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    Josh Mayhem (www / Facebook / @joshmayhem1) showcases his latest commissioned custom 3" Dunny with "Steampunk Gunny". Pretty glorious a make = *iLIKE*. Hit him up for a commission for yourself, if you please :)

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    From Mike Graves comes a swell printed tee, and splendid cut-out-stickers, including this exceptional tattooed Super Mario x Yakuza homage! LOVE THIS! Check out more products via, and as well Mike has a custom figure for sale HERE, with partial proceeds to benefit victims of Hurricane Sandy (via American Red Cross). Thanks again, Mike! *Note: All images click-thru to my

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    “bubba101212″ sends along nice snaps of the latest Disney Store CHASE – Fabrizio! Very sharp looking paint job. Not online yet but other singles are on sale. Thanks for the great pics Bubba101212. Tweet This Post

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    First thing I noticed about these Drazoran KAIJU SOAP [blogged] from Max Toy Co, was the nice smell emanating from within their bubble-wrap-layers as I unpacked them, and the very next thing while holding them in my hands, was how nicely detailed the sculpts were, and glistening with it's pearlescent-isque finish, followed immediately with "Hell, I'm not going to be soaping these figures up!"

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    DZ40 is an event dedicated to celebrating the 40th Anniversary of DEVILMAN MAZINGER Z (www) creations of Go Nagai - with the event currently being held at ◯|◯| 新宿, Japan, launched January 19th and exhibiting thru to February 3rd. Courtesy of Don Kratzer's @datadub Instagram-snaps, we get to have a close look at the products, and I'm hella excited for them! Featuring artist-takes and adaptation

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    set database: LEGO 79000 riddles for the ring

    image courtesy of Grogall
    set number: 79000
    set name: riddles for the ring
    theme: the hobbit, lord of the rings
    year: 2012
    pieces: 105
    prices: us$10
    minifigs: 2
    new the hobbit sub theme set.
    come with a big rock and a boat.
    also included a ring and a fish.
    minifigs included a bilbo baggins minifig and a gollum minifig.
    great playability.
    overall design is great.
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    Two slices of "Django Unchained" toy-news, first of all posted above is a look at both "Calvin Candie" and "Django" from ENTERBAY (via Mark Osr). We've previously seen hyper-real sculpts f them, and perhaps the light is pretty strong in these pics, but the bright pink and pastel green might not necessarily be 100% indicative of the original colors, maybe? Posted below, we have a group shot

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  • 01/17/13--07:00: WOODSTOCK (KAWS VERSION)
  • 7″ tall Vinyl Produced by Medicom Toy

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    Thanks to Needlenoodles I now know what cow tipping is! Instructions for creating a cruelty-free cow

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  • 01/17/13--08:50: Luke, Leia and Solo

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  • 01/17/13--09:30: seeking

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    Django Unchained figures by NECA removed from the market screenshot

    Quentin Tarantino's latest film, Django Unchained, hasn't gone without its controversy. Although the movie has been received numerous nominations for best picture in 2012, it continues to receive criticism due to the elements of racism found in the film. As with any Tarantino film, there are toys. For the release of Django Unchained, NECA Toys grabbed the license and released 6 figures from the film. These toys were also unable to escape the controversy as due to pressure placed by various groups, they have since been removed from the marketplace.

    The decision comes down from The Weinstein Company, the production company behind the film. After receiving complaints from Al Sharpton's National Action Network, the company instructed NECA to cease distribution. The President of the National Action Network detailed his reasoning as "Selling this doll is highly offensive to our ancestors and the African American community. The movie is for adults, but these are action figures that appeal to children."

    What strikes me here is the defense of children. Whenever a toy intended for an older audience is made, children are brought up because all toys invariably appeal to children. NECA states that its Django figures were intended for those 17 and older, just as the film was, but that does not factor in to anyone's reaction to this. It's not the first time we've had to tackle this issue at Tomopop as this exact thing happened with toys from the Showtime series Dexter. The toys in this case don't really appeal to what is typical to attract children to it. The style used in these figures is pegged squarely at adults and vintage collectors who remember this type of figure.

    In the case of Django however, the issue is race which makes this matter all the more complicated. As it is a toy, people have projected their views of the film onto the toy. I do not believe in any sense that a child would act out slavery actions because of these figures, but I understand those in the community who do not want such a dark part of our history trivialized as a children's playtime activity. As to what this action has done, it's only lining the pockets of those willing to sell their purchased Django figures. Figures are currently averaging $300 on eBay, and yes, those are with competitive bids. 

    Feel free to share your own thoughts in the comments.

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  • 01/19/13--04:14: Disney Toon Planes Now in 3D
  • First an upgrade to a theatrical release, now, it’s coming on August 9, 2013 in 3D! (the trailer has been upgraded to 3D so if you have 3D glasses, whip them out – trailer looks the same, content-wise – if the embed doesn’t work below, here’s the direct link). Also, the fifth Pirates of the [...]

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  • 01/19/13--04:44: Wham-O Snow Boogie Tubes
  • A fun product, let down by serious durability issues.

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    Fuller Designs introduces us to the Lil' Jammies screenshot

    Fuller Designs is known for his many custom designer toys, but now he's stepping out into the resin figure world with Lil' Jammies. Designed by Fuller and cast by MattA*, Lil' Jammies is a hooded figure in pajamas, though the hooded character shouldn't be a shock. After all, Fuller does a lot of customs with hooded or mysterious-looking characters. The resin pieces are 2.5 inches tall and come blank so you can customize them as Fuller has done.

    The first three customs — Superman, Batman and Spawn — were US$85 and have sold out in Fuller's store, but more are on the way. Keep an eye on the shop (and Tomopop) for those and perhaps a DIY Lil' Jammies drop. In the meanwhile, tell us what you think of the design and if you'd buy one!

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    Assemblers is a Choose-Your-Own-Armor Iron Man adventure screenshot

    Django Unchainted wasn't the only movie toyline to make headlines lately, as USA Today apparently covered a new Hasbro 3.75-inch Iron Man 3 line. The new line, called "Assemblers", features a mix-n-match armor set that will allow fans to create their own custom Iron Man.

    The name, "Assemblers", is delightfully clever given that it both describes the building nature of the line while giving a nod to the Avengers themselves (who, apparently, may also pop up in this line). Given the scarcity of details, I'm not sure whether this line will entail swapping core body parts (arms, legs, heads, etc) or just add-ons. According to USA Today, "each figure features a slew of customizable pieces and parts to build your character's armor but also change it up and add accessories like projectile launchers from a different hero altogether." However, that doesn't necessarily mean that the basic parts themselves may be interchangeable but there might be additional plastic bits that snap over the core parts giving the appearance of a new armor. To some extent, the line may mirror Hasbro's previously deluxe-class entries which featured snap-on bits.

    USA Today mentions that "each pack ($9.99) offers more than 25 armor combinations" which seems odd, given that the current Avengers line has the same MSRP yet offers considerably less. I'm wondering whether that only refers to the capability to change pieces rather than the actual included parts. I guess these questions will likely be answered at Toy Fair early next month although it seems that the figures will be hitting retail right around the same time, given that Toy Fair begins on February 10th yet the line is listed as going to retail around February 11th.

    At any rate, the biggest question may be whether Hasbro will return to the sensibilities of their earlier movie lines (such as the Iron Man 2 one, from which presumably parts will be taken) or if they'll keep to the gimped, low articulated 3.75-inch movie lines we've seen more recently.

    [ USA Today ]

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  • 01/19/13--06:50: Weequay Skiff Guard
  • One of the last figures from the Star Wars Vintage Collection is one I had been waiting to get for quite some time. The vintage Kenner Weequay was one I really liked from my childhood, because it was one of those figures whose arms were made in a pose that was not just straight down.

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    Canada gets a Toys 'R' Us exclusive MMPR Megazord screenshot

    Canadian Toys "R" Us retailers and the Canadian TRU website will be getting an exclusive Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Megazord this March. Henshin Justice reports that this version is a revision of the 2010 release but now includes die-cast parts. Die-cast parts, of course, automatically making the mold significantly cooler.

    Given that I missed the 2010 release, this one would be irresistible... if I lived in Canada. Oh well, I guess exclusivity saves me from having to make a hard decision. This exclusive Megazord can be pre-ordered now for CA$60.

    [ Pre-order at Toys "R" Us (Canadian addresses only) ]

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