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    We have been following the Kickstarter campaign for Papabehr since the USB figure launched. Within eight days, Papabehr was funded and teasing its first stretch goal, Destroyed Papabehr, a limited edition version of the figure available to anyone who has pledged US$100 or more. That first milestone was recently reached and more images of Destroyed Papabehr are available. As you can see from the photos, he come with a detached eye part, removable chest plate (allowing you to see the circuitry detail inside), and hand cannon. This variant looks amazing and ties into Papabehr's backstory quite nicely (you can read more about him on the Kickstarter page).

    With three days left on Kickstarter, I'd recommend sending your pledges in now if you are interested in getting a Destroyed Papabehr for yourself. Plus, Papabehr is close to hitting its next stretch goal at US$50,000, unlocking the Neo-Samurai Armor and Weapon Set! 

    Papabehr hits first stretch goal, LE version is available screenshot


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    It’s memory making season!!! From end of school celebrations to warm summer days and summer family vacations there are so many memories to be captured this year. Spring is filled with so many photo worthy moments and with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day coming up some of the best gifts to give are camera gifts... [Continue Reading]

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    Project Open Squish, Squishable's ongoing campaign centered around fan-submitted designs, has yielded its first purchasable plush! The Werewolf is now available for fans to pre-order at the cost of US$42. This plush's design was contributed to Project Open Squish by Tera S. They did a great job of turning Tera's sketch into plush, don't you think? It should be noted that to pre-order this 15 inch lunar-loving lupine, you will need to use Google Wallet rather than the standard credit card system.

    Other Project Open Squish winners are also steadily making their way through development. You can check them out at the "In-Process Designs" page

    Squishable's Werewolf plush is up for pre-order screenshot


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    If you're any kind of nerd then I'm sure you're well aware already what today is, otherwise I'm revoking your nerd card. It's May the 4th and Mimoco is celebrating Star Wars day in style with their new R2-A6 astromech droid maid special for the occasion! Mimoco claims the little green droid is something of a lucky charm and limited to only 1,000, hand numbered.

    You also get your choice of sizes ranging from 8GB all the way up to 128GB for your little USB astromech. I wonder what the ratio between the capacities are and if a 128GB R2-A6 would be considered more rare than a 16GB to a collector? Oh, and that's not all. Each R2-A6 also comes with a variety of MimoDesk desktop wallpapers, avatars, icons, and MimoByte sound software featuring the little green droid. If you want it you can only get him at the Mimoco store. Remember, they offer free shipping on orders over $50. 

    Celebrate May the 4th with this R2-A6 MIMOBOT screenshot


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    If you've read my review of the Cobbanii wooden desk and chair set then you know I'm a big fan of figures and the like made of wood. So it should be no surprise that I'm really excited to see Bullmark has taken up the task of making a wooden figure of One Piece resident doctor Tony Tony Chopper! 

    This is a really cool figure based on Chopper's New World look. He's carved from red sanders wood, a hardwood usually used to make furniture and prized for its color and grain. The details really come out well in this figure and the grain will be unique in ever one made. He even includes a stick! He's only 90mm tall (about 3.5 inches), but considering the material his ¥7,000 price tag feels worth it. 

    He's expected to be out in late June and pre-orders are starting to find their way online with more certainly to come soon. 

    [ Pre-order at Hobby Search | AmiAmi ]

    How much wood could a wooden Chopper chop... screenshot


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    20130504_173006Earlier today I attended a screening of Return of the Jedi to celebrate not just May the 4th (Star Wars Day) BUT the 30th Anniversary of the film. It was screened at the theater where it premiered in 1983, the Egyptian theater. This is the first time in 30 years that the movie has been [...]

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  • 05/04/13--20:19: Radio Free Cybertron - 309
  • This week on Radio Free Cybertron--Maketoys Computron conjecture aplenty, TFCC Subscription Service Delayed, Spotlight Hoist Reviewed, Transformers Rewind--Grimlock's New Brain and way, way more! Don't forget to circle us on Google+ to join our weekly post-show hangout! PLAYMP3iTunes

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    For Star Wars Day, Jason Chalker has released a new print, featuring a whole lot of Star Wars-goodness all depicted within a 12"x16" (printed archival paper with lightfast inks). To sweeten the deal, use the code "MT4BWY" from now until midnight Sunday CST, and get 25% off.

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    Available for for purchase now is the "Star Wars - Action Figure Compendium Poster" from Chris Lee [previously featured HERE], Priced at US$20 per, the 27x39" sized poster is Offset Printed on 100lb matte book, and will come hand-signed by Chris.
    WHAT: "This poster pays tribute to Star Wars and the iconic Kenner card back from the 80's. This one in particular is the "92 card back" which covered the entire basic figure assortment. While Yak Face was never included in the lineup, I threw him in there for good measure."

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    The chain argues that regulations cited by the victim's family don't apply to inflatable pool slides.

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    Artwork and prints for "Righteous Rides...And the Dudes Who Drive Them!" has since gone "live" for sale via [last featured], and since it is the May 4th/Star Wars Day weekend, here's a look at some Star Wars-related imagery! Starting with a quartet of screen prints from Blunt Graffix, with the BLUE TIE PILOT (above / limited to only 25pcs = mine!) and Red version, and the Falcon (in both blue and red).

    TieFighterPilotRed_1024x1024 FalconRed_1024x1024

    From Eric Dyer comes "Vader" - priced at US$40 per (sized 12" x 18") in a Limited Edition of 11 … Am thoroughly surprised there was not more images in this selection … no Speeder-bikes? No X-Wing Fighters? No At-Ats? … but then again, it is about "Righteous Rides" … and "Dudes", innit? Heh.

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    Available to purchase now on De Korner is DEATH VADER by Broken Pigeon. Priced at US$45 each and limited to 20 pieces - 5 of this 3" tall resin figure will be packaged with blister and backing card, while 15 comes bagged with header card.
    WHAT: 'The figure design re-envisions Vader as a grim reaper, a concept which fits nicely into the character’s destructive nature. Now DeKorner is following up on the WonderCon releases with a new exclusive marbled edition mixing black with the brand’s signature yellow.'
    Also note that DeKorner is currently having a "birthday sale" til the end of the month - check out these items.

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    On a warm summer day in July 2006, Robin Aleo climbed to the top of a 6-foot inflatable pool slide and slid down head first. As she neared the bottom, the slide partially collapsed and Aleo slammed her head on the concrete pool deck, causing fatal injuries.

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    Before I begin waxing lyrical about Clogtwo's MACHINE MOUTH solo show via my coverage yesterday, I really would not mind if you switch off your computer now, and rush on out to PHUNK Gallery @ 188 Tanjong Katong Road, as today is the last day the show will be on … no, I will not mind at all (just come back later to log and read it when you get back hahahaha).

    SDC14117 IMG_4058

    To provide a little context to the images you will witness, here is the obligatory write-up for the theme of the show, featuring the artwork and creations of local artist Clogtwo:
    "Machine mouth is a metaphoric name derived from the scientific underground experiment. Engineered by a group of scientists in search of the GOD Particle - a singular particle that will prove the theory of the Big Bang; the birth of our universe. The process of obtaining this unstable atom requires the splitting of molecules, and in the event it reacts with other matter, it will create a catastrophic explosion on earth, imploding the whole universe into a black hole, resulting in a whole new galaxy. This scientific experiment of mankind acting as God, recreating life out of curiosity has it’s limits from where man and God stand."
    SDC14039 SDC14053
    [CLICK on any image to watch slideshow of exhibition space, in full-screen]
    SDC14076 SDC14101

    After the successful launch of his Hell Lotus figure made by Mighty Jaxx, Clogtwo's star has since surely risen to superstar ranks here in the art culture, be it sub or alternative, though not "mainstream", as it would mean being pigeon-held prisoner into a "traditional" mold of "art" in mass consciousness. But I am not concerned with that, and neither is that what this blog is about.

    From ink illustrations, to colored vectors, from custom baseball bats to resin collectibles and custom-painted pieces, they are all displayed alongside the launch of his art book.

    SDC14033 SDC14034 SDC14032
    [Painted Canvas]
    SDC14037 SDC14036

    All artwork in the images shown here have since been listed online for sales via As well you can order/purchase them at the exhibition, via Cash and Credit Card, no less! (Visa/Master/Amex/Diners - and please don't be silly looking for NETS payment, thanks).

    SDC14068 SDC14069
    [CLICK on image below to watch slideshow in full-screen]
    SDC14053 IMG_4064
    [CLICK on images above or below to watch slideshow in full-screen]

    Now, the book - a literal tome featuring 368 pages of ink illustrations between hardcovers with a gold embossed relish - is a spectacular collection of Clogtwo's art (from 2008 - 2012). Designed by Inkten and currently available online for purchase at US$100, it as well includes a miniature 3"-tall version of the life-sized SKUHL.

    This may well be one of the more important publications in tiny Singapore's illustrative / art culture, to this day, representing the marriage of pop culture icons, comicbook illustration sensibilities, melded into place by the urban artistry of Eman.

    The interpretations and depictions of licensed characters (Adventure Time, Star Wars, Sucker Punch, Marvel heroes), proves beyond the generic notions of bootleggery, hence elevated to a successful result of one man's vision. This is Clogtwo's "Bible" - own it, revere it it, relish it.

    This is no lofty apple-polishing at work here from myself, you just need to flip thru the book to understand where I am coming from. Here, let me help you understand a bit more:

    [CLICK on image above to watch slideshow in full-screen]

    With art comes collectibles, and here are a few snaps of what is available. As well there were prints to be had as well! Everything has since been listed online for international sales at

    SDC14086 SDC14085
    [Life-Sized SKUHL priced at US$240 per - limited to 30pcs]
    [CLICK on image above to watch slideshow in full-screen]
    SDC14097 SDC14045
    SDC14046 SDC14100
    [Above: Custom Camo Trooper heads / Below: Pseudo Culture Bat]
    [CLICK on image above to watch slideshow in full-screen]
    SDC14051 SDC14050
    ["Bite The Hands That Feeds" Deck]
    [CLICK on image above to watch slideshow in full-screen]

    [Individual images has since been uploaded HERE on my Facebook album]

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    As soon as your Kmart opens later today, Mattel Disney Pixar CARS oversixed Deluxe CARS on the shelves will drop to $.99. If your Kmart looks like this one, you should have a good shopping day … Well, technically, these are singles and not on sale but you get the idea … your Kmart DOES [...]

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    BOSTON -- On a warm summer day in July 2006, Robin Aleo climbed to the top of a 6-foot inflatable pool slide and slid down head first. As she neared the bottom, the slide partially collapsed and Aleo slammed her head on the concrete pool deck, causing fatal injuries.

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    BOSTON - On a warm summer day in July 2006, Robin Aleo climbed to the top of a 6-foot inflatable pool slide and slid down head first. As she neared the bottom, the slide partially collapsed and Aleo slammed her head on the concrete pool deck, causing fatal injuries.

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    Relax. The Kmart CARS Sale is all month long. Don’t be this guy … pace yourself. Tweet This Post

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  • 05/05/13--05:03: Golden Week Japan

  • Golden Week refers to a series of public holidays on April 29 (Showa Day), May 3 (Constitution Memorial Day), May 4 (Greenery Day), and May 5 (Children's Day). Many companies close down completely to give their employees a full week off, and many Japanese take the opportunity to travel abroad - but not this year as the strength of the yen is pretty low at the moment - not good for the Japanese but great for foreigners visiting Japan.

    As the majority of folks have decided to stay in Japan, the Golden Week has seen more people than usual in Tokyo - its usually much quieter. Every year we decide not to go anywhere for a very good reason as you can see from the report on the TV - the queues for everything are horrendous. 45 kilo tailbacks are the norm. Most folks who want to travel domestically can expect to spend a good % of their holiday queuing up ><

    Then when Golden Week is over, there is whats called the "U Turn Rush" where folks queue up again to get back into their home city.

    When living back in the UK, I never saw any news of huge masses of people moving about due to any holiday seasons - anything similar exist in your neck of the woods and for what occasion?

    Sorry for being late with the May calendar - here it is.
    And the previous months Moe Calendar wallpapers in the posts below.

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