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    The not-so-newsworthy info is out. Mattel is really going to make Kardashian Barbie dolls. They will be Barbie pals. According to a Mattel source, "The dolls will reflect the girls' measurements and may even come in Kardashian-designed outfits."
    Does that mean they will be short, have big thighs, huge chests and dress inappropriately? Gawd. These girls are not role models; they are a greedy bunch of media whores. I would rather look at anorexic runway models and I can't stand them either.

    Can it get any worse?

    Some comments from readers on one news site are interesting to read:

    -Not-so-ironically, the Mattel toys will have higher IQs than the K sisters.

    -Disgusting!!! I am a barbie collector and Barbie's name should not be mixed with trash. Barbie is a doll that every girl has the last thing we need is young girls buying these dolls specially with the Kardashian's trashy history, Kim's sex tape etc, we don't need that kind of trash feeding young girls, I am very disappointed in Mattel for even considering this. Everyone against this should write an email to the Mattel Head Quarters to voice their opinion. I will surely be doing so shortly. The Kardashian's need to vanish from this planet they are as low as anyone can get. Disgusting...

    -Well POOR Barbie. So much for her reputation. What does this say to young girls growing up.. Start your career with a SEX Tape & you can be just like me. Just watch me scam people.
    -this is why the world is going to hell.

    -Plastic - Marked by artificiality or superficiality; synthetic: a plastic world of fad, hype, and sensation!

    -Mattel is hurting that much in sales that it needs to take the low road? Shame on them!
    -Another company for the boycott list. I will never ever buy anything Kardashian

    -Ok. It said Barbies, but what about that transgender in the middle? They should make a Ken for that man in heels. And why make dolls after a person who got peed on?
     Seriously, think about this: Mattel decides to make dolls from this unholy trio yet cancels the Silkstone Palm Beach Ken doll. Yes, I'm still pissed over that one.

    This is a riot:

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    HEY KIDS! You know what time it is? It's "Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday"! Here's where we post a few FREE Batman Backgrounds to brighten-up your PC desktop! This week we're going with sort of a CATWOMAN theme. I wanted to make some using photos of Anne Hathaway in her Cat-Suit but found out that decent photos don't practically exist yet. It seems that Warner Bros is keeping a tight grip on those pics for now! So, here are just some very cool graphics NOT related to the DARK KNIGHT RISES film and then the last one is from the recent Movie Trailer showing Anne Hathaway as "Selina Kyle". Dang, she looks pretty HOT! Stay tuned to the BAT-BLOG.COM for TDKR Movie News, and as soon as we get some decent wallpaper-sized pics of the new CATWOMAN they will be released, MEOW!

    CLICK HERE For More FREE BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie Film Wallpaper Backgrounds!

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  • 01/06/12--02:25: Amazon’s Toys of the Year
  • It does not look like they actually want any voting … well, other than with your wallets. It’s funny that the Top 2 games are electronics games made back into 3D object game play. That Justin Bieber one is hilarious. In his world, I guess he’s taller than a Tour Bus … Did anyone buy [...]

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  • 01/06/12--02:25: Nendoroid Collection

  • Member Mim from Australia decided to pile up their collection of Nendoroids (as one does) and took a few photos for us. Mim actually done this before the bedroom got renovated. I'm not even sure how many Nendoroids are here ^^;
    Anyway, I hope that Mim decides to pick up this Nendoroid when it comes out ^o^

    Occasionally I'l pick up Good Smile Company related posts from and post em on the official Good Smile site - just like I done for this photo. If you would like to see your photos on the GSC site then share ^o^ I may miss them from time to time so post on my Facebook wall too.

    Which of these Nendoroids do you have?

    About Mascots Subscribe by Email Twitter Facebook

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    If you missed out on the Barry Diesel proto auction, here’s your chance to own a larger 1:1 scale CAR …It’s an actual General Lee from the TV series. Since it’s Barrett-Jackson, you know it’s not just some random orange painted Charger. Details below. You can flash the QR code to go to the website. [...]

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    Toys R Us Inc.'s revenue at stores open at least a year rose 1.2 percent in the U.S. in December, but total revenue for the region dipped 1.2 percent because the company decided to open fewer pop-up stores this holiday season.

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    I must be really into posting about Lalaloopsy dolls today because this is my second one! You can read the first one here, which tells you about some new Lalaloopsy products coming. Today’s New Toy of the Day is Lalaloopsy Ember Flicker Flame. She was sewn on May 4th, which is International Firefighters’ Day. Read allRead More

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  • 01/06/12--02:25: Owl Plush by Oborocharms
  • Oborocharms’ new owl plushie is supahcute!! It stands about 5 inches tall and has an adorable embroidered face. Order yours by visiting Oborocharms. Filed under: plush Tagged: Oborocharms, Owl Plush

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    These 2D puzzle characters from illustrator Ingela P. Arrhenius are simply awesome – and there are many more great illustrations in her portfolio.

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    Manny Rivas clues us in on a series of cat-themed 3" customized-Dunnys - titled "all CATS" - featuring work from 7 artists - each doing a single custom, with the exception of Tim Munz, who is doing 5 x different customs! Participating artists also include RunDMB, Betso, Igor Ventura, Map-Map, Matucha, and Luihz Unreal.Price for this blind-box series is US$75 shipped within the US, and US$78

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    LA-LA LAND RECORDS has just released a Special Limited Edition 2-Disc CD Set of the Original Music Movie Soundtrack to 1995's BATMAN FOREVER! You know this film, this is the one with Val Kilmer as the leading Dark Knight. It also starred Tommy Lee Jones as Harvey Dent ( Two-Face ), Jim Carrey as Edward Nygma ( The Riddler ), and Chris O’Donnell as Robin. It's also the 1st bat-film directed by Joel Schumacher. This special 2-Disc Set will be very limited to only 3500 copies. For more information, just click HERE!

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    DefensiveDriving in a Distracted WorldThe road is a dangerous place today. Cars are designed to travel faster than ever, people are busier than they ever were, and on top of that the distractions that drivers experience today are more diverse and distracting than ever. Cell phones, mp3 players, navigation devices – all of these draw [...]

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    Buy Now Pokemon - Feraligatr #47 - Expedition - Reverse Holofoil's price decreased by 99% from $0.91 to $0.01 at the Pokemon Trading Card Game, players build decks around their favorite Pokemon and then play against each other, sending their Pokemon into battle to prove who the best Pokemon Trainer is. Players can begin [...]

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    A Little Bit on the Anti-Gravity Side: The Higgs Field stands no chance against the mighty Mattel Hoverboard. Now you can have your own replica of the iconic Back to the Future: Part II prop. Since these are replicas, they do unfortunately interact with most gravity wells, so be careful. They’re $85 from Etsy seller JGDesigns.

    [Etsy via technabob]

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    While very few are for internet piracy of movies & TV shows, the new SOPA bill + the Senate version (Protect IP) is so vague … How would SOPA work? It allows the U.S. attorney general to seek a court order against the targeted offshore Web site that would, in turn, be served on Internet [...]

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    set database: LEGO 4430 fire transporter

    set number: 4430
    set name: fire transporter
    theme: city, fire, forest
    year: 2012
    pieces: 522
    prices: us$50
    minifigs: 3
    new forest fire sub-theme set.
    come with a fire truck with transporter trailer and a 8x8 fire vehicle.
    the trailer has a command center attached and can carry a 8x8 vehicle.
    the command center can be opened to reveal interior inside.
    accessories included a bed, a computer screen, a coffee machine, 2 cups, an antenna, a satellite dish and 2 barriers.
    minifigs included 3 forest fireman minifigs.
    great playability.
    overall design is great.
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    Spotted the above sketch on Chris Ryniak's FB-posting - with a very personal description: "I look forward to weekends, not because I don’t have to go to work, but because my heart is whole again when I have my kids at my house."Draw from the heart, and the result is always more enriching and fulfilling, IMHO. And one can literally see the 'difference". This is my fave Ryniak-sketch EVAH!

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    12" Steve Jobs Action Figure?!?

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    Say whaaaat! Power hitters Huck Gee and The Beast Brothers are putting their talents together to bring you a small run of handmade 8” Dunnys. The East Bros. are mixing their Azteca Calendario Dunny Design, along with Huck’s Skullhead to create the Skullendario Azteca. Each 8”er is handpainted and adorned...

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    Toy Aisle Trolls is a feature highlighting acts of vandalism to in-store toy items. If you find a ruined package, a stolen figure, a swapped-out figure, or any other such acts, take a photo (cell phone photos are fine if they’re not blurry) and email them to poe AT Submitted by: Mr. G. The [...]

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