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    If you’ve ever wondered how Arnold Palmer orders an Arnold Palmer? A reporter at gets the answer. “I chased Kelsey, the waitress serving Arnold Palmer yesterday, back to the bar where she was putting in another drink order. “How did Arnie order his drink?” “He leaned over and said, ‘I’ll have a Mr. Palmer.’ [...]

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    Disney Interactive has released the first video focused entirely on the Disney Infinity Toy Box mode, a play feature that allows every player to combine Disney and Pixar‘s most popular characters and worlds to create one-of-a-kind Disney experiences. In the Toy Box mode, players can build their own adventures and worlds featuring hundreds of characters, [...]

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    Working the press for his new movie Pain and Gain that is out this week, Micheal Bay has let the New York Time know that Transformers 4 production that begun and gives up a bit of news on what we will see. ILM have started work on the CGI animation production, according to Bay they are working on a Robot versus Robot battle that is said to take place in an a city that is unnamed at this time. Read the quote on the details below from Michael Bay on the Transformers 4 action now.

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    Mikatan over at Good Smile Company just updated her blog with a preview of a Nendoroid that perfectly compliments their previously revealed Monokuma figure. It's none other than Monomi from the game, Super Danganronpa 2. The diaper-wearing bunny teacher comes with her standard blank expression along with a crying one, two sets of ears (bent over and straightened), two sets of arms, and the wooden stick she uses in the game. Unfortunately, it looks like that might be all she comes with. In the photos from Mikatan's preview, the ropes are from Zetsubou-sensei's upcoming Nendoroid, the music notes are part of the Nendoroid More effects parts, and the punishment button belongs to Monokuma. Even with Monomi's lack of accessories, I find her and Monokuma extremely cute and I am having a hard time convincing myself not to buy them. I can't help but wonder how two adorable characters (design-wise, at least) made it into such a gruesome game. Perhaps it is the juxtaposition of cute mascots and violent action that draws fans in? Anyways, Monomi will be up for pre-order beginning on April 23 from online import shops. 

    If you are a fan of the series, you'll be interested to know Mikatan mentioned that if both Monokuma and Monomi sell well, more characters from the games may be made. Also, check out the Monokuma plush in one of Mikatan's photos (it can be found in the gallery). I sincerely hope that we'll see that plush make it to retail as well.

    Nendoroid Monomi of Super Danganronpa 2 revealed! screenshot


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  • 04/18/13--08:16: Happy birthday to blue
  • Schleich can be there with you on all of the special events in your life, thanks to their new range of Occasions Smurfs.

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    Thanks to HKTF member hroc who has posted one of the best batch of images yet showing off the glory that is the Transformers Generations Blitzwing and Springer. We can tell the fans cannot get enough of these figures so we are posting more images of the toys to hold you over until these awesome robots land on shelves here in the USA. Get a look a many high quality images that shows the triple changers Blitzwing Versus Spinger in their robots modes in a face off to the end...

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    As part of Transformers' 30th anniversary, Hasbro has announced that it will be giving fans the opportunity to collectively design a Transformer through its "Fan Built Bot" poll. The poll will give fans the opportunity to choose the prospective bot's faction, alt mode, personality, signature weapon, and color scheme, with the final result becoming a permanent addition to the Transformers universe.

    The poll begins today and will run through May 5th on Apparently this is only the first poll, since fans will also be given the opportunity to name the new character. It's currently unknown what other input will be gained from fans although this remains an incredibly exciting event regardless. The only question is what will you vote for?

    Full press release after the jump.

    Hasbro invites fans to collectively design a Transformer screenshot


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    Open to the general public on April 19th (from 10AM) at Bugis Junction, Singapore (in front of the Intercontinental Hotel) is "Become Iron Man" = a promotional space featuring:

    (1) an area where YOU get to "wear' the Iron Man armor (virtually) via motion-sensor technology.
    (2) A display of Iron Man-themed action figurines and play-sets from Hasbro
    (3) Display from Disney-XD of their programs/cartoons,
    (4) a spectacular display of Super Alloy articulated figures from Play Imaginative (this is the first public display of the 1/4-scaled figures!).

    SDC13780 SDC13785
    (HASBRO and other displays)
    SDC13782 SDC13784
    SDC13781 SDC13783


    SDC13777 SDC13778
    SDC13812 SDC13811

    Essentially you step on a small raised stage in front of a plasma screen with a mounted "special" camera, whereby images of pieces/portions of the Iron Man Mark 42-armor "fly" and attach itself to your body via "motion-sensor technology" (very much like this early incarnation of "Augmented Reality" back in 2010 circa "Iron Man 2") ala Stark in his trailer(s), all the while playback on-screen comes along with audio-narration from "Jarvis", telling you what's next and what to do.

    And for the duration of the entire experience, a total of 4 x pictures/stills of you "in action", will be captured and posted online, afters.

    SDC13770 SDC13771
    SDC13772 SDC13773 SDC13775

    Expect a little portion of the experience where you are to boogie tho - whereby I no doubt would have Gangnam-styled it, or Saturday-Night-Boogied it - but alas I chickened out was too shy to go thru with my stage-debut, with encouragement from Leon of Open The Toy (go click on the link and show him some cyber-lurve, why doncha?) and thru a guilt-trip from Daphne at Play Imaginative (who invited me to this event - my thanks!).

    Poses to consider attempting if you visit and try: Ultraman-pose, Kamen Rider-pose, "Gentleman"-dance by Psy … but you know what? I'm just a "talker" here, not a "do-er", so I'll let you folks decide what to o yourselves LOL


    SDC13753 SDC13752
    SDC13744 SDC13736 SDC13717

    And while I did managed to cajole Darren from P.I. to let me manhandle the prototype version of the RAW Edition Iron Man 1/6 (no pics for that tho, sorry), folks at the event are NOT to touch the exhibits tho! LOL

    Play Imaginative (www) debut their 1/4th-scaled "Super Alloy" Iron Man armors seen in "Iron Man 3" - and this was their first public display debut too - featuring Mark 42, Iron Patriot, War Machine, Heartbreaker, Red Snapper and Deep Space Suit, and they were pretty breathtaking to behold too, no B.S.! On display was also the 1/6th-scaled Iron Man with Hall of Armor display, which looked impressive. What I thoroughly enjoyed about this island display, was that you could see the BACKS of the figures as well!

    SDC13701 SDC13723
    SDC13699 SDC13737
    SDC13749 SDC13691
    SDC13690 SDC13746
    SDC13722 SDC13726

    The 1/4th-scaled "Super Alloy Iron Man Mark XLII - Exclusive Edition " is currently on pre-order as well (Check full details here), with complimentary tickets for the "Iron Man 3" movie up for grabs before the film's debut on April 25th in Singapore. It was also mentioned that there will be an addition of Tony Stark's headsculpt and interchangeable "battle-damaged" armor! A shame they were not on display at the event tho …

    SDC13738 SDC13713

    To note, the figures feature light-up in the chest, palms (representing Repulsor rays) and feet - but were not switched on during this media event - so folks grab some snaps when it opens to the public! I am unsure if the display they are standing on are part of the articulated figure, but they look pretty swell as well, IMHO. Looks to have light-up functions as well.

    What was exceeding interesting, with this particular booth with empty-stands! Well, they are meant for the 1/12-scaled figures (standing about 6-inches tall) and feature armor designs that has yet to be revealed to the public, either via trailers or promotions! The figures will be revealed post-April 25th, when the film premieres in cinemas!

    SDC13739 SDC13747

    "Become Iron Man" exhibits thru May 5th, 2013. Here's the latest trailer to help seal the deal LOL

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  • 04/18/13--09:00: Tomopop Review: Vinyl Cavey
  • Cavey has been a frequent visitor to the front page of Tomopop, in no small part due to my love of the design. The guinea pig-inspired plushes from A Little Stranger have been among my favorites for quite some time, in part because I'm a former guinea pig owner and I love the little critters. But with the release of vinyl Cavey, I had a thought or two in the back of my head: how would it be as a smaller vinyl figure? Could the charm of plush Cavey easily translate to a new medium?

    I ended up purchasing one of the vinyl Caveys, and I thought that since I had the little critter here, why not try to answer my own question? Come on after the jump, and we'll see if the vinyl Cavey is as good as its plush sibling.

    Tomopop Review: Vinyl Cavey screenshot


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    LeapFrog Enterprises Inc. will webcast its first quarter results conference call on May 2, at 5:30 a.m. PDT, following the release of its financial results. The live webcast will be available at LeapFrog’s investor relations website at An archive of the webcast will be available on the web site approximately three hours following completion of the call. To [...]

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    The ESC Saturday Morning Drop will take place this Saturday (April 20th 2013) at 11AM ET over at the ESC-Toy Shop. The Little Axe Red figure set is limited to only 15 pieces worldwide. It comes with two figures and two accessories - the 6" Little Axe Red hand painted resin figure, a 3" Wolf head [...]

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    Activision and McDonald's have teamed up to bring the Skylanders: Giants toys to the fast-food chain.

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    Todays Super7 release features the brand new “Buried Treasure” Mummy Boy. Almost as good as a bag of pennies, this edition is cast in an orange vinyl with suspended aluminum flake, with gold and charcoal sprays. They go up for sale on the site at 12 Noon PST Today for...

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  • 04/18/13--10:14: Happy Birthday Superman!
  • AFISupermanBanner75It was 75 years ago today that Action Comics #1 first hit newsstands. Happy Birthday Superman!

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    Lunartik’s Mini-Tea Tour is off to their 8th stop at Raygun Comic Store in London. This show will feature over 70 custom Mini-Tea figures from artists from all around the world. Be sure to check out the artist list HERE, as well as their submissions HERE. The opening party at...

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    Opening on the same night as Supah Mashup Art Party will be The Corner Museum of Dubious Beasts – a two-person show featuring critter curators and sculptors Leslie Levings and Shing Yin Khor. Here are some ‘eagle rock larms’ who will be appearing … Continue reading 

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    Chinese artist Yanchuan1111 has created this highly detailed sculpture of an Alien embryo. From the Aliens franchise, this little darling seems to have been caught and preserved in a jar. I'm amazed at how realistic this creation looks. It almost doesn't look sculpted, like this could be the real thing!

    The only way to truly appreciate how well done this is made is to look at every photo. If you think this is great, check out his blog to see photos of his other fantastic sculptures.

    [via Neatorama]

    Check out this sculpture of an Alien embryo in a jar screenshot


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    Britney Spears will release a song for Columbia Pictures/Sony Pictures Animation‘s family comedy The Smurfs 2, titled “Ooh La La,” via Kemosabe/RCA Records. “Ooh La La” will play at the end credits of the film. The Smurfs 2, the sequel to the hybrid live action/animated film released in 2011, is set to hit theaters on July 31. Spears says, “I have [...]

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    [Business Wire] - JAKKS Pacific, Inc. will announce results for its first quarter of 2013 on Thursday, April 25, 2013 before the stock market opens. The Company will also hold a telec

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