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  • 10/15/12--09:19: Akihabara Shops 2

  • As promised from last time, I'm going to try to bring you regular photos from Akihabara so that you can see the trends in anime, eroge, games, hardware and so on. Today we focus a bit on eroge and PC hardware.

    To get to Akihabara, get off at Akihabara station [秋葉原駅] on the JR Yamanote line.
    More Akihabara related photo posts listed up below.

    Read more about Mirai Suenaga >>>

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    It's the middle of the month Matty fans! You know what that means.'s monthly sale starts today at noon (EDT) and this month's new items include: Masters of the Universe Classics' Rattlor, Frosta and Cy-Chop figures as well as the Great Unrest Weapons Pak; Justice League Unlimited's 3-Pack featuring Guy Gardner, Martian Manhunter and Batman; Poison Ivy and Elasti-Girl from DC's Club Infinate Earths; Black Lion and Keith from Voltron Classics, as well as the return of some old favorites including DC All Stars Batman, Red Robin, Superman and Superboy Prime. Check out these items in our photo archive by clicking on their respective links and don't forget to hit up today.

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    TYOTOYS has released a replica of the Simpsons truck (which is still making deliveries) painted by Almost Famous Crew artists SEVOR, IDEAL, and SK on their DIY 6" Dreamtruck platform. The Dreamtruck platform is a die cast model of the Ford LCF delivery truck, featuring a tilting cab that reveals a detailed engine compartment. Each [...]

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    It goes up at 12pm ET tomorrow. Details after the jump; pre-order link here. Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, it’s ordering something from Mattycollector completely blind as to the final product. But…it’s Castle Grayskull. I don’t see how I have a choice. And I’ve got a year to save up for it. Then it’s just a [...]

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    Lash (Mutant Vinyl Hardcore) and Skinner have put their heads together and the result is one big, bad sofubi figure -- ‘Krawluss’. The massive 2-headed proto made an appearance at the Lulubell Toys / Velocitron booth @ NYCC. Sculpted digitally by Shinbone Creative, Krawluss looks more than ready to crush...

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    Foxy Lady: Fox McCloud Cosplay Spotted At NYCC

    We spotted the always-stunning Jessica Nigri cosplaying as Fox and we just had to snap a pic. We’re pretty sure there’s a pervy “Do a barrel roll!” joke somewhere in this, but we’re classier than that.


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    I’ve got a new list up at TR: The 10 Most Common Music Cues in Nerd-Dom And here’s some news from BBTS: New Bowen – Kingpin, Spider-Man Modern Museum Statue, Doc Samson Borderlands Claptrap Blu14 – Limited Edition Friday the 13th- 7″ figures Series 02 Golgo 13 – Mr Duke Togo – [...]

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    When Gordon Met Chell [VIDEO]

    What if after Chell escaped Aperture Laboratories at the end of Portal 2 she ran into Gordon Freeman from Half-Life? This fan film by Michael Shanks teams the two silent heroes up for an epic battle against the forces of evil. Watch as they kill things with portals and gravity. For science!

    And here’s a sweet poster for the short film:

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  • 10/15/12--11:36: BiPolar Molar
  • Nick Bane recently opened a new online designer toy store called Vaud Villain Toys. And in addition to selling toys, he's produced figures to sell at Designer-Con. The character is called the BiPolar Molar. Each set will include three pieces: a Manic Molar, a Grumpy Molar, and a bottle of their favorite poison - Fluoride. [...]

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    Tuff & Tatted: Realistic Popeye

    Artist Lee Ramao’s take on the iconic sailor featuring a more chiseled (but just as anatomically baffling) physique and some clever tattoos like a chest piece that reads I Yam What I Yam, a sailor’s knot on his hand, spinach leaves, an homage to Olive Oil, and, my personal favorite, an Anchor with the date 1.17.29 which marks is when Popeye made his world debut in the King Features comic strip Thimble Theatre.

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  • 10/15/12--11:45: Recent Custom Chickenpants
  • I make a lot of custom Chickenpants. I have this tendency to forget all about them once they're packed up and shipped off, though. Anyway, I thought you might enjoy a peek at two of my recent favorites: Maleficent Chickenpants and Audrey Hepburnpants. Maleficent Chickenpants For Maleficent here, I used the most luxurious velvet I could find, and then slashed and burned it to make the ends all ragged. Also, I had to expand my skill set to figure how to spell "Maleficent". Audrey Hepburnpants Audrey here was SO much fun to make, partially because of all the tiny accessories, which we all know I have a weakness for. Fun fact! Tiny poly clay sunglasses are very hard to make!

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    Just in time for Halloween, pre-order a creepy Mei Misaki screenshot

    I've seen some out there figures in the past, but I have to say this upcoming release from Griffon just may take the cake. Featuring Mei Misaki from the horror series Another, it all seems quite innocent enough until you add in the fact she comes packaged with a terrifying, corpse-like doll.

    While I've been meaning to partake of the series since it aired, I haven't quite had the chance, so I'm not entirely sure of the doll's significance other than my knowledge of Mei's eye. Even so, my love for the creepy and macabre has me watching this one pretty closely. While it may not seem at a glance to have the most top notch sculpting, the whole tone and feel of the figure makes me really want to get my hands on it.

    I've never liked the whole medical eye patch thing Japan has going on either, so the fact Mei's is removable is a huge plus for me as well. Of course, it goes without saying that the real star of the figure is the creepily excellent coffin and its inhabitant, simultaneously giving the doll an image of both porcelain and deathly pale skin. Sadly, while you can pre-order her now for around ¥9,800, she'll not be released until December, making your holidays wonderfully disturbing.

    [ Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Otacute | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | CD Japan | J-List ]

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  • 10/15/12--12:30: NYCC 2012: The Jelly Empire
  • NYCC 2012: The Jelly Empire screenshot

    Selina Briggs of The Jelly Empire, ever charming with her Jellybots was also present at NYCC with plenty to offer. We already wrote on the comic she'd have there as well as accompanying Supes stickers and more, but Brian snagged some more pictures of her cute bots and splatter-painted Tuttz.

    Also in the gallery, you'll find some pictures of a crossover Green Arrow Tuttz with a Jellybot Black Canary that I got via email at the last minute and two other cross-overs that were posted to her blog (Joker and Harley, and Riddler and Two-Face). Unfortunately for us though, they're already settled in their new home!

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  • 10/15/12--13:00: NYCC 2012: I Heart Guts
  • NYCC 2012: I Heart Guts screenshot

    I Heart Guts was in attendance at New York Comic Con, as were their recently released Giant Guts plushes. Among the giant organs on display were the large plush Brain and Gallbladder (reviewed), joined by the Lungs, Uterus, Spleen, and others. There were also a few of the smaller plushes, like the Testicle plush. I have mentioned in previous articles how much I love the humor of this line and you can see the wit in the booth's display placards  ("Testicle: Having a Ball"). The booth was not without its limited edition goods either. The faux leather Black Heart plush, which is limited to a 1000 pieces, was available for purchase at the con. Admittedly, that plush has been around for a while but it's definitely a nice-looking toy. 

    Fortunately for those who could not make it to NYCC, all of the I Heart Guts merchandise I have mentioned is available at their online shop. They are definitely worth a look and, potentially, a buy.

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  • 10/15/12--13:30: NYCC 2012: Dudebox
  • NYCC 2012: Dudebox screenshot

    Making the trip from across the Atlantic, the U.K.'s Dudebox arrived in New York City with a ton of vinyl creatures ... including a few new ones. There were the NYCC debuts of Ron English's King Monster and the Pete Fowler and Fiends' Dai Ocean, but a second Fiends series figure made it's way to the showfloor with Tristan Eaton's The Fib Fairy (US$25). It uses the same body as Dai Ocean with a different design, and Pete told us more designs will be on the way as part of the series. Can't wait to see how they turn out!

    Also debuting at the booth was a brand new sculpt for the Dudebox line, Riccardo Bucchioni's Franken. Frankenstein-themed with a tank turret for a head, the 7.5-inch figure is definitely one of my favorite body designs, and for US$35, you can make one of the 300 Frankens yours right now

    Finally, there's the Dudebox and Parsons design contest to talk about. The winner was announced at NYCC, and it's Loren Kang's Bob! Bob was made into a 3.5-inch figure that was on display at the booth. Congrats to Loren!

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  • 10/15/12--13:33: The Creeps! (Jurassic Punks)
  • The Creeps! (Jurassic Punks) is a bootleg style resin toy created by Jesse Narens (creator of Stegoforest) and produced by IAMTHEFOURTH (creator of Bobby Beast). Limited to a run of only 13 figures, each individually painted, signed, and numbered toy comes with a Trick r' Treat goody bag. They will be available on Wednesday October [...]

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  • 10/15/12--14:00: NYCC 2012: Ian Ziobrowski
  • NYCC 2012: Ian Ziobrowski screenshot

    I'm always impressed with Ian Ziobrowski's work because he's so great at expressions on his customs. I love the faces on his figures -- they make 'em stand out!

    Check out the gallery for pictures of his recent works which were on display at Tenacious Toys' booth at NYCC. The highlights include: Mario Bros. (plus Wario!), WonkaBot with an Umpa Dunpa, NUGGlife Candy Shop, clowns, and plenty more NUGGS where that came from apart from prints and the brand new Buggs. Needless to say, Ian had plenty to show this year!

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