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    It's that time of the year again: we're wondering where info is on Kidrobot's yearly Dunny installment, and some image pops up online purporting to be this year's line-up. Some folks take it at face value and others are more skeptical, but once again, a purported leak has appeared for Dunny 2013 Series.

    Since we're not "FIRST!" on the story here, I thought I'd take a deeper look at the supposed leaks and see if there's any chance it could be real. Hit the jump to read up a bit on what I found.

    Breaking down the Dunny 2013 Series rumor screenshot


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      Brooklin has been wearing Zutano since she was born so we were thrilled when we were sent a few pieces from Zutano’s spring and summer collection. The Dizzy Daisy print is full of bright and fun daisy’s all on a background of blue. Paired with emerald green matchstick jeans. For summer I love the adorable... [Continue Reading]

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    The traditional toys market recorded 4% value growth in 2011, to reach a value of US$80.7 billion compared with a 3% gain a year before, defying anaemic economic activity. Steady real term growth is.......

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    Just this past weekend we got word that a Miku Hatsune dress-up doll for girls based on Takara Tomy's popular Licca-chan doll line would be coming as soon as this July. And while we still haven't received official word yet from Takara Tomy we do have our second Japanese web shop listing, this time with a (blurry) picture! 

    Japanese news site and retailer Presepe has posted a new listing of their own complete with a small picture of the doll in question. They list the price at ¥2,940 as opposed to the Shibuya Mokei Hobby Shop price of ¥2,100, but both agree that she'll be released in July.

    Now, I know what you're probably thinking; it doesn't look a whole lot like any Miku you would know. And for good reason. This is basically the equivalent of any number of Barbie dolls dressed up as iconic characters. This is less of a Hatsune Miku doll and more of a Licca-chan-dressed-as-Miku doll. Think of it like cosplay. For what it is I think it looks pretty good. The outfit is a bit loose, but I've seen worse attempts. I don't think it'll cause a flood of guys to buy their first Licca-chan doll, but it's nice to see an attempt made to give young girls a Miku they can actually play with. 

    [via Anime News Network]

    Here's our first look at Takara Tomy's Hatsune Miku doll screenshot


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    If you're an Assassin's Creed super-fan (I consider myself maybe a notch below super-fan) you'll be interested in seeing what Attakus has revealed. They've created a life-size Connor statue - Connor is the hero of Assassin's Creed III (set during the American Revolution). The life-size piece stands in at 6' 3/4" tall and weighs in [...]

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    DCCArkhamHarleyHammer1Those sneaky-sneaks over at DC Collectibles released a couple of photos an hour ago on their Facebook page of some previously unannounced Arkman City 2-packs that fit in with their long running 7″ action figure line: Batman Arkham City Mr. Hammer and Harley Quinn Action Figure 2-pack   Batman Arkham City Sickle and Penguin Action [...]

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    Tamashii Nations has announced that Amazon has begun to take pre-orders for Bandai's massively exciting S.H. Figuarts Mighty Morphin Power Rangers White Ranger. Not to be shown up, Big Bad Toy Store has its own pre-orders open as well.

    MMPR fans will remember the White Ranger as being the wildly popular successor to the wildly popular Green Ranger, upgrading Tommy Oliver's coolness factor by several notches. This included one-upping the musical Dragon Dagger (by far the coolest Ranger weapon in the original set) by giving Tommy a talking sword. Beyond that, the White Ranger outfit might be my favorite Ranger costume in the entirety of the series despite never being all that keen on Tommy himself. It's just a spectacularly awesome design which, thankfully, translates into an even better-looking figure.

    The White Ranger can be pre-ordered for US$45 and is slated to release on October 25th (BBTS currently has it listed as August). Who here is pumped? And if the White Ranger isn't your favorite Power Ranger costume then what is?

    [ Pre-order at Amazon | Big Bad Toy Store ]

    S.H. Figuarts White Ranger pre-order opens on Amazon screenshot


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    Small Tattoo Designs – This article will give you the idea of small tattoo designs for men. There are many selections of small tattoo design that can be chosen. You must choose one that very perfect with you. You can choose the colors, themes, and patterns that suitable with your body. You can go to [...]

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    na_he-manlogoThe “great event” has happened, the time portal opened and look what came through – Mattel’s “New Adventures of He-Man” Galactic Protector He-Man!  So everyone grab your favorite bushy eye-browed scientist and settle back and take a look for a few “touts.” This is the first time fans will see the finished, production version of [...]

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    "Iron Man" Mini Papercrafts from Gus Santome? How about the entire Marks 1 to 7? And from the "Iron Man 3" movie: Mark 17 (Heartbreaker), Mark 35, Mark 38 and the hero-suit; Mark 42? Click on the links provided, download them for FREE, print, and make! Who said you need to spend a bundle to have your own Hall of Armor? LOL


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    Season 2 of the LEGO Blocumentary web-series highlights a collection of designers, artists, animators, with this segment featuring Brian Flynn of Hybrid Design & Super7, along with the following screengrabs showcasing some "surprises"!


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  • 05/09/13--20:16: Mitaka

  • Mitaka [三鷹] - an area located in the West of Tokyo which is home to Kichijoji, the Ghibli Museum and a load of anime studios.
    92% of all Japanese anime production studios are located within Tokyo and a large % of that is located in West Tokyo in the Mitaka and immediate surrounding area along the Chuo-line.

    42% of that are small studios with less than 10 employees and 10,000,000 yen of capital - many of them were started up by employees who previously worked at other animation studios.
    Some of these studios specialise in just some of the processes involved in anime production like the animation between key frames or background coloring.

    Many moons ago, anime studios used to hire animators full time but due to the costs of keeping them onboard and the fact that they could not afford to remunerate them based on their performance, most animators are now paid based on how much they can do (ie number of frames they can draw) - for this reason, freelance animators float between various studios based on when they are needed for work.

    These days, full time staff at anime studios are usually comprised of managerial, Producers, Directors and general admin - hardly any animators are hired full time. While Production IG has many full time employees, only about 10% of the warm bodies in most anime studios are full time employees.

    One of the reason why anime studios are concentrated in the same area is that they often loan thier staff to help each other out - this is the reason why when you see the credits of an anime which was produced by lets say Mad House, you may see "with help from Production IG."
    Staff from each studio can easily get to another studio by hopping on the chuo line and be at another studio in less than 30 mins.

    I've always loved anime since the Macross Super Dimension Fortress era and am fortunate to work in the anime field which is why I'm in Mitaka so often. Some of the people I work with there are JC Staff, Production IG, and Sato Dai (click on links to see photos and details of my work ^o^)

    Mitaka is largely a residential district and if you want to catch a slice of life in Japan then you will enjoy a relaxing stroll around the area absorbing the sights and sounds of daily life.

    To get to Mitaka just get off on the JR Chuo or Sobu lines at Mitaka station.

    Read more about Mirai Suenaga >>>

    About Mascots Subscribe by Email Twitter Facebook

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    After 6 years in the making, John Santagada is ready to bring his Radioactive Rumblers to life in vinyl form. This series will feature a number of 4” figures, with the first being introduced in a Kickstarter campaign. Expect classic sci-fi flicks, horror movies, 80’s toys, and Garbage Pail Kids...

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    I had the chance to preview all of the Supah Mashup pieces today at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland, and I can’t even begin to describe how happy I am. I really think you will love this exhibition as much as I … Continue reading 

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    The heavy hitting customizers of Venezuela will have their very own group show at Kidrobot Miami. Some of Freak Store’s finest artists include: Burundanga Design, Gabriel Carpio, Charles Rodríguez and GerardMDS. “Caracas Art Toys” will take place on Friday, May 10th. If you’re in the area be sure to check...

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    The Imp has finally revealed, as Unbox Industries and Fos are expecting to release him at the end of this month. The Imp figure stands roughly 6” tall with four points of articulation. He also glows from the inside out through his empty eye sockets. They come bagged with headers...

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    Now that Mia is totally mobile life is pretty interesting and she’s always on the go. Some days in order to change her diaper I have to catch her. Sometimes it seems to best solution to capture my squirmy baby is to change her diaper standing up and because the sides of the diaper easily tears... [Continue Reading]

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    DC Collectibles, by way of their Facebook page, has revealed two upcoming Batman Arkham City 6-inch action figure two packs, each offers a second chance on a previously released figure along with a new figure based on the Brothers Abramovici. Click the thumbnails above for a closer look at the Sickle & Penguin and Mr. Hammer & Harley Quinn sets. For those not in the know, the Abramovicis were once conjoined twins before the Joker had his way with them. While Mr. Hammer remained with the Joker's gang, Sickle moved on to be a part of the Penguin's gang.

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    Cocktail Dress Barbie
     Can you see that her head is a different color than her body? It's slightly tanned.  I'm going to have to contact them.  I wonder if this is what everyone got. Otherwise, she is as expected. Mattel is very good with pony tails and CD is no exception. The dress is pretty. The fabric under the black lace is the same as that used in the Nolan Miller Sheer Illusion gown under the lace.


    Mermaid Gown Barbie
     Mermaid's gown is beautiful and her hair is pretty much exactly the same as the promo-I think I was a little surprised. However, for the price, earrings could have been included.

    I have a few shelves displaying lovely Silkstones and I like looking at them but I think it's time to stop.  They don't evolve they just get more expensive. 

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