticus, Shockwaves Lab, and More Transformers Prime Beast Hunters toys in the gallery now.

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    Custom Super Mario World Kicks

    Benjamin Bush took a pair of grey denim Profacis from Creative Recreation and customized them with acrylics and markers to create a pair of sneakers that maintain a perfect balance of geek nostalgia and elegant freshness.

    See also:

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    Takara Tomy's TF Yuki has posted new out of package images of images for the Transformers Go! G05 Gekisoumaru, G06 Hunter Smokescreen, the combined Swordbot Shinobi and the campaign GoKenzan gold combiner helmet. Check out the images in the gallery now to see all of the new images from Takara Tomy.

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    The Detroit Daily News is reporting the mock China Town set the Transformers 4 production crews have been working on is just about ready for action. They are reporting that producer Ian Bryce has stated filming on the Grand Circus Park set adorned with Asian styled buildings will begin: Next week, we begin in Detroit on the big set weve built underneath the monorail. The town is said to a facacde of Hong Kong streets with many of the local store fronts being covered over with Chinese language signs to maint continuity with the setting.

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    Stand to win 2 tickets return trip to Tokyo, cash prizes, merchandise, and more.

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  • 07/26/13--08:34: Lawson Japan
  • As announced by Lawson on their official Facebook Page, our Mirai Suenaga is now one of their mascot c...

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    If you’re in a league or starting one, I recommend the CBS Sportsline one – we’ve been using it for about 10 years straight and it’s pretty flexible depending on what your needs are. The draft setup is great – people from around the country can log in and when players are taken off the [...]

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    It's always the right time of day - or night - for this wonderful and unusual Steiff collectible!  What we have here today is called a "Betthupferlfuchs" or a "Nightcap Fox." This item, which is both adorable and functional, is not terribly well known outside of Europe.  Let's take a look at him and try and outfox the story behind his design and history. 

    This well dressed gentleman fox is 15 cm and head jointed. His head and arms are made from light orange dralon. His muzzle and the insides of his ears are white mohair, while the back of his ears are made from black velvet. His body, which is designed to be like a hollow tent, is made from green felt which is decorated a brown felt collar and "pockets" and brown leather buttons. His face is detailed with brown and black pupil eyes, a black hand embroidered nose and mouth, clear mono-filament whiskers, and a touch of airbrushing.  Nightcap Fox was produced in this size only from 1969 through 1974.

    But you are probably asking yourself - where's his nightcap?  Well, in this case, "nightcap" does not refer to either a cozy sleeping hat or a shot of  liqueur or spirits enjoyed before bedtime.  Nightcap Fox was designed to hide a sweet, prize, or coin on the pillow of a child. But there's no reason the same logic couldn't work for an adult as well!  (Steiffgal thinks it would be wonderful if he hid a diamond bauble, keys to a new car, or some marvelous chocolates on her pillow - or yours!)  This function, of course, explains his construction and design. 

    It might suit you to a "t" to learn that this very well dressed fox is one of a series of delightful "Nightcap" style animals designed and produced by Steiff almost four decades ago.   All were 15 cm and had practically the identical construction as the fox, including adorable faces, detailed heads, simple arms, and hollow, felt bodies.  Others in this series included a grey and white mohair tabby cat wearing a red felt dress (pictured here on the left); a brown dralon bear wearing a blue and red felt dress; a black and white mohair Cockie Cocker Spaniel dog wearing an orange felt dress; a mohair rabbit in a blue felt dress; a mohair rabbit in a red felt dress; a mohair rabbit in an orange felt dress, and a mohair rabbit in a green felt dress with a little white apron. Fox was the only "boy" in the lineup, all the other pieces were "girls." All appeared overall in the Steiff line from 1968 through 1974.  The original advertising pictures of all of these items are shown below, these are from the 1969-1970 version of the Steiff Dealer's Catalog.  

    Nightcap Fox, Cat, and Cockie Cocker Spaniel

     Nightcap Teddy Bear

    Nightcap Rabbits
    As far as Steiffgal can tell through her research, these are the only "Nightcap" style animals Steiff manufactured over the history of the company.  Perhaps its time to bring these "sleepers" back into the line!

    Steiffgal hopes this discussion on Steiff's Nightcap animals may encourage you to hide - and seek - a few for your own collection.

    Have a question about one of your Steiff treasures? Let's talk! Click here to learn more! 

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    Amazing Subway Beatboxer

    I think this dude may have swallowed some of Skrillex’s audio gear because there’s no way an ordinary human being’s mouth should be able to make all these noises at once.

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    Clifford The Big Red Dog is such a classic, lovable cartoon character, so it is fitting that Scholastic has a Clifford-themed science kit about something as spectacular as rainbows. Who doesn’t love to look to the sky and see an array of colors that seem to have magically appeared there after a rainy day? I know [...]

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