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    Hatter Fans nationwide will soon be able to role-play as Matt Hatter. ITV Studios Global Entertainment (ITVS GE) has appointed fashion licensee VMC Accessories to produce a range of Matt Hatter Chronicles dress-up and fashion accessories for the UK market. The dress-up collection will include the Matt Hatter hero costume inspired by the dimension-hopping gear [...]

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    I know this site is all about the BATMAN Character and other fun stuff like Toy Collecting, but I would appreciate it if everyone would please let me make this short statement.

    Now, I would say that most people who enjoy this site have no idea who I am or where I am from, ha! But I live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and if you have been watching any of the national (and world) TV news then you know about the major tornado event that happened recently in Oklahoma.

    Most of the devastation happened in a city called Moore and, the scary thing for me personally, is that I live about a 5 or 10 minute car ride from there. This event happened really close to me, it's was scary to say the least! The good news is that my family and I are completely OK and the storm only got THAT close, whew! It was pretty stressful. 

    Anyway, yesterday I got the chance to see first hand, in real-life, what had happened. I saw trucks and cars completely upside down. I saw houses ( homes ) and buildings just completely destroyed. We're talking about entire neighborhoods just completely wiped off the earth! I know a few people who, not only lost their place to live, but also lost all of their life-long possessions. It's a very sad deal. Then the most important loss of all were lives that were taken. It's been a very tragic event but the people of Oklahoma have proved to be caring and are working together to rebuild.

    So, I'm asking ALL Bat-Blog Readers to please donate whatever you can to the American Red Cross. This charitable organization is amazing and they are ALWAYS the very first to arrive and the very last ones to leave. They do great work. Even if all you can afford is "one dollar" then please send it. I mean, every little bit adds up and makes a difference.

    Also, if you can't donate any money - Then please spread the word about their site on your social media like Twitter or Facebook. Gettig the news out there helps a bunch too. Thank you. It's REDCROSS.ORG

    AMERICAN RED CROSS Click Here to Donate!

    You can also text "REDCROSS" to 90999 & automatically give 10 dollars!

    Also, I saw this post by Adam West yesterday on facebook and, as an Oklahoman it made me pretty proud. Thank you Mr. West. Well said Sir.

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    HeroClixLogo   New Collectibles Hit Shelves This Summer Hillside NJ – May 22, 2013—WizKids Games, the leader in collectible miniatures gaming, has announced a new collection to the HeroClix line-up; BioShock Infinite HeroClix miniatures, featuring themed collectible figures based on the highest rated game of the year to date. The latest collection to join the HeroClix [...]

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    Now the school year is drawing to an end, parents surely want to keep their little ones mentally active during the summer months. There’s a whole slew of toys out there that are fun and educational, of course, so the trick is to really find the ones that work for you and your kids. However, [...]

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    Supahcute and Leanna Lin’s Wonderland are proud to present Supah Pop-Up: Live Art + Book Signing on Saturday, June 8 (6-10pm). Get ready for supah family fun with artists from Supah Mashup Art Party! Watch live art demonstrations by Jared … Continue reading 

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    Following a teaser work in progress image published months back, the National Entertainment Collectibles Association has finally revealed their john Rambo in a burlap sack action figure. Follow this link to have a closer look at the single most important First Blood action figure you could ever hope to add to your 7-inch collection.

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    Kotobukiya has released a gallery featuring their upcoming Prince Of Tennis II Ryoma Echizen ARTFX J Statue. Beyond its October release, no other information is available on this piece based on the main protagonist of the manga and anime series The Prince of Tennis created by Takeshi Konomi. Click through to view the gallery and stay tuned for more information!

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  • 05/22/13--17:06: Dark Magician Girl

  • You is being familiar with Yu-Gi-Oh! If so then you will probably be familair with this little lady - Dark Magician Girl which has been given the Cu-Poche treatment by Kotobukiya.
    I managed to nab one from the Kotobukiya offices before she's out this July.

    Dark Magician Girl will retail for 3,990 yen and if she tickles your fancy then you can check out one of the following online retailers who may have her up for pre-order.

    As with the other Cu-Poche figures, this little lady comes with a load of accessories and face plates.

    How many of you have consumed Yu-Gi-Oh! contents (anime, card games) in your lifetime? Many people I speak to say they used to when they were younger.
    There is a poll embedded in this article.

    More figure photo reviews listed up below.

    Find out more about the Culture Japan girls >>>

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  • 05/22/13--17:19: La Cittadella Kawasaki

  • La Cittadella [ラ チッタデッラ] - a slice of Italy in the heart of Kawasaki. Stylised to look like a small town in Italy, La Cittadella contains a cinema complex, concert hall, shops and a load of restaurants - especially Italian ones. La Cittadella is also home to the annual Hallowen parade too.
    Today wifey and I go for walkies around the area. You can see a bit of what the area is like by day in the video below.

    To get to La Cittadella, get of at Kawasaki Station and head to the following location on the map.
    [gmap=35.528299, 139.697878]

    We start off our evening by parking at Kawasaki Lazona and then walk towards La Cittadella. Building in the background is the MUZA concert hall.

    Latest news in Japan is that they want to raise the initial fare of Tokyo taxi's to 730 yen which would last for the first 2 kilometers before you need to start paying more.
    How does that compare to your neck of the woods? Tis better than some of the taxi's I tried to take in Malaysia at least - when I ask "How much to Blah" the drivers would answer "How much you got?"

    Walking through Kawasaki Station.

    Starting to explore more of Kawasaki.

    Discover a street filled with a ton of restaurants.

    Due to the lack of space in Japan, each building more often than not contains many restaurants or shops so always make sure to always look up at the signs or you may miss some gems.

    Many restaurants have some really nice exterior designs.

    "Kawasaki Blender"
    It says that a cosplay girl with give you a wash.

    You already know the word Oppai (meaning mammies) but another useful daily word you should know is "Kyonyu" [巨乳[きょにゅう]] (pronounced kyo-nyuu) which means "BIG OPPAI."
    "巨" means "huge" or "gigantic" and is the same kanji used in "進撃の巨人" (Shingeki no Kyojin).

    When you reach the end of this post make sure to shout out "Kyonyu" 50 times to memorize the word.

    Check out more plastic food and find out where to buy in Japan.

    "Aroma Beauty Salon" - photo annotate the one who you want to attend to your beauty needs.

    Many of these "DVD rooms" allow you to "watch DVD's" in the privacy of your own small room. I know many gaijin folks who are travelling cheap use these places to stay in instead of a hotel as the rates are really cheap in the early hours of the morning.
    For example its 3,000 yen for 12 hours.

    Can you read that katakana? If not then I'll need to bring out a Katakana learning product in addition to Moekana.

    I always stop by a Gatcha to see if there is anything 1/3 cale for my daughters - and when I find something I usually get it but ends up in the cupboard most of the times ><

    The gate you see across the road is the entrance to La Cittadella.

    This place looks like an Izakaya - its like a Japanese pub.

    This is the main square at La Cittadella - kinda looks like a set to some movie.

    A list of some of the restaurants at La Cittadella.


    Nice place to take a stroll in the evening.

    And after walking for a bit, once you see things turn back to normal then you know you have left La Cittadella ^^

    La Cittadella have a fountain show that takes place at certain times throughout the evenings.

    The seeing-eye dog will open your mind and show you the future.

    Occasionally you will see the head of some sea monster placed in a bucket of ice outside a restaurant to entice you to go in.
    There is a poll embedded in this article.

    Heading back to Lazona.

    Exploring the shotengai in the area.

    Remember to always take the stairs if you dont get the chance to exercise much!

    Back at Lazona.

    Got to meet comrades from many corners of the world who I went to see Iron Man 3 with.

    Then its a quick look around Lazona. Would love to go camping but probably very unlikely that I'll ever get to relax in this lifetime to be able to do so ><

    I've only seen bicycles like these in Japan where the child seat is at the front. Bicycles like these are usually called Mamachari [ママチャリ] which is a short form of Mama Chariot. "Chariot" [チャリ] is a term used to refer to a bicycle.

    Looking for some magic potion to keep water off the car.

    More magic potion that keeps water off the windscreen.

    Time to look for some noms.

    We got Auntie Anne's in Japan too.

    The best food is the fastest food - down in the food court.

    Sushi go round.

    Snap with one of our readers from Singapore who came to watch Iron Man 3 with us but was too shy to jump in the group photo ^^;

    Katsu Curry noms.

    Oyako Don noms.

    Japanese traditional sweets noms.

    Time to check out my readers goodies starting with this very nice Sony DSLR.

    No Service.

    From Singapore - my most fave mints! Cant find these in Japan >< I always steal some from Shawn's car - the guy who brings us AFA ^^;

    The Japanese Galaxy S3 comes with an antenna for ONE SEG TV.

    I always thought that hole in Galaxy S3 cases was for LTE models.

    Time to grab some groceries.

    Picked up one of these rolls. Was supposed to have a crisp layer around it though ><

    Krispy Kreme Sakura n Green Tea doughnuts.

    Ichigo = Strawberries.

    Some side dishes for dindins.

    Back to the Mirai Mobile.

    Our grocery catch for the day.
    More places to visit in Japan listed up in the photo posts below.

    Read more about Mirai Suenaga >>>

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    TeenTitans-5p1-afiWizKids has released the latest expansion to its table top miniatures game, HeroClix, Teen Titans.   The set is available in 4 options. 3 are blind purchases: 5 figure boosters, super boosters, single figure packs. The last is a “Fast Forces” set, a clear blister which shows you the 6 figures you get and comes [...]

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    Today we get a look at the fifth seried of Disney Pop Vinyl figures from Funko: ~ DISNEY, DISNEY, DISNEY ~   It’s always a fun challenge to take a Disney Series (12 characters!) and…find some common links.   Wish me luck.   Oh, and along with adding ‘Find Common Links’ to my repertoire…I will [...]

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    MOSNamekScreen1Here in So Cal I have been on a desperate hunt for Mattel’s 6″ Movie Masters line from “Man of Steel.”   Even though the on-shelf embargo date was back on April 28th, none of the local Target or Toy R Us stores that I have visited have put out ANY product, even though they have [...]

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    We've updated the Hot Toys section of our Photo Archive with their 1/6 scale Black Widow Avengers Movie Masterpiece Series figure. Follow the above link for a closer look at this awesome figure.

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    Hot Toys Avengers Loki Sixth Scale Figure Review Marvel movies always tend to be pretty good, and I’m a huge Marvel fan so I was more excited than ever to see Iron Man 3. I must say that I...

    [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

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    A brand new Tiffany Blue edition of Gary Ham’s Wooper Looper is set to drop this Friday, May 24. This release features a blue vinyl with silver, black, and white sprays. These are limited to only 30 pieces and will be available HERE at 11AM PST for $60 a piece.

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    Coinciding with the release of Super7’s 12th Anniversary Lucky Bags, they will be playing host to a Gargamel Custom show! There will be a number of one of a kind customs by the guys who make the toys! They will be making it out all the way from Japan to...

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    Last week NYC Moms lined up for a free Quinny Yezz Stroller!  400 lucky Big Apple Moms lined the streets of Manhattan to receive a free Yezz stroller. Some Quinny fans braved the rain to line up as early as 2:00 a.m. at locations including Giggle, Albee Baby, the New York Family Baby Show and more!... [Continue Reading]

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  • 05/22/13--21:08: peculiar - Euranth
  • Based out of Jakarta, Indonesia, Chris Tianto of pe•cu•liar has been hard at work at his very first toy, Euranth. Euranth, the God of Nature is apart of their Glandastern mythology and just the first of many toys to come. This figure will stand roughly 5” tall, with the first...

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      This year I’m all about following my bliss. From playing with my children to dancing in the rain I believe that if you are happy being where you are you’ll always find bliss. This year I’m enjoying my life more and that also means in the kitchen. One reason I started talking about organic... [Continue Reading]

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    Lab Art has teamed up with Kidrobot to pull together an epic exhibition, which will feature 13 very talented artists. Participating artists include: Tristan Eaton, L’amour Supreme, Jon Paul Kaiser, Annie Preece, Scribe, Sergio Mancini, Thank You X, 40 Threads, Scott Tolleson, Galen Mckamy, Devin Liston, Carson Catlin, Mar, and...

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