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    First toys and games became apps then the most popular apps became toys and game, now many of those physical toys and games offer access to extra digital features further linking the virtual with reality.

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    Masters of the Universe Classics – Jitsu by Ed Speir IV Submit your Flickr photos to Poe Ghostal’s Pic of the Day!

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  • 03/05/13--05:17: Japanese School Uniforms

  • One reason why I enjoy trooping is that I get to meet so many different people who I would not normally meet - have made so many friends in Tokyo just from meeting them in the streets ^^; On the way home on the train, I always seem to be chatting to an elderly lady or man who starts talking to me curious about this "robot" outfit ^^;
    Met these great bunch of school students on the way to TBS for some recording the other day.

    All these students are in high school and most of the high schools get their students to wear uniforms.
    After the Meiji Restoration, there wasn't any school uniform policy. A need for some sort of uniform became evident from the fact that students would attend school dressed up in garments based on their family background.
    Male students who were from a samurai family would bring their swords to class while those from a trading family would come in their trading gear. Females at the time wore kimono.

    During the end of the Meiji period and throughout the Taisho period, western style school uniforms were introduced because they were more functional and practical than the traditional garments. It was mostly the male students who were in uniform at the beginning.

    Depending on the school, females at the time either wore a suit top with skirt, kimono or sailor uniform. If you remember from the most awesome Taisho Yakyuu Musume, some of the female students wore kimono while some sailor uniform. Sailor uniform was introduced in Taisho 9 (1920's).

    Read more about the Taisho period at

    Back in the UK, none of the schools I went to required school uniforms so didn't get to experience what it was like to wear one. Did you or do you wear a school uniform? Does it look good as well as functional or?
    Would be love to see what school uniforms look like in your region - post links to images/articles in the comments ^o^
    There is a poll embedded in this article.
    There is a poll embedded in this article.
    There is a poll embedded in this article.

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  • 03/05/13--05:29: Omnitron Mutogen Series 01
  • Well...that image up there pretty much says it all. Check out for more info and to order an Omnitron.

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    Here's a paint sample from Daniel Yu of his collectible figure to be released by Mighty Jaxx (we've previously only seen the unpainted white versions). And while product and availability details are currently unrevealed as yet, I have a feeling there might well be a series of custom-paints from Daniel to look out for (ala his recent 8.5" Crawdaddys from FLABSLAB). Keep a keen eye out, folks!

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    And while I've posted reveals and teasers before, this is the "official press release" for the upcoming insectoid-fueled-show at Toy Art Gallery! Inclusive also are a variety of previews and show teasers. Perfect for us folks who are halfway around the world and unable to attend in person, IMHO. Read on, and enjoy the goosepimples that are running up and down your boy as you view these intensely-colored crawlies - which suddenly reminded me of a warped "Pimp My Insect"! LOL


    EVENT PRESS: 'Toy Art Gallery is proud to present “ARThropod Brain” by Tokyoplastic and Emilio Garcia, new work inspired by electron microscope images, macro photography and the often mind boggling weirdness of the insect world.

    ARThropod Brain is a synthesis between the design of Tokyoplastic and the central motif of Emilio Garcia's work; the brain. The future and past collide with multicolored brain bugs in candy flip paint that hark back to the early days of collection and categorization of weird and wonderful bugs, brains and strange critters.

    The ARThropod Brain show features specially-made 3D-printed framed and mounted “Arthropod Brain Bugs” in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, as well as an assortment of 2D work. In addition, Emilio will be debuting his porcelain Skull Brain, produced by K.Olin Tribu, which will be offered for sale for the first time at the show.'


    (Facebook events page)

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    I feel very fortunate to present an interview with Rudy Obrero, a professional artist whose worked on Masters of the Universe packaging art over thirty years ago and is once again creating art for Masters of the Universe Classics. Mr. Obrero was kind enough to provide a quick look at this studio before diving into [...]

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  • 03/05/13--06:00: Article 51
  • It seems there is no end to innovation in the land of wooden toys. The category keeps growing and morphing as new designers come into the mix. I’m seeing the signs everywhere of the Etsy seismic shift – bigger companies and independent designers are all working to embrace things that feel more “real”. These wooden [...]

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    Iron Man 3 Teaser 1
    Iron Man 3 Teaser 2

    With all 5 x character teasers released thus far (5,4,3), we await with baited breath the NEW (second) trailer for 'Iron Man 3' - a bootleg (*cough*) of which has since been viewable online for the past couple of days (from a cinema-screen in Mexico which is already showing in the cinemas - D'oh!). And of course the trailer will be released online as I'm deep in slumber, missing out on all the excitement (darn timezones lol) … nevertheless, this is a relook at the "Big Game" video, to get yourselves "primed", for the upcoming reveal of the Iron Man-army and Hulkbuster ArmorOOPS! Have I spoilt anything here?

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    You know, people often ask me:-

    Danny, danny, danny. You are a grown man for christ sake - why on earth do you play with dolls?! Not only are you too old to play with dolls - you are a man!
    I laugh at this comment with passion - its pretty obvious why I do it...

    ...because grown men used to do it 100 years ago - and here is photo evidence ^o^

    But even with photo evidence, I still get trolled for liking dolls - it has no effect on me but I am aware that there are some who take the views of others seriously and end up giving up on their passions which could not only be dolls but include anime, figures or cashing after a dream.

    Remember that if you start listening to others telling you what you should or should not be doing - it will become a habit and you will end up living the life of others until the day you die.

    There was a research where nurses interviewed people on their deathbeds who spoke about their regrets in life. The thing that they regretted most was that they lived the life of others instead of living a life for themselves.

    Please dont let the last thing you say before you die "I regret living the life of others instead of living a life for myself."

    Anybody around you been telling you how you should be living your life?

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    NEW YORK (AP) — In a megabyte-driven world, you'd think kids would be playing solely with mega-tech toys.

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    We've got info on some new custom toys that were sent to us by Teddyman, and for fans of Regular Show, you're probably pretty excited right now. It's okay to be: these are a pretty nice set of Mordecai and Rigby figures. Using Dunny heads as the bases for these two, Teddyman has sculpted some original appendages and bodies for them, as well as done quite a bit of paintwork and detailing to bring them to life. I also happen to love that the poses feature the two doing what they do best.

    Mordecai and Rigby already have homes, but if you want to check out more of Teddyman's work, head on over here. He also accepts commissions.

    Custom Delights: Teddyman's Regular Show custom toys screenshot


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    Indonesia customizer "Kong Andri" sends news of his latest custom on an 8-inch Dunny dubbed "Mas Chris Knit Edition" - based on his previously released "Mas Chris"-custom, but this time with a knitted 2-eyed hat! Available to purchase online here for $450 for this one-of-one-edition piece.

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    Thanks to ACToys who have posted new images of the Fans Want It FWI-3 Jet Power Upgrade Kit. The new color images show off the accessory set for the Leader Class Revenge of the Fallen Optimus Prime figure that recreates the finale from the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen movie when Ratchet instructed Jolt to begin a full transplant of the afterburners and weapons systems onto Optimus Prime after JetFire's death. Look for a release of this kit in May. Check out the images below for the full details on Fans Want It FWI-3 Jet Power Upgrade Kit.

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    Today is the day! Wreck-It Ralph is now available on Blu-ray combo pack. This was one of those movies I had every intention of seeing in the theater and it just didn’t happen. So I was super excited for the Blu-ray release. We previewed the movie last weekend and it was as good as IRead More

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    Thanks to Planet Iacon we have news lucky Transformers fans in Singapore who are Toys R Us star card members can get a FREE Transformers water bottle when they purchase $80 SGD or more of Transformers Prime Beast Hunters products. The promotion begins March 1, 2013 and will continue until supplies last. Check out the promo image below for the official details.

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    DR WU have released a promo image to announce their DW-P12 Vanguard Accessory Kit For Transformers Starscream Revealed. The post on Meteor Operations begs the question: Guess what parts he will make this time. Seems there are many possibilities here that fans seem to think are likely to be Null Rays for the War For Cybertron figure as the image seems hint or some new head sculpts, We'll report about right here soon as we know more. Check out the promo image below for the full details.

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