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    Sega have opened a countdown site teasing an upcoming announcement. The site features a huge ornate clock, ticking away, in a cloud-based atmosphere. The countdown is scheduled to end on January 19 at 15:00 JST.

    There are some clues here: the sky setting, a regal throne and the way the clock doesn't follow the usual 12-hour standards. The site is also titled "Senki", or "War Record". The other interesting note is that, in the official announcement of the site going live, the category was listed as "Arcade Game".

    I, for one, look forward to Virtua Fighter 6: Ornate Cloud Clock Remix being revealed this coming Friday.

    Sega "Senki" countdown teaser [Official site via Gematsu]

    Sega unveil mysterious 'Senki' countdown website screenshot

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    If you're keen on keeping up to date with the latest firmware, even if it's experimental and could screw with your system, you can do so now on PS4. Sony is opening up beta signups for system update 5.50, which are currently live right now in Japan and are expected to go live sometime this week for Europe and North America.

    It's nice that there's an option to get early access, but it's kind of a pain compared to the easy to operate Xbox Insider Program. There, you just opt into "some," "all," or "no" updates, and it automatically takes care of everything. Microsoft is also generally more open about what firmware betas entail.

    Still, this is something you can do if you want!

    PS4 [PlayStation Blog via Gematsu]

    Sony opening up signups for the 5.50 firmware beta screenshot

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    One of the aspects of the Transformers movie franchise that rarely if ever generates discontent are the scores by Steve Jablonsky. Now - as has happened in the past with such films as Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Paramount has made the score for Transformers: The Last Knight available on a "For Your Consideration" website in preparation for the Academy Awards. Keep reading for the link!

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    This week at TFSource we have new instock items like MP-39 - Masterpiece Sunstreaker, Transfomers Masterpiece - MP-15E/16E - Cassettebot vs. Cassettron Exclusive, OpenPlay - Big Cannon, Generation Toy - GT-05 - Leaders Set, Generation Toy - Gravity Builder - Full Set of 6 Figures + Megasorry & Tyrant, Unique Toys - UT - R-01 - Peru Kill, Perfect Effect - PE-DX06P Gorira Prime, Transformers Legends Series - LG54-LG57, Transformers Power of the Primes - Voyager Wave 1 - Set of 2, MP-10B - Masterpiece Black Convoy - Optimus Prime, Make Toys - RM-09SP Bounceback w/ Targetwarrior Recoil, with Fansproject - Lost Exo Realm - Ler-07 Pinchar and Transformers Power of the Primes - Leader Wave 1 - Set of 2 arriving this week!

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    Enterprise (EPD) Hikes Dividend, Banks on TransportationEnterprise's (EPD) raises dividend of 425 cents per common unit for the fourth quarter by 3.7% annually and 5.85% sequentially.

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    General Electric Stock Plummeted 44.8% in 2017: Here's What You Should DoAfter General Electric's massive fall in 2017, is staying invested in the stock a risky bet or an opportunity?

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    NASA raises safety concerns over Boeing, SpaceX Managing Editor Tariq Malik on NASA's warning about Boeing and SpaceX spacecraft.

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    2 Great Stocks You Can Buy and Hold ForeverBoth of these stocks have positioned themselves for nearly limitless growth potential long into the future.

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    Nintendo is riding high lately thanks to the Switch, so much so that large and small developers alike are looking to follow suit and catch the momentum. This may also include the fine folks over at GalaxyTrail, who might be looking to bring Freedom Planet to the Switch (if a Facebook gag is anything to go by).

    Over the weekend on their Facebook page, the developers teased the idea of Freedom Planet on the Switch with the cheeky and classic bit of placing a copy of the game on top of the system. After the large response from the post however, the developers followed up and clarified some things:

    GalaxyTrail are 'exploring' the possibility of Freedom Planet on Switch screenshot


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    Stardew Valley is a real joyous game with the only lacking feature being the inability to share your land with friends. Creator Eric Barone has been diligently working on a patch to fix that issue and progress is moving smoothly. In some recent posts on Twitter, Barone clarified a few features that will be present when the update lands. He also noted that the new content update is completely finished and that all his attention is focused on getting the multiplayer patch out.

    Stardew Valley's multiplayer update will feature local and online play screenshot


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    Retail chain GameStop have announced that the company had a very successful December, with sales up 10.6% on the previous year, resulting in a year-on-year increase of $2.77 billion.

    Speaking to, GameStop interim CEO Dan DeMatteo cited the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One X as having a large hand in bringing the dollars in. "We are pleased with our sales performance during the important holiday period, driven by strength in the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One X, and a solid increase in our collectibles business," said DeMatteo. "Our results demonstrate our customers' enthusiastic response to new products and our ability to execute on strategically targeted promotions."

    New console hardware specifically increased by some 38%, while gaming-related merchandise, such as clothing, wallets and soulless wide-headed figurines, increased by 19% to a huge $211 million.

    There was, however, a drop in pre-owned game sales, which were down 8% on the previous year. Dan puts this down to a bigger consumer interest in 2017's plethora of new games and hardware. Also of note, GameStop's tech department, such as phones and tablets, suffered a 19% drop in overall sales.

    GameStop Holiday sales raised by 11% []

    Retail chain Gamestop reports 11% sales increase over Holidays screenshot

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    Chariot is a platforming adventure game with local co-op and you know what that means: it's destined for Nintendo Switch eventually. As it turns out, the title is coming to Switch this year as Super Chariot.

    We are happy to announce the release of #SuperChariot this year on the #NintendoSwitch Eshop! Super #Chariot includes the @ChariotGame game as well as the DLC "Royal Gadget Pack".

    — Chariot (@ChariotGame) January 15, 2018

    I feel like more enhanced-for-Switch ports could stand to have "Super" in their names.

    Chariot is playable alone or with a friend and in the latter case, there's co-op support whether you're playing the Switch in handheld or docked mode. As for the packed-in DLC, it's another playable character (the shopkeeper) and new items. "Walk on ice, light up the darkness, go swimming in lava, freeze the world in place, teleport the Chariot through time and space, and much more."

    This has slipped through the cracks for me a few times now, including as recently as last month when I tried to find another co-op game and ended up getting Human: Fall Flat instead. One of these days.

    For more on Chariot, check Brett's review. He definitely did not force me to link to his article and I am definitely not acting under duress or chuckling nervously about my predicament.

    Chariot [Twitter]

    Co-op platformer Super Chariot coming to Switch screenshot

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    Ann Coulter on Sen. Durbin’s account of Trump meeting‘In Trump We Trust’ author Ann Coulter on Sen. Dick Durbin’s account of his meeting with President Trump.

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    For a month, my physical condition has been not well by sake of heavy cold climate. Therefore, I

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    There were many amazing runs on last week's Awesome Games Done Quick charity event, including a wild dash through Resident Evil 7 and the always-impressive Super Monkey Ball run. But for many, the highlight was Zallard1's dual-ruining of Nintendo classics Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! and its SNES sequel, Super Punch-Out!!

    With a splitted SNES controller attached to both consoles, Zallard1 used amazing timing, smart use of the Start button, and time allowed by cutscenes to essentially play, and defeat, both boxing titles simultaneously. This not only required some frame-perfect pausing and strike-buffering, but also the ability to shift fight patterns on the fly (as the Punch-Out!! titles are basically pattern-memorisation games).

    I was impressed enough at how Zallard1 just breezed through SPO!!, incidentally one of my favourite SNES titles, but to complete both games and micro-manage his offensive and defensive game on the fly was mind-boggling. I don't think I've even beaten Super Macho Man yet! You can check out the crazy two-game fisticuffs below. All of the week's runs can be found at the AGDQ Reddit page.

    AGDQ runner defeats two Punch-Out!! titles simultaneously screenshot


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    Hey Destructoid fans, it's almost time for a new video game documentary from your friends at Gameumentary. Maybe you forgot because it's been a while, but Destructoid's parent company, Enthusiast Gaming, helped fund our Kickstarter campaign so that we could bring documentaries exclusively to Destructoid.

    Gameumentary's next documentary covers the story of a studio you may or may not have heard of yet, but they're working on something that could change the game for streamers.

    In October 2017 we made our way out to sunny South San Francisco to cover the story of Outpost Games, a game studio founded by the former creative director of Dead Space 2, Wright Bagwell.

    Quite a few key staff members from the Visceral Games crew now work at Outpost Games by the way. We reminisced about Dead Space with them here.

    Outpost is working on a game called SOS which is a battle royale-like title, but with a twist. The game treats players as performers using a new platform called Hero. Each match is played live and while the game is being played, it's also streamed through the platform to viewers who can rate how someone is performing using different reactions and as a group even influence who gets off the island by voting on what is provided by supply drops.

    The game sort of plays out like an episode of survivor, with an introductory sequence that showcases players' reputations based on their performance. For example, two players might play in the same game and team up. At some point, one of the players decide to betray their teammate and kill them. If these two players end up in another match together, which does happen quite often, the game will actually show in the intro sequence that player X betrayed player Y.

    SOS is heavily reliant on players communicating and interacting with one another, and from my personal time with the alpha build of the game, I was surprised to see just how easy and fun it was to get into. The staff at Outpost Games even told us stories about players who took on a completely false personality just to trick players in helping them get off the island!

    Here's a video from Game Society that shows some gameplay from an earlier build of the game back in June. It's a bit hard to explain how SOS works without sounding like an advert, so apologies for that.

    We chose to tell the story of Outpost Games because we've done retrospective documentaries, and have more to do, but we also wanted to share with you a story about developers who are right in the middle of development and working to build something more than just a game, but an innovation in the industry.

    We hope you'll tune-in to their ongoing story when we release the full documentary next Tuesday, January 23rd. Funnily enough, and I promise this was completely unplanned, SOS launches into Early Access on the 23rd of January as well.

    For now, enjoy the trailer! If you'd like to stay up to date with everything Gameumentary is doing documentary-wise, feel free to follow us on Twitter.

    We explore the story of Outpost Games & SOS in Gameumentary's next documentary screenshot

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    2019 Ram 1500 vs. Chevy Silverado 1500 vs. 2018 Ford F-150: How they compareWe'll take another look when more info is available.

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    Danica Patrick finds love away from track with Aaron RodgersDanica Patrick's heart is racing for Aaron Rodgers. Patrick, a Chicago Bears fan, confirmed Monday she is dating the Green Bay Packers quarterback. "Yes, Aaron and I are dating," Patrick told ...

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    Coozie by Nathan Ota and 3DRetro made its debut at DesignerCon back in November. The original vinyl art toy brings Nathan’s ethereal forest paintings to life in dramatic and enigmatic fashion. After a brief wait for the primary shipment, Coozie (8.5”, edition of 350) is now available from for...

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    [Ed. Note: We do awards a bit different at Flixist. Most of our writers do not get early screenings or award screeners of movies, which means it isn't easy to see some of the films that only get limited releases in December for many of us. As such we wait a few weeks into January so that we can see everything before we choose our favorites, and then vote in February for the site's awards.]

    2017 was a pretty good year for movies. Not so much for the industry as a whole, as sexual misconduct allegations tore Hollywood down (not a bad thing), but in terms of movies we landed some pretty amazing stuff. Personally, I didn't see as many movies as I usually do as the first quarter of the year was spent taking care of some health issues in my family, but eventually I did get to see everything I think I needed to (even if my indie film viewing was less than usual).

    As such, I am now ready to proclaim my favorite films of 2017, which in turn should be your favorite films because my opinion is always the right one. I don't choose all of these because they're the best film ever, but for varying reasons they stuck with me. Maybe they surprised me or maybe one aspect stood out above all the rest. Whatever the case these are my personal faves. Enjoy!

    Matthew Razak's personal picks for the best movies of 2017 screenshot


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