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    set database: LEGO 70103 boulder bowling

    image courtesy of Grogall
    set number: 70103
    set name: boulder bowling
    theme: legends of chima
    year: 2013
    pieces: 93
    prices: us$15
    minifig: 1
    new legends of chima theme set.
    come with a cave entrance and a speedorz.
    also included boulders, a rip cord, 2 weapons, a power up, 6 chi and 5 game cards.
    minifig included a king crominus minifig.
    great playability.
    overall design is great.
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    In Reston, Manitoba (the one in Canada) will sell you a plot of land of $10 (well, technically, it’s $1,000 but once you start to build, they refund you $990. Looks like a lively town with all the amenities including phone service. And hopefully the promise of golf though clearly in Canada, you tee it [...]

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    We Wage You A Merry Christmas by ElDave Submit your Flickr photos to Poe Ghostal’s Pic of the Day!

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    It's Christmas Eve here in Singapore, and frankly if you are still angling to score some last minute purchases, you would be better off getting fancy chocolates or household decoration and possibly even pre-wrapped bath scents. But if you happen to be half-way around the world in a different timezone, you could still consider these (if you could find them in your local toy stores, or consider a

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    While watching Gremlins recently (for the first time in ages), I discovered that the film, which originally came out in summer 1984, was re-released in summer 1985. Given that I saw the movie in a theater, this made a little more sense to me than the idea that my father took me to see this [...]

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  • 12/24/12--06:10: happy holidays!
  • The Merriest of Moods to you and yours this Holiday Season! We’re busy celebrating with family, but we’ll see you back here on Boxing Day…

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    National Entertainment Collectibles Association has released a work-in-progress image on their upcoming Atlas action figure from the video game Portal 2. Click the thumbnail above to check it out.

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    From Illustrator Javier Jiménez comes this swell paper-craft print, apt for the season and great for self-promotion! LOVE THIS! Expect to see more of him on TOYSREVIL in 2013 … meanwhile, check out his work on :)

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  • 12/24/12--07:36: Santea Claus & Elfy Tea
  • Matt JOnes is wishing everyone a Merry Christmas by releasing a special pair of Custom Paper Toys for you to download for free. Named Santea Claus & Elfy Tea, this template is free to download here.

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    I guess when you try and steal maple syrup from the Canada Strategic maple syrup reserve, it’s not that easy to fence … hey buddy, would you like to buy a drum of maple syrup? How about a tanker load? “Two-thirds of the stolen syrup has been found,” police said in a statement. They face [...]

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    I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you all for your support thru the year, and permit me to wish you all TOYSREVI-lovers and haters - a Toy-Ful Christmas, and a BlissfulNew Year to come in 2013! Cheers Andy Heng TOYSREVIL

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    Tomopop Review: Kotobukiya's 1/7-scale Mari Makinami screenshot

    It looks like folks were waiting optimistically for Kotobukiya's second rendition of Makinami Mari (the first, reviewed), this time in 1/7-scale and featuring the green test plug suit and set to match with the 1/7-scale Asuka (reviewed) and Rei figures. From previews and such we could see that the details are nice, but how does it hold up now that one of us has it in our hands?

    Hit through the jump to see my full review.

    Figure Name: Makinami Mari Illustrious, Plug suit style
    Figure Maker: Kotobukiya
    Retail: US$79.99
    Available at: Koto US

    Mari's box is green to match her plug suit's motif, and has plenty of windows for you to peek in through. Besides that, it's pretty standard fare and no chunkier than necessary.

    Once you open her up and take out the tray, she needs a little assembly. The cables have to be attached to her arm and down to the base, and then there are rock pieces that go there to cover it up a little (not shown above). She attaches to her base with foot pegs and the helmet strap has to be eased into her hand. The strap itself is bendy and should easily pop in there.

    The first thing I noticed after taking a look at her turnaround is she's got some wide hips and a thin little waist leading up to a nice bust. I'm not too sure how I feel about the thinness considering her big thighs - it looks a little odd, I suppose? But since this is faithful to her design, it isn't necessarily Kotobukiya's fault, here. Then again, it might just be those attachments on her hips that make her look wider.

    Here's a look at that bust. I see them and I think.. "helmet hair" except for breasts. It doesn't look as bad as that on the shelf, though. Zooming in on her chest like this just makes all breast-shape lines/molding look more apparent, which makes her breasts look less "natural."

    Besides that, you can see some nice paint and molding work all around, though. I still just really love the color.

    Once you get a bit further down, we've got the end of the top section and the beginning of those awesome thighs and legs. Everything here is molded excellently and all the straps on the side there are a separate layer. It's subtle, but the legs are also shaded to give it that extra texture and the look of real skin underneath.

    The straps lead back here to her booty, which is also rather well-molded. I can appreciate a nice butt anytime. The paint job back here is also nice and clean.

    More than the front, I actually like how she looks from behind much more. She's got plenty of nice detail there and it looks nice with the helmet hanging from her hand. Add her head-tip and hip sway movement along with the cables on her right arm, and it just becomes a "pictures say a thousand words" scenario for me.

    The helmet has some clear plastic parts mixed in with the opaque. You could technically pose the helmet wherever you want, but then she'd look a little silly standing there with one arm up. Like she just did a yawn and stretch and left her hand up there.

    Getting the cables in her right arm is pretty simple -- just be gentle. Each cable has a unique plug shape to it that pops in. The problem is that it pegs into a part that's long and thin, so make sure you don't accidentally break it off or something.

    The cables themselves are clear blue and have a gradient, making the blue darker as it gets down to the floor/base. I thought that was a nice touch.

    Finally, we've got her face. Mari actually comes with an extra hair piece so you could essentially pose her with two expressions. The first/default "expression" is with the glasses on. You can remove that hair piece (and the glasses along with it) and replace it with another set of bangs to get her second "expression," which looks totally different despite the face plate being the same.

    Without the glasses on, she looks so much more serious, and a little older! I couldn't really decide which one I liked more, though right now she's sitting next to me with the glasses on for the sake of.. well, I dunno. I just like glasses on characters in general.

    For fans of the show and of the character, Mari is a solid figure! Unfortunately, I don't own or even have access to the Asuka and Rei figures that match this version to take a group picture, but I'm certain the three look fabulous together if you're into that sort of thing. Personally, I think the helmet and cables accessories add a level of dynamism that felt lacking in other figures of the same character, and I definitely like the green on her rather than the pink.

    Thanks to Kotobukiya for providing Tomopop with this review sample! And since Evangelion is probably your thing and definitely not mine, I'll be giving this excellent figure away in a contest quite soon. If you like what you see here, keep a look out sometime in early 2013 for your chance to own it! Of course, you always have the option of purchasing it yourself from Koto US or various other retailers, as she is still rather widely available.

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    It's Christmas Eve, and Toys for Tots of Genesee County is making one last push to fill a few dozen remaining orders.

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    Courtesy of Toy Industry Association Mobile gaming apps, the business side of digital games, marketing strategies, and innovation in the toy industry are just a few of the topics that will be covered by more than 20 speakers from the kids’ entertainment industry at Engage Digital’s 7th Annual Digital Kids Conference. Co-locating at the Toy Industry Association’s [...]

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    Lego sculpture master Iain Heath, also known as Ochre Jelly, built these recognizable characters from the Hobbit: Bilbo T. Baggins and Gollum using Lego bricks.

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    There are just over two days left in the 2012 Cool Toy Review Toys For Tots Challenge. Follow this link to check out the auctions that include donations by Daniel Radcliffe, Gentle Giant Ltd, Ian McDiarmid, and Official Pix. We still have more coming (after Christmas), so stay tuned for more awesome auctions that will see 100% of the proceeds going to Toys For Tots.

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  • 12/24/12--09:34: Happy Holidays From Lego

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    MatSale12WWEBatYou may recall last year I wrote about the annual Mattel HQ store tent sale over on Once a year at Mattel’s Headquarters in El Segundo, as part of their regular company store, they have their annual tent sale.  This sale typically runs from just after Halloween and runs until just before Christmas.   The [...]

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    It’s always heartwarming to see a team rally around a charitable cause to celebrate the holidays together. One program in North Carolina has made a tradition of just such activity, with the Smithfield (N.C.) South Johnston High baseball team pushing out its own charitable envelope even further for its 2012 Christmas fundraising efforts. Continue reading →

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