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    If you’re creating a perfect living room for your family, you have a number of factors to consider before you move on from the planning stages. The room is going to have to be practical and stylish, as well as fun. The same principle applies when you’re looking for great bedroom furniture for childrens’ rooms or any... [Continue Reading]

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    Mattel’s North American team has week kicked off an Easter program called Save the Bunny. The chocolate bunny has been an Easter tradition for more than 200 years, but the future of this holiday icon is… well, melting. This Easter, Mattel, the Endangered Chocolate Bunny Commission (ECBC), and celebrities such as Chris Harrison, Stephen Collins, [...]

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    That’s Levitation, Holmes: Hovering Computer Mouse

    Behold, The Bat by Vadim Kibaram. A great way to fight Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or just an excuse to own the most awesome computer mouse ever?

    Check it: More cool gadgets on Albotas
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    You know that company that used to be Yamato? Now they're Arcadia! And you know that girl that used to be Maxima? Now she's Sakuya! There's a lot of name changing going on, try to keep up.

    As you've probably guessed, this is an upcoming figure of Sakuya from Shining Blade. The pose looks suspiciously similar to Kotobukiya's Maxima, right down to the card being held by her two fingers. However, Arcadia's version will be much larger - 225mm tall - so there should be no mistaking the two on your shelf.

    I think Sakuya/Maxima's (Saxima?) face looks nice, but that color scheme would definitely work better in a game than on a figure. I like whacky, colorful things on my shelves, not brown and browner. But if brown is something you like, you can pre-order Sakuya for ¥11,340. The figure will be available in July.

    [ Pre-order at Hobby Search | AmiAmi | J-List | ToysLogic | Big in Japan ]

    [Arcadia via Neko Magic]

    Arcadia's Sakuya shines in her own brownish way screenshot


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    Critics Consensus: Tomb Raider

    The much anticipated reboot of Tomb Raider by Crystal Dynamics/Square-Enix hit store shelves today, and without much surprise, it’s getting very positive reviews.

    Lara Croft hasn’t been getting much talk since the Edios-published reboot trilogy comprised of Tomb Raider: Legend, Tomb Raider: Anniversary, and Tomb Raider: Underworld, but according to many critics, this is a drastically different experience. The game is much darker now (this is the first in the franchise to be rated ‘M’ for Mature) and pulls influence from the Uncharted video game series, as well as its own older titles.

    Here’s what the critics had to say about the new reboot:

    The game itself contains some minor irritations, but Tomb Raider’s own failings are minimal – they only become magnified in light of the games it’s been inspired by and can be compared to. The story, script and cast fall some way short of the brilliance that the Uncharted series has consistently achieved, and the set-pieces never have quite the same ‘it’s too amazing for my brain to process’ factor. The exploration, side-activities and setting never compels or excites to the level of Far Cry 3, and the package offers much less for your money.” - Joel Gregory, Official PlayStation Magazine UK

    For those who have never delved into the series, Tomb Raider serves as a great first step. The combat is the best it’s ever been, puzzles are short but satisfying, and Yamatai is a veritable platforming playground. […] More importantly, it just may convince a new generation to like Tomb Raider again.” - Richard Mitchell, Joystiq

    The gaming equivalent of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, the latest Tomb Raider is a gritty franchise reboot, exploring the origins of everybody’s favorite female adventurer in a new environment. […] With a well written cast of characters, mightily impressive production techniques, sumptuous visuals, tight platforming and surprisingly enjoyable combat, Tomb Raideris most definitely a release to be treasured.” - Liam Martin, Digital Spy

    Beneath the noise there is an engaging story clamouring to be heard, and there are moments of true beauty, serenity and pathos fighting for attention. The game does get better as it goes on, and despite the distractions the last few hours are a pleasure to play. At the centre of it all is a brilliant character, still iconic but more human and believable than she’s ever been before.” - Ellie Gibson, EuroGamer

    Crystal Dynamics has nailed a pitch-perfect new vision for one of gaming’s most recognizable characters, and revitalizes her for what I hope will be many more installments.” - Matt Miller, GameInformer

    It doesn’t try to rewrite the book on third-person action adventure games. But with its excellent controls, engaging heroine, thrilling combat, and fascinating setting, it doesn’t need to. Lara may be covering some previously charted territory here, but Tomb Raider is so well-crafted, you won’t mind at all.” - Carolyn Petit, GameSpot

    Tomb Raider is well-written, sympathetic, exciting, beautiful and just incredibly well-made.” - Keza MacDonald, IGN

    It’s easy to point out the many ways that Tomb Raider borrows bits and pieces from other popular games of the last five years, but Crystal Dynamics has blended these disparate strengths into something remarkable. It’s cinematic yet open, intense yet laid-back, fresh yet polished. It’s a near-perfect embodiment of the age of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with a hint of what to expect next.” - Phillip Kolar, Polygon

    Bottom line: Tomb Raider has proven to be a remarkable reboot of a beloved franchise. The game took bits and pieces of other games of this generation (Uncharted, Far Cry), mixed them up a bit, and provided an exciting a fresh new take on an old hero. While the multiplayer might not be on par, the writing, story, and overall gameplay experience makes the title really shine. This is THE game to play if you haven’t had a chance to experience previous Lara Croft titles.

    Check it: More Tomb Raider on Albotas
    Buy it: Tomb Raider (360) (PC) (PS3

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  • 03/05/13--11:51: Sugar Skull Greads
  • Today (Tuesday March 5th 2013) at 5PM ET Dead Hand Toys will be releasing a limited run of black Sugar Skull Greads. This Dia de los Muertos themed handmade figure will be limited to a run of 5 pieces will run $25.00 plus shipping.

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    Disney is really good at a lot of things. One of those things is taking a beloved property and refreshing it, breathing new life into it, and turning it into a must-see movie or must-have property for a new audience of kids. They do it every year with Disney Princess (Last year was Cinderella, this [...]

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    The business of "deal toys," tiny Lucite trophies of big Wall Street deals, took a huge hit during the recession but now it's starting to roar back.

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    PPC_all_round1_sssSuper Series Sundays at Tenacious Toys Launches Wave 1 of the Pillaging Pop Culture Series by Task One on March 10 This Sunday, March 10th, Task One’s new 3″ custom series “Pillaging Pop Culture” will join the Tenacious Toys “Super Series Sundays” releases. Pillaging Pop Culture is a tribute to today’s artists who are pillaging [...]

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    If anyone was unsure of just how much demand exists for Trash Pack merchandise, they shouldn’t be now. Lewis Eeles, a 10-year-old boy from the UK, recently made a 155-percent profit by selling his limited edition Trash Pack figure. Eeles found the limited edition Trash Pack figure and certificate when opening up a new series [...]

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    ThunderCats fans have been lapping up Icon Heroes’ new ThunderCats products like a kitten lapping up milk, and now the company has released a third set in their popular ThunderCats Minimates line. Produced in conjunction with Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum, the Series 3 box set rounds out the main band of Thunderan refugees, [...]

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  • 03/05/13--13:30: Predator Trophy Wall Diorama

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    With spring right around the corner, garden centers, hardware stores, and nurseries have already begun stocking seeds, supplies, and everything necessary for those with a green thumb to plant a garden. As an avid gardener and plant enthusiast, I’ve already joined the ranks and gathered enough seeds to plant a small farm in my back [...]

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    It’s Real: A Mural of 85,794 Rubik’s Cubes

    In Macau, China, there sits a 13-foot tall, 200-foot long mural made up of 85,794 Rubik’s Cubes. Seriously.

    The project was created by Toronto-based Cube Works Studio, known for contorting Rubik’s Cubes into art. The mural hit the 2013 Guiness Book of World Records for the world’s largest Rubik’s Cube Mosaic. Fucking incredible to say the absolute least about the project. 

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    Albotas Parties With ‘Regular Show’ Creator JG Quintel

    Okay, so it was less of a party and more like a phone interview, but it totally felt like a party, so that’s what it will always be in my memories.

    Regular Show easily ranks among the upper echelon of greatest cartoons of all time. It airs on Cartoon Network right along the equally radical Adventure Time and has become a hallmark of the station.

    Now in its fourth season, the show centers around the mega slackers Mordecai (a blujay) and his best friend Rigby (a raccoon). They work at a park where they get yelled at by their boss (Benson, a gumball machine), seek out advice from the park’s handyman (Skips, an immortal Yeti voiced by Mark Hamill), and fight off monsters, aliens, and other evil things that they accidentally summon/create/piss off. Each episode is a smorgasbord of 80’s action/sci-fi/comedy/geeky goodness with references to everything from Weekend At Bernies to Lemmy Kilmister from Motörhead.

    You know, regular, ordinary stuff for a kid’s cartoon.

    We had the chance to speak with the show’s creator for today’s release of the 16-episode Regular Show: Party Pack DVD.

    ALBOTAS: Regular Show has a pretty crazy cast: talking vending machines, ghosts, an old guy with a lollipop for a head. Who would you say is your favorite Character?

    JG Quintel: I’d have to go with Mordecai because he’s a lot like me. He’s pretty much who I was in college. Muscle Man makes me laugh too.

    Mitch “Muscle Man” Sorrenstein. He doesn’t really get mom jokes.

    One of my favorite characters on the show is High Five Ghost, and he also has a brother, Low Fives. I’ve always wanted to know, since they’re ghosts, how did they die?

    That’s not something I’ve really thought about yet, but I’m glad people care enough to question it!

    Regular Show has lots of video game references. Mordecai and Rigby are often seen playing a Sega Master System and even the episodes themselves feel like video games with almost every episode ending with a boss battle. Is there any chance of a Regular Show video game in the near future?

    We’re constantly sharing ideas with Cartoon Network. I’m sure that most people would look the other way but I think there’s a lot of stuff in the show that would translate well to a video game.

    Mordecai and Rigby have faced a rogues gallery of bad guys in the show’s four seasons. It was especially awesome to see all the villains come back in the Dr. Whovian season 4 premiere Exit 4B. Do you have a favorite bad dude that stands out among the rest?

    I really like GBF (Garret Bobby Ferguson). I think he’s hilarious. It’s funny because, you know, there’s so many cool villains on the show, but most of them just end up dying by the end of the episode, so they’re all just wiped out. When we came up with that episode for the premiere -  it was like “Ah! We can bring ‘em all back!” I’m glad that we got to get a little more mileage out of a lot of those villains.

    Garrett Bobby FergusonGarret Bobby Ferguson - an evil ex video game champion from outer space based on Billy Mitchel.

    What is your secret weapon?

    Hrm.. As far as the show goes?

    As far as life.

    Life? Oh my God! You have to, I guess, just do what you want to do. Don’t worry about what other people what you to do because you just gotta do what makes you happy. I think that translates well into making shows. Just make what you want to see and hopefully people will want to watch it.

    Final, and possibly most important question: If you could be any food, what food would you be and why?

    Mmm. Mhhhm. Mhhhm. Maybe a hamburger because it has all the essential food groups if the order is made properly and can be quite delicious.

    Regular Show: Party Pack DVD is available RIGHT NOW and new episodes air Monday nights on Cartoon Network.

    Check it: Our interview with Adventure Time's Pendleton Ward
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    I find it confusing to have toys for preschoolers where you make “food” but you can’t eat them – especially when they look so pretty. I get the whole pretend aspect of this toy and that many kids (including some … Continue reading

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  • 03/05/13--16:06: C1200 by Tesselate
  • Tesselate has a new resin release coming this Thursday, March 7th 2013, at 8PM GMT (3PM ET). The C1200 is a limited edition of 3 pieces in the '2068 Party' colorway. Each 4.2" tall figure is hand cast in resin, painted and finished by Sam, and will come super securely packaged when dispatched. You can pick [...]

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    Just up out on the official Transformers page is are new images of the Beast Hunters are some first looks at Knock Out as well as Arcee and Vertebreak a repaint of the Lazerback figure. Check out all the images now below for the full reveals.

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    The official Botcon 2013 site has revealed the alternate mode image of the featured figure in this year's Machine Wars Termination convention set. The Megaplex figure is none other than repaint of the Dreadwing / Skyquake mold from the Transformers Prime series. The figure is the same mix of colors as the Sky Jet toy in grey and blue/green with some white color added. Check out the jet mode Image of Megaplex below for the full reveal.

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    Fisher-Price Disney's Mickey Mouse Camper's Playset 

    Fisher-Price Disney's Mickey Mouse Camper's Playset  - Can't speak for the durability of this toy, since I just bought it for my 3 year old, but it seems sturdy and I love the concept of it. We have a motorhome and my son loves it, so naturally I am always on the lookout to find RV toys. There are very few! So when I came across this I was thrilled, especially since my son has recently discovered Mickey Mouse. The camper is easy to open, as is the fridge door inside. There are two beds in there and the driving seat flips backward to become a couch. Very cute and compact. I love that there's also a little boat they fit in for fishing (that snaps easily onto the top of the camper) and a picnic table with 2 chairs. Also a little door to go in and out of...and you know how the little ones love doors that open and close! Lots of activities for the imagination here. I also love that my son's other little figurine toys (from Sesame Street & Toy Story) also fit well into this so they can be played with too. Overall, very pleased with this toy so far! -- By A. Godbey

    Fisher-Price Disney's Mickey Mouse Camper's Playset We're going on a camping adventure with Mickey and his pal Pluto. Drive the camper to the campsite and swing open the sides for fun play inside. The driver's seat flips over to face the interior, which includes the bedroom with bunk beds and the kitchen. Once you're parked, pull out the side canopy and have a picnic with the table set and grill. After dinner, slide the raft off the roof for some fun in the lake or observe the stars with the telescope on the observation deck. Accessories include: Mickey and Pluto figures, raft, table, 2 chairs, telescope, lantern, and Pluto camping tent.

    Fisher-Price Disney's Mickey Mouse Camper's Playset

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