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    Explore the final frontier with the most accurate NCC 1701 model ever produced SOUTH BEND, Ind. – 11/16/2012 Round 2, LLC, is proud to venture where no man has gone before with the release the latest model kit from the classic Star Trek TV series. A special early release was offered in November to a [...]

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    Animate Girls Festival 2012: Fate/Zero Waver by ALTER screenshot

    Boys! Men! Sexy folks! Whatever you want it to be, the Animate Girls Festival has it for you ladies (and guys)! We've seen that already with ALTER revealing the colored prototype of Raven from Namco Bandai role-playing game Tales of Vesperia. If "old men" are not your type, ALTER also has someone a little younger that may appeal to you.

    From Fate/Zero comes that 1/8-scale Waver Velvet who ALTER teased earlier with a back shot of this boyish master of Rider. The not-so-really youngin' flashes an innocent look with matching pose that can push the right buttons with certain folks. Heck, it's even working on me! Don't worry Waver! I'll give you a good home! ... ... Seriously, it's a darling pose and something different for the male figure world. A welcomed addition definitely. And being the master of Rider, Waver will also include a chibi version of Rider giving what appears to be a rather joyous laugh. Cute chibi to go with a cute fellow.

    No date has been set for release other than the vague 2013 release. Of course we'll keep you posted once that information is available. So, do you have plans to make Waver your Master?

    [via Tanku@Ikerushi Kabane (Twiipple)]

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    I was recently contacted by a Book Publisher asking me if I would like to do a Book Review on a new book they were coming out with. They told me the title was, "THE LAW OF SUPERHEROES". They also said it contained a lot of examples that featured "Batman" so I might like it. Well, to my relief, I honestly loved it...Yes, the book is a really fun read! This book covers many legal issues that many superheroes would be faced with.

    As a little kid, growing up reading a ton of comic books, I always wondered what would happen if Superheroes "were real" and what would happen after some battle where there was a ton of property damage and who would be responsible to pay for it? You remember these stories. Some Giant-Sized Monster would come to Earth and have a huge fight with Superman, or the Incredible Hulk, and they would destroy a few buildings in the process. Hey, who would have to pay for that? Ha Ha!

    Well, this book answers that question and many many more. This book is based off a popular blog called "Law and the Multiverse".  At that website they are always covering many such legal issues. This new book was written by James Daly and Ryan Davidson, who are both not only major comic book fans, but they're real-life Attorneys as well. The book takes the idea of "What if Superheroes were real and how would they be affected by laws in the United States and abroad?".

    For example: Batman works with the Gotham City Police Department, so if he captures the Joker and the Joker confesses to a crime, could the Joker's Attorneys later have the confession ruled inadmissible at trial because he wasn't given a Miranda warning? Or what if a hero kills another, but that second hero comes back from the dead. Would the first still be charged with murder? Can Bruce Wayne patent the Batmobile? Is Superman's use of x-ray vision or super-hearing an invasion of privacy?

    The book goes into great depth about many questions like this and answers them in a very serious way. In most of their commentary they use real "Law Book" statutes and even present actual court cases that are similar to the issue. It's all very thought provoking and if you're studying law in school, then it's something you could use to learn more. But, I'd like to stress that even if you're only just a fan of reading comics then you'll enjoy reading this book too.

    For more information please be sure to visit LAWANDTHEMULTIVERSE

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  • 11/18/12--15:07: Dance Games for Kinect
  • We just received our XBox 360 with Kinect a few months ago. We’ve tested out the Sesame Street TV, Nat Geo TV, and in the next few weeks will be doing a lot of dancing with Nickelodeon Dance 2, Just Dance 4, and Dance Central 3.  I couldn’t believe how many dance games for Kinect [...]

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  • 11/18/12--15:50: Ajuma is in the House!
  • Ajuma, Paul Pham's newest Numina (LE50) has arrived in time for the holidays. She has definitely cheered me up.

    Her hard cap made by Chewin is beyond unique.
    I've had several Numina and always wound up trading them for other dolls due to the difficulty I had with the knee joint. But a little birdie told me I could wire the knees which will firm them up and give me the stability I desire in a BJD. I'm going to have to do the same with my Ficon Leonie.

    Pants pockets are trimmed with zipper teeth.
     I love the colors she is wearing.
    Pink Suede Boots
     Numina have the largest feet of all my BJDs.

    Fooling around with Photoshop.
    Link: Paul Pham @ Dollcis

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    If you have followed my link from HCRealms, welcome to AFi, my “other home” on the internet.  My No Man’s Land experience goes back a few months.  In some of my posts I lamented how my local gaming store was no longer running regular HeroClix events.  I knew I needed to find a new place. [...]

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    Go from geek to chic this Holiday with BRACED-LETS. These adorable bracelets are perfect for tween girls! BRACE-LETS are founded by two New York orthodontists and renowned jewelry designer Lisa Salzer of Lulu Frost, BRACED-LETS are colorful wrist accessories that are made entirely from actual braces material. Yes, you read that right. These bracelets are made... [Continue Reading]

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    Microsoft has come out with a new title that will keep you busy! Nike Plus Kinect is a new title that not only is a fitness and workout game, but incorporates the Nike Plus technology. Nike Plus technology allows your shoes to talk with a Nike Plus device which we use our iPod Touch. But... [Continue Reading]

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    The Santa Baby Gift Collection was inspired by the classic holiday song “Santa Baby”. We were sent this singing box of chocolates and we think it would make the perfect gift! Santa Baby carries much more than choclates though.  The collection was created by Tamar Springer, daughter of the famous composer Philip Springer, who co-wrote... [Continue Reading]

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    It’s so important during the long winter months that you keep a healthy diet. It’s important for many reasons and one being you feel better and you don’t get as sick. There are simple ways to incorporate fresh fruits and veggies into your meals. To help inspire you Del Monte is offering a “Add Some... [Continue Reading]

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    If your looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for kids we recently were sent the Tegu magnetic wooden blocks pocket size. These pocket size is perfect for traveling and yet it still offers tons of fun as the bigger sets! It’s eco-friendly too! The Pocket Pouch Prism is the perfect introduction to the world of... [Continue Reading]

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    Robotics;Notes Nendoroid Akiho is built for previewing screenshot

    It's been a little while since we last heard about Good Smile Company's Nendoroid figures for 5pb's science fiction visual novel turned anime Robotics;Notes. With the anime well underway, Mikatan's Blog updated with a preview finally of the robotics club chairman Akiho Senomiya.

    Cuteness, you're going to get it which is immediately evident with Nendoroid Akiho's giant, open smile. The hairstyle is also cute with the symmetrical bangs on each side. The school uniform is what it is with a little lift to it to just slightly show off her stomach. The back is looking excellent for the hair and the little pouch is a nice touch. Various arms and leg parts are available to help recreate poses from the game including arms to place at her hips and legs bent at the knee. The two additional faces included are a determined face and a sweet smile. Accessories include a set of glasses (which only attach to the hand) to have her mimic a character from another anime and her Poke-com already attached to her hand. To complete the accessories, Nendoroid Akiho will also come with Tanegashi Machine 3 with poseable arms, legs, head, as well as its own stand. The one thing that worries me which isn't really shown is how that ponytail is managed for weight distribution. I'm still annoyed how my Nendoroid Luka can't keep her head forward because of the weight of her ponytail. Maybe Good Smile has fixed this little issue with Nendoroid Akiho.

    Good Smile Company's Nendoroid Akiho is not the only one previewed at Mikatan's Blog. Akiho will also be joined by Nendoroid Frau Koujiro. We're only teased with a back shot of an unpainted prototype but at least we know she's coming. For now, we'll just have to settle with Akiho who will be available to pre-order on November 22, 2012.

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      PAWTUCKET, R.I.–(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS) is proud to announce that its STAR WARS action figures were today inducted into The National Toy Hall of Fame at The Strong . The toys are being recognized for the impact of their original debut which forever changed the toy landscape and continue to resonate with [...]

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    UPDATE: November Megapixel: Thanksgiving screenshot

    Whoa, it's November already. Time flies when you're having fun and trying to budget out figure releases! Now that it's November, you have the best eating holiday of the year to look forward to as well as the biggest shopping day right after. Considering the turkey coma that I normally enter after Thanksgiving, I'm surprised that anybody is able to wake up several hours before dawn to get in line.

    Alright, so since this is the time to show your thanks, this month's theme is what your figures are thankful of. Is it an accessory that lets them wield untold power? Is it a skimpy bikini that will attract all sorts of attention during warmer months of the year? Maybe it's a fellow figure that protects them from the meanies on the shelf above. Whatever your toys are thanking, take one picture of it and put it in the comments below. Your prizes this time, courtesy of the HobbyLink Japan, are FuRyu's Premium Figure Kuroyukihime, MegaHouse's G.E.M. Athrun Zala and Banpresto's Master Stars Piece Kotetsu T. Kaburaki.

    As usual, the contest is open to everybody, but we'll need some help with the shipping fees if you live outside the U.S. or Canada. The contest is open until November 30th. I can't wait to see what you guys have got for us!

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    As you may know, the 2013 singes are “divided” by theme … now that we know the contents of the first two cases, presumably all the themes have been announced – all the CARS listed as coming NOT shown as part of the theme is now slotted … with one grouping exception … The Barmaid [...]

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    Max Factory's figma Super Sonico is almost ready to rock screenshot

    I've slowly become a fan of Nitroplus' busty virtual idol and mascot, Super Sonico because I find her to have a rounder body when compared to other figures but her releases have been, well, mostly on the NSFW side of things or more gravure like because of her idol status. So it makes me happy that companies have taken to putting her in my favorite outfit, her tiger parka. With Nendoroid Super Sonico shipping on November 27, 2012, it looks like she is ready for the next stage in her career as a figma figure. Seen multiple times at events, Max Factory has now given the official preview of this popular idol.

    Max Factory's figma Super Sonico brings her trademark headphones along with some gentle eyes and open smile. She'll also include a face that has her winking with a cute smile as well as her worrying face from doing something clumsy. The assortment of hands will be there to give Sonico all kinds of poses and she'll come with a guitar to rock on. Hey, you better not be recycling parts from your K-On! figma figures, Max Factory! To add to Sonico's adorableness, she'll include a part to make it look like she's wearing her hood and there's a tiger tail attached to her parka. Of course her breasts are ridiculous in size but it is to be expected and those legs are looking a bit round to go with those hips. Nice. When posing her right, her breasts are not so noticeable and can really make for some charming poses.

    As I've stated before, with a Nendoroid release, a plush, and now this figma figure, I'm very hopeful that Sonico will be placed in her tiger parka for a PVC figure release. Fingers crossed! For the time being, look for Max Factory's figma Super Sonic Tiger Parka ver. to go up for pre-order tonight or November 20, 2012 in Japan depending on your location.

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    It seems logical this would be coming for Christmas but it would also seem logical this would on the shelf by now? He does literally lift & launch … I guess that’s better than the other literal name, “Drop and Roll” Mack. Or “Holey Mack CAR Carrier.” “The Bottom Drops Out” Mack … with a [...]

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    Touhou Project's Yuuka shows quesQ who she really is screenshot

    Griffon Enterprises isn't the only company in town that produces figures from the insanely popular Touhou Project. Though not producing at the rate and quality that Griffon does, quesQ is there as an alternative to figures from this title.

    The company recently updated their event web site with an unpainted prototype photo of the umbrella wielding flower lover Yuuka Kazami. Though seen by Griffon Enterprises with a carefree smile, it looks like quesQ is going more Yuuka's darker personality based on those eyes and smile. I'm digging this so far. It's looking to be a very beautiful figure with the attention to the swaying hair and bow around her neck. Unfortunately, quesQ isn't a top company and once that color is added, it can lead to mixed results. I'm hoping this turns out to be one of their better figures because that face could win me over.

    Details are scarce at the moment but I'm sure once we see quesQ's Yuuka in color, we'll learn more.

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    set database: LEGO 8514 power

    image courtesy of bricklink
    image courtesy of lugnet
    image courtesy of lugnet
    image courtesy of peeron
    image courtesy of Tyranide
    set number: 8514
    set name: power
    theme: technicroboriders
    year: 2000
    pieces: 32
    price: us$6
    minifig: none
    small technic set.
    come with the power buiding figure.
    also included a motorcycle and 2 roboriders wheels.
    overall design is good.
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    Featuring design by John Kovalic, and sculpted by Tom Meier, MYTHOS BUDDIES Series 2 showcases 2.75 inch tall blind-boxed figures, currently solicited by DKE Toys (so do check with your retailer for availability). I've never had a chance to even see figs from Series 1 (and by that I do not mean online images). Anybody has any experience with them?

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